Federal Court Rules in EC Enterprises' Favor; New ERA CLOSED!

09.03.10: While fans were patiently waiting for the 04.25.10 edition of RAUCOUS to air .. they could have never have imagined the real reason that caused the delay! After the main event, the cameras caught EC Enterprises owner, Jean-Michel LaRoque, Marcus LaRoque's brother and known professionally in the wrestling ring as "Simply Sensational" Sean Edmunds, revealing that the corporation had pulled all financing for the 2011/2012 fiscal year! After dueling lawsuits and a gag order put in place by the judge, the US District Court released the final judgment in the case of "LaRoque v. EC Enterprises" .. According to the federal district Judge, "Defendant (EC Enterprises) was well within the boundaries put in place by the state of Massachusetts with regard to the financial dispersement of its own funds. Seeing as the subject of this matter (New ERA of Wrestling) was under full financial control of defendant, and that defendant was solely responsible for the liability and employment insurance costs, it is the opinion of this court that plaintiff's (Marcus LaRoque) lawsuit is without merit." The two brothers immediately went into negotiations ... and we understand that more information about what has happened will be released in the next few days.

RAUCOUS, 04.25.10 Airs onDEMAND!

09.03.10: Taco Bell Arena in Boise, Idaho became the site of what turned out to be the FINAL RAUCOUS program in New ERA history! The event featured five incredible bouts .. but no one could have predicted what would happen when the cameras stopped rolling. Jeff Jorgenson and Bobby Crane fought tooth and nail. Trevor Cane tried to stop Paddy McDowell from securing a victory in his debut match. Keith Aaron got his wish and took on the P©X champion Chaos in a Dog Collar Chain match ... and a Tornado Tag Team match featured eight men in the ring at once .. tempers flared ... but who would walk out victorious? In what turned out to be the final main event ... The New ERA Television championship was on the line as Mr. Entertainment gunned for another run with the title .... but would he be able to get past the Druid Erik Black? ... Catch all the action .. as New ERA RAUCOUS aired onDEMAND for the very last time!

RAUCOUS, 04.04.10 Airs onDEMAND!

04.15.10: The Jon M. Huntsman Center at the University of Utah in Salt Lake City was rocking as New ERA of Wrestling presented RAUCOUS 36! The first RAUCOUS after the all-day wrestling extravaganza put on by New ERA and Empire Pro featured five incredible matches; including Jeff Jorgenson and Erik Black for the Television Championship! Other action included a Newcomer Triple Threat, Trevor Cane taking on former Television champion Mr. Entertainment, and Cameron Cruise going head to head with the man who attacked the World Heavyweight champion at Destrucity II, "the Prophecy" Adrian Willard. The scheduled main event featured Peter File and the World Tag Team Champions Jack n' Hoff taking on the Dogs of War, Jason Payne and Chris McMillan, with their parter ... the World Heavyweight Champion Shawn Hart! But .. this is RAUCOUS .. and things never, EVER, go as planned... bodies flew, dreams crashed, and the fans in Salt Lake City cheered and jeered... catch all the action .. as New ERA RAUCOUS airs onDEMAND!

Sin City Showdown Airs: Burke, Entertainment bring home victories, Hart fights until bitter end in War Games loss!

03.24.10: Sin City Showdown, the final of three pay per view events put on by New ERA and Empire Pro on February 10th, aired today onDEMAND. The event, which featured matches pitting superstars against members of other federations, was a resounding success. There were eight incredible match ups on the card featuring wrestlers from New ERA, Empire Pro, SWIFT, NGEN and LVW; New ERA superstars Steve Burke and Mr. Entertainment were successful in their matches against EPW superstars. However, a huge shock came when former New ERA World Heavyweight champion Rocko Daymon lost his CAREER v CAREER match against EPW mainstay Stalker forcing Daymon out of the business. The main event featured ten men enclosed in a cage spanning two rings .. It was Team EPW vs Team New ERA in a War Games match! After being down 3-1, New ERA World Heavyweight champion Shawn Hart eliminated EPW Television champion Layne Winters, and then the EPW World Heavyweight champion Sean Stevens before succumbing to the First. You can catch all the heart-pounding action onDEMAND .. as EPW and New ERA presented ... Sin City Showdown ... from the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada!

New ERA Destrucity II Airs on PPV! Sin City Showdown up next!

02.10.10: New ERA's Destrucity II pay per view, the second of the three advterised events for EPW / New ERA's Sin City Showdown wrestling extravaganza, aired today on pay per view! The event featured eight incredible matches including a single night tournament to crown a brand new PRODIGY© Classic Xtreme champion. The tournament feature three huge matches under division rules ... and an advertised finals of a Ladder match! Cameron Cruise was in action twice on the pay per view; defending the World Tag Team Championship AND the Television championship. Did Cruise walk out with both belts? Did he walk out with any at all?! The World Heavyweight championship was on the line as Peter File had his shot at Shawn Hart and the belt .. was the Sultan of Twat able to pry the belt out of Hart's hands, or has Hart successfully defended his belt once more?! Find out .. all this and tons more .. as Destrucity II aired on PPV from the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada!

New ERA Joins Championship Wrestling Council!

01.22.10: New ERA officials announced today that they have applied for membership to the Championship Wrestling Council and have been accepted! In the CWC's own words: "That is right. We stand together as a gathering of e-federations that declares to the world that we strive to be better. Not to be better than others, but to better ourselves. Together we will improve our shows, our federations, our community, our affiliations, and ourselves. Now is the time when we make our stake in the world and declare... We are CWC." New ERA is excited to be a part of this coalition of leagues and hopes that the exposure will help the league bounce back from the disintegration of the WFW:NE. The CWC can be found HERE.

WFW Splits Town; New ERA re-emerges!

01.20.10: Breaking news in the early morning of January 20, 2010! World's Finest Wrestling, one of the two leagues merged into WFW:NE, packed its bags and left town. Citing "irreconciable differences," the owner of the WFW left in the middle of the night. With the WFW:NE rocked by the sudden departure, Marcus LaRoque, New ERA President, officially closed the WFW:NE. In the same stroke, however, LaRoque reinstated New ERA of Wrestling and has vowed to continue on with the current state of affairs. Destrucity II and Sin City Showdown, the upcoming pay per view, and the interpromotional card with Empire Pro, will not be affected by the departure of WFW or the official closing of WFW:NE. More information will be posted as we receive word!

WFW:NE RAUCOUS, 01.10.10 Airs!

01.19.10: The first RAUCOUS of 2010 has broadcasted in its entirety today .. and what a way to head into the pay per view! The event saw the successful debut of "Mr. Old School" Steve Burke as he defeated fellow newcomer, DeWayne Davis. Jeff Jorgenson successfully fought off a very adamant Mr. Entertainment. Entertainment, who claimed he would avenge his elimination by Jorgenson at Unplugged in the Christmas Tree Lot brawl, was unable to keep his promise. Peter File and HAL were scheduled to face off .. did the #1 contender to the WFW:NE World Heavyweight championship defeat the man who recently bungled his chance to win the New ERA World Heavyweight championship? Or ... did he have something else in store? The WFW:NE Television championship was on the line as Cameron Cruise defended against John Doe. The winner of that match goes on to face Erik Black at Destrucity. Did Cruise retain ... or did Doe continue on his remarkable journey to capture WFW:NE gold? The main event was a sight to behold! Golem and New ERA World Heavyweight champion Shawn Hart took on Minion and WFW World Heavyweight champion Felix Red in a match that acted as a precursor to their individual matches at the pay per view. Could Minion hold on to his sanity for one more match? Did Shawn Hart return the favor to Felix Red for his intrusion at Unplugged? What lies in store for all WFW:NE superstars? All this ... and MORE as RAUCOUS airs onDEMAND!

Sin City Showdown Lineup Begins to Leak!

01.10.10: As the post-production work begins on the taping of the 01.10.10 edition of RAUCOUS, the last edition before WFW:NE Destrucity II and EPW/WFW:NE Sin City Showdown, the lineup as begun to leak through various sources among the *wrestling world. Some matchups include Empire Pro superstar Anarky facing off one on one with WFW:NE superstar GAMMA-O, EPW newcomer Kenneth Williams taking on WFW:NE newcomer Steve Burke, and Karl "the Dragon" Brown, who recently made his reappearance in Empire Pro, taking on the most electrifying superstar in the WFW:NE, Mr. Entertainment! The biggest leak, though, is the main event lineup. Although the original release contained different superstars on both sides, the main stipulation, a War Games match, has stayed consistent. Now we have confirmation from inside sources from both leagues that the finalized makeup of the teams has been set! Representing Empire Pro will be Fusenshoff, from HOPE - EPW Television champion Layne Winters and #1 contender to the EPW World Heavyweight championship, the First ... and from Anthology - One half of the EPW World Tag Team champions, Jared Wells ... and the EPW World Heavyweight champion himself, "Triple X" Sean Stevens! Representing WFW:NE will be Jason Payne, one half of the WFW:NE World Tag Team champions, Cameron Cruise, the #1 contender to the WFW:NE World Heavyweight championship, Peter File .. and the two men who will battle it out just hours before in a unification match for the WFW:NE World Heavyweight championship, WFW World Heavyweight champion Felix Red and New ERA World Heavyweight champion Shawn Hart! With the different dynamics on BOTH teams, one has to wonder the ring will be able to handle 10 men.. 10 egos.. all at each others throats! EPW/WFW:NE Sin City Showdown will take place at the MGM Grand Garden Arena after both EPW Aggression 50 and WFW:NE Destrucity II have taken place!

Happy New Year!

01.01.10: WFW:NE management and superstars want to wish every one of their fans a happy, healthy, and SAFE New Years! Here is hoping for a continued year of success for everyone!

Unplugged Airs from Omaha!

12.31.09: Unplugged was officially tweeted from Omaha, Nebraska today, and the full results have been put onDEMAND for all the fans to see! What a night it turned out to be. Jared Wells defeated Steve Johnson in a special Santa's Sack o' Weapons match for the BAD World Heavyweight championship. Wells regained the championship from the man who ended his nearly three year run with the championship at WFW Superbowl of Wrestling III. The WFW:NE World Tag Team championship finally has a second title-holder as Problem Child put on an impressive display in the Russian Roulette Tag Team Partner tournament defeating Jason Payne to become one half of the WFW:NE World Tag Team champions with Cameron Cruise. The Christmas Tree Lot Brawl turned out worse for WFW:NE Television champion Cameron Cruise than he originally expected. Instead of facing one challenger at Destrucity II, Cruise will now have to face John Doe in a Television championship match on RAUCOUS from Denver, with the winner of that match facing Erik Black for the championship at Destrucity II! Finally, after winning the Masquerade Battle Royal at Almost Live to receive a shot at Shawn Hart and the New ERA of Wrestling World Heavyweight championship, HAL walked into the Henry Moorley Zoo for a Winter Wonderland match. In the end, however, the New ERA World Heavyweight champion came out on top and Shawn Hart will continue onto Destrucity II to face WFW World Heavyweight champion Felix Red in a unification match to determine who will be the first WFW:NE World Heavyweight champion! You can catch the "live tweeting" of the event on WFW:NE's official twitter, or head to the archives page to catch the full results onDEMAND!

Former 2x New ERA World Heavyweight champion Larry Tact Placed on Inactive Roster!

12.13.09: Officials from World's Finest Wrestling: the New ERA today announced that former two-time New ERA of Wrestling World Heavyweight champion, Larry Tact, has been placed on the inactive roster. Tact informed WFW:NE officials on December 11th that he would be unable to keep the terms of his contract for the next few months. No specific reason was given by WFW:NE officials, but some have speculated that Tact's dual schedule, which include frequent trips zig-zagging the country for both WFW:NE and Empire Pro, have contributed to the request. WFW:NE wishes Larry Tact the very best as he takes the next few months off of active competition here, and we, as well as many of the fans, look forward to his return.

WFW:NE Almost Live, 11.30.09 and WFW:NE RAUCOUS, 12.02.09 Air!

12.10.09: A special "Halloween" themed Almost Live took over Louisville, Kentucky as World's Finest Wrestling: the New ERA presented the third edition of their Almost Live program! A shot at the New ERA of Wrestling World Heavyweight championship, possibly the last before the unification match at WFW:NE Destrucity II, was on the line as an "open invitational" battle royal took place. With the competitors each wearing costumes, only one would walk away with a chance to face Shawn Hart at Unplugged... Omaha! In the main event, Psycho cashed in on his chance to face the WFW World Heavyweight champion Felix Red .. in a Spin the Wheel, Make the Deal match. Which match was chosen? Who walks away with the belt, and the chance to become the first ever WFW:NE World Heavyweight champion? On RAUCOUS, WFW:NE superstars invaded Rosemont, Illinois! Tag team action made a comeback as Saviors of Wrestling and Jack n' Hoff battled it out .. Erik Black took on Tyler Houston while Mr. Entertainment went head to head with Otto Pearl.. and in the main event, New ERA World Heavyweight champion Shawn Hart was in action in a non-title match as he took on the ever impressive Peter File.. Was File able to pull off the upset? Or will Shawn Hart go into Unplugged... Omaha on a roll? Catch the Latest Results to find out!

WFW:NE and Empire Pro Wrestling Announce "Sin City Showdown!"

12.05.09: The two organizations released a press announcement today regarding their joint venture. Empire Pro and New ERA of Wrestling have worked together before on the critically acclaimed "WrestleSTOCK '07" showcase pay per view. This time around, with New ERA now apart of WFW:NE, the two organizations will be putting on an all-day wrestling marathon. The day will begin with Empire Pro's Aggression 50 show, celebrating the 50th edition of the Aggression program. Following that, the fans will be treated to WFW:NE's Destrucity II pay per view with the headlining Felix Red / Shawn Hart unification match to determine who will be the first ever WFW:NE World Heavyweight champion. Finally, the fans will see "Sin City Showdown" ... where, unlike WrestleSTOCK '07, Empire Pro stars and WFW:NE stars will face off ... head .. to .. head! More information, including lineups, will be released shortly!

WFW:NE Almost Live, 09.04.09 and WFW:NE RAUCOUS, 09.06.09 Air!

11.21.09: Fans in Starkville, MS and Memphis, TN experienced the full force of WFW:NE action when Almost Live and RAUCOUS blazed through their respective towns. Almost Live, with its main event of Psycho taking on Golem for a chance to face WFW World Heavyweight championship in Louisville, KY, finally aired on DEMAND for those who weren't able to catch the action live. Likewise, with a main event featuring Cameron Cruise defending his WFW:NE Television championship against Minion, RAUCOUS aired on DEMAND from Memphis! You can find all the action, including the Russian Roulette Tag Team Partner tournament that took place on Almost Live and the tag team match featuring New ERA World Heavyweight champion, Shawn Jessica Hart, in the Archives section!

New ERA World Tag Team Championships Retired!

11.20.09: Officials at WFW:NE Headquarters in Boston, Massachusetts announced today the retiring of the New ERA World Tag Team Championships. After being unable to successfully contact Bored of Edukashun, the organization decided it best to retire the belts and re-christen the WFW World Tag Team Championship as the WFW:NE World Tag Team Championship. Cameron Cruise and the partner to be decided at WFW:NE Unplugged... from Omaha! will be the first official holders of the belts.

WFW:NE Wishes You a Happy Halloween!

10.31.09: Everyone here at World's Finest Wrestling: the New ERA wants to wish all the fans a Happy, and safe, Halloween. Make sure to dress warmly, only walk on well lit streets, and stay close to your children, or your parents! Stay on the lookout as post-production work on the 09.04.09 edition of Almost Live and the 09.06.09 edition of RAUCOUS is nearing completion and the results should be airin on DEMAND very soon!

WFW:NE Unplugged, 08.27.09 Airs!

08.27.09: Birmingham, Alabama was Unplugged! WFW:NE brought the action to the BJCC Arena and the fans were treated to four humongous matches ... A triple threat tag team match ... the BAD World Heavyweight championship match .... the PRODIGY© Classic Xtreme championship bout .. and the main event; the New ERA World Heavyweight championship unification match between World Heavyweight champions Shawn Hart and Larry Tact! If you didn't catch the live tweeting of the event on WFW:NE's official twitter... then check it out under the 2009 Archives or by clicking on the Latest Events link!

WFW:NE RAUCOUS, 06.28.09 Airs!

07.09.09: The first RAUCOUS post-merger airs onDEMAND from the ALLTEL Arena in Little Rock, Arkansas! The event saw six huge matches including BOTH New ERA World Heavyweight champions in action. Larry Tact faced his Battle Bowl Mania partner Spectrum in a Non-Title match, while Rocko Daymon defended his World Heavyweight championship against Shawn Jessica Hart, PhD! All this and more, including a ferocious WFW:NE Television championship bout between Cameron Cruise and Mr. Entertainment. WFW:NE RAUCOUS has officially arrived ... and it is a show that is NOT to be missed! Check it out under the 2009 Archives or by clicking on the Latest Events link!

WFW:NE Almost Live, 06.26.09 Airs!

07.08.09: Tbe very first show ever after the merger between World's Finest Wrestling and New ERA of Wrestling came from New Orleans, Lousiana ... and what a night! The WFW World Heavyweight championship was on the line in a Falls Count Anywhere On Bourbon Street match between Jared Wells, Psycho, and WFW World Heavyweight champion, Felix Red! Catch all the jaw-dropping action by going to the 2009 Archives or by clicking on the Latest Events link!

WFW:NE Broadcasts WFW Superbowl of Wrestling III Main Event!

06.17.09: WFW's Superbowl of Wrestling III pay per view event officially came to a close today as the last remaining match, the Main Event, was released to the public. The match featured five men in a Falls Count Anywhere match for the WFW World Heavyweight Championship. Did Anarky retain the title or did he fall victim to Michael Manson, Copycat, Larry Tact or Felix Red? You'll find all the results, in one spot, and more, including the SHOCKING conclusion to the pay per view, in the Archives section under WFW Archived Events, or by clicking on the "Latest Results" on the main page!

WFW:NE Announces Unplugged television show; to replace former New ERA LIVE from...

06.14.09: As World's Finest Wrestling: the New ERA awaits the release of WFW Superbowl of Wrestling III, the organization today announced that the show formerly known as New ERA LIVE from... would be replaced by WFW:NE Unplugged. Unplugged will feature four matches and the event will be covered exclusively by Jason Tripp and the WFW:NE Twitter! Tripp will be "tweeting" updates throughout the show to keep all those not in the arena in the know! Of course, the event will be released in its entirety for the fans to enjoy, but LIVE updates can only be found on WFW:NE's twitter page at http://www.twitter.com/wfwnewrestling!!

WFW:NE Signs More Talent; Roster bulges at 25!

06.14.09: More news on the roster front .. WFW:NE has enlisted the services of a few more superstars, bringing its total to 25 singles wrestlers, yet still only three tag teams. WFW:NE officials have stated that they will intensify the search to beef up the tag ranks which have really taken a beaten during the governmental ban and financial woes of the former separate organizations. New signees include Jeff "Greenhorn" Jorgenson, "the Prototype" Tyler Houston, and Otto Pearl!

New ERA World Tag Team Champions MIA?

06.07.09: Although the WFW:NE singles roster continues to be filled by high quality talent, the organization is reportedly running into problems trying to contact New ERA World Tag Team champions Bored of Edukashun. The two men, who wont the World Tag Team championships at BANNED in the US, have not responded to inquiries. No one knows what will happen if WFW:NE officials are unable to reach them, and things will be more complicated seeing as the current WFW World Tag Team championships, won by the Cameron Cruise Project at Superbowl of Wrestling III, are currently being held solely by Cameron Cruise himself after Joey Melton's retirement from the wrestling world.

New ERA and WFW to merge; promotion now known as World's Finest Wrestling: the New ERA!

06.01.09: Nearly two weeks after resuming operations, New ERA President Marcus LaRoque announces that EC Enterprises, parent company of New ERA, has purchased World's Finest Wrestling. The two companies, which have shared much history since New ERA's inception, including many talented wrestlers, will become World's Finest Wrestling: the New ERA (WFW:NE). WFW:NE will retain the Television championship including it's champion, as well as retain the RAUCOUS program. RAPTURE will be replaced as the secondary television program by WFW:NE Almost Live. The P©X championship and WFW B.A.D. World Heavyweight championships will remain separate until a unification match takes place in the future. There are still many unanswered questions, including who will be the WFW:NE World Heavyweight champion. Will it be Daymon or Larry Tact, current co-holders of the New ERA World Heavyweight championship ... or will it be the current WFW World Heavyweight champion? We will find out soon enough as the first rounds of WFW:NE Almost Live and WFW:NE RAUCOUS will be sure to hold many of the answers and more!

New ERA resumes operations after Two Year Governmental Ban!

05.13.09: After filming it's BANNED in the US pay per view from Havana, Cuba, Bush administration officials sent a cease and desist operations letter to New ERA of Wrestling's Boston Headquarters. This included running shows, airing the pay per view and commenting on the matter further. However, as stated by New ERA President Marcus LaRoque before airing the footage of the Summer 2007 pay per view that became the source of this mess, the new administration has lifted the ban after a petition was filed. New ERA of Wrestling is back. Are you ready?

New ERA BANNED in the US Airs ON PPV!
05.13.09: After nearly two years, after being carefully preserved, after literally being BANNED in the US .... New ERA of Wrestling's long awaited pay per view hits the airwaves! Ten humongous matches. Four championship title matches. Proving that late is better than never ... BANNED in the US airs the pay per view recorded from the Harbor of Havana ...

BANNED in the US Less Than 2 Weeks Away!
08.01.07: New ERA of Wrestling's next PPV, BANNED in the US, comes LIVE from the Havana Harbor in Havana, Cuba on August 12, 2007! There are ten huge matches .. including the World Heavyweight Championship match in the main event!

New ERA / EPW WrestleSTOCK, Day TWO Airs On PPV!

08.01.07: The second night of NEW and EPW's joint PPV hit the airwaves .. and WHAT .. A .. NIGHT! The EPW World Tag Team Championships were on the line .. as were the NEW Television Championship .. and the MAIN EVENT .. who would walk away NEW World Heavyweight champion .. and who would be the #1 contender for BANNED in the US? Find out .. as WrestleSTOCK Day TWO is playing LIVE on PPV!

New ERA / EPW WrestleSTOCK, Day ONE Airs On PPV!
07.16.07: The first NINE matches of the two-day, 17 match joint pay per view by EPW and NEW aired on PPV today. Including a stunning opening match, a head scratching finale to the NEW World Tag Team Championship tournament, and an EPW World Heavyweight Championship defense ... that you have to see for your own eyes! All this and TONS more .. as WrestleSTOCK Day ONE is playing LIVE on PPV!

RAUCOUS, 05.04.07 Airs on DEMAND!
05.13.07: ANARCHY IN TRELAWNY! The last RAUCOUS before the EPW / NEW joint pay per view turned out to be explosive! Two semifinals matches in the World Tag Team Championship tournament determined which two teams would fight in NEW's first main event for the Championship .. and don't forget to check out the World Heavyweight Championship match .. as Jonathan Marx and Phantom Republican battled it out .. in a lumberjack match!

RAUCOUS, 04.01.07 Airs on DEMAND!
04.27.07: Who would have guess that the 04.01.07 edition of RAUCOUS would turn out to be so important. With both of the main events for NEW's part of the EPW / NEW SuperCard now set, the heat was turned way up in Antigua and Barbuda. Larry Tact was on a mission, Jonathan Marx was looking to make history, and two teams were looking to become the first ever Tag Team Champions.

RAPTURE, 03.30.07 Airs on DEMAND!
04.22.07: With a spot in the main event at the EPW / NEW SuperCard on the line between Shawn Hart and Jason Payne, RAPTURE came from the ruins of Plymouth, Montserrat with an incredible show. Thrilling returns .. fresh faces .. and twists that will certainly affect the future of New ERA. Tag Team action, 2 on 1 action .. action galore ... as RAPTURE airs on DEMAND.

New ERA Website Design
03.22.07: New ERA of Wrestling unveiled its new website today after many months looking for a company that would provide a satisfactory design.

New ERA 3-year Anniversary RAUCOUS!
03.22.07: New ERA's three year anniversary RAUCOUS aired live from Puerto Rico today .. with dueling Battle Royals for a shot at the World Heavyweight Championship, and the Television Championship on the line in a triple main event, New ERA rings in its 3 year anniversary with a bang!

New ERA RAUCOUS, 12.31.06 Airs On Demand!
01.15.07: New ERA ends the year with a bang as the World Heavyweight Championship was on the line in a Winter Wonderland match. Also on the show was an incredible three team tag match between GOP/Daymon, Jean Rabesque/Larry Tact, and Jason Payne/MWG. All this and more, including a huge challenge regarding the EPW / NEW SuperCard, as RAUCOUS came live from the Dominican Republic!

New ERA of Wrestling To Celebrate 3 Year Anniversary RAUCOUS from Puerto Rico!
01.15.07: New ERA of Wrestling will be celebrating the end of its third year in operation as the 3 year anniversary RAUCOUS comes live from Puerto Rico! The lineup is packed with NINE huge matches .. including two championship defenses.. The show will feature not one, not two, but THREE main events .. including the dual main events of The CREME de le CREME battle royal and the BLAST from the PAST battle royal. Jean Rabesque, Shawn Hart, the Phantom Republican will be in the first battle royal .. and .. in a rematch from the Champions Crowning Edition of RAUCOUS way back in April 2004 from Greensboro, North Carolina, Larry Tact .. Peter File .. El Arco Iris (now known as Spectrum) and World Heavyweight champion Jonathan Marx will battle it out! Marx's championship is not on the line .. but that doesn't mean he won't fight tooth and nail. Larry Tact eliminated Marx way back in Greensboro to win the World Heavyweight Championship! Why the two battle royals? Well. Whoever wins the CREME de le CREME battle royal will have two different incentives! Should someone other than Marx win the BLAST from the PAST battle royal .. they would take on the winner of the first battle royal in a #1 contender's match for Marx's championship .. but if Marx should win .. then the person who wins the CREME de le CREME battle royal will receive a championship title shot right off the bat! Make sure to tune into the 01.29.07 edition of RAUCOUS as New ERA celebrates three years of exciting action!

New ERA of Wrestling Retracts Earlier Alex Wylde Announcement!
01.01.07: BOSTON, MA -- New ERA of Wrestling sent out a statement retracting their earlier announcement of the signing of superstar Alex Wylde now stating that they under "in contract negotiations" with the former WFW World Heavyweight champion. No one was available for comment about the apparent miscommunication between Wylde and the company, as all calls were answered by an automated service confirming the retraction. Tune in to future New ERA shows for more information!

New ERA of Wrestling Wishes Everyone Happy New Year!
01.01.07: New ERA of Wrestling wants to wish all of its wrestlers, staff, and fans a very happy new year. 2006 ended with a bang and New ERA heads into 2007 full steam ahead. With many surprises still to come, New ERA continues to plug away, especially with their third year anniversary show coming up in late January. Things are looking up for the league after a few periods of inactivity and we want to thank everyone who have stuck with us since January 2004!

New ERA of Wrestling Announces Signing of Superstar Alex Wylde!
12.28.06: BOSTON, MA -- New ERA of Wrestling today announced the signing of former World's Finest Wrestling President and World Heavyweight Champion Alex Wylde today. Wylde, who has been hiding in civilian life for the past few years, was finally contacted by New ERA Vice President Juliet Marceau .. and the company released a statement today heralding his entry onto New ERA's roster! Big things should be expected in the future from Mr. Wylde as he has always been at the forefront of wrestling excellence!

New ERA 's Women's Division Finished! Marceau Creates VENUS Wrestling Alliance!
12.22.06: New ERA of Wrestling Vice President Juliet Marceau announced on the 12.19.06 edition of RAUCOUS that she was annexing the women's division claiming that New ERA was not showing enough respect to the integrity of women's wrestling.. she announced the creation of the VENUS Wrestling Alliance; an all women wrestling promotion! New ERA's Women's champion, Karla Starr then re-christened the title as the VENUS World Heavyweight Championship. Shortly thereafter each and every one of the members of the Women's division followed Marceau to VENUS thus rendering the division finished. President Marcus LaRoque refused to comment on the situation, which also saw him unknowingly sign away the RAPTURE program to Marceau's VENUS promotion. The program will now be called BITCHIN' and will run under VENUS' control!