Karl "the Dragon" Brown (EPW) vs. Mr. Entertainment (New ERA)

JULIUS: “And you guys ain’t going nowhere!”

JIVE: “But .. the tables….”

GHEORGHE: “No, no, Nick. The action is staying right here with us because former New ERA Television champion Mr. Entertainment, coming off a hardluck loss earlier tonight against Jeff Jorgenson in the #1 contender’s match for the Television championship, will take on Karl “the Dragon” Brown.”

JULIUS: “Brown was a stellar performer in Empire Pro .. and he recently returned … this should be a battle.”

JIVE: “Brown is a bore. The fans will be awestruck by Mr. Entertainment .. and in the end, that is all that matters.”

GHEORGHE: “Well, let’s see how right you are, Nick.”

(The camera cuts to the ring where Jamie Links stands. She raises the microphone to her mouth.)

LINKS: The following contest is set for one fall! Introducing first…

(CUE UP: “That’s Entertainment” by The Jam. Most of the crowd boo as Mr Entertainment steps from behind the curtain into the lone spotlight. Some, however, take great delight in reminding him of his recent record against Jeff Jorgenson. The man from Oregon waves at the people who aren’t booing, slow-hand clapping them. And then they boo)

LINKS: Coming down the aisle, weighing in at two hundred and thirty four pounds, he hails from Ashland, Oregon and is a former New ERA of Wrestling Television Champion…



GHEORGHE: This is one of the most hotly anticipated matches of the night! No championships on the line, no champ versus champ, just two of the longest reigning mid-card champions of all time going at it for the pride of their company!

JIVE: Pride schmide. We get to see Mister Entertainment take out one of the most over-hyped people in the entire business. 

GHEORGHE: Their last match was over in the Chad Merritt semi-finals and Empire Pro’s Dragon picked up the win in a hot contest. What can we expect to see tonight?

JULIUS: Honestly it depends what shape they’re in, they both had intense matches earlier today so it could go either way. Brown’s had longer to recover but Entertainment’s tough as they come. 

(“That’s Entertainment” fades as the LIGHTS CUT OUT. 

CUE UP: “Rainmaker” by Iron Maiden. The crowd pop HUGE as the green and white lights strobe across the arena. As the lyrics kick in, “The Dragon” appears in the spotlight, his coat open and eyes glancing over the crowd)

LINKS: From Nottingham, England, he weighs in at two hundred and eleven pounds, and he is a former Empire Pro Wrestling Intercontinental Champion…




GHEORGHE: Hey! Mister Entertainment not even waiting for The Dragon to get to the ring!

JIVE: Welcome to the big leagues, Karl. 

GHEORGHE: Entertainment taking it to Brown with right hands on the rampway, he’s got Brown’s coat pulled up so the Dragon can’t see, knee to the gut and he’s just peppering him with punches.

JULIUS: Makes sense to try and take him out early, Entertainment had the triple threat only a couple of hours ago so he’s the less rested.

GHEORGHE: I don’t think that’s why he’s doing this. Bounces Brown’s head off the crowd barrier, Brown’s staggering trying to get his coat off, Entertainment in with a lariat takes Brown down!

JIVE: I haven’t seen Entertainment be quite this vicious since someone got his rider wrong.

GHEORGHE: Kick to the ribs of Brown, he’s picking him up now, jawing with a fan and throws Brown into the barricade. 

JULIUS: A kick to the knee by Entertainment, is this match even underway yet?

GHEORGHE: I don’t think so. Entertainment still jacking with that fan, hooks Brown by the head, vertical suplex on the floor!

JIVE: This is going to be a short match!

JULIUS: Looking that way isn’t it?

GHEORGHE: Kick to the spine of the Dragon!

JIVE: And it’s about over. 

GHEORGHE: Entertainment grabbing Brown, hoisting him up and driving him back to the ring apron. 

JIVE: Hard elbow to the side of the head. 

GHEORGHE: But why is he still having a go at that fan?

JIVE: Because he knows he’s going to win. I think that guy flipped him off when he lost earlier. 

GHEORGHE: Finally Entertainment going back to Brown.

JULIUS: And The Dragon with a forearm to the head!

GHEORGHE: Brown repeated forearms, Entertainment’s stunned, and The Dragon ramming his head into the ring apron! Rolls Entertainment into the ring, and it looks like we might be able to get this match officially underway.

(In the ring, The Dragon finally gets his coat off showing him in his traditional green and white attire. Mr. Entertainment tries to back off, calling a time-out, but the Empire Pro representative ignores him, kicking him square in the face, before picking him up and taking him over with a vertical suplex)



Kickout by Entertainment and he is not looking so hot after that sneak attack. 

JIVE: The match has just started, how can you say something like that? 

GHEORGHE: Because Brown’s in control. He’s got the Oregon man up, hard chop to the chest, backs Entertainment in the corner. Irish whip far side, and Entertainment bounces to the canvas!

JULIUS: The Dragon in, drops the elbow and the cover



(Looking to build his momentum, The Dragon quickly picks Entertainment off the canvas, dropping him down with a backbreaker. He elects not to cover, instead hitting the ropes and flying with an elbow drop. Unfortunately for the Briton, Mr. Entertainment moves out of the way, The Dragon hitting the mat hard)

GHEORGHE: Big miss by Karl, and Entertainment’s up quickly – scoop and a slam down.

JULIUS: It’s not often you see Brown make that kind of elementary mistake, and we’ve seen this guy, Mister Entertainment, take full advantage in the past.

GHEORGHE: I think he really wants to take Brown out of action! He’s choking him on the canvas, breaks at four and back to the choke.

JIVE: Brown loves to fly and he’s all about stamina, but hand it to Entertainment – if Karl can’t breathe he can’t win. 

GHEORGHE: Entertainment grabbing The Dragon, scoops him off the canvas and slams him down. Follows it up with a boot to the head, and drops into a headlock.

JULIUS: It doesn’t last long though, The Dragon quickly rolls out of it, using the ropes to get to his feet. Entertainment charges in, Brown ducks under the clothesline, runs the ropes

GHEORGHE: And a high-impact flying forearm! 



THNO! No. Mister Entertainment with the kickout.

(Quickly getting to his feet, Karl scores with an arm drag. Entertainment rolls out, charging in again, but Brown takes him over with another arm drag. At the third attempt, Entertainment gets a little closer – but still finds himself on the canvas courtesy of a hip toss, which The Dragon follows with a fist-drop)

GHEORGHE: Entertainment seems really, REALLY pissed off! He’s leaving himself open for these quick moves from The Dragon. 

JIVE: He’s just trying to give the folks at home a show to ERAse the nightmares of what Chaos was doing earlier. Seriously there’ve been slasher flicks with less gore!

GHEORGHE: Still, Entertainment’s got to calm down or he’s going to end up beaten, badly. Brown has him up, he hooks the head and a snap suplex.



Kickout at two.

JULIUS: And Brown is just not letting up. Brings Entertainment to his feet, Irish whip far side, Entertainment catches the ropes, Brown in up and lands on his feet on the aprons!

GHEORGHE: Entertainment thinks he back dropped him into the second ring! Brown standing there with his arms crossed, Entertainment turns around and a big right hand from the Englishman staggers him! Entertainment stumbles, Brown springboard flying headscissor takedown!

JIVE: And Entertainment wisely rolls to the outside. 

GHEORGHE: He tried a sneak attack but ever since he’s been pretty much taken apart by the Empire Pro star. 

JIVE: And he’s being totally disrespectful!

GHEORGHE: You mean by sitting up in the corner giving Mr. Entertainment time to get back into the ring fairly?

JIVE: Yup.

JULIUS: Brown’s always had a knack for the mental aspect of the business, and if he can get under his opponent’s skin it’s always to his advantage. 

GHEORGHE: Mister Entertainment is not liking what some of the fans at ringside are saying! The referee’s up to six on his count, is he going to get back in the ring?

JULIUS: He’s not that irritated yet. He’s still got a plan. Brown’s good at mind games but don’t forget, so’s Entertainment.

GHEORGHE: Our man up to the apron, Brown comes in and Entertainment drops to ringside!

JIVE: Mind games. 

JULIUS: Could prove effective. 

GHEORGHE: The referee forcing Brown back, Entertainment slowly back in the ring and back to his feet.

(The referee tells the two combatants to get back to the match. Brown tries to, but Entertainment ducks between the top and middle ropes, forcing the Brit back again. Finally, the two men start circling each other, coming together in a traditional collar-and-elbow tie up. Kind of)

GHEORGHE: Mister Entertainment with a quick go behind into a waist lock, charges Brown into the corner but Brown blocks the suplex attempt! Could he have been going for That’s Entertainment already?

JIVE: Who knows? Brown with an elbow to the head, Entertainment staggers.

JULIUS: Brown up to the second rope, top rope cross body!

GHEORGHE: And Entertainment still can’t catch a break! The Dragon back to his feet first, Entertainment quickly up with him but The Dragon takes him down with an armdrag and holds it in an arm-bar!

JULIUS: And Entertainment is really starting to look pissed! I saw him backstage before we went on air and he was SCREAMING about his loss to Jorgenson, he really needs the win to settle his nerves. 

JIVE: You think Brown was right?

JULIUS: I’m just saying that as good as Entertainment is he’s not been on a roll since losing the TV championship. He needs to snap out of his funk before he snaps.

GHEORGHE: Mister Entertainment fighting his way back to his feet, pushing back on the chin of Brown, forcing him back to the ropes. The referee trying to get Brown to break the hold, HEY! Mister Entertainment with a thumb to the eye and a clubbing blow to the back of the neck as Brown released the arm bar!

JIVE: HA! I knew it!

JULIUS: Sets Brown up, gut wrench suplex to the middle of the ring and quickly into a cover.

GHEORGHE: Only a two count though. 

(Dragging Brown to his feet by the hair, Mister Entertainment nails him with a right hand before dropping him with a DDT for another two count. The Oregon native doesn’t relent, sitting The Dragon up and punting him in the back, before sprinting to the far side, taking Brown down with a shining wizard!)

GHEORGHE: Mister Entertainment with a big move to the head, that’s rocked Brown for sure!

JIVE: And look how he’s pummelling away with right hands!

ENTERTAINMENT: HA! How do like that?!

GHEORGHE: He’s in full voice. 

JULIUS: Grabbing Brown by the leg, he drags him over to the ropes. Foot on the bottom rope, up and down with all his weight on the inside of the left knee!

GHEORGHE: That’s the knee Karl’s had surgery on a few times, do you think that’s his big weakness?

JULIUS: I’m not sure it’s a weakness, it’s definitely a weaker part though. Mister Entertainment’s smart to target it. 

GHEORGHE: Entertainment with Brown’s leg up again, driving his own knee straight into the knee of The Dragon!

JIVE: And what’s the ref’s problem? This is fine!

GHEORGHE: He’s using the ropes illegally! 

JIVE: And? It’s very entertaining. 

GHEORGHE: For you possibly. Entertainment turning Brown over, reaching over the top rope and grabbing Brown’s ankle


JULIUS: Now THAT’S a sweet move!

GHEORGHE: Innovative offence from Mr. Entertainment there, somersaulting over the top rope and bending Brown’s knee the wrong way, he could’ve broken it!

JIVE: Ooooh… I hadn’t thought of that. Sweet.

GHEORGHE: You’re sick. Entertainment dragging Brown to the outside, slams Brown’s head off the barricade and a side Russian leg sweep on the floor! Picks him off the floor, rolls him into the ring. Brown’s holding the knee, Entertainment in with a four fifty slingshot! 



THNO! I thought he had it but Karl manages to get the shoulder up. 

(Unperturbed, the arrogant man from Oregon simply picks Brown up and stuns him with an elbow to the back of the head before shoving the Brit into the corner)

GHEORGHE: Irish whip far side, Entertainment in but Brown gets the knee up!

JIVE: No! Not the perfect teeth!

GHEORGHE: The Dragon charges out, goes for a knee but nobody there, Entertainment fires him into up into the air in the corner! The Dragon with a big miss on the knee lift, and Entertainment with him centre of the ring… PILEDRIVER!

JIVE: It’s ov-ah!

GHEORGHE: A big move by the former TV champion, but why isn’t he going for the cover?

JULIUS: He’s confident and wants the fans to savour his impending victory. At a guess. 

GHEORGHE: Wasting valuable time, stands over the Dragon – using his knees to pin the shoulders




No! Kickout by Entertainment! His confidence nearly cost him, The Dragon there with the end of a sunset flip cover!

JIVE: And Entertainment quickly in with a knee to the spine, grabbing the left leg and kicks the knee of the Dragon!

GHEORGHE: Mister Entertainment grabbing the leg, somersault hyper extending the knee!



No fall!

(Starting to get agitated, Mr. Entertainment scoops Brown up, slamming him down near the corner and hitting a split-legged moonsault. He only manages another two count, Brown getting his foot on the bottom rope. Entertainment yells at the ref, picking Brown off the canvas and sending him off the ropes, looking for a back drop; but he goes down too early, and Brown counters with a leapfrog. Entertainment turns around, but he’s met with a stiff turning kick to the head!)


JULIUS: What flexibility!

GHEORGHE: But Brown unable to capitalise, he put all his weight on that left knee. He’s leaning against the ropes, Mister Entertainment holding his head on the canvas. Brown slow, but comes in with a legdrop. 


No! Easy kickout, he took far too long after that kick to the head. 

(Stretching his knee out on the canvas, The Dragon is slow to get to his feet, giving Mr. Entertainment a chance to get up first. The Oregon native takes the opportunity to knee Brown in the head and take him over with a butterfly suplex)

GHEORGHE: Entertainment holding his jaw, I think that kick did a lot of damage, he drags Brown over to the ropes. Leans him back and a stiff reverse knife-edge.

JIVE: It can’t be long now, it’s been all Entertainment for most of this match. 

GHEORGHE: Entertainment sends Karl off far side, leap frog on the rebound, leap frog again and woah!

JULIUS: This is the thing with having two rings out here!

GHEORGHE: Entertainment just THREW Karl over two sets of ropes, and The Dragon is inside the second ring set up for Wargames!

JIVE: Entertainment leaning back against the ropes, sprints in, springboard hurricanarana

GHEORGHE: NO! Brown counters into a sit-out powerbomb! The Dragon might very well steal it no, kickout! 

(Getting to his feet, The Dragon grabs Mr Entertainment by the head, driving him to the canvas with a bulldog for another near fall. Feeling the momentum shift, The Dragon brings Entertainment back to his feet and sends him into the corner with a standing dropkick. A stiff chop is followed up with an Irish whip and running high knee, causing Entertainment to sink to the canvas in a daze)

GHEORGHE: The Dragon quickening the pace, measures Entertainment and a face wash stomp!

JIVE: What’s he trying to do, take his face off?!

GHEORGHE: The Dragon waiting, Entertainment’s back on his feet, The Dragon from behind Dragon suplex!



THRENO!!! No!! Brown couldn’t hold the shoulders to the mat as Entertainment rolls through!

JULIUS: Hard impact on the back of the head and neck there. Looks like both rings really are legal all night. 

GHEORGHE: Both men are back to their feet, Karl in with a right hand to the gut, forces Entertainment against the ropes. Another right hand, Irish whip far side, back body drop! 

JULIUS: And the crowd are getting behind the Empire Pro guy!

GHEORGHE: Brown waiting back against the ropes, Entertainment up to his feet, Brown in but Entertainment pulls down the rope and The Dragon flies to the outside and hits the ground hard!

JIVE: And Entertainment shows just why he’s smarter than everyone in this arena. 

GHEORGHE: The referee checking Karl’s OK, Entertainment’s taking a breather inside the ring. 


GHEORGHE: Brown looks like he hurt his knee on the landing, that’s a solid floor. 





GHEORGHE: Mister Entertainment heading to the outside?


GHEORGHE: The ref looks like he wants to know why, too, I thought he had the count-out victory in hand, Brown’s barely moved.

JULIUS: Karl pinned him the last time out, I think he wants to truly embarrass Brown for that.

GHEORGHE: Entertainment grabs Brown’s leg, stomps the knee. Brings Brown back to his feet, big scoop and slams him against the apron!

JULIUS: Now that’s going to slip a disc!

GHEORGHE: The Dragon, spine first into the ring apron – AND ENTERTAINMENT’S GRABBED THE RING STEPS!

JIVE: Let him, ref!

GHEORGHE: The referee quickly to the outside, standing between the two wrestlers, I don’t know if this is smart by the ref but it’s the right thing to do!

JIVE: Why?

JULIUS: Because Entertainment would be disqualified otherwise. And I do NOT want to see Brown win by DQ. 

JIVE: Or at all really, right?

JULIUS: It’s always better if one of our brightest wins. 

GHEORGHE: Entertainment drops the ring steps, and flips off the official! Picking Brown up, but Karl fires him into the ringside barrier!


GHEORGHE: Entertainment holding his jaw, The Dragon scoops him up – SNAKEEYES! SNAKEEYES ON THE BARRICADE! THE DRAGON WAS PLAYING POSSUM!

JULIUS: I don’t know about that but he definitely used the referee’s count and interference to regain some composure.

GHEORGHE: The Dragon’s holding his back, Mr. Entertainment trying to claw his way back to his feet, Brown with a double axe handle!

JIVE: What’s the ref doing?! Why’s he allowing this?

GHEORGHE: After Mr. Entertainment tried to use the steps? Brown’s keeping within the rules!

JULIUS: The Dragon grabbing Entertainment in a side headlock, charges and drags him over the ring steps. 

(Hi-fiving a fan, Karl turns and delivers a swift shin to the side of the head as Entertainment crouches on all fours. The Englishman rolls back into the ring, breaking the referee’s count, before heading back outside and dropping Mr Entertainment with a DDT, rolling his opponent into the ring)



THRENOO!! Mister Entertainment, after sevERAl shots to the head, still kicks out!

JIVE: And doesn’t Karl look irritated!

GHEORGHE: The Dragon still favouring that knee, makes his way over to the corner. Up to the top, waiting on Entertainment… CROSS BODY!!



NO!!! Shoulder up!

JULIUS: And Brown switches back to a wear-down hold, reverse chin-lock.

JIVE: Booooring. 

GHEORGHE: Smart though, after the beating he took earlier tonight and in this match. 

JULIUS: But you just know when that double cage is lowered tonight you won’t see anything like this. 

GHEORGHE: I’m going to have to agree with you, but right here, right now, The Dragon is trying to wear down Mr Entertainment. Look how he’s positioned himself, leaning in. 

JIVE: It’s a choke!

GHEORGHE: The ref’s right there! He’d call it if it was a choke. 

JULIUS: Entertainment’s breathing heavy, Karl’s really got this hold cinched in. 

GHEORGHE: The ref checking Entertainment, raises the arm… no, not dropping. 



Kickout by Entertainment! The Dragon tried the pinfall but he still hasn’t put enough of a hurt on the Entertainer!

(Taking a deep breath, The Dragon brings Entertainment to his feet, executing a backbreaker near the corner. The Dragon starts to climb the corner, but his knee’s still bothering him and he’s slow. This gives the Oregon native a chance to recover, and he rattles Brown with a right to the head. Brown drops to the aprons, Entertainment grabbing him by the head, and the two men start to climb. Mr Entertainment reaches the top first, pulling Karl up the rest of the way, but The Dragon connects with a shot to the throat)

GHEORGHE: The Dragon hooking the head, looks like a superplex from one ring to the other!

JULIUS: No way…

JIVE: No way…

GHEORGHE: Brown trying to get Entertainment up… forcing it… SOMERSAULT NECKBREAKER!! SOMERSAULT NECKBREAKER!!


GHEORGHE: Mr Entertainment just DROVE Brown’s neck into the top rope! Brown’s down between the rings, Entertainment’s down in one ring, the referee doesn’t know who to count!

JULIUS: Who’d win? Brown’s not in the ring at all but Entertainment’s down!

JIVE: Entertainment, clearly.

GHEORGHE: Looks like we don’t need to find out, Entertainment’s up first, Brown’s up to, kind of! Entertainment with a kick through the ropes to the gut, grabs Brown, but Brown drives his throat into the rope!


GHEORGHE: Entertainment staggers back, Brown’s still holding the neck, DRAGONRANA!!




JIVE: NO! NO! Entertainment got the shoulder up!


JULIUS: The referee’s saying it was just a two count. I thought he had it!

GHEORGHE: Brown’s looking drained! After that VICIOUS match with Fusenshoff, the beat down by Layne Winters, and this match with Mister Entertainment all in one night how is he still standing?

JIVE: What about Entertainment? He fought Jorgenson and Burke and NARROWLY came away empty handed!

GHEORGHE: Brown’s setting up, Entertainment’s going to be going back with another loss… DRAGON’S NO!! 


GHEORGHE: NO! The Dragon grabbed hold of the corner, Entertainment does not connect! Brown out of the corner, Entertainment under the lariat, backslide!






Kickout by Entertainment that time!

GHEORGHE: Brown with a sunset flip coming up out of the backslide, and neither man seems able to put the other away! Brown up first, comes in but Entertainment with a dropkick to the knee! Grabs the head, faceplant!!





GHEORGHE: NO!! NO!! Mr Entertainment had his feet on the ropes! The referee saw it! 

JULIUS: And Entertainment’s claiming his innocence!

GHEORGHE: He’s protesting with the ref SCHOOLBOY!



JIVE: So close!

(Brown, looking spent, rests back in the corner as Mr Entertainment lies flat on his face. The two combatants are breathing heavily as the crowd chant for the Dragon, and Karl shakes his head as the referee asks him if he wants to stop. The ref doesn’t manage to start a ten count, as Brown pulls himself to his feet, and drills a knee to the back of Mr Entertainment. Instead of another cover, he picks the Ashland man up, taking him up and over with a release German suplex, and follows up with a rope-assisted splash)




JIVE: I’m going to have a heart attack!

GHEORGHE: Mr Entertainment will not give up! The Dragon bringing him to his feet, but Entertainment with a shot to the ribs, SMALL PACKAGE!!


Kickout!! And Entertainment’s up first, ducks behind Brown, THAT’S ENTERTAINMENT!! THAT’S ENTERTAINMENT!!





JULIUS: Not many people have EVER kicked out of That’s Entertainment! How badly does Brown really want the win tonight?!

GHEORGHE: And Mr Entertainment is beside himself! He waited, he thought he had it!

JIVE: He’s got one move left! He’s dragging him to the corner!

GHEORGHE: Mr. Entertainment saying it’s all over. He mounts the top rope, climbs up… SHOOTING ENTERTAINMENT!




THREE!! NO!! NO!! History does NOT repeat itself!

JIVE: My heart!

GHEORGHE: I don’t know HOW he kicked out, but Mr Entertainment, missing Shooting Entertainment, BARELY gets the shoulder out despite hitting his head and neck hard on the canvas!

JULIUS: And Brown’s not happy this time!

GHEORGHE: That was the move that ended their last match, he again had it well scouted. Brown’s the first back to his feet, Entertainment’s slowly getting up. Brown hooks him, Dragon’s Bite no!! No!! Mr Entertainment lands on his feet, inside cradle but too close to the ropes!

JULIUS: Brown’s back to his feet again, Entertainment against the ropes. Irish whip, Brown ducks under, Entertainment off the ropes again, Sunset flip by Brown!



And another kickout! What is it going to take!? Brown up, Mr Entertainment up, Brown kick to the gut, Fisherman’s suplex!




(Brown, feeling a rush of adrenaline caused by frustration, grabs Entertainment roughly by the head, yanking him to his feet)

GHEORGHE: He’s looking to end it here! Brown, setting up, standing headscissors, picks him up


GHEORGHE: Entertainment lands on his feet! The Dragon turns, Entertainment… STUN GUN!! Brown throat first off the top rope!

SCHOOLBOY! He’s got the tights!!!





(SFX: Ding ding ding ding)

LINKS: The winner of this match… BY PINFALL…


JIVE: I knew it!! I damn well knew it!!

GHEORGHE: What a match! Mr Entertainment pulls out the victory with a handful of tights on the schoolboy! A disappointing end but New ERA gets the win!

JULIUS: And these two are all square. 

GHEORGHE: I hope we get to see them go at it again, and soon. No matter how it happened, Mr Entertainment walks away with the win here tonight at Sin City Showdown!