1. RAUCOUS and RAPTURE, when scheduled, have a 2 RP maximum per competitor. Cyberstrike has a 3 RP maximum per competitor. Please be advised, however, that quality always wins out over quantity. The fact that you've posted three roleplays to your opponent's two will not guarantee you a victory if their two outshine your three.

2. RP's must be sent in by the time designated in the RP thread. Likewise, all RPs must be posted in the delegated thread. Any roleplays posted after the deadline, and / or in a different thread will not be counted.

3. There is a 36 hour stacking rule. If an opponent has not responded to your roleplay within 36 hours (a day and a half) of when you posted, then you may stack again without consequence. You many NOT post a roleplay within the 36 hours, delete it, and then re-post it after 36 hours have passed. As a moderator I can see deleted threads, just so you know.

4. Deadline Rule. If you RP within the last hour of the deadline, your opponent will have 24 hours to respond. Once your opponent responds to the RP, the thread is closed, and nothing else will not be counted.
Example: 11:59pm deadline; if you post an RP at 10:59pm, your opponent has 24 hours to respond (thus ending at 10:59pm the next day). This rule is null and void if the opponent responds before the original deadline is up. If they respond, you do not get 24 more hours. If a thread is to have an extended RP period due to a violation of the Deadline Rule, it will be noted in the "RP Period Over" thread posted at the end of every RP period.
5. RP Extensions. The RP deadline will be at 11:59pm PST on the date in the show's title.
Example: A thread entitled "New ERA RAUCOUS, 02.15.10," means that the RP period will end at 11:59pm PST on February 15, 2010. If there is to be an RP extension, a new thread will be posted with the information. Any extension, wrong date, or changed date that has been edited into the RP thread will not be honored. It is your responsibility to know the date posted in the lineup thread and to check to see if there have been any "RP Period Extended" threads posted.
6. No Shows. If you don't RP for one card, without notifying anyone, then that's ok. The second time it happens you will be warned. If it happens a third time, you and your character will no longer be needed by New ERA of Wrestling.

7. Do not use another handler's character without their prior permission in your roleplays.

1. All angles must be submitted to the official New ERA of Wrestling e-mail.

2. Angles must be sent in within a few days of the end of the RP period. Since shows will most likely have a quick turnaround, any angles that are not received 2 or 3 days after the RP period ends may end up not being used.

3. New ERA has the right not to use an angle you have submitted, or to change the angle to fit in with the setting. If an angle is to be changed, it will only be cosmetic, and should not affect the overall intent of the handler's submission. We give a lot of leeway to our handlers to submit angles in order to further storylines. It is an unusual thing for angle submissions to be totally ignored.

4. If an angle is submitted and mishandled, please send an e-mail informing New ERA immediately. Sometimes in the heat of things an angle may get botched. If this happens let me know and I will fix it as soon as I can and work with you fix anything that may need fixing.

1. If you have any questions about why you may have lost a match, or any concerns about how your character is being portrayed, please contact me on AIM or through e-mail. I will gladly give you the reasons. New ERA is not one of those leagues that closes off its doors to any inquiries. We're open and honest about the decisions made.

2. Sometimes you may be asked to "lose" in order to further a storyline. Please note that you will be asked this beforehand and it won't be sprung on you. In the event that this does happen, you will be rewarded for your service.

3. Results will be posted when everything is finished. Real life happens, though. Many of our handlers realize that delays are somtimes inevitable, and quite honestly, it is customary for FWCentral and its leagues, to experience delays. New ERA tries its hardest to get shows out as quickly as they can. This is part of the reason why we have begun shortforming RAUCOUS and RAPTURE results.

4. To end, have a good time. Participate in the greater FWCentral community. Participate in CWC, an interfed that we have joined. We are here for a good time, not a long time.