[C2W] Federation Reopens With New Name
Posted by C2W Lawyer Drake Askari
on August 29 at 4:08 PM

August 25, 2004--After a long and grueling process, High-Impact Wrestling Entertainment is opening its doors for a fresh start, albeit with a restricted license and an upcoming name change.

The HWE was originally going to open back up in July 2004 after a year's hiatus to sort out financial problems, but was quickly put to a halt when Jecht Cronqvist and Julie Peyton, the former co-owners of the HWE, fought over Cronqvist's purchase of Peyton's shares of HWE and questionable actions by Peyton.

Yesterday, an Indiana court of appeals seperated HWE into two entities--Peyton will have HWE as it exists to do what she wants. Cronqvist still retains his share of HWE, but must rename it. Taking advantage of one of the few remaining locales in the world that professional wrestling has yet to touch, Cronqvist has already decided to rename his half Cairo Championship Wrestling, or C2W, and is currently in the process of transferring all HWE properties in his name over to C2W properties.

C2W, an independent federation based in Egypt and surrounding countries, will debut on the newly created Cable Sports Network sometime in Fall 2004. A tentative start date has been scheduled for "Unrestricted" on September 26th. Currently, C2W needs ten wrestlers of any gender to be able to have their first card. In a bizarre move for Cronqvist, a Women's Division has also been prepared due to several women formerly employed with HWE complaining about unfair competition between men and women.

C2W features custom-built arenas, dancers known as "Kitties", five championships (three of which are currently unused until the proper talent comes in), two tournaments a year, and an uncensored atmosphere in promotions. What that means is that C2W superstars can do almost anything in their promotions and will not get docked for it like some feds. However, the cards themselves must be censored as per the FCC regulations. C2W's main show "Thunderdome" will be on Thursdays, with Pay Per Views scheduled once a month. Cronqvist HAS expressed interest in putting C2W into an interfed to draw more viewers.

C2W is particularly interested in the following types of wrestlers:
*Eight heavyweight-caliber wrestlers
*Six cruiserweight wrestlers
*Four or more tag teams
*Female wrestlers
Cronqvist also added that, with the recent firing of former president Angel Hernandez, C2W is in need of a President and a Coordinator to produce quality shows. One year previous fed experience is preferred, but not required.

While running C2W and another federation, Anarchy Wrestling Coalition, Cronvist wrestled for many feds, winning four different World Heavyweight-level Championships a combined total of seven times. He was a Grand Slam Champion in Hardcore Bad-Azz Wrestling AND Extreme Wrestling Association and won "Best Mic Skills" in Extreme Wrestling Association for two years in a row. AWC, originally a feeder fed for HBAW and EWA, was bought out by HBAW and turned into Destructive Wrestling Mayhem, which disbanded earlier this year. Cronqvist begins his sixth year in professional wrestling with the start of C2W.

Free agents interested in C2W can check out Cronqvist's HWE website at http://www.fwrestling.com/host/highimpact . Due to unexpected delays, some HWE pages have remained up because they have the same content as C2W.

Link: http://fwrestling.com/host/highimpact

Adrenaline Wrestling Opens It's Doors!
Posted by Nathan Thompson
on May 17 at 10:10 PM

In a huge announcement today, Robert W. Clavey released an unofficial statement today concerning his wrestling promotion of past. He reportedly announced to a local newspaper from the Chicago area that he had purchased the rights for the Adrenaline Wrestling name and that he had booked a few shows over the course of the next weeks/months. Also leaked was that he was working on a short term television deal with a Chicago based network.

Along with that report, a local wrestling fan apparently heard an add on a local radio station advertising not only an AW based show in a suburb of Chicago, but also that AW was open to applicants and were looking for talent to lead them into the future!

Link: http://fwrestling.com/host/adrenaline

DWF makes headlines...
Posted by Richard Davis
on December 16 at 12:08 AM

A camera feed begins and we quickly see a man who is small in stature standing in front of a large office building. He has a mic up to his mouth and looks to be somewhat nervous.

Man: (To someone off camera) Are we....are we on? OH!

The man whipes his forehead.

Man: Hello everyone, my name is Richard Davis and I'm standing outside of the Inter-Star Media building here in downtown St. Louis Missouri. For the last six hour negotiations have been underway to bring what was once a top wrestling promotion back into the mix. I am speaking of the Destiny Wrestling Federation. Ran by AJ Johnson in the late 90's, the DWF rose to popularity among many of the wrestling elites. It's downfall came in the way of President AJ Johnson being arrested on murder charges brought forth by the late crime boss Don Carlo of the Carlo crime family of St. Louis Missouri. When.....

Suddenly the front door of the office building swings open and AJ Johnson is seen walking out.

Richard Davis: Here he is! AJ, AJ, are the rumors true? Is the DWF really coming ba.....

AJ slowly looks toward Davis.

AJ: (calm cool and collected) Rumors? The only rumor I've heard is that if you keep bothering me your family will find your body floating face down in the river!

Richard Davis: (like he didn't hear what AJ just said to him) Just one quote about the rumors then AJ.

AJ: Sure....whatever....So what if I'm on a recruiting mission now....you got any balls maybe you'll show up! Because....THE FUTURE IS NOW!

The feed ends with AJ getting into a cadillac and driving away and Richard Davis standing on the sidewalk with a stunned look on his face.

Link: http://fwrestling.com/host/ASJDWF/

EUWC Main Frame Preview (June 20, 2003)
Posted by Mark Stratford
on June 17 at 11:07 PM

In an incredible turn of events last week, Paul Doom issued a challenge to Jordan Lockhart and Rayne for a Hardcore Match this week on Main Frame. But after the events that took place at the closing of Main Frame, the EUWC President Keith Jackson has stepped in and announced that this Friday night on Main Frame, we will see a Tag Team Hardcore Match as Samuel Roundtree & Paul Doom as the Regime will meet Rayne and EUWC World Champion Jordan Lockhart!

Also last week, Commissioner Mat Pickstock assisted Major Action in winning the EUWC United States Championship over Lord Alucard! After the match, Pickstock offered Major Action a spot in the Pickstock Regime, and gave Major Action a week to decide. This Friday what will Major Action do? Will he join the Regime or make a brand new enemy?

The EUWC International Championship Tournament kicked off last week and we saw four men advance to the Quarter Finals! They were Cole Justice, Damian Dante Stone, Triple T and Samuel Roundtree! This week we will see Four more Qualifying Round Matches... First the new United States Champion Major Action will be in the tournament to face The Collector! What will this controversial superstar have in store for the new U.S. Champ and the International Title Tournament?!

Also in the first round, we will see the mystery man who has been haunting the EUWC's Main Frame and Hot As Hell Tour! This Mystery Man will debut next week against "The Eliminator" Jim Roberts in the first round of the tournament!

In another first round match, Lee Satima will be in action! But his opponent will be a former International, United States and Tag Team Champion in the EUWC! This man was actually the last man to hold the International Championship before the EUWC went on hiatus last year! That man is Virus! That's right, Virus makes his EUWC return this Friday on Main Frame in the International Title Tournament! What took Virus so long to come back to the EUWC? And what does he have in store for Lee Satima, the first hurdle Virus must beat to get back to his International Title!

And in the final first round match, "The Hitman" Tony DeLucci will battle Steel one on one! DeLucci has a score to settle with Sean Taylor and the only way he can do that is win the tournament and face Sean Taylor at EUWC eXile!

And finally this week, in an interesting turn of events, Commissioner Pickstock has made a tag team match for next Friday. We will see Scott Samson & Bradley Parker vs Nero & Reuben Diablo! That should be incredible!

That and much more news on eXile coming to you LIVE on June 29, 2003!

Link: http://fwrestling.com/host/euwc

EUWC Main Frame Preview (June 13, 2003)
Posted by Davin Vandenheuvel
on June 12 at 7:11 PM

EUWC Main Frame Preview
June 13, 2003

After an explosive edition of Main Frame, what is set to take place this week.

Last week Matt Pickstock naked Paul Doom and Rayne as the Number One Contender to the World Title, setting up a Triple Threat Match at eXile for the World Championship! All three men will be in the house this Friday, and what will take place when these three cumbustable elements are in the same place?!

Last week, Major Action won the Rookie Battle Royale to get a United States Title Match against Lord Alucard! Later in the night, he cost Alucard the Number One Contender Spot to the World Title in the Triple Threat Match! This week, he must pay for his actions as the U.S. Title is on the line when Lord Alucard defends the gold against Major Action!

Also the International Championship tournament begins with Four of Eight First Round Matches!!! First in action is the unstoppable Damian Dante Stone as he battles Anton Raines in the first round!

The tournament continues however when the runner-up in the Rookie Battle Royale, "Greatness" Ty Bryant battles Samuel Roundtree! Roundtree has not been seen since his visit to Buck Naked at the hospital. Will he take his frustrations out on Bryant?!

In other First Round Action, Triple T makes his return to Main Frame when he tangles with "Snow Man" Jay Dizzle! Triple T has stated that he is the Greatest International Champion of all time and this Friday he gets a chance to prove it!

And in the final of four first round matches this week, Sevyn will go one on one with Cole Justice in what should be a great contest!

And finally this coming week, one half of the World Tag Team Champions Scott Samson will be in action to take on Reuben Diablo! Will we see the Samurai? The Wildman? Or is something new on the horizon for Scott Samson?! Tune in Friday to find out!

That and much more news on eXile coming to you LIVE on June 29, 2003!

Dark Matches:
The Collector vs "The Hitman" Tony DeLucci
Sean Taylor vs Lee Satima
T-Charger vs Alf Diablo
Kevin Blake vs "Reverend" Jakob McLean

Link: http://fwrestling.com/host/euwc

NWC:A Maelstorm Results!
Posted by Matt Drexler
on June 9 at 10:59 AM

Live from the First Union Center in Philadelphia, PA. Your hosts are Jimmy Caliman and Drake Stone.

We are under “Lockdown” this week. Each wrestler has their own locker room, and no one is allowed to leave their room unless they are coming out to their match. No managers are allowed out during the matches at anytime.

Video of Jake Summers defeating Bobby Irish for the Atlantic Heavyweight Championship last week on Maelstrom, and into the opening credits.

Jim Beattie defeated the debuting Max JaXson in a dark match before the camera started rolling.

Jake Summers arrives to the arena with a mysterious person.

Segment with the Freedom Fighters, where Apostle kicks Adam Beck out of the Freedom Fighters.

Vicki Vixen awaits the arrive of Amazing Rando when Rando’s ex-girlfriend Sheryl arrives and attempts to run over Rando lookalikes in the parking lot, who ended up being fans.

Joey Long meets with Damien Kahn outside the arena to discuss business.

Bobby Irish and Morgan Tyler arrive at the arena and are told both have separate locker rooms for the night. Bobby makes a call to someone on his phone who will be arriving to the arena later.

Magnum MT defeats Apostle in the first match of the night.

Eddie Heartbreak arrives to the arena and is announced as a new edition of the roster.

Vicki Vixen’s security guards get taken out, and replaced with the Irish Minstrels. Vicki also receives a letter to give to Mark Masterson.

Damien Kahn defeats Mark Masterson in the second matchup of the night. After the match, Vicki reads the letter in front of the fallen Masterson stating in the letter that he has debts to pay.

Leonard Aarons makes it known he is outside of the arena on the “Ratings Express.” Jimmy Caliman states that he will sacrifice Vicki Vixen to blow up the Ratings Express with Aarons still inside.

Vicki Vixen “delievers” the Irish Minstrels to Irish.

Marc Smith arrives to the arena and gets in a heated staredown with Heatwave outside the arena.

Vicki catches up with Morgan in her dressing room, and the two end up in the shower room before the feed cuts out.

Nathan Boswell defeats Vinny Azzaro and retains the New England Championship.

A new Vicki Vixen and her securties guards exit Morgans dressing room. Morgans guards think something is different about Vicki, but let is slide. Meanwhile, Dominion is shown entering Joey Longs office.

“Vicki” with the guards interview Aarons on his Ratings Express bus.

Chaos defeats Anton DuFresne in the fourth match of the night.

“Vicki” and the guards finally make their way to Bobby’s dressing room. The Minstrels head off into the shower room while Morgan and Bobby….”catch up”

Despite Lockdown orders, Atlantic Heavyweight Champion and East Coast Champion Jake Summers makes his way to the ring. He gives the crowd a speech, before being run out by the Motor City Gang.

Polar Opposites defeat Crash and Burn in the fifth match of the night.

Irish Minstrels are shown in the shower room talking. Meanwhile, Heatwave and Aarons discuss plans.

Joey Long informs Bobby Irish won’t get a rematch next week, Jay Draven v. Aarons is now a Submission match along with loser leaves Atlantic.

“Vicki” and her guards leave Bobby Irish’s room.

Leonard Aarons defeats Jay Draven. Jay must leave Atlantic.

Morgan’s guards discover that she is missing and that Vicki is locked in the shower room. Meanwhile Aarons rants on several Atlantic members.

The real Vicki catches up with Ryan Stephens and gets his opinion on Team BVI, along with his tag team.

Joey Long informs us that Lockdown has ended.

Main Event. East Coast Turmoil Match up. Jake Summers and Ian Paul Freeley start off, with Summers getting the easy pin. Marc Smith is next to come out, but enters from behind with an attack on Jake and a cocky 3 pin to become the new champion. Next out is Ethan Arcane. Ethan and Marc battle, with Marc getting the pin and retaining. Amazing Rando is next out, who ends Marc’s title reign with a three count and becomes the new champion. Last out is Morgan, who ends up winning to become the new East Coast Champion to end the night.

Link: http://atlantic.nwconline.net/television/maelstrom060103.htm

EUWC Main Frame Results - June 6, 2003
Posted by Mark Stratford
on June 7 at 12:49 PM

The EUWC exploded with a huge night of action as Main Frame was LIVE from the EUWC Extreme Arena in New York City!

The show kicked off with a recap of last week, when Paul Doom attacked Lord Alucard and Jordan Lockhart at the end of their match! The clip of Matt Pickstock and Paul Doom shaking hands and standing triumphant is shown as we fade into the Main Frame opening segment.

As the opening segment ends, a voice is heard over the speaker warning the EUWC Superstars to Watch their backs because he is coming and there is nothing anyone can do...

Scott Marchman and John Shaft welcome us to Main Frame. They hype the Triple Threat Match for the shot at the World Title at eXile, between Paul Doom, Rayne and Lord Alucard. They also hype the Rookie Battle royale for a U.S. Title Shot next week.

Match #1: Nero, Big G & The Reign of Darlness d. Scott Samson, T-Charger & The Parker Bros.
Scott Samson continued his gimmick search as he came out as the Wildman dressed in a ridiculous Wolfman costume. After a great match, Reuben helped Alf get the pin on T-Charger! Afterwards, T-Charger put Reuben through a table with the Re-Charge!

Match #2: Damian Dante Stone d. Jim Roberts
In a quick match, Roberts tried a sneak attack but Stone countered and shortly after got the win with the JJE (Judge, Jury, Execution)!

Up next Keith Jackson announced eight of the 16 men that would be entered into the International Title Tournament. They are: Cole Justice, Samuel Roundtree, "The Eliminator" Jim Roberts, Sevyn, Triple T,
"Greatness" Ty Bryant, Major Action, and Damian Dante Stone! He then said that since Tony DeLucci and Sean Taylor were supposed to face eachother tonight for a shot at the International Title at eXile, that their match would go through as planned, with the winner getting a shot at the International Title at eXile. The winner would face the man who won the finals of the International Title Tournament which also take place at eXile!

Tony DeLucci is interviewed by Kandi Reed and seemed more focussed than ever before. He said he would leave his bat behind as well as his history, and instead make Sean Taylor history tonight.

Match #3: International Title Number One Contender: Sean Taylor d. Tony DeLucci
In an awesome match that went back and forth, Taylor got the win when the referee was distracted by getting rid of a chair, but Taylor grabbed a second chair and lowblowed DeLucci with it so Taylor could roll him up for the win.

Match #4: Rookie Battle Royale: Major Action wins last eliminating Ty Bryant
The match was incredible and in the end it came down to Action, Bryant, Cole Justice and the Collector. The Collector was eliminated and didnt like it so he destroyed everyone in the ring. Up next was Justice who was tossed out! Finally Bryant tried to toss Action over and thought he had won, but Action snuck in under the bottom rope and tossed Bryant out to the floor.

Match #5: Nimber One Contender For World Title: Rayne d. Lord Alucard & Paul Doom
Rayne decided that he would no-show the match making it a one on one encounter! But when the match got underway, Rayne was spotted sitting front row ringside. As the match went on, Major Action came down to the ring and took out the ref and then baited Lord Alucard with the U.S. Title Belt. When Alucard gave chase, the ref started to count him out. Rayne jumped the barrier and took the ref out! He then proceeded to destroy Paul Doom with a baseball bat decorated with broken glassand thumbtacks. Finally Rayne woke the ref up and got the victory!

Rayne grabbed a mic and went on a tirade about not being respected. He cited that he defeated Jim Roberts half a dozen times and Jim Roberts got a World Title Shot while he was tossed into a Dark Match! Rayne said that now he would take the World Heavyweight Title from Lockhart!

Matt Pickstock came out and announced that since Alucard was obviously being counted out and Rayne wasn't in the match since he no-showed, then Paul Doom should be the Number one contender. Gut being the "generous" man that he is, he made the match at eXile a Triple Threat Match between Jordan Lockhart, Rayne and Paul Doom.

End of Show...

For the FULL Results click the link below...

Link: http://fwrestling.com/host/euwc

EUWC: Updated Main Frame Preview (June 6, 2003)
Posted by Davin Vandenheuvel
on June 3 at 8:56 PM

After a hellacious week last week, Main Frame is set to explode this week from the EUWC Extreme Arena in New York City!

As Main Frame went off the air last week, the world was shocked to see Paul Doom completely obliterate both Jordan Lockhart and Lord Alucard! Furthermore, Paul Doom aligned himself with the Commissioner Matt Pickstock! Why have these two joined forces and what do they have in store for Alucard and Lockhart?!

This week's Main Event on Main Frame will see a Triple Threat Match for the Number One Contender's Spot at EUWC eXile! The winner will meet Jordan lockhart for the EUWC World Heavyweight Championship on June 29, 2003 in Phoenix Arizona! Commissioner Pickstock has stated that the three men involved in the match will be Rayne, the United States Champion Lord Alucard and the newest member of the Pickstock regime, Paul Doom! Who will go to eXile to meet Lockhart for the title?!

The Tag Team Division is in complete turmoil. Last week we witnessed a huge four way brawl between the Champions T-Charger & Scott Samson, the Parker Brothers, Nero & Big G and the Reign of Darkness! This week they all must put their differences aside when we will see a HUGE Eight Man Tag Team Match as Samson and T-Charger team with the Parker Brothers to meet Nero & Big G and the Reign of Darkness! Also Scott Samson showed his dis-like for the new Samurai gimmick... What new gimmick will Scott Samson have this week?!

Sean Taylor has his sights set on the EUWC International Champion Nick Marshall. More to the point, he has his sights set on the International Championship! However the International title was vacated on Monday after Nick Marshall was in a horrific car accident leaving him severely injured. President Keith Jackson has stated that he will announce some of the entrants into the International Championship Tournament this Friday!

This Friday night Sean Taylor was scheduled to meet "The Hitman" Tony DeLucci for the International Title Shot! But with the International Title Tournament just around the corner, the match is still scheduled to take place but will the stipulation be removed? Tune in Friday to find out!!

Last week, Damian Dante Stone made his very first appearance issuing a warning to all members of the EUWC! And at the Hot As Hell Tour in San Diego, Damian Stone defeated Samuel Roundtree in under ten seconds! Can he do the same this Friday?! Damian Dante Stone makes his Main Frame debut this week against "The Eliminator" Jim Roberts!

Also in a huge match this coming week on Main Frame, several new EUWC superstars will battle in an Over The Top Rope Battle Royale!!! The competitors in this match will be Major Action, Steel, Kevin Blake, "Snow Man" Jay Dizzle, Lee Satima, Cole Justice and Ty "Greatness" Bryant! The winner of this match not only gains bragging rights over his fellow rookies but will get a United States Title Match next week on Main Frame!!!

Also, last week, Samuel Roundtree gave us an update on the condition of former EUWC World Heavyweight Champion Buck Naked! This Friday night, Samuel will shed some more light on the former Champion's state...

In Dark Matches you will see....

Fyre vs Anton Raines
Neighborhood Sniper vs Samuel Roundtree
Triple T vs Sevyn

Link: http://fwrestling.com/host/euwc

NWC Fan Rankings
Posted by Matt Drexler
on June 3 at 5:44 PM

Ladies and Gentleman these are the NWC's Bi-Weekly People's Choice Rankings as voted on by the fans of NWC. Anyone can vote. These rankings are not actual rankings, but merely the fans opinions so keep that in mind when scoping these out.

Also, notice the omission of names like Anton Dufresne and Wyatt Connors. If you go in a slump, or if you're a little quiet for a few weeks the fans make you pay. I'm sure these rankings will tend to fluctuate a lot, but again, that's why they're the fans opinions and not official rankings.

Stay tuned next week for tag rankings!

1. Lance Marshall
Number one and rightfully so for the NWC's Heavyweight Champion. The very popular leader of the tradionalists continues to impress week in and week out with defenses over some great competitors. How long can "The Lion" continue his reign atop the council and atop these rankings?

2. Rictor Arkane
Should the North American champion be ranked higher than the regional champs? The answer would usually be no (most likely); however, Arkane seems poised to bring the NA title some stability after a string of champs unable to defend the it. With his ongoing mental imbalance and an old foe coming out of the woodwork Arkane could be in trouble.

3. Bobby Irish
A number three ranking after recently dropping the NWC:A Heavyweight title is a testament to the fans belief in Irish's capabilities. Irish dominated the NWC:A heavyweight scene until Jake Summers recently took the belt from him. Despite that, this ranking reveals that many believe Irish is still the man to beat in Atlantic.

4. Billy Page
A man on a mission, after a very impressive Greed Games victory, his 2nd in as many Greed Games mind you, Billy Page gets not one, but two chances to dethrone Lance Marshall. Even "The Lion" himself could have trouble beating Page not once, but twice. We could be looking at a new champ sooner, rather than later.

5. Ed Lambert
The man most commonly known as BloodAngel is a beast. A beast that defeated long-time Central champ, Perry Evans on May 5th. Undoubtedly the man to beat in Central Ed Lambert is deserving of his number five ranking.

6. Jake Summers
Jake Summers has been on fire as of late. He's held the Atlantic's secondary title for quite some time and after finally convincing Joey Long to give him a shot at Irish, he delivered by dethroning Irish. A man whose never had a shot at the NWC HW title may get his wish if he keeps wrestling at his current level.

7. Julie Reveli
You can't help but notice Julie Reveli. Reveli, one of the loudest voices for the tradionalists as well as one of the NWC's top females (Eve, Jade, and Whitney being the others). Reveli is getting a shot at Polo's Pac HW title. Could we have our second female regional champ?

8. Bobby Polo
NWC's funny man and Pac HW title holder sits one spot behind the female challenging for his belt. He must ask himself what he can do to get ranked higher? Perhaps defeating Reveli this week will prove his worth and get him ranked higher.

9. Foster Nackedy
The man with the worst name in the NWC has become a popular guy with the fans of late. His feud with Kaylo Laven is among the best in the council. My only question is what is he doing that much better than Kaylo to be ranked that much higher?

10. Jade
Is Jade the lowest ranked regional HW title holder because she's a women? The lady in green faces off first against Laughreah and then if she wins, against the winner of the Domino Effect match. Maybe the reason she's ranked so low is because it will be hard as hell for her to retain with those odds. She could make a huge statement with a win.

10. Tony Pride
One of the finest wrestlers ever to grace the council graces these rankings at number ten this week. Pride and Eugene Robinson have a feud matched only by Laven/Nackedy and Dufresne/Dayde. The two squared off at Revival in a loser leaves match. We haven't watched it yet, but a W for Pride would solidify his spot on these rankings.

12. Teron Hain
Teron Hain has been a breath of fresh air ever since arriving in the NWC. Probably the biggest following of a newcomer since Eric Stevens, and Hain deserves it. We'll keep a close eye on Teron as he goes for Arkane's NA title belt.

13. Leonard Aarons
Another guy whose face is pretty fresh even though he seems to be on camera more than anyone in the whole council. LA3 has been everywhere, but it's evident he makes those around him better. With tag partner and cousin Lorenzo Richards injured LA3 embarks on a singles career sure to delight.

14. Perry Evans
Evans couldn't pull out the match against BloodAngel but that doesn't change the fact that he's the other man to be in the Central. Evans has been hot ever since his NA title reign and he hasn't peaked yet.

15. Damon Hayes
Hayes has been running rampart over the NWC since AEL5. Recently named BVI's "Real" champ and also in a feud with Einar who is one man who seems to have the guts to stand up to him, perhaps he shouldn't.

Other Notables:

19. Sylis Walker
Walker is a guy whose been doing big things for the Pacific and for the rogues. I'm glad he got a fairly deserving ranking.

20. Dread Saxon
Saxon leads a team in the Domino Effect match, you think he'd run out of gas sooner or later, but Darrian Morrow stays strong even after failing to dethrone Marshall.

24. Mark Tower
Tower has been Towerbombing everyone in sight. Tower leades the other team in the Dominio Effect match and is a member of SLJ's Bidness Inc.

28. Hiro Saotome
Saotome is a guy you'd anticipate being ranked much higher; however, perhaps the transition period from the Central to the South gave fans time to lose interest.

32. SLJ
I for one thought SLJ would be ranked much higher than this. The leader of Bidness Inc has been actively opposing Team BVI and doing some good stuff of late.

37. Kaylo Laven
He needs to find out what Foster is doing and do the same thing, because I figured their ranking would be very similiar.

43. Lee Clark
I guess Clark has been somewhat quiet as of late. Defeating a hot talent in Lazarus wasn't enough for the fans. Like SLJ, this ranking surprised me.

Link: http://nwconline.net

EUWC BREAKING NEWS - International Championship VACATED!!!
Posted by Davin Vandenheuvel
on June 2 at 8:29 PM

Earlier tonight on EUWC Backstage Axxess, Mark Stratford informed the EUWC Fans and superstars that the EUWC International Championship was deemed Vacant! The former Champion Nick Marshall was scheduled to make an appearance during Stratford's "10 Tough Questions" Segment. However before Stratford could even get to the segment he was doing a highlight on the International Championship race. The following is a transcript from the show that aired just minutes ago...

"Last week at Onslaught, Nick Marshall defeated Paul Doom and retained his International Championship! And then this past week, Sean Taylor challenged Nick Marshall for a title match after getting a pinfall victory over Marshall in a tag team match. On Main Frame, Nick Marshal was going one on one with Anton Raines when Sean Taylor made his presence known and attacked the International Champion! Taylor ended up getting Marshall to tap out to the Sharpshooter after the match... This Friday on Main Frame, Sean Taylor will meet Tony DeLucci with the winner getting an International Championship Match at eXile... Or so we all thought...

That brings me to my HUGE announcement!!! Tonight we were scheduled to see the return of the Ten Tough Questions segment. My guest was to be Nick Marshall. However tragedy struck just yesterday evening... Nick Marshall was on his wayto the Airport to travel to New York, to the EUWC Production Studios where he was involved in a huge car accident. After doctors were able to evaluate him, it appears as though Nick Marshall is okay but has suffered several major injuries. While details are still sketchy as to what the extent of Marshall's injuries are, we do know that he will be unable to compete for several months. This leaves the question of the EUWC International Championship! What will be it's fate... Well, just before we went on the air, I got off the phone with EUWC President Keith Jackson... And he told me that as of right now the EUWC International Championship has been declared Vacant. When I asked him what would be done to corwn a new Champion, he stated that beginning June 13 on Main Frame, the EUWC would begin a Sixteen Man Single Elimination Tournament to crown a new International Champion. Keith Jackson also stated that he will be at Main Frame this Friday to announce some of the superstars that would compete in that Tournament! With all the new talent coming aboard, this tournament will open the dorrs wide open to them gaining their very first Championship in the EUWC!!!"

And now that the EUWC International Championship will be contested in a Sixteen Man Single Elimination Tournament, the stars will be coming out of the wood-work for a shot at the International Championship! Now is the time more than ever to take a look at what the EUWC has to offer....

Link: http://fwrestling.com/host/euwc

EUWC Main Frame Results & TV Preview for June 2-6
Posted by Davin Vandenheuvel
on May 31 at 12:46 PM

EUWC Main Frame Results
May 30, 2003

The Fallout from Onslaught! Jordan Lockhart battles Lord Alucard in a Non-Title Match! Two Huge Tag Team Matches and the International Championship is on the line! All this Plus an Update on the condition of Buck Naked!

Check out the EUWC Website at the address below for the Full Results...

EUWC Backstage Axxess Preview
(June 2, 2003)

Mark Stratford takes a look back at the week's happenings in the EUWC! Be there for exclusive interviews from EUWC Superstars as well as all the latest events leading up towards EUWC eXile on June 29, 2003. Ans at long last, 10 Tough Questions Returns this week with EUWC International Champion Nick Marshall. Plus From The Vault and the Wrestler & Match of the Week Awards.

EUWC Hot As Hell Tour 2003

The EUWC Hot As Hell House Show Tour 2003 kicks off this Tuesday night! The tour which has been the EUWC's prime House Show Tour for five years will begin in San Diego California this coming Tuesday and will run throughout the summer from various locations across North America.

San Diego, California
-June 3, 2003

Main Event
EUWC World Heavyweight Championship Match
Champion - Jordan Lockhart vs "The Eliminator" Jim Roberts

EUWC International Championship Match
Champion - Nick Marshall vs Fyre

EUWC United States Championship Match
Champion - Lord Alucard vs Paul Doom

EUWC World Tag Team Championship Match
Champions - T-Charger & Scott Samson vs Reign of Darkness

Other Action
Steel vs Kevin Blake
Major Action vs "The Hitman" Tony DeLucci
Nero & Big G vs The Parker Brothers
Rayne vs Sean Taylor
Damian Dante Stone vs Samuel Roundtree
Anton Raines vs Sevyn

EUWC Main Frame Preview
June 6, 2003

After a hellacious week last week, Main Frame is set to explode this week from the EUWC Extreme Arena in New York City!

As Main Frame went off the air last week, the world was shocked to see Paul Doom completely obliterate both Jordan Lockhart and Lord Alucard! Furthermore, Paul Doom aligned himself with the Commissioner Matt Pickstock! Why have these two joined forces and what do they have in store for Alucard and Lockhart?!

This week's Main Event on Main Frame will see a Triple Threat Match for the Number One Contender's Spot at EUWC eXile! The winner will meet Jordan lockhart for the EUWC World Heavyweight Championship on June 29, 2003 in Phoenix Arizona! Commissioner Pickstock has stated that the three men involved in the match will be Rayne, the United States Champion Lord Alucard and the newest member of the Pickstock regime, Paul Doom! Who will go to eXile to meet Lockhart for the title?!

The Tag Team Division is in complete turmoil. Last week we witnessed a huge four way brawl between the Champions T-Charger & Scott Samson, the Parker Brothers, Nero & Big G and the Reign of Darkness! This week they all must put their differences aside when we will see a HUGE Eight Man Tag Team Match as Samson and T-Charger team with the Parker Brothers to meet Nero & Big G and the Reign of Darkness! Also Scott Samson showed his dis-like for the new Samurai gimmick... What new gimmick will Scott Samson have this week?!

Sean Taylor has his sights set on the EUWC International Champion Nick Marshall. More to the point, he has his sights set on the International Championship! This week on Main Frame, Sean Taylor will be in a one on one match with "The Hitman" Tony DeLucci with the winner getting the International Championship Match at eXile!

Last week, Damian Dante Stone made his very first appearance issuing a warning to all members of the EUWC! This week, Stone must back up his words with action! Damian Dante Stone makes his in-ring debut this week against "The Eliminator" Jim Roberts!

Also in a huge match this coming week on Main Frame, several new EUWC superstars will battle in a Four Man Over The Top Rope Battle Royale!!! The competitors in this match will be Major Action, Steel, Kevin Blake and "Snow Man" Jay Dizzle! The winner of this match not only gains bragging rights over his fellow rookies but will get a United States Title Match next week on Main Frame!!!

Also, last week, Samuel Roundtree gave us an update on the condition of former EUWC World Heavyweight Champion Buck Naked! This Friday night, Samuel will shed some more light on the former Champion's state...

In Dark Matches you will see....

Fyre vs Anton Raines
Neighborhood Sniper vs Samuel Roundtree
International Title Match: Nick Marshall (c) vs Sevyn

Link: http://fwrestling.com/host/euwc

NWC- Pacific: Paradise Lost Results
Posted by Matt Drexler
on May 31 at 12:46 AM

Paradise Lost Live from Tempe, Arizona! May 16, 2003.

*In the evening's dark matches, Ticonderoga Wu defetaed Akira Razor, and the Executioners defeated the Doppelgang.

*Derrick Daliente informs Pacific Executive Royce Donahue that he is NOT joining the Pac roster, BVI lied. He claims he’s here to help take down the NWC and wants info regarding the Rogues and Tradionalists factions.

*Clips of Pac moments

*Opening credits run. Joseph London, Matt and Luke Robinson tell us what we’re to expect tonight.

*ProjecT'PaT took on Lord Windsor Horne Lockwood III in the first televised bout of the night

*Backstage, Lazarus talks to Ryan Adams about the NWC uniting to take on Team BVI, Adams is intent on getting revenge on Raymond Pierce

*White took on Thomas Bailey in the second televised match of the night. Post match Richard Hawley attacks Bailey.

*Alec Spade finds Brian McCoy in the parking lot and asks him where Donahue’s office is.

*Backstage, The three man tag-team of Illegal Operation are dicking around when the leader of the Bidness Inc faction, SLJ shows up. SLJ talks about what side he’s on and announces a Bidness sponsored Invitational for the following week.

*Backstage, Brian McCoy tries to get a few words from the EC Royce Donahue to no avail.

*Ryan Adams faced off with Alec Spade in the third televised match of the evening.

*On the PacTron we see a conversation between Julie Reveli and Sylis Walker talking strategy for their match and contrasting the Traditionalists and the Rogues.

*Backstage, Alec Spade poses as a Janitor to get into Donahue’s office, he’s seems restrained. Weird.

*Footage of Bobby Polo, Pac Champion. He speaks some nonsense and declares he’ll be in the flesh next week in some form or fashion.

*Chris Saint faces Bastard for the Frontier Championship. 4th match

*Backstage, Lazarus states his united we fall theory to Sylis Walker.

*On the Pac Tron comes the highly anticipated Jeremy Thomas interview with Jeff Coltz.

*Chinese Fire Drill takes on Illegal Operation for the Wild West Tag Team Titles. 5th match

Link: http://pacific.nwconline.net/PL_05_16_03.html

EUWC Main Frame Preview (May 30, 2003)
Posted by Davin Vandenheuvel
on May 28 at 7:41 PM

After the Onslaught what is next for the EUWC?!?!....

After what happened at Onslaught, what does Matt Pickstock have up his sleeve for the EUWC World Champion? And Buck Naked was injured at Onslaught... What is the extent of his injuries? Find out Friday night!

This Friday night the EUWC will witness a huge match-up... In the main event, EUWC World Heavyweight Champion Jordan Lockhart will be in a non-title match against the man he faced last week, the United States Champion, Lord Alucard!

In a huge tag team match, the former EUWC World Tag Team Champions, Nero & Big G will meet the Reign of Darkness!!!

In another Tag Team match, the EUWC World Tag Team Titles are on the line this Friday as the new Champions, Scott Samson & T-Charger meet The Parker Brothers with the titles on the line!

The International Championship will also be on the line as Nick Marshall defends his title against Anton Raines! In addition to that, "The Hitman" Tony DeLucci will go one on one with EUWC Newcomer Kevin Blake!

Also in Dark Matches, you will see...

Sean Taylor vs "Snow Man" Jay Dizzle (DEBUT)
Major Action (DEBUT) vs Samuel Roundtree
Rayne vs "The Eliminator" Jim Roberts
Sevyn (DEBUT) vs Paul Doom

Don't miss all the action from the EUWC this Friday night as the EUWC gears up for "EUWC eXile" on Pay Per View, Sunday June 29....

Link: http://fwrestling.com/host/euwc

[PTW] Finally some movement!
Posted by Blake Fox
on May 27 at 5:31 PM

Can you say forums? I know I can. Finally the PTW webmasters have got off their lazy butts and started putting everything together with the website. Anyways, by this weekend most of the details should be ironed out and interviews will be conducted by than.

A scheduale should be going up soon as well, as we are planning an event to start within I'd say 2-3 weeks giving the wrestler plenty of time to get ready as well as the media to build up their hype as usual and of course get ready for this event.

Finally PTW is returning. Will you be left behind?

-Blake Fox

Link: http://www.ewiwrestling.com

WFW Looking For Members
Posted by Jim Ross
on May 26 at 11:47 PM

The WFW is currently looking for members in it's RAW brand of programming. Please stop by and take a look at the site. Wrestlers are being taken quickly so come by soon and pick your favorite wrestler before you miss out. If you are more interested in the Smackdown brand of wrestling please click on the Smackdown link at the top of the page and visit their amazing site.

Link: http://www.online-creators.net

EUWC Onslaugt 2003 Results
Posted by Daviin Vandenheuvel
on May 25 at 9:04 PM

EUWC Onlsaught 2003

EUWC Onslaught was an incredible card and it came to you live on PPV and from the Trump Plaza Hotel And Casino!!! EUWC World Heavyweight Champion Jordan Lockhart met Buck Naked in an Iron Man Death Match for the title!!! Buck is a man Jordan has never beat! Would Onslaught be any different?!

Meanwhile all the other titles in the EUWC were on the line. EUWC International ChampioN Nick Marshall met Paul Doom! EUWC united States Champion Lord Alucard defended the title against Rayne and the EUWC World Tag Team Champions Nero and Big G met Scott Samson and T-Charger!

in other action, Fyre battled Neighborhood Sniper in an Inferno Match, and Tony DeLucci battled his rival Sean Taylor!

Check out the EUWC Website for the results!!!

Link: http://fwrestling.com/host/euwc

NWC-Atlantic: Maelstrom!
Posted by Matt Drexler
on May 25 at 6:32 PM

NWC: Atlantic presents Maelstrom

NWC:A Maelstrom -- May 22nd, Continental Airlines Arena,
East Rutherford, NJ

* Recap of some highlights from last week's Greed Games PPV. Bobby Irish screws Jay Draven in the latter's match against Anton Dufresne. Billy Page wins the Greed Games, last eliminating Leonard Aarons III. Kirk Thornton takes a swing at Ben Van Iten, and is summarily banished from the NWC.

* Opening credits. Jimmy Caliman and Drake Stone introduce the show, run down the lineup. In the dark matches, Damien Kahn defeated John Lebby, while "Living Legend" Magnum MT defeated Adam Kaplan.

* Atlantic CEO Joey Long comes out to the ring, lays out the guidelines to Machiavelli and explains the process by which the "game" will work.

* After Long leaves, Greed Games winner Billy Page comes out to the ring, shortly followed by Leonard Aarons III. The two exchange harsh words, and it is revealed that Page controls the upcoming NWC World Heavyweight Title shot from Atlantic.

* Backstage, Vinny Azzaro and Mark Masterson cross paths and exchange unpleasant words as well.

* Halloween took on Mark Masterson in the first televised bout of the card.

* Backstage, NWC:A Heavyweight Champion Bobby Irish (with Morgan Tyler and William Campbell) arrive.

* Vinny Azzaro fought Heatwave in the next match on tonight's card.

* Backstage, Vicki Vixen interviews Damien Kahn.

* The Destruction Crew (Leonard Aarons III and Lorenzo Richards) come out to the ring. During the course of their promo, several of their foes emerge (Nathan Boswell, Jay Draven, Marc Smith, Dominion). A chase ensues, with several fans being hurt, but eventually Lorenzo Richards is downed and seriously injured by the Rogues.

* Backstage, Joey Long fields a phone call from an unknown second party. The latter will be at the arena later tonight.

* The Bad Ass Mothas fight The Polar Opposites in tag-team action.

* In the parking lot, Lorenzo Richards and Leonard Aarons have a brief discussion before an ambulance takes the former away. Anton Dufresne then arrives and offers assistance to Aarons insofar as getting revenge.

* Jay Draven takes on Marc Smith in the fourth televised fight of the night.

* Vicki Vixen interviews Vinny Azzaro backstage.

* Leonard Aarons and Jay Draven have a wild brawl that goes from backstage to ringside to the crowd. Security arrives and breaks up the fight after several more fans are injured, some seriously.

* Vicki Vixen interviews Bobby Irish backstage, but makes little headway in clearing up the motives behind Irish's recent actions.

* Jake Summers fights Bobby Irish for the NWC:A Heavyweight Championship.

* Vinny Azzaro and Mark Masterson fight backstage.

* Joey Long reads the riot act to Jay Draven and Leonard Aarons in his office. A Loser Leaves Atlantic match is set for next week. Lockdown goes into effect next week. Long also announces several other matches for the next card after clearing his office of other people.

* Backstage, Leonard Aarons bumps into Bobby Irish and crew on his way towards the ring.

* Dominion defends their NWC:A Tag Titles vs. Leonard Aarons III and Chaos.

* Post-match, another brawl erupts, with Dominion, Marc Smith, and Chaos taking on Heatwave, Leonard Aarons, and Bobby Irish.

* Closing credits.

Link: http://nwconline.net

EUWC Onslaught 2003 LIVE TOMORROW!!!
Posted by Davin Vandenheuvel
on May 24 at 11:45 AM

EUWC Onslaught
May 25, 2003
Trump Plaza Hotel & Casino
Atlantic City, New Jersey


EUWC United States Championship Match
Champion - Lord Alucard vs Rayne - Challenger

Right now I have to bring your attention to the United States Championship Match which is for one of the hottest titles the EUWC has to offer. Since the EUWC returned nearly three months ago, the U.S. Title has had three different holders up to this point.

The Story: On the Main Frame immediately following Xodus last month, Lord Alucard battled and defeated Samuel Roundtree to become the new United States Champion! After two months of trying to gain that gold, Alucard had finally won the title. But he didn't have long to celebrate his victory . On the same night, a battle royale took place to determine the number one contender for the U.S. Title. After a hard fought contest, Rayne won the match last eliminating Anton Raines. Now Rayne would meet Alucard at Onlslaught! Rayne and Alucard have been at each others throats since that night! Most recently, last week on Main Frame, Alucard brutally attacked and decimated Rayne during his match with Nick Marshall. Now only a few days away, Lord Alucard must defend his title against Rayne one on one.

Mark Stratford: Well fans, looking at this one, I must say it's a tough decision.. Probably one of the toughest to pick on the entire Pay Per View. However I have to make a decision so I will have to say that I see Rayne becoming the New Champion. Rayne has been unstoppable since he entered the EUWC, and I think he will have what it takes to bring home the gold this Sunday!

EUWC World Tag Team Championship Match
Champions - Nero & Big G vs T-Charger & Scott Samson - Challengers

Now onto the Tag Team Championship Match that is sure to wao all on-lookers at Onslaught this Sunday!

The Story: Nero & Big G have dominated the tag team division for the last wto months with one exception and I mean one. Scott Samson. Scott Samson has been the thorn in the Tag Team Champions' side since the EUWC re-opened. Samson first teamed up with Sean Taylor to take on the tag team scene. But the two men had their differences, and last month at Xodus, with the Tag Titles on the line, the duo of Samson and Taylor lost their match to Nero & Big G! The Main Frame that followed saw a rematch between the two pairs but Sean Taylor failed to show up. Samson fought the Tag Team Champions in a Handicap Match until a familiar face showed up to save the day. That face was T-Charger! T-Charger aided Samson in beating Nero & Big G for the Tag Team Championship or so we all thought... The EUWC Commissioner, Matt Pickstock reversed the decision of the match saying that T-Charger was not a legal member of the match! Since then, T-Charger & Scott Samson have been on a mission to gain the Tag Team Titles. In fact, last Friday night, they were victorious over the Parker Brothers to become the Number one Contenders for the EUWC Tag Team Championship! And now, this Sunday on Pay Per View at Onslaught, Nero & Big G will defend their EUWC Tag Team Titles against the tandem of Scott Samson and T-Charger!

Mark Stratford: After a very impressive month, I have to say that neither team really holds the upper hand. However, Samson and T-Charger scored the victory over Nero & Big G just five days after Xodus last month and I think that they have what it takes to do it again. So my pick this Sunday is T-Charger & Scott Samson!

Grudge Match
"The Hitman" Tony DeLucci vs Sean Taylor

The Story: It all started shortly after Sean Taylor no-showed the Tag Team Title re-match at Main Frame last month. Taylor stated that he was fed up with all the rule breaking and would be seeking answers. Soon after he declared his retirement from the ring and announced that he would now be a full time licensed official, and would assume the responsibilities of a regular referee. His firct official match to officiate was a Triple Threat encounter between Tony DeLucci, Fyre and Paul Doom. After DeLucci secured a victory by using several methods that were against the rules, Taylor disqualified DeLucci and had the match continue as a one on one between Fyre & Paul Doom. After that, Taylor apologized to DeLucci and promised that if he were to screw over DeLucci in any way in future encounters that he would have himself hand-cuffed and give DeLucci five minutes alone with him to do whatever The Hitman pleased. Well, after Taylor jumped to disqualifying DeLucci in his latest encounter, DeLucci got five minutes but after the buzzer went to end the time, DeLucci's rage consumed him and he continued his assault. Afterwards, Taylor was so angered that he challenged DeLucci to a match this Sunday at Onslaught! Now the two must face off. Will Tony DeLucci rid himself of the thorn in his side or will Sean Taylor prove to The Hitman that the Rules can only Work for One of them?!

In what should be a tremendous contest from two young up and comers in the EUWC this Sunday, I would have to say that Taylor taking the last month off was awrong move and thus, Tony DeLucci will probably gain the victory in a hard fought match!

Inferno Match
Fyre vs Neighborhood Sniper

The Story: It is no secret that Fyre has wanted to do anything and everything possible to gain the attention of the fans and the EUWC Board of Directors since she entered the EUWC nearly six weeks ago. However lately the wrestling vixen has taken to using her 'assetts' to get what she wants. She has seduced interviewers and wrestlers alike. Most recently, she requested an inferno match at Onslaught from Commissioner Pickstock but when he refused, she gave him some 'incentive' that only Fyre could give. To everyone's surprise, Pickstock granted the match and furthermore, announced that her opponent would be former EUWC World Champion Neighborhood Sniper. Last month at Xodus, Fyre fought Neighborhood Sniper in a Quarter Final Match of the International Title Tournament. after a hard fought bout, Sniper took home the victory. Since then, Fyre has been in somewhat of a slump. Now, Fyre wants to turn that around by walking into Onslaught against Sniper in an Inferno Match...!

In the match with probably the least amount of build-up, this one should be an explosive match! In the end, I see the young female getting what many would consider an upset. Why? Because I believe that Fyre and Matt Pickstock talked further than we all believe...

EUWC International Championship Match
Champion - Nick Marshall vs Paul Doom - Challenger

The Story: Last month at Xodus, Nick Marshall was victorious in three straight matches to gain the International Championship Belt! This Sunday at Onslaught Nick Marshall must once again defend his International Title against Paul Doom! Doom was beaten by a very small margin last month and now with just several days away these two men should hook it up in yet another classic. Hopefully they will live up to the success of their first contest!

Nick Marshall has been on a roll in the last six weeks. Currently the only man with an undefeated record in the EUWC, I would predict that he will continue his winning ways through this Sunday at Onslaught!

EUWC World Heavyweight Championship Match
Steel Cage Iron Man Death Match
Champion - Jordan Lockhart vs "The Ironman" Buck Naked

And now onto the Main Event. The EUWC World Heavyweight Championship is on the line when Jordan Lockhart meets Buck Naked!

The Story: In one of the longest running feuds in EUWC History, Buck Naked goes one on one with the EUWC World Champion Jordan Lockhart this Sunday at Onslaught! The first time these two met in the EUWC was at EUWC Excessive Force 2001. Buck Naked was able to defeat Lockhart and retain his AIWO World Title. Then a few months later, Buck challenged Lockhart for the EUWC World Championship at January's Maximum Carnage PPV. After a mystery man interfered, Buck Naked was crowned the victor and Jordan Lockhart was sentenced to a brief suspension. Several months later, the two men met one on one without titles on the line. However, Buck was so confident that he stated that if he lost he would retire from the EUWC Forever . In the end, Buck had his hand raised, with a sly roll-up while Lockhart's attention was diverted to a brawl in the aisle-way. Now with the hatred between these two at it's peak, Buck Naked faces Jordan Lockhart with the EUWC World Heavyweight Title on the line once again. But this time, it will be held inside the confines of a solid steel cage. And furthermore, the winner will be declared after a 60 minute Iron Man Death Match! The only way to gain a fall is to knock your opponent out for the count of ten. The man with the most KO's after 60 minutes will be the World Heavyweight Champion!

Mark Stratford: Well after all I have seen over the past two and a half years, I can tell you that these two men hate each other with a passion and that the match this Sunday could be quite possibly the most brutal encounter in EUWC History. My prediction? Jordan Lockhart has never been able to beat Buck Naked,.... EVER!!! And I don't think that this Sunday will be any different. Call it luck or skill, but Buck has always had Jordan's number and this Sunday, I predict that we will see a brand new World Heavyweight Champion!

Link: http://fwrestling.com/host/euwc

EUWC Main Frame Results
Posted by Davin Vandenheuvel
on May 24 at 11:42 AM

Main Frame exploded from the EUWC Extreme Arena in New York last night on FOX Television... With only two days remaining until Onslaught, what will happen on Main Frame?!

In the Main Event, the EUWC World Championship will be on the line as the Champion Jordan Lockhart will defend the title against the United States Champion Lord Alucard! These two are probably the best two superstars in the EUWC Today and they will meet this Friday to see who is the best... With both men having separate matches at Onslaught this match has huge repurcussions... Who will walk out of Main Frame and into Onslaught as the World Heavyweight Champion....

Also on Friday night, the World Tag Team Champions Nero & Big G have issued an open challenge to any tag team and thus, the Enders have accepted. Alf and Rebens Diablo will team up to try and take the Tag Team Championship. However, in a curious twist, EUWC Commissioner Matt Pickstock has stated that the challenge wasn't one-team specific! Which means any other tag team interested in joining the fight is welcome to. Will we see a Triple Threat Match or a Four Way, or will more teams add themselves to the equation? Tune in Friday to find out...

In a huge one on one encounter, there will be a Hell in a Cell Match to determine the Number one contender for the United States Title this Sunday at Onslaught! The match will feature the current Number one contender Rayne putting his shot on the line against a former U.S. Champion, "The Eliminator" Jim Roberts! Who will face Alucard at Onslaught?! And after Hell in a Cell will they be in any shape to compete this Sunday?!

Also announced for the card is a HUGE Tag Team encounter in which, the EUWC International Champion Nick Marshall will team up with "The Hitman" Tony DeLucci to tangle with Paul Doom and a partner of his choosing. Right now, rumors are running rampant that Sean Taylor will be his partner this Friday! With these two teams having an incredible hatred for each other, we all must wonder what lengths they will all go to this Friday night to achieve victory!

Link: http://fwrestling.com/host/euwc

NTICW: A champion crowned!!
Posted by Stacy Curtis
on May 24 at 8:39 AM

It was one big frenzy of a night at the Thomas & Mack Arena in Las Vegas. Following last week's announcement of an 'All-Night' match to decide NTICW's Hardcore Title, the night started off with a bang right from the start and seVen scored the first pinfall of the night mere minutes into the show!

The show went along with singles competition amidst all the hardcore chaos going on elsewhere at the same time. The roster grew more intensed as the night went on with some superstars at the receiving ends of some hard knocks to their heads and cuts to the body. Eventually, as expected, the situation was blown out of proportion when James Hitachimoto tried to kill off some of the competition and a triple-threat match was disrupted due to 5 other NTICW superstars interfering.

In the end, before the night was over, a Hardcore Champion was finally declared but who was crowned the Hardcore Champion?? Also, NTICW owner, Vicky Dixon, made an announcement regarding NTICW's first PPV and had a special treat in store for us. What was the announcement all about??

To find out about this and more, head on to NTICW web site.

Link: http://nticw.theewe.net

Steve The Milk Man Carnage
Posted by Steve Carnage
on May 23 at 6:14 PM

The site is coming soon so be prepared.

Link: http://fwrestling.com/host/stevecarnage/

A New Federation Getting Ready To Open
Posted by VJ Marx
on May 22 at 7:27 PM

Championship Online Wrestling, COL, is now accepting applications! We are working hard to get the site up and totally operational. We are aiming for a June 15, 2003 date for our first card. Please stop by, check out the site (which is growing everyday), and if you wish fill out an application. Although there isn't much on the site yet, we promise to have the site fully operational by the first card.

Link: http://www.online-creators.net

EUWC Main Frame: Special Challenge Edition Preview
Posted by Davin Vandenheuvel
on May 21 at 6:20 PM

Main Frame comes to you live this Friday night on FOX Television... With only two days remaining until Onslaught, what will happen on Main Frame?!

The challenges are in and thuis far the card looks stocked to the hilt.

In the Main Event, the EUWC World Championship will be on the line as the Champion Jordan Lockhart will defend the title against the United States Champion Lord Alucard! These two are probably the best two superstars in the EUWC Today and they will meet this Friday to see who is the best... With both men having separate matches at Onslaught this match has huge repurcussions... Who will walk out of Main Frame and into Onslaught as the World Heavyweight Champion....

Also on Friday night, the World Tag Team Champions Nero & Big G have issued an open challenge to any tag team and thus, the Enders have accepted. Alf and Rebens Diablo will team up to try and take the Tag Team Championship. However, in a curious twist, EUWC Commissioner Matt Pickstock has stated that the challenge wasn't one-team specific! Which means any other tag team interested in joining the fight is welcome to. Will we see a Triple Threat Match or a Four Way, or will more teams add themselves to the equation? Tune in Friday to find out...

In a huge one on one encounter, there will be a Hell in a Cell Match to determine the Number one contender for the United States Title this Sunday at Onslaught! The match will feature the current Number one contender Rayne putting his shot on the line against a former U.S. Champion, "The Eliminator" Jim Roberts! Who will face Alucard at Onslaught?! And after Hell in a Cell will they be in any shape to compete this Sunday?!

Also announced for the card is a HUGE Tag Team encounter in which, the EUWC International Champion Nick Marshall will team up with "The Hitman" Tony DeLucci to tangle with Paul Doom and a partner of his choosing. Right now, rumors are running rampant that Sean Taylor will be his partner this Friday! With these two teams having an incredible hatred for each other, we all must wonder what lengths they will all go to this Friday night to achieve victory!

Those are the scheduled matches thus far... More matches could be made at any time. Stay tuned to the EUWC for more info and do NOT miss Main Frame this Friday night!

Link: http://fwrestling.com/host/euwc

EUWC Backstage Axxess: Onslaught PPV Preview!!!!
Posted by Mark Stratford
on May 21 at 6:09 PM

[The song "Burning Gasoline" by Audioslave blares and the screen shows pictures of EUWC Superstars in action... Jordan Lockhart ... Rob Sampson ... Lord Alucard ... Samuel Roundtre ... Buck Naked ... Sean Taylor ... Nero & Big G ... Scott Samson and a barrage of others.. The scene fades into the EUWC Backstage Axxess logo. The scene fades in to a studio with Mark Stratford standing at a podium in front of an EUWC Backstage Axxess backdrop. To his left is a monitor in the upper corner. The screen zooms in on the podium and Stratford.]

Mark Stratford: Welcome everyone! We are about to take you inside the EUWC where very few people ever see. This is EUWC Backstage Axxess! And welcome everyone to our Onslaught Preview Show. Tonight I will run down the card for Onslaught and offer you my thoughts on the card as a whole.

Also here tonight I will bring you back to March of 2002... The scene was Battle of the Weights IV... The match was a Triple Threat Contest for the World Heavyweight Championship and the competitors were Buck Naked defending against Crimson & "Mr. Main Event" Rob Sampson! But fans lets kick things off with Onslaught which is this Sunday night on Pay Per View...


EUWC Onslaught
May 25, 2003
Trump Plaza Hotel & Casino
Atlantic City, New Jersey


EUWC United States Championship Match
Champion - Lord Alucard vs Rayne - Challenger

Right now I have to bring your attention to the United States Championship Match which is for one of the hottest titles the EUWC has to offer. Since the EUWC returned nearly three months ago, the U.S. Title has had three different holders up to this point.

The Story: On the Main Frame immediately following Xodus last month, Lord Alucard battled and defeated Samuel Roundtree to become the new United States Champion! After two months of trying to gain that gold, Alucard had finally won the title. But he didn't have long to celebrate his victory . On the same night, a battle royale took place to determine the number one contender for the U.S. Title. After a hard fought contest, Rayne won the match last eliminating Anton Raines. Now Rayne would meet Alucard at Onlslaught! Rayne and Alucard have been at each others throats since that night! Most recently, last week on Main Frame, Alucard brutally attacked and decimated Rayne during his match with Nick Marshall. Now only a few days away, Lord Alucard must defend his title against Rayne one on one.

Mark Stratford: Well fans, looking at this one, I must say it's a tough decision.. Probably one of the toughest to pick on the entire Pay Per View. However I have to make a decision so I will have to say that I see Rayne becoming the New Champion. Rayne has been unstoppable since he entered the EUWC, and I think he will have what it takes to bring home the gold this Sunday!

EUWC World Tag Team Championship Match
Champions - Nero & Big G vs T-Charger & Scott Samson - Challengers

Now onto the Tag Team Championship Match that is sure to wao all on-lookers at Onslaught this Sunday!

The Story: Nero & Big G have dominated the tag team division for the last wto months with one exception and I mean one. Scott Samson. Scott Samson has been the thorn in the Tag Team Champions' side since the EUWC re-opened. Samson first teamed up with Sean Taylor to take on the tag team scene. But the two men had their differences, and last month at Xodus, with the Tag Titles on the line, the duo of Samson and Taylor lost their match to Nero & Big G! The Main Frame that followed saw a rematch between the two pairs but Sean Taylor failed to show up. Samson fought the Tag Team Champions in a Handicap Match until a familiar face showed up to save the day. That face was T-Charger! T-Charger aided Samson in beating Nero & Big G for the Tag Team Championship or so we all thought... The EUWC Commissioner, Matt Pickstock reversed the decision of the match saying that T-Charger was not a legal member of the match! Since then, T-Charger & Scott Samson have been on a mission to gain the Tag Team Titles. In fact, last Friday night, they were victorious over the Parker Brothers to become the Number one Contenders for the EUWC Tag Team Championship! And now, this Sunday on Pay Per View at Onslaught, Nero & Big G will defend their EUWC Tag Team Titles against the tandem of Scott Samson and T-Charger!

Mark Stratford: After a very impressive month, I have to say that neither team really holds the upper hand. However, Samson and T-Charger scored the victory over Nero & Big G just five days after Xodus last month and I think that they have what it takes to do it again. So my pick this Sunday is T-Charger & Scott Samson!

Grudge Match
"The Hitman" Tony DeLucci vs Sean Taylor

The Story: It all started shortly after Sean Taylor no-showed the Tag Team Title re-match at Main Frame last month. Taylor stated that he was fed up with all the rule breaking and would be seeking answers. Soon after he declared his retirement from the ring and announced that he would now be a full time licensed official, and would assume the responsibilities of a regular referee. His firct official match to officiate was a Triple Threat encounter between Tony DeLucci, Fyre and Paul Doom. After DeLucci secured a victory by using several methods that were against the rules, Taylor disqualified DeLucci and had the match continue as a one on one between Fyre & Paul Doom. After that, Taylor apologized to DeLucci and promised that if he were to screw over DeLucci in any way in future encounters that he would have himself hand-cuffed and give DeLucci five minutes alone with him to do whatever The Hitman pleased. Well, after Taylor jumped to disqualifying DeLucci in his latest encounter, DeLucci got five minutes but after the buzzer went to end the time, DeLucci's rage consumed him and he continued his assault. Afterwards, Taylor was so angered that he challenged DeLucci to a match this Sunday at Onslaught! Now the two must face off. Will Tony DeLucci rid himself of the thorn in his side or will Sean Taylor prove to The Hitman that the Rules can only Work for One of them?!

In what should be a tremendous contest from two young up and comers in the EUWC this Sunday, I would have to say that Taylor taking the last month off was awrong move and thus, Tony DeLucci will probably gain the victory in a hard fought match!

Inferno Match
Fyre vs Neighborhood Sniper

The Story: It is no secret that Fyre has wanted to do anything and everything possible to gain the attention of the fans and the EUWC Board of Directors since she entered the EUWC nearly six weeks ago. However lately the wrestling vixen has taken to using her 'assetts' to get what she wants. She has seduced interviewers and wrestlers alike. Most recently, she requested an inferno match at Onslaught from Commissioner Pickstock but when he refused, she gave him some 'incentive' that only Fyre could give. To everyone's surprise, Pickstock granted the match and furthermore, announced that her opponent would be former EUWC World Champion Neighborhood Sniper. Last month at Xodus, Fyre fought Neighborhood Sniper in a Quarter Final Match of the International Title Tournament. after a hard fought bout, Sniper took home the victory. Since then, Fyre has been in somewhat of a slump. Now, Fyre wants to turn that around by walking into Onslaught against Sniper in an Inferno Match...!

In the match with probably the least amount of build-up, this one should be an explosive match! In the end, I see the young female getting what many would consider an upset. Why? Because I believe that Fyre and Matt Pickstock talked further than we all believe...

EUWC International Championship Match
Champion - Nick Marshall vs Paul Doom - Challenger

The Story: Last month at Xodus, Nick Marshall was victorious in three straight matches to gain the International Championship Belt! This Sunday at Onslaught Nick Marshall must once again defend his International Title against Paul Doom! Doom was beaten by a very small margin last month and now with just several days away these two men should hook it up in yet another classic. Hopefully they will live up to the success of their first contest!

Nick Marshall has been on a roll in the last six weeks. Currently the only man with an undefeated record in the EUWC, I would predict that he will continue his winning ways through this Sunday at Onslaught!

EUWC World Heavyweight Championship Match
Steel Cage Iron Man Death Match
Champion - Jordan Lockhart vs "The Ironman" Buck Naked

And now onto the Main Event. The EUWC World Heavyweight Championship is on the line when Jordan Lockhart meets Buck Naked!

The Story: In one of the longest running feuds in EUWC History, Buck Naked goes one on one with the EUWC World Champion Jordan Lockhart this Sunday at Onslaught! The first time these two met in the EUWC was at EUWC Excessive Force 2001. Buck Naked was able to defeat Lockhart and retain his AIWO World Title. Then a few months later, Buck challenged Lockhart for the EUWC World Championship at January's Maximum Carnage PPV. After a mystery man interfered, Buck Naked was crowned the victor and Jordan Lockhart was sentenced to a brief suspension. Several months later, the two men met one on one without titles on the line. However, Buck was so confident that he stated that if he lost he would retire from the EUWC Forever . In the end, Buck had his hand raised, with a sly roll-up while Lockhart's attention was diverted to a brawl in the aisle-way. Now with the hatred between these two at it's peak, Buck Naked faces Jordan Lockhart with the EUWC World Heavyweight Title on the line once again. But this time, it will be held inside the confines of a solid steel cage. And furthermore, the winner will be declared after a 60 minute Iron Man Death Match! The only way to gain a fall is to knock your opponent out for the count of ten. The man with the most KO's after 60 minutes will be the World Heavyweight Champion!

Mark Stratford: Well after all I have seen over the past two and a half years, I can tell you that these two men hate each other with a passion and that the match this Sunday could be quite possibly the most brutal encounter in EUWC History. My prediction? Jordan Lockhart has never been able to beat Buck Naked,.... EVER!!! And I don't think that this Sunday will be any different. Call it luck or skill, but Buck has always had Jordan's number and this Sunday, I predict that we will see a brand new World Heavyweight Champion!

Link: http://fwrestling.com/host/euwc

Open Contracts & Big Signings In The ACF!!
Posted by The Commissioner!! P.O.
on May 20 at 8:04 PM


The American Continental Federation is proud to announce later this month there will be huge deals and signings in days to come. The ACF has open contracts for a shot at The ACF World Title, The ACF Hardcore Title and The ACF Women's Title! The ACF will also be introducing The ACF Tag Team Title's at Indy Wars!!

Come and see for yourself what the fuss has been all about! If you sign with the ACF you could be the next World Champion! You never know... We are currently seeking for a few good men and women who thinks they got what it takes to be on the roster of the ACF and take on our dedicated and loyal champions! The ACF wants YOU!!!!!

For more information please contact the owner and President of the American Continental Federation Matt Haas. ACF_Wrestling@Hotmail.com

See you in the ring!

The Comish!

Link: http://www.fwrestling.com/cgi-local/fw/fw.cgi?conf=FWConf25

EUWC: Open Challenge For Tag Team Title Match
Posted by Davin Vandenheuvel
on May 20 at 6:00 PM

With the very special Challenge Edition of Main Frame coming up this Friday night, where anyone can challenge whomever they please and as long as it is accepted, the match is on, things are heating up. Already signed for that Main Frame is the Main Event for the EUWC World Heavyweight Championship! The Champion Jordan Lockhart has accepted the challenge from the United States Champion Lord Alucard and they will battle this Friday night!

Also accepted for that night is a Hell in a Cell Match for the United States Title Shot this Sunday at Onslaught! Rayne will put his U.S. Title Shot on the line against "The Eliminator" Jim Roberts. The winner will go to Onslaught to battle Lord Alucard for the U.S. Title Belt!

Another match signed is a tag team encounter that will see EUWC International Champion Nick Marshall team up with "The Hitman" Tony DeLucci to tangle with the team of Paul Doom and a partner of his choice. Rumors are rampant that Doom's tag team partner this Friday will be non-other than Wrestler turned Referee turned Wrestler, Sean Taylor!

But the biggest news has to be the fact that the EUWC World Tag Team Champions have made an open challenge to put their Tag Team Titles on the line this Friday night at Main Frame. The only catch is that they say it cannot be against their opponents this Sunday night at Onslaught, Scott Samson & T-Charger! Any other tag team is welcome to enter the match! That means any tag team, whether they are current EUWC Stars or not. This challenge is one that is sure to be filled soon.

It is sure to be an exciting Main Frame this Friday night!

More updates as this story develops....

Link: http://fwrestling.com/host/euwc

3W Pay Per View Announced!!
Posted by Man on the spot
on May 19 at 10:22 PM

WorldWide Wrestling has announced their debut Pay Per View, OUTLAST, to be held at the Fleet Center in Boston on June 15th!! Fans are rallying for tickets as the much anticipated and long sought after event goes on sale next Thursday!!
At this early stage only one match has been confirmed: Kalen Kage Vs Nerve Wrecker for the North American Title, but the show is destined for success. The Pay Per View will host many high octane matches and will also feature the debut of a new face or two in 3W!!

Get your seats ready at www.ticketek.com!!

Link: http://www.fwrestling.com/host/www

EUWC Looking For Writers
Posted by Davin Vandenheuvel
on May 19 at 5:33 PM

In this day and age, a wrestling league must have more than one staff member.. that is certain. Which is why, the EUWC Owner Keith Jackson has announced that the league is now looking for writers...

"Well, we have tried to do it on our own, Matt and I (referring to the Commissioner). And even though we have been successful to this point, we would like to have a team of writers to take some of the burden off of us. Which is why we are doing this."

If you would like to be a writer for the EUWC just e-mail Keith Jackson or visit the website at the address below. In your e-mail include a sample match between any WWE or TNA wrestlers you wish with whichever stips you wish. Also include a brief match background on why the two are fighting.

Stay Tuned for more from the EUWC...

Link: fwrestling.com/host/euwc

EUWC: First Match Made For Special Edition of Main Frame
Posted by Davin Vandenheuvel
on May 19 at 2:45 PM

Commissioner Matt Pickstock shocked the world and the fans of the EUWC when he announced that this Friday's Main Frame would not have any matches booked on it. At least not booked by him. He handed over the booking reigns to the Superstars of the EUWC, stating that with everything heating up for EUWC Onslaught next Sunday on Pay Per View, this gives the superstars the opportunity to get in the ring with whom they want for what they want.

And already a match has been formed for this Friday Night! With Rayne getting ready for his United States Championship Match against Lord Alucard next Sunday at Onslaught, "The Eliminator" Jim Roberts made a challenge to Rayne to put his title shot on the line this Friday. Not only that but Roberts upped the ante by stipulating that the match would be a Hell in a Cell Match! Rayne, not one to back down from any challenge, accepted and the Hell in a Cell Match is on this coming Friday night!

This isn't the first time these two men have hooked it up. Last month at Xodus, Rayne defeated Jim Roberts in the first round of the EUWC International Title Tournament. Then after that, Rayne was also able to secure a second victory over Roberts at an EUWC House Show! But Jim Roberts has regained his composure and this Friday vows to defeat Rayne once and for all. With the United States Championship Title Shot on the line, what will happen this Friday? Who will go to Onslaught to face Lord Alucard?!

Stay tuned....

Link: http://fwrestling.com/host/euwc

Posted by hWo Reporter
on May 19 at 2:29 PM

With The Reopening of the hWo not to far, hWo is currently looking to bring in some new talent to spice up their roster abit.

hWo will start hold a tryout for Wrestlers that are interested in become apart of the hWo.

If you are Interested in trying out for the hWo please fill out the application below and send it to Trevor@TheHWO.net.

[b]Contact Info:[/b]
Your Name:
Your Email:
aol/msn/yahoo messenger:
Past Promotions:

[b]Handler Information:[/b]
Wrestlers Name:


Wrestlers Description:

A Pecie Of Your Writing:


Link: http://www.TheHWO.net

EUWC Main Frame Results & TV Preview
Posted by Davin Vandenheuvel
on May 19 at 12:05 PM

EUWC Main Frame
May 16 Results!!

Jordan Lockhart defends the World Title against Samuel Roundtree! Tag Team Number One Contenders Match! Will Tony DeLucci get his Five Minutes with Sean Taylor?! And what does Fyre want with the Commissioner?!

EUWC Backstage Axxess Preview
TUESDAY May 20, 2003

This week on Axxess, Mark Stratford takes a look at next Sunday's Onslaught Pay Per View. He will preview all the matches and give you his picks and predictions, and hopefully have some words with several of the competitors at next Sunday's PPV. We will forego Ten tough Questions this week and Nick Marshall will join us at the post Onslaught Axxess. However the Wrestler of the Week, Match of the Week and From The Vault segments are still here. This week's From The Vault will take you back to Battle of the Weights IV for the Triple Threat Match for the EUWC World Championship, Buck Naked defending the title against Crimson and Rob Sampson!

EUWC Main Frame Preview
(May 23, 2003)

With just two days left until Onslaught what will happen at Main Frame this Friday?!

In a surprise move, Commissioner Matt Pickstock has stated that this Friday's Main Frame will be a Special Challenge Main Frame. He has stated that this Friday, he is not booking any matches for the card. However the superstars are encouraged to make challenges to others and have them accepted for this Friday night. With this being how things are going down and Onslaught only a few days away, we should see some interesting matches this Friday.

Link: http://fwrestling.com/host/euwc

NTICW: Immortal III Preview
Posted by Stacy Curtis
on May 16 at 1:09 PM

Last week we heard all about the Hardcore Title all night match from Vicky Dixon, and at Immortals III it takes place. Who is in it? What the hell will go down, better yet? The roster was cut down, what will Vicky have to say about this? One way to find out, tune into Immortals III this weekon a special Wednesday edition, and expect a huge announcement from Vicky.

Scheduled To Be At The Show: Nathan Kaye, Marty "The Bull" Hart, 2 new signings? And a few surprises.

Non-Title ~ Standard Match
Weezle vs. EMB

Weezle goes up against EMB in this match, all matches have been made standard matches for tonight due to the Hardcore all night match, but will Weezle and EMB electrify the crowd still? Will Sin Specter have an impact on the match?

Non-Title ~ Standard Match
Sin Specter vs. Curtis Jacobs

Sin Specter, the man to make a huge impact on NTICW this week faces Curtis Jacobs, we saw last week that Sin Specter has issues with Weezle, but will they be sorted or is it no-where near over?

Non-Title ~ Standard Match
seVen vs. James Hitachimoto

The big fan favourite seVen squares up with the Japanese superstar, two different styles? You bet. Will James overcome the powerful monster in their first match or will seVen demolish him?

Non-Title ~ Triple Threat Match
Dane Shepherds vs. Defiance vs. Harlem

Three talented individuals to battle, Harlem has his big chance to show that he has what it takes, yet so does Dane and Defiance, which will do so?

Non-Title ~ Standard Match
Blitz vs. Mike Wade

Blitz, the man that should have won last week but was denied by former CEO Kyle Crossett interfering gets another chance against Mike Wade this week, Mike is a talented guy who promises alot to NTICW. But Blitz is a big star, is Mike a small fish in a big pond?

Tune in this Wednesday! http://nticw.theewe.net/

Link: httpnticw.theewe.net/

DAW needs a roster
Posted by Matt E.
on May 15 at 8:41 PM

Hello to all. DAW is open and is looking for a roster. I encourage you all to check it out and maybe even apply. My boss is an great owner and is always updating. Hurry up and apply so you can enter our first show and rack up a title. Thanks to all who apply, Matt E.

Link: http://fwrestling.com/host/daw/

EUWC Backstage Axxess & Xodus Revenge Results
Posted by Davin Vandenheuvel
on May 14 at 7:38 PM

EUWC Backstage Axxess
May 12, 2003

This week Mark Stratford takes a look at what took place this week in the EUWC... Also a special look at the Main Event from DOOMSDAY 2002... Ten Questions with the first Female EUWC Superstar Fyre and the Wrestler and Match of the Week Awards!

EUWC Xodus Revenge House Show Results
(May 13, 2003)

The EUWC Extreme Arena was packed for this one! Fans could not wait to see the Main Event of Jordan Lockhart vs Neighborhood Sniper as we would see the Current EUWC World Champ vs a former Champ!

Match #1
Paul Doom vs Scott Samson

The match was a great opener with noth men showcasing their talents. After ten minutes or so, Samson looked to have the victory well in hand until Nero & Big G emerged from the crowd to double team Samson and put him out so Doom could score the pinfall.

Winner: Paul Doom

Match #2
Fyre vs "The Hitman" Tony DeLucci

This one was an awesome match and the second match ever officated by Sean Taylor! Fyre used high flying moves to take DeLucci down and almost got the upset several times. But DeLucci used his power to tear down Fyre but when DeLucci used a blatant closed fist, Taylor disqualified him giving the victory to Fyre!

Winner: Fyre (via Disqualification)

Match #3
EUWC United States Championship Match
Champion - Lord Alucard vs "Reverend" Jakob McLean

This match was a stellar match that showcased the offence of Alucard! Alucard completely tore McLean apart! After several short minutes, Alucard won the match and retained the title.

Winner: Still EUWC United States Champion Lord Alucard

Match #4
EUWC World Tag Team Championship Match
Champions - Nero & Big G vs Buck Naked & Samuel Roundtree

This match was AWESOME! Definitely the match of the night! Buck and Roundtree really turned it up a notch as did the Tag Champions. During the match, that new guy Sevyn appeared in the crowd holding signs that cheered on Buck Naked! Buck And Roundtree let this distract them which allowed Nero & Big G to gain the advantage but when Scott Samson and T-Charger rushed the ring it was Nero & G that were counted out.

Winners: Buck Naked & Samuel Roundtree (via Count Out - Still EUWC World Tag Team Champions, Nero & Big G)


Match #5
T-Charger vs Anton Raines

In a relatively short match, T-Charger beat Anton with the Re-Charge! The fans were popping huge for T-Charger just as in last week's house show.

Winner: T-Charger

Match #6
EUWC International Championship Match
Hardcore Falls Count Anywhere Match
Champion - Nick Marshall vs "The Eliminator" Jim Roberts

This one was a wild one that went all over the arena, through the parking lot and onto the streets! Roberts showed why he is a former Champion but in the end, Marshall had Roberts ready to be put away when a new man showed up to label Marshall with a lead pipe. Roberts identified him as Dwayne Diablo. But before Roberts could gain the pinfall, Sean Taylor showed up and informed them that what they were doing was illegal. During the arguing, Marshall rolled Roberts up for the three count.

Winner: Still EUWC International Champion Nick Marshall

Match #7
EUWC World Heavyweight Championship Match
Champion - Jordan Lockhart vs Neighborhood Sniper

This was a great match but not the best! Lockhart and Sniper took things to the extreme and battled in and out of the ring, up the aisle and into the crowd. Lockhart eventually avoided the Sniper Shot and countered with the Lonestar DDT for the victory.

Winner: Still EUWC World Heavyweight Champion Jordan Lockhart

Top 5 Face Pops
1. Jordan Lockhart
2. Lord Alucard
3. T-Charger
4. Nick Marshall
5. Fyre

Top 5 Heel Pops
1. Buck Naked
2. Samuel Roundtree
3. Jim Roberts
4. Paul Doom
5. Rayne

Link: http://fwrestling.com/host/euwc

NTICW Immortal 2 airs
Posted by Stacy Curtis
on May 14 at 3:58 AM

NTICW Headquarters, Las Vegas, Nevada - After two days in waiting, finally......the online transcript for last Sunday's Immortal went up. One NTICW official had this to say when interviewed, "As all of us has known, the recording needed to be re-done and not only that, our computer servers had to be re-booted aand as such everything was a mess but now it's been settled. Apparently, some of our employees here sabotaged us by misplacing some reels for the matches and tampered with our computer servers."

All of us could now heave a sigh of relief knowing that the show has aired. That was a worrying moment right there. Some thought the 'curse' kicked in again. But the question is, what went down at Immortals II?

Did all the matches manage to air after the re-recording? Somebody's motor bike got vandalised and what about the rules of the 'All-Night' match for the Hardcore Championship next Immortals? To see all this and more, click the link below to visit the site.


Link: http://nticw.theewe.net/

EUWC Onslaught 2003
Posted by Davin Vandenheuvel
on May 13 at 8:43 PM

EUWC Onslaught is only over a week away and the EUWC is gearing up for a huge PPV Spectacular! The event takes place at the Trump Plaza Hotel & Casino in Atlantic City, New Jersey, and comes to you live on May 25 only on PPV! You won't see any one match cards here! The EUWC is here to give top-notch performance that leaves the fans completely SATISFIED!

In the main event, EUWC World Champion Jordan lockhart will defend the title against the only man he has never been able to defeat... Buck Naked! Lockhart has proposed a Iron Man Death Match inside a Steel Cage... Buck has yet to accept, however with Buck's record against Lockhart, who wouldn't. Buck is also backed by former United States Champion Samuel Roundtree and the Commissioner of the EUWC Matt Pickstock! Jordan Lockhart will have his work cut out for him on May 25!

In another match signed for the card, EUWC International Champion Nick Marshall will defend his title against the man he beat one month ago, Paul Doom! Doom proved he was a great challenger at Xodus and has exorcised his rematch clause at Onslaught! Can Marshall retain his title or are we etting ready for DOOMsday?!

The EUWC United States Championship is also on the line as the new Champion Lord Alucard must defend the title against Rayne! Rayne won a battle Royale 2 weeks ago to gain the shot! Meanwhile Alucard fought for two long months to even get his shot and subsequently gain the gold! This match will be one for the ages....

Also, the Tag Team Champions Nero & Big G will be in action with their titles on the line. However their opponents have not yet been determined. This Friday night on Main Frame, The Parker Brothers battle Scott Samson & T-Charger for the shot at Nero & Big G! Who will go to Onslaught?! The Tag Division is heating up!

Rest assured that more matches for EUWC Onslaught are on the way... Stay tuned to the EUWC for more information.........

Link: http://fwrestling.com/host/euwc

NAL: Symbiote vs Wreckless
Posted by Founder of NAL
on May 13 at 5:17 PM

Well, it's a big day next week. The first official NAL match. It will be a 1 on 1, no time limit, non-title one fall match where regular rules apply. Official shows will start later, but here is a small taste of what NAL has got in store.

We are expecting to fit over 100 0 in our facility.

Be there, for the show tickets 1/2 price, and free concessions. The show will start at 8:00 pm, and most likely end around 8:30. So, if you want to see the future of wrestling, and the best of the past. Visit us.

Link: http://fwrestling.com/host/nalfounder/

RS Shock Report
Posted by RS News Director
on May 12 at 7:48 PM

The first column or story for this week is up. It features RS newest fed, Crucible. This report will have some facts on Crucible and Johnny Sparxx will uncover the info on this brand new federation. Next week we will find out on CHZ and others. If you want to get feature as a wrestler/staff or fed, please goto the Columns Thread on the board under RS General Discussion.

Link: http://revwca.projectefed.com/colums/column.html

RS Tag Tourney Results 1
Posted by RS News Director
on May 12 at 7:47 PM

Round 1 is over and we had some great roleplays.Was a little disappointed with the energy of it,someteams did not even roleplay,some teams won by just throwing together a roleplay.We were very impressed with the Tainted Glory-Hardy/Jarone match.both teams put alot into it and it was very close,but Tainted Glory pulled out the win.Other Rd 1 winners were The Forsaken(NEW)
AkA/Big Daddy(IHW)
Version 1(WWO)
Hot Topic(NGW)
Now as you can see the teams are uneven and the orginal plan was to have the team with the best roleplay to get a bye in round 2,but due to the low turnout of roleplays and some teams won by default and Hardy/Jarone put there best forward,they will get to continue on to even the brackets.So congrads to all and big shoutouts to Tainted Glory and Hardy/Jarone for putting on a good match.

Round 2 matchups:
Tainted Glory(VW)vs AOD(CHZ)
The Forsaken(NEW) vs Version 1(WWO)
AkA/Big Daddy(IHW) vs Reaper/Archanel(CHZ)
Hot Topic(NGW) vs Hardy/Jarone(EPW

Link: http://revolutionstudios.org

New RS Network Presidnet
Posted by RS News Director
on May 12 at 7:45 PM

Munny Mcmahon announced the hiring of a New President of Network Operations.This man is well known around the efed world and has track record of a hard worker.This man Is Tom Mason.Tom will step right in and took over a slow divison of Revolution Studios.
Munny had this to say.

"A man who is not only an EWindustry veteran, but is also one of the most gifted minds in our game. This man is a person whom I hold a deep respect for, and have total confidence, that he will help Revolution Studios accend to the next plateu."

With this move it is expected he will bring RAGE over to RS as well.Stay tuned for more details as they come.

Link: http://revolutionstudios.org

EUWC TV Preview (May 12 - 16, 2003)
Posted by Davin Vandenheuvel
on May 11 at 8:13 PM

EUWC Backstage Axxess
May 12, 2003

This week Mark Stratford takes a look at the week in the EUWC! From The Vault returns for a second week. No Ten Tough Questions this week as the scheduled guest Fyre is unable to appear! Wretsler of the week and Match of the Week will take place. Plus several special interviews with EUWC Superstars!


EUWC Xodus Revenge Tour
May 13, 2003

Main Event
EUWC World Heavyweight Championship Match
Champion Jordan Lockhart vs Neighborhood Sniper

EUWC International Championship Match
Champion Nick Marshall vs "The Eliminator" Jim Roberts

EUWC United States Championship Match
Champion Lord Alucard vs "Reverend" Jakob McLean

EUWC World Tag Team Championship Match
Champions Nero & Big G vs Buck Naked & Samuel Roundtree

T-Charger vs Anton Raines

Tony DeLucci vs Fyre

Paul Doom vs Scott Samson


EUWC Main Frame Preview
(May 16, 2003)

Jordan Lockhart turned Buck's challenge down and came up with one of his own for Onslaught! Lockhart proposes that the two meet in an Iron Man Death Match inside a steel cage. What will Buck have to say about this?

After a tag team loss last week, Jordan Lockhart will defend the EUWC World Championship against Samuel Roundtree! Can Lockhart retain the title heading into Onslaught?!

Last week, Paul Doom got a huge victory over Fyre. However controversy marred the victory as Tony DeLucci believes he should be the winner. This week on Main Frame, Paul Doom meets Tony DeLucci one on one!

In what should be an incredible match, Scott Samson & T-Charger will team up to battle The Parker Brothers! The winners of this match will go to EUWC Onslaught to face Nero & Big G for the EUWC World Tag Team Championship!

The New EUWC United States Champion, Lord Alucard will defend his title on Main Frame this Friday! Alucard will meet Buck Naked one on one!

In another HUGE match this Friday Night, Nick Marshall will be in a non-title match one on one with Rayne! Both these men have huge matches coming up at Onslaught! What will happen during this bout?

Plus, the mystery of Sevyn continues....

Link: http://fwrestling.com/host/euwc

NTICW: The Curse is broken! Immortal 1 went up last week. Immortal 2 coming soon.
Posted by Stacy Curtis
on May 11 at 2:36 PM

New True Internet Championship Wrestling. This fed has seen many owners come, start/revive the fed, get all the fans excited only to see them go, closed the fed and leave the talent and staff roster dry without pay and unemployed, forcing them to go look for other jobs elsewhere. It's like this fed is destined to forever fail and crumble after a short success run as if it was jinxed by some witch doctor or something.

However, in mid-April 2003, an ambitious and witty young woman by the name of Victoria Dixon a.k.a Vicky Dixon, grab all the necessary documents from NTICW previous owner, penned her name against the dotted line and became the very first female ever to own NTICW. She quickly re-hired some of NTICW superstars from the past and signed on some new talents to make up the current roster.

Two house shows were already up and last Sunday, NTICW goes off with a blast with it's first show, Immortal, under Vicky's era. This Sunday, another edition of Immortal is in the making with the owner scheduled to make an important announcement regarding the Championships in NTICW plus, all other interesting matches pitting the talents of NTICW against one another in the ring in New Jersey.

Will Vicky Dixon and the rest of NTICW stand the test of time and break the curse that had belittle it's past owners and superstars?

Only time will tell

Link: http://nticw.theewe.net

RWW Owner Arrested!
Posted by The Informer
on May 11 at 6:19 AM

The Revolution is taking over Rampage World Wrestling, in more ways than one. Since their inception a mere two weeks ago, it seems through their heinous crimes they have got rid of legitimate World Heavyweight Championship contendor Lancelot through a feared fractured neck, up and coming superstar Da Bomb through knee ligament damage, and now it appears they may have had a hand in the arrest of Kirk Slater.

The gallant Co-Owner of Rampage World Wrestling Slater was arrested in Oklahoma for apparently running an illegal drug cartel. Slater has ran Rampage World Wrestling for some three years, much like the fans, I sense a dirty rat.

He's enlisted much tauted lawyer Bobby Donnell as his defence. And he may need every ounce of his lawyer acumen. There were drugs found in Slater's office while he was conducting a State of the Nation speech on Friday.

The question is, is Slater really a hardcore criminal, or was he set up by fellow Co-Owner Rob Gamble's faction, the Revolution.

In other news, Stupac was also framed for a crime. Also at Fire, it was shown that Stupac, the masked superhero of Rampage World Wrestling was taking a baseball bat to Rob Gamble's company car. A Rampage World Wrestling asset, mind you. When the officers appeared after Stupac's match, Revolution member Jeff Jarrett accidentally forgot he was wearing a pair of Stupac gloves. The officer announced the PD were all Stupacaholics, removed his cap and glasses and decked Rob Gamble. When the cameras glistened on his face, it was none other than former World Heavyweight Champion, MC Tommy Dee!

Also, Gamble had put close friends, Mexican Princess Pantera and perhaps Rampage World Wrestling's greatest ever superstar in a cage match with weapons. The two Rampage World Wrestling stalwarts were threatened with contract termination should they not use weapons on each other. But the normal steel chair, table etc was replaced by barb wired baseball bats, cow prods, steel pipes and more. The result was to be determined by a last man standing stipulation, with the winner, battered and bruised, to take on Big Daddy Bruce at Suspicious Minds for his World Heavyweight Championship. In a slight upset, Pantera prevailed over the heroic Legend Inc.

Tune into Rampage World Wrestling - there's sure to be more corruption in store. Never in the three year history of this promotion have the stakes been so high!

Rampage World Wrestling. Its more than a game!

Link: http://www.efedplanet.com/rampage

EUWC Releases Several Wrestlers (BREAKING NEWS!!!)
Posted by Davin Vandenheuvel
on May 9 at 5:09 PM

TORONTO ONTARIO - Moments ago, the EUWC Board of Directors officially released several stagnant EUWC Employees. Former EUWC United States Champion "The Show" Ryan Baker was at the top of that list!

Baker who came into the EUWC and dominated for the first two weeks he was there, won the United States Championship! Today the EUWC released him due to his poor work ethics. The EUWC Board failed to comment as did Baker.

Others who were released were "C4" Chris Lee and "Judge" Blake Law! Both men were said to be in poor spirits since arriving in the EUWC, and thereby have been released. The EUWC wishes all three men the best of luck in future endeavours. However the EUWC is ready to bounce back from these three superstars and are on a Universal Talent Search for Tag Teams!

To contact the EUWC please visit the link below...

Link: http://fwrestling.com/host/euwc

EoW Overrule Preview
Posted by EoW News Wire
on May 9 at 5:07 PM

Overrule is sure to be a hot number this week and not to be missed

Scott the Victimizer has had it...The descecration of late legend Danny Carnage's Grave was the straw that broke the camel's back. Looking for payback, Scott the Victimizer and Nightmare will do battle in a Casket Match! Will Nightmare become just another victim, or will Scott be Trama-Tized?!

Scott's win last week left the North American Championship without a Number Once Contender. Lone Wolf aims to fix this and has signed Ice and Overlord Zero to do battle for it. Will Overlord Zero be frozen from the Cold Fushion, or will the Mourning Star make Ice just the first Conquest as Overlord Zero continues his quest for World Domination?!

EoW Overrule takes place in Lancaster PA this week at the Lancaster YMCA.

Link: http://www.fwrestling.com/host/eow

EUWC Universal Search For Tag Teams
Posted by Dean Belnap
on May 9 at 5:04 PM

TORONTO ONTARIO - The EUWC announced today that they would begin a Worldwide Search for Tag Teams for the Extreme Universal Wrestling Corporation! At this point, three official teams are in the EUWC and President Keith Jackson says that is just not enough!

"We are looking for a division that will rock the EUWC! The tag teams here are great, don't get me wrong! However in order to have a true tag team division, we would like to expand to at least eight teams! The fans deserve it!"

When asked about the caliber of talent the EUWC has to offer, Jackson responded easily, " If anyone has a question about how thick our talent pool is, then take a look at the matches we have had here. Take a look at Xodus and the Tag Team Title Match! Hell take a look at the entire roster! We have a great talent pool and they put 120 percent every night! We are ready for more great stars and we are ready to make challenges for many superstars here in the EUWC!"

The EUWC is accepting Applications and can be reached at the web address below....

Link: http://fwrestling.com/host/euwc

PWU Hitting a Stride!
Posted by Carly Hanna
on May 8 at 2:46 PM

Recently PWU owner Jorden Helms released a statement that his new company is going great. There are a few names already signed to contracts but he said they need a little bit more talent. To sign up and send in your demo tapes please follow the links. Thanks and love you! XOXOXO

Link: http://fwrestling.com/host/pwu

HYPER-Battle Worldwide talent search...
Posted by Mike Weatherspoon
on May 7 at 8:09 PM

Good evening-

HYPER-Battle Pro Wrestling announced today that its world-wide talent search would continue. Due to severe underpopulation, the HBPW roster is looking to expand outwardly, and thrust itself into fame.

Currently, all positions are welcomed, and all styles are embraced. HBPW is open to anyone of age and sufficient training who wishes to show their skills as a wrestler and performer. Applications are always welcomed, and you are encouraged to join.

-Mike Weatherspoon

Link: http://www.hyper-battle.cjb.net

The ACF Tag Team Tournament
Posted by The Reporter: Thompson Johnson
on May 7 at 7:42 AM

To All Members of Fwrestling:

The ACF is pleased to announce that come Indy Wars again The ACF is going to conduct The ACF Tag Team Tournament. Before the Tourny takes place we will be holding a lottery drawing. This lottery drawing will be drawing out two Single Wrestler names to pair off partners for The ACF Tag Tournament. It could be anybody pairing together. It could be a 7 Foot guy and a 5 Foot guy or a main eventer teaming up with a non main eventer. You wont know who is going to be picked. It's unpredictable.

It's going to be an exciting event with the roster at hand to see who has to team up in this Tourny. Ofcourse the ACF is still looking for some Tag Teams out there on Fwrestling and give those a shot at the World Tag Team Title's. There are alot of spots open and there are open contracts to sign. Those who are Tag Teams already will be automatically inducted into the Tourny.

If you think you got what it takes, come sign up for the Tournament and Lottery. Don't miss out your chance on becoming The ACF World Tag Team Champions!!.

For more info, please contact ACF_Wrestling@Hotmail.com

Sincerely Yours
Your ACF Backstage Reporter
Thompson Johnson

Link: http://www.stroutpages.com

WWA: SSW Bleeding Las Vegas Lineup
Posted by Edward T. Compton
on May 7 at 2:49 AM

Hello again, Edward T. Compton from the PR desk again. Let's get right down to business. The SSW is holding a supercard on May 13th at the MGM Grande!

Among the matches we have Shaken Not Stirred will defend their WWA World Tag Team titles against The West Coast Connection. These two teams don't like each other, this match should be very intense....I personally can't wait to see it.

Also on the card, C.J. Rowell will take on Ulfric. Ulfric challenges Rowell Wx3 Heavyweight Title Rowell screwed Lennox out of this title by way of a cheating referee. Rowell proceeded to dump the title in the trash and bashed it's heritage, only for Ulfric to take it from the trash and challenge Rowell for it, defedning not only the honor of the Wx3, but also his brother Michael Lennox at the same time, unintentionally or intentionally. What it all boils down to is if Rowell really wants to keep the championship in the first place.

Also on the card, a three way match with Ricky Taverna versu SyNn versu Ryan Corey. Fewer fueds have ever become so personal over time. Taverna has kept SyNn's life a living hell from the day he become number one contender. The Armani Army has kept both NRC and SyNn held as far back as they could manage to do so. All while Taverna became NGWA Champion, as well as National Heavyweight champion all while keeping his SSW NEvada Heavyweight championship around his waist. "Triple Crown Cardshark" is the name that we now direct towards Taverna, as he prepares for a hell of a war against Ryan Corey, as well as SyNn in an epic finish to what should be an epic night!

Well that's it for this time. Until next time.
Check out the Full card: http://www.geocities.com/silverstatewrestling/events/bleedinglasvegas.html

Check out the SSW website: http://www.geocities.com/silverstatewrestling

Check out the WWA website: http://www.wfwa.co.uk/

Link: http://www.geocities.com/silverstatewrestling

WWA: NGWA Turbulence Lineup
Posted by Edward T. Compton
on May 7 at 1:35 AM

It's time for some news from the New England region of the WWA, as usual I'm Edward T. Compton bringing you all the latest news and information from the WWA. Let's check out what the NGWA has for us next week shall we?

Mad Lion will take on Twister, a few weeks ago these two met up in a battle for the NGWA Hardcore title. That match was brutal and Mad Lion came out on top. No doubt Twister will be looking to get a win over Mad Lion who is a member of the NEW Army which is slowly but surely taking over the NGWA. Twister has been in a slump lately, going to be looking to overcome and climb out of this slump.

Last week the NGWA Massachusetts State Title was up for grabs in a massive six pack challenge which was simply amazing. Wendy Briese came out on top over the champion Jake Devins to the dismay of Jacob. Now Jacob gets a singles match against Wendy Briese. How is this little lady going to fair against the huge giant of a man named Jacob Harrowsmith the third?

Also on the card, a WWA Title match. The WWA Double Crown title will be on the line where the NEW Army's Deuce will attempt to take the title from the champion Jake Devins. If the NEW Army can gain a WWA title it will be quite a feat! Although on all past matches these two have had with each other Deuce has come up on the short end of the stick. Can he overcome and surprise Jake Devins and the bring the gold home to the Army?

Well that's it for me, until next time, I'm Edward T. Compton.....goodnight.

Visit the NGWA website here: http://ngwafed.fateback.com/Home.html

Visit the WWA website here: http://www.wfwa.co.uk/

Link: http://ngwafed.fateback.com/Linupmt.htm

EUWC Xodus Revenge: House Show Report (May 6, 2003)
Posted by EUWC Fan
on May 6 at 9:51 PM

EUWC Xodus Revenge
House Show
May 6, 2003

The arena was packed and the EUWC lived up to expectations of a great show. The fans were buzzing as ring announcer Kandi reed informed the crowd that tonight Jordan Lockhart would defend the World Heavyweight Title for the first time here this evening. Kandi then started the intros for the first bout...

Tag Team Match
Chris Lee & Kevin Knight vs Scott Samson & T-Charger

T-Charger came out to a huge ovation and stated that this time he is here to stay and dominate like never before. The match wasn't the best on the card... Thank God it was the curtain jerker! The reason for the lame match was because Lee & knight are definitely not EUWC caliber and proved it when they botched the easiest of spots. Good thing Samson and T-Charger were there to save this one from being a complete disaster. They won quickly when T-Charger hit the Re-Charge on Lee for the pinfall victory. The fans were definitely behind T-Charger for the whole match as even the simplest punch got a huge pop from the crowd.

Winners: T-Charger & Scott Samson

Paul Doom vs "The Hitman" Tony DeLucci

In a truly awesome match, DeLucci and Doom took things to the next level. The match went back and forth and even included several weapons. At one point, DeLucci grabbed a chair and swung towards Doom, but Doom ducked and DeLucci labelled the ref. After several seconds, Sean Taylor emerged from the dressing room with a referee's shirt on. He came to the ring and immediately rang the bell, awarding the match to Paul Doom via Disqualification due to DeLucci's chairshot against the ref.

Winner: Paul Doom

EUWC United States Championship Match
Champion - Lord Alucard vs Buck Naked

The fans were completely behind Alucard during this one. And might I add that Buck got one of the biggest Heel reactions I have personally seen in quite a while. The match went back and forth for the majority of the contest. However after twenty minutes, Alucard seemingly had the match won after hitting the TKO. However Buck was able to get his foot on the ropes. Moments later, Alucard went for a second TKO but Buck was able to reverse it into a DDT. Buck then tossed Alucard to the outside where Rayne suddenly appeared and labelled Alucard with the U.S. Title. Alucard was counted out as he crawled down the aisle after Rayne.

Winner: Buck Naked (via Count out... Still EUWC United States Champion Lord Alucard)

Fyre vs Anton Raines

Well, the match was so short, I couldn't really guage what happened, but let me say one thing for sure... Fyre is H-O-T! She was however beaten in mere minutes as she leapt off the top rope for a flying cross-body press and Raines reversed it and hooked the tights for the victory!

Winner: Anton Raines

During the intermission, Kandio Reed reminded us all that this Friday at Main Frame, EUWC World Champion Jordan Lockhart teams with EUWC United States Champion Lord Alucard to face Samuel Roundtree & Buck Naked in a tag team match. Kandi then hyped Buck's challenge from last week's Main Frame to make his match with Lockhart at Onslaught a 3 Stages of Hell Match!

After the intermission ended, the Commissioner Matt Pickstock made his way to the ring and stated that he would be the Special Guest Referee for the Main Event later tonight between Jordan Lockhart and Samuel Roundtree for the World Championship. Pickstock also stated that this Friday, Jordan would have to decide whether or not he was man enough to accept Buck's challenge. In addition to that, Pickstock warned Lockhart that he was not finished with him either and that he should watch the main event as that would be an example of things to come if Lockhart didn't re-consider his proposal.

EUWC International Championship Match
Champion - Nick Marshall vs Sean Taylor

Taylor came to the ring with rule-book intact. He first started to pick on the official referee, stating that he wasn't qualified to ref his matches. He sited matches that the ref had officiated and noted errors in said officiating. While Taylor continued this diatribe, Marshall snuck up on Taylor and rolled him up in a school boy and the ref made a fast count for the pinfall. Afterwards, Taylor attackled the referee only to be chased from the ring by Nick Marshall!

Winner: Still EUWC International Champion Nick Marshall

Rayne vs "The Eliminator" jim Roberts

Nobody would have believed this unless they saw it. Roberts stood in the ring awaiting his opponent when the lights went out! When they came up, Rayne stood behind Roberts and as Roberts turned around, Rayne hit him with a Head Spike Driver!!!! Rayne then applied the Decompression Chamber for the quick submission victory. However afterwards, Alucard walked down the aisle with a bandage over his wound that he received earlier in the evening. Alucard held the U.S. Title high and laid it in the aisle calling on Rayne. Rayne went to battle Alucard and the two brawled up and down the aisle for several minutes. A dozen officials and EUWC Superstars swarmed the ring to break up the heated confrontation.

Winner: Rayne

EUWC World Tag Team Championship Match
Champions - Nero & Big G vs The Parker Brothers

The match was just as great if not better than their match on Main Frame a few weeks ago. It went back and forth and both teams showcased their strengths with double team combos. Scott Samson and T-Charger eventually sat in the aisle-way to watch the match. Nero & Big G were obviously distracted which the Patker Brothers countered on several times. But when Nero used an illegal chokehold and Sean Taylor emerged to try and get the ref to disqualify the tag Champions, Nero & G capitalized by hitting a con-chair-to onto Milton Parker and the ref turned to count to three. After the match, Sean Taylor hit the ref with a left hook which brought down Samson and T-Charger to chase Taylor away. On Taylor's way back to the locker-room, Tony DeLucci emerged and started to stalk down Taylor, but Taylor escaped through the crowd.

Winners: Still EUWC World Tag Team Champions Nero & Big G

Main Event
EUWC World Heavyweight Championship Match
Champion - Jordan Lockhart vs Samuel Roundtree
Special Guest Referee - Commissioner Matt Pickstock

This match was a close second for match of the night. Lockhart tried desperately to thwart off Roundtree's attacks and did so with unquestionable aggression. However the blatant slow counts from Pickstock caused Lockhart to get frustrated. Pickstock then grabbed the microphone and stated that if Lockhart laid a hand on him, then Roundtree would be awarded the World Championship! Lockhart was in shock which allowed Roundtree to capitalize and take out the Champion with several huge power moves. Pickstock also instituted several fast counts which Lockhart barely escaped from. The end came when Roundtree accidentally hit Pickstock with a spinning wheel kick. Lockhart grabbed Roundtree and hit the Lonestar DDT!!! A second ref emerged from the back and counted but before his hand could hit the mat for the third time, the referee was pulled from the ring by none other than Buck Naked! Buck then entered the ring and nailed Lockhart with a vicious chairshot to the skull. Buck continued the assault as Roundtree got to his feet. Buck made Roundtree handcuff Lockhart to the ropes as Buck retrieved a shovel from under the ring. Buck then swung the shovel and labelled Lockhart with it, busting him wide open! All of a sudden, Lord Alucard rushed the ring and Buck was ready for him, but several other EUWC Superstars (Nick Marshall, T-Charger, Scott Samson etc...) joined Alucard and the Pickstock Regime made a fast retreat.

Winner: No Contest (Still EUWC World Heavyweight Champion Jordan Lockhart)

After the match, a referee appeared and freed Lockhart. The Superstars left the ring all except for Lockhart and Alucard. Lockhart offered Alucard a handshake which was accepted. The fans made a huge pop at this! Alucard then left through the crowd as Lockhart posed with the World Title and even went into the crowd for some fan photo opportunities...

All in all it was a great show and I personally cannot wait for the next EUWC show in my area Usually House Shows do not have this much action and angle development. It was definitely worth the money!

Top 5 Pops of the Night
1. Jordan Lockhart
2. T-Charger
3. Lord Alucard
4. Lord Alucard (During his Main Event Run-In)
5. Nick Marshall

Top 5 Heel pops of the Night
1. Buck Naked
2. Matt Pickstock
3. Sean Taylor
4. Samuel Roundtree
5. Rayne

Link: http://fwrestling.com/host/euwc

EUWC Backstage Axxess (May 5, 2003)
Posted by Mark Stratford
on May 5 at 8:03 PM

This week on Backstage Axxess, Mark Stratford sat down with Lord Alucard for Ten Tough Questions! Plus we all saw the enveiling of the "From The Vault" Segment... A portion of the show where Mark looks back at a classic match from the EUWC's past!

Also this week, Mark takes you on a look back at this week's happenings in the EUWC! Comments from EUWC Superstars, and News & Rumors in the EUWC! All that plus the Wrestler & Match of the Week Awards!

Link: http://fwrestling.com/host/euwc

EUWC Nackstage Axxess (May 5, 2003)
Posted by Alexis Spade
on May 5 at 8:00 PM

This week on Backstage Axxess, Mark Stratford sat down with Lord Alucard for Ten Tough Questions! Plus we all saw the enveiling of the "From The Vault" Segment... A portion of the show where Mark looks back at a classic match from the EUWC's past!

Also this week, Mark takes you on a look back at this week's happenings in the EUWC! Comments from EUWC Superstars, and News & Rumors in the EUWC! All that plus the Wrestler & Match of the Week Awards!

Link: http://fwrestling.com/host/euwc

RWW - Duo betray and allign with Revolution
Posted by Shinji Onomoto
on May 5 at 5:16 AM

You wouldn't read about it (except here but that doesn't count - please don't bring me up for technicalities.)

Scott "The Boy" Hellings and Mercy have done the dirty on the tradition of Rampage World Wrestling. A tradition, an entity that finds itself fighting the battle of its lifetime.

A three year stalwart of wrestling superstardom, Rampage World Wrestling has found itself under heinous attack from the seige takeover group known soley as the Revolution. Co-President Rob Gamble is hellbent on leading it to the detriment and eventual destruction of Rampage World Wrestling.

In all my years covering the sport, I've only seen one faction that even comes close to this. The coveted, infamous Oval Office that Rampage World Wrestling fought off in early 2001.

I get the feeling though this rebel force may be too much for Rampage World Wrestling to sustain. Legend Lancelot is currently undergoing surgery following a feared broken neck suffered at Friday Fire. It is unsure not only if his wrestling career is over, but whether he'll be able to walk again. Rookie Da Bomb is fighting for the same rights, as his leg was badly damaged at the hands of Revolution hopeful Reggie "The Brooklyn Grubsack" Griswold.

All this in a night of terror, as Kirk Slater, who made his entrance into the four ways tag match as a mystery partner for Stupac to replace Da Bomb had to endure Scott "The Boy" Hellings and Mercy, two of the most experienced campaigners in our industry turning their backs on Slater, on the federation that has made them famous in a bid for infamous glory.

Thankfully, K-Dogg and Too Tuff, recently coming back from a personal hiatus chainsawed from under the ring, thats right, chainsawed. They threatened to chainsaw Kirk Slater to shreds, before dropping the saws, dropping the Ice Hockey masks to reveal their identity and their allegiance to the prestige and honour of Rampage World Wrestling.

Question is, can Rampage World Wrestling retain its very entity? Friday Fire will answer some questions, but I suspect more questions will be posed. Tune in to find out more.

Link: http://www,geocities.com/rampageworldwrestling

WWA: HW Lineup
Posted by Edward T. Compton
on May 4 at 8:52 PM

Hello again, Edward T. Compton over here at the WWA Public Relations Department. Time for some more news and lineups from the world of the one and only wrestling alliance!

Hurricane Wrestling (HW), has announced it's upcoming lineup for it's next show and it looks like it's going to be a big night for HW with two...yes two WWA title defences scheduled on the card.

The card will feature Dan Easton taking on 'The Wild Child' Ryan Quinn in a pride on the line match. The special guest referee for this match is going to be Jonathan Cross who pulled a no-show last week and as punishment is being made to referee this match. Dan Easton will have his hands full with one of the most impressive newcomer to come to the HW in a long time!

The card will also feature a WWA Cruiserweight Title match, the champion Wendy Briese will defend her title against HW superstar Rune Archer, this should be an interesting match up to say the least. Giving HW a chance to get some WWA gold in it's midst.

The second WWA title to be defended on this card will be none other than the WWA Double Crown Title where the champion Jake Devins will face 'Sensation of Innovation' Jayzon Cage. The questions are abound whether Vinny Mara will make an appearance. Vinny of course is the person who helped Jake Devins win the title from the HW's own Dan Easton two weeks ago. One hell of an intense match here.

Well that's it for this time. Do check out the card, it will be taking place on May 9th. It's going to be a very exciting night. Until later, I'm Edward T. Compton signing off.

Check out the HW website: http://www.geocities.com/wfwahw/

Check out the WWA website: http://www.wfwa.co.uk/

Link: http://www.geocities.com/wfwahw/storm3.html

WWA: CCW Lineup & News
Posted by Edward T. Compton
on May 3 at 10:36 PM

Hello again, it's just me Edward T. Compton here from the WFWA Public Relations Office. First off a little bit of news, it has been announced that Maple Phoenix has resigned from the CCW for unspecified reasons. We attempted to get an interview with Maple but he was not interested.

Alright moving on, time for another lneup update. The next CCW card is going to be one of the biggest in CCW history that's for sure.

The card will feature a WWA World Tag Team defence in a twenty minute time limit match. This match is going to be a three way tag match which adds even more heat to the fire. The champions, Shaken Not Stirred will have their hands full defending their title against the CCW's Brain Power and Johnny ‘Young GunZ’ and Mario ‘The Hammer’. Can the CCW bring home the WWA gold to their region?

Another big match of the night will be a four way elimination match to determine the number one contender for the WWA Cruisserweight Title currently held by Wendy Briese. This match will feature Natoli Ayn Thorne, ‘The Highlight’ Mark Lewis, Dragon Jones and Michael ‘Switch’ McCormick. This will be the debut matches for both Natoli Ayn Thorne and Mark Lewis, talk about starting your career with a bang! This should be a very good match.

Another high powered match will of course be Ricky ‘The Card Shark’ Taverna versus Kurtis ‘The Wind Tamer’ McCarthy for the WWA National Title! Ricky Taverna of the SSW forced into defending his title against the high flying brother of Marc McCarthy.

If you like some great wrestling I wouldn't want to miss this one.

Check out the CCW website here: http://www.freewebs.com/canadiancw/home.html

Check out the WWA website here: http://www.wfwa.co.uk/

Link: http://www.freewebs.com/canadiancw/lineup.html

PWU Applications are up!
Posted by J.D. Everclear
on May 3 at 10:23 PM

Pro Wrestling United is one of the newest and brighest e-promotions on the scene today. And at this time you will have the chance to send in your name and a demo tape of your wrestling skills. Over the next week or so Jorden Snow the owner and his talent scouts will be looking over the tapes and deciding who has the most potential and will pick ouit 15 people to make the roster's final cut. To do so please click the link to find the needed information.

Link: http://fwrestling.com/host/pwu/index.html

EUWC TV Preview (May 5 -9)
Posted by Alexis Spade
on May 3 at 11:55 AM

EUWC Backstage Axxess Preview
May 5, 2003

After what was unconditionally the wildest Main Frame ever, Mark Stratford will bring you up to date on all of the happenings in the EUWC as of late! This week Stratford looks at some news and rumors! Plus new to Axxess this week is the From The Vault where Mark takes us back to a classic EUWC Match-up! This week we head back to Maximum Carnage of 2002 when Buck Naked challenged Jordan Lockhart for the EUWC World Championship!

Also on Axxess this week, the new EUWC United States Champion Lord Alucard will answer Ten Tough Questions! All that plus the Wrestler of the Week and Match of the Week awards!

EUWC Xodus Revenge House Show
(May 6, 2003)

Main Event
EUWC World Championship Match
(c) Jordan Lockhart vs Samuel Roundtree

EUWC International Championship Match
(c) Nick Marshall vs Sean Taylor

EUWC United States Championship Match
(c) Lord Alucard vs Buck Naked

EUWC World Tag Team Championship Match
(c) Nero & Big G vs The Parker Brothers

Paul Doom vs Tony DeLucci
Chris Lee & Kevin Knight vs Scott Samson & T-Charger
Fyre vs Anton Raines
Rayne vs "The Eliminator" Jim Roberts

EUWC Main Frame Preview
(May 9, 2003)

After the wildest Main Frame ever, the EUWC returns this week to a jam-packed EUWC Extreme Arena as we prepare for the Onslaught!

After winning the number one contenders match at Main Frame, Buck Naked tried to immediately up the ante, when he challenged Lockhart to a Three Stages of Hell Match at Onslaught! What will the new World Champion have to say to this challenge?

Speaking of the Champ, this week Lockhart will team up with the new United States Champion Lord Alucard to battle Buck Naked & Samuel Roundtree in a tag team match-up!

After winning the tournament at Xodus and then being attacked by Paul Doom on Main Frame, Nick Marshall will defend his International Championship for the first time on Main Frame! Marshall must throw down the challenge of Sean Taylor this week!

In another block-buster match this week, one half of the World Tag Team Champions Nero will be in action when he battles T-Charger! Last week T-Charger made a shocking return! Will he keep on a roll this week against Nero?

Last week, Rayne won a Battle Royale to earn a shot at the United States Title at Onslaught! This week on Main Frame, Rayne must turn down Anton Raines before he steps into the ring on May 25!

And this week a special Triple Threat Match takes place as the female phenomenon Fyre gets into the ring with Paul Doom and "The Hitman" Tony DeLucci! What will happen in this week's huge Three Way Dance?!

Also Sevyn had some choice words to say to the superstars of the EUWC! Will anyone respond to his diatribe? Will Sevyn finally reveal his purpose for coming to the EUWC!

Link: http://fwrestling.com/host/euwc

EUWC Main Frame Results: The Xodus Fallout
Posted by Mark Stratford
on May 2 at 10:39 PM

In what could arguably be the most action packed Main Frame ever, the Fallout from Xodus was apparant!

EUWC World Champion Jordan Lockhart was in the house and had some choice words about Xodus and his old nemesis Buck Naked!

Matt Pickstock scheduled the Number One Contenders Match in which Rob Sampson battled Buck Naked for a World Title Shot at Onslaught! But Matt added an extra stipulation! What was it?!

After two months of pursuing the gold, Lord Alucard finally got his United States Title Shot against Samuel Roundtree! Was Alucard finally able to gain the glory or did Roundtree shut him down?!

After a huge tag team encounter at Xodus, the EUWC World Tag Team Champions, Nero & Big G had a rematch with Scott Samson and Sean Taylor! But nobody could have predicted what would happen in this matchup!

And 13 men battled in an over the top rope Battle Royale for a U.S. Title Shot! Who won and who now goes to Onslaught for the U.S. Title Shot?!

Jacob Lawrence was viciously attacked at Xodus during his match with Samuel Roundtree. Get an update on Lawrence's condition! Plus... Who was the attacker and what does he want!

Main Frame has all the answers and many more qustions...

Link: http://fwrestling.com/host/euwc

More RS News
Posted by RS News Dept. Head
on May 1 at 7:18 PM

In recent RS News, Revolution Studios have contracted several feds in the past 2 weeks. Feds such as Crucible, Lite Wrestling, Paroxysm wrestling, and much more have made a big impact in the RS Forums/Communities and in RS News Department.

Speaking of Forums, RS Partners have decided to change the complete look of the RS Community. Now the Forums look more corporate and organize.

Also RS Partners and X-COM members have decided to have another I-PPV. The name being announce early this week will be EVOLUTION. The I-PPV will be held on June 8, 2003. The card is post and is ready.

Also, new X-COM member will be added as soon as possible. Stay tune to RS as we will be picking up with the Ratings and Ranking shortly. That all folks, enjoy the week!

Link: http://revolutionstudios.org

Posted by Corey Gibson
on May 1 at 7:17 PM

Corey Gibson will be doing a bi-weekly report on selected feds. If your fed want to be included please email or PM Mr. Gibson asap! The first Column will go out on Next Monday. The title of the column will be "Beyond the Glory." It will have updates and news on selected feds as there fed gets broken down into pieces. Every other week, there will be 1 to 3 feds getting the chance to get broken down. Stay tune for Corey's Beyond to Glory Columns next Monday.

Link: http://revolutionstudios.org

PTW - PTW Wrestling is still looking for superstars.
Posted by Blake Fox
on April 30 at 6:09 PM

PTW is still looking to fill their roster spots they have left. If anyone is interested by all means drop an application off and we'll try and get you started if you meet the screening process.

-Blake Fox
CEO and Chairman of PTW

Link: http://www.ewiwrestling.com

EUWC Open Invite to Join Battle Royale This Friday!
Posted by Mark Stratford
on April 29 at 6:47 PM

Fresh off the success of their first PPV in one year, EUWC Xodus, the EUWC Board of Directors announced yesterday that this Friday a Battle Royale would be held to determine the Number One Contender for the EUWC United States Championship at EUWC Onslaught on May 25, 2003.

The EUWC Board of Directors has also stated that any member of the EUWC is invited to participate in the matchup this Friday. However the Board went one step further... They also stated today that any independant superstar wishing to enter the Battle Royale are more than welcome to. All everyone has to do is fill out an application for the EUWC. Anyone that fills out an application from now until Thursday night at 6:00p.m. EST will automatically be entered into the United States Championship Battle Royale and get a chance at the shot at the U.S. Gold on Sunday May 25, 2003 at EUWC Onslaught!

To fill out an application, head over to the EUWC Website at the address below...

Link: http://fwrestling.com/host/euwc

EoW Rebirth in the books and the upcoming Overrule
Posted by Jack Stone
on April 29 at 2:16 AM

This is Jack Stone coming to you live from the Eagles Hall in Lebanon PA where Rebirth took place two days ago, word is the tournament has lit more than one fire and Overrule next week is sure to be dealing with the firestorm that is sure to take place.

Based on what we have seen, EoW is truly back, and the Evolution continues.

Link: http://fwrestling.com/host/eow/

WWA:CCW News & Lineup
Posted by Edward T. Compton
on April 28 at 8:48 PM

The CCW welcomed 5 members into the fold. Mike Sloan, Stephen Greer, Original Sin, Natoli Ayn Thorne, and Mark Lewis all joined the CCW looking to make a mark for themselves up in Canada.

Tuesday Night Talent Lineup:

In action will be Maple Phoenix taking on "The King of Pain" Stephen Greer. Phoenix has had a trouble as of late. He's lost three matches in the past two weeks. Greer will be making his debut in the CCW looking to prove himself a suitable Flyweight.

Also on the card is going to be "The Dark Hous" Mike Sloan versus Marcelino Gotti. Mike Sloan makes his debut taking on the huge monster known as Marcelino Gotti. This should be an interesting wrestling match.

The Main Event of the card will be Jonathan Cross who know wishes to be called Demise will face off against Brooklyn Viper. The winner of this one will go on to face Nick Bower This should be a great match, Cross/Demise has Main Evented three weeks in a row as for Brooklyn Viper he'll be looking to get a win to offset his lost last week.

Well that's if for me and the CCW. Until later.

Go directly to the WWA site here: http://www.wfwa.co.uk/

Link: http://www.freewebs.com/canadiancw/home.html

WWA News
Posted by Edward T. Compton
on April 28 at 7:59 PM

Hello again, Edward T. Compton here. It has been awhile and I'm afraid I'm behind again. This job is harder than I thought, my desk has been over-run with news. So I'm going to attempt to weed through everything on my desk. It's a little messy.

The first big bit of news to hit the WWA in a long time happened. The PNW, the once flagship promotion of the NWA makes it's home in the WWA. The level of competition in the WWA has just jumped ten notches!

Upcoming WWA Title Defences:

May 3rd, 2003: World Tagteam Championships:
Champions: Shaken Not Stirred (SSW/HW)
Challengers: West Coast Connection
Promotion: SSW

May 5th, 2003: World Cruiserweight Championship:
Champion: Wendy Briese
Challenger: Rune Archer
Promotion: HW

May 5th, 2003: Double Crown Championship:
Champion: Dan Easton
Challenger: Jayzon Cage
Promotion: HW

Well that's it for me. Stay tuned there is more news to come shortly.

Go directly to the PNW site here: http://www.geocities.com/pnwrestling/

Link: http://www.wfwa.co.uk/

EUWC Backstage Axxess - The Xodus Aftermath
Posted by Mark Stratford
on April 28 at 7:51 PM

The Xodus Aftermath! This week Mark Stratford talks with several superstars just minutes after their Xodus Pay Per View matches... Also a special look at the Pay Per View... Ten Questions with Matt Pickstock and the Wrestler and Match of the Week Awards!

Check out what the EUWC Superstars had to say about their Xodus matches and find out what Matt Pickstock has in store for Main Frame this Friday night!

Go to the EUWC Website for the further details...

Link: http://fwrestling.com/host/euwc

MCW Spring Break-out 2003: Bullet faces tough challenge
Posted by MCW Reporter Mike Rotch
on April 28 at 11:03 AM

Here's what went on at the PPV:

-Adams came out, announced that there would be Floridian Chicks Gone Wild, & there were!!!!!!!!!

1.Metal Maniac defeats Bludd by submission in 6:00. Bludd came in too damn cocky, but got his in the end.

2. Scarecrow pins Plague after the Dark Days of Torment in 3:30. Not much to say here.

3. Black Shogun makes Hawk tap out in 11 seconds. By the description of that match result, you get the picture.

4. The Rebelz defeat the Common Criminalz after Hell pins Misfit following Hell Frozen Over at 8:00. Good return bout for both teams. They had it in them to kick serious ass, & they did.

5. Deliverence defeats Tony Jackson after a Death Metal Driver in 1:32. No chance for Jackson to get any defense in.

-After match #5, we saw Micro Bullet come out & give Jackson a present. Inside was a bunch of midgets who ended up humping the life out of his leg!

The match between Jakob Mclean & Exclopse for the XXX Title didn't get underway at all. We just saw Mclean beat him up on the pier in Daytona Beach, an unknown referee acknowledged the count & gave Mclean the Title. However, Exclopse was thrown off of the pier onto the beach.

-Deliverence bothered the Owner & the Commish for a Title shot. He was told it would come soon if he didn't interfere in the Main event.

Main Event:Orange Bullet won a Fatal 4-Way by DQ in 11:37. The match, featuring Bullet, as well as Shadow, Falco, & J-Webb, was wild & brutal. Falco scored the 1st pinfall over Shadow in 8:00. At 8:52, J-Webb was pinned by Bullet. The match was between those two until Scarecrow, who tried interfering several other times in the match, came in & was attacked, like he was earlier, by Pete Falco. Bullet then got a surprise..............A MANATIAN MOONRISE FROM FORMER WFWF LEGEND ALTIMA MANTOID!!!!!

-Mantoid then conducted an interview, where we saw MCW Owner Adams allign himself with the former WFWF Tag-Team & IC Champion.

Link: http://www.fwrestling.com/host/ratt2004

HBPW Talent/Staff Search
Posted by Mike Weatherspoon
on April 27 at 9:19 PM

Dynamic new league HYPER-Battle Pro Wrestling is searching desperately for both new and old talent. The league, run by 10 year veteran Andre Eian, is based mostly in Japan, but will also take the occasional tour overseas. Talented performers of any age, weight and experience will be readily accepted pending review. Additional info may be found at their website..

Link: http://www.hyper-battle.cjb.net

HBPW Talent/Staff Search
Posted by Andre Eian
on April 27 at 9:15 PM

Link: http://www.hyper-battle.cjb.net

Posted by Mark Stratford
on April 27 at 9:09 PM

EUWC Xodus is in the books! A new EUWC World Heavyweight Champion was crowned in the match with Jordan Lockhart & Rob Sampson!

8 men battled for the EUWC International Title in a Tournament!

And the World Tag Team Titke Tournament finals took place! Plus the United States Title Match!

The Xodus came and the EUWC witnessed a new beginning!

Check out EUWC Xodus!

Link: http://fwrestling.com/host.euwc

RWW - Update on Kirk Slater's injuries sustained at Fire
Posted by The Informer
on April 27 at 7:52 PM

As you're all now probably aware, Rampage World Wrestling Co-President Kirk Slater sustained a severe concussion as a result of a guitar shot from former friend, now leader of the takeover entity the Revolution, Robert Gamble.

He was taken to St Marys Hospital in Los Angeles and word is he has not been released yet as a series of tests are being undertaken. This is a severe blow, not only for the health of the wealthy business entrepreneur, but also for Rampage World Wrestling's chances of staving off the Revolution takeover.

Several wrestlers are understood to be concerned with the companies stability, in light that it is highly unlikely Kirk Slater will be able to represent himself, and defend stoically Rampage World Wrestling against the Revolution this Friday at Fire.

Already billed is a four way tag match between the number one contendors to Beauty and the Beast (Pantera and Darkfalls) tag team titles the Revolutionised Chosen Ones, superheroic duo Stupac and Da Bomb, recent returnees Scott "The Boy" Hellings and Mercy and finally Pantera with Legend Inc.

The heat will be intense, particularly between current World Heavyweight Champion Big Daddy Bruce (The Revolutionised Chosen Ones) against Legend Inc. Their bitter fued has pretty much been around since Rampage World Wrestling's inception. Indeed, even while Legend Inc recuperated from a knee injury gained away from Rampage World Wrestling, it is understood Big Daddy Bruce still harboured intense hatred for the legendary one. The Icon is seemingly envious that his status as the greatest Rampage World Wrestling has ever seen is under intense scrutiny by the only man he has been unable to beat.

You then add into the mix Scott "The Boy" Hellings and Mercy's involvement in the match. These two attacked Stupac recently to make their respective comebacks, inciting rage from their former PSI stablemate. The Rampage World Wrestling veterans have been at each others throats for some time now. But it is worth noting Hellings and Mercy showed signs of willingly defending Rampage World Wrestling by chasing off the Revolution after Slater's heinous guitar shot at Friday Fire. Can these men work on the same team given their past?

Will there be anarcy without Slater's influence at Fire? Will the Co-President defy medical logic and appear regardless? Who will the Revolution recruit, if anyone this week or will Rampage World Wrestling's uberstars unite and stand defiant against the on coming rebel forces. Find out, Friday 7.30 Eastern Time on Fox as Friday Fire burns through the America West Arena, Phoenix, Arizona.

I'm the Informer, and you've just been informed.

Link: http://www.geocities.com/rampageworldwrestling

RWW Battle Royale Open Invitational
Posted by The Informer
on April 27 at 7:41 PM

I've had it on good advice that several high profile worldwide superstars are planning on making an entrance to the Suspicious Minds Battle Royale on May 25.

Rampage World Wrestling have been keenly promoting the Pay Per View Battle Royale as an open invitational, pitting the best of Rampage World Wrestling, from despised World Heavyweight Champion Big Daddy Bruce, to the much loved Lancelot, Legend Inc and Stupac.

This is the first open invitational promoted by the three year veteran and is sure to be just as great as any of their previous 30 + pay per views.

"We aim to put on a great show, every show, and this will be no different," Co-President Kirk Slater said.

What part though will the Revolution play in all this? The heinous army of hoarders looking to siege control of Rampage World Wrestling and change the way the industry looks at itself would obviously be keen to make a name for itself on a global stage. Pitted as the biggest Pay-Per-View in Rampage World Wrestling's elaborate prestigious history, with the eyes of the world watching, this is definitely their chance.

My opinion is, I hope that the top names of our sport try to take down the Revolution in the Battle Royale. I'm one for tradition, for honour, for fairness, and these are the very concepts the Revolution are looking to destroy.

Just ask injured Co-President Slater.

Link: http://www.geocities.com/rampageworldwrestling

EoW is Reborn Today as Rebirth PPV goes as planned
Posted by EoW News Wire
on April 27 at 11:43 AM

Despite a shortage of Talent Lone Wolf has announced that EoW's Rebirth Pay Per View will go as planned, not only has Neopets been kind enough to sponsor it, but word is they will be giving away free copies of their Pocket Neopets to the first 150 people who make it to the Eagles Hall. Fans are reminded that they will NOT get to choose which Neopet they will get as it is a grab bag with 50 of each pet in it.

Lone Wolf has also announced that even though the Pay Per View is on the search for Talent still continues, anybody intrested is to head to the main office and get an application.

It has been anoounced that a newcomer will make his debut at the PPV and that Lone Wolf has brought some people in from an Underground circuit to fill in the holes in the tournament's 8 Man format.

Link: http://fwrestling.com/host/eow/

Posted by Blake Fox
on April 27 at 9:24 AM

Good day to everyone out there! My name is Blake Fox, and I am a co-owner with Pure Talent Wrestling. Well as of right now were running a huge talent search to bring in talent from all across the world to the U.S.A to join Pure Talent Wrestling. If your a singles wrestler or a tag team and are interested by all means drop into our site to fill out an application.

We are currently not up and running but just scouting for talent and trying to build a small sized roster up before we do start...or if possible fill our maximum capacity in the federation which would be 20 wrestlers with a few tag teams.

We are an angle based federation where interviews are conducted throughout the week and than our weekly show which is called "Surge" is where the action happens and the evil plots go down. Pure Talent Wrestling was previously ran by Kirk Slugger who still has co-ownership will help with everything as well. This fed has alot of experience on the staff and is definately worth checking out.

I do want to thank you for your time and I look forward to meeting most of you and also working with most of you as well.

-Blake Fox
CEO and Chairman of PTW

Link: http://www.ewiwrestling.com

SSE Talent Search Underway
Posted by Chip Wagner
on April 27 at 6:15 AM

(SPRINGFIELD, Mass.) -- Shockwave Sports Entertainment, a unit of Shockwave Media Ventures, announced the beginning of a worldwide talent search today during a press conference at the Springfield (Mass.) Sheraton Hotel. "We've had a recent rash of people who couldn't handle being at the center of the maelstrom that is e-sports entertainment, and a few that, quite frankly, just weren't good enough to be here in SSE, and are looking to replace them with people who are ready to grab the brass ring, and ready to prove to the world that they have what it takes to rise to the top of Shockwave Sports Entertainment," said SSE Chief Executive Officer Rob Michaels in a statement, read today by SSE Senior Vice President of Public Relations Amanda Valentino. Michaels' cocky attitude notwithstanding, Ms. Valentino directed all interested parties to proceed immediately to SSE's interactive Web site, ShockwaveSE.com, and fill out an online application form. "We look forward to seeing what the many great talents of the industry have to show us, and hope they'll show us what they're capable of in an SSE ring," said Ms. Valentino.

Link: http://www.ShockwaveSE.com/

RWW getting Revolutionised!
Posted by The informer
on April 27 at 5:19 AM

I've never seen anything more disgraceful. Two months two famous allies, and more infamously enemies, Kirk Slater and Rob Gamble returned to take the reigns of Rampage World Wrestling. They started a crusade to clean the place up, and give the good guys opportunities.

It all seemed to be going to plan. Except for one small thing. The World Heavyweight Champion, Big Daddy Bruce, despite any number of warnings had not stopped his cheating ways. Indeed, his behaviour was becoming epidemical. His success was undeniable. But still Slater and Gamble were on a plan to help clear his mind, with or without his help.

It all came to nought at Friday Fire, from Anaheim. Scenes of anarchy and sheer shock flowed through the arena, as after Big Daddy Bruce defeated Stupac to retain his World Heavyweight Championship, Rob Gamble slammed a guitar over the head of his former comrad and alligned himself with the Chosen Ones.

He called it the Revolution. Sure, in the three years Rampage World Wrestling has been fighting to stay alive its had its problems. The Oval Office namely. PSI another problem. Even siege takeover from other leagues amazingly.

But never, he claimed, has it been under this threat. He said more names would allign with himself, Big Daddy Bruce and Jeff Jarrett. The world he claims will be shocked. Kirk Slater remains in hospital, recovering from a massive concussion.

Rumour has it that Rob Gamble has promised more to come. Kirk Slater is a fighter, he's a battler. He's a successful businessman who has a love for the industry. He has the likes of Stupac, Lancelot, and perhaps the greatest of them all, Legend Inc on his side. Others may gather around him in the crisis, then again, money talks, and Rob Gamble claims to have plenty of it.

In other news, Rampage World Wrestling is offering a once off invitational battle royal to all prospective wrestlers at their next Pay-Per-View. Wrestlers are to head to the website, fill out an application stating their interest for the chance to be crowned the undisputed best of the best. Can you do it?

Link: http://www.geocities.com/rampageworldwrestling

Red Branch: The Road To Easter Rebellion
Posted by Eddie Olson
on April 26 at 10:24 PM

Welcome to the Red Branch: Month In Review. I am Eddie Olson, The Public's Eye and official reporter for Red Branch. We had a busy month of April here, so let's get to it.

Our last Pay-Per-View event was Black Fool's War, which came off with a great reaction from the small-but-solid core of Red Branch fans. It saw the defense of the World Championship, and the final rounds establishing two new belts. The finals for the Hawk championship came to be Big Smalls and Calgary Manning, with Big coming out on top. The Sun Championship ended with Apocalypse taking the belt over Alex Sutton. The World CHampionship match was a classic, with Hak Andersson cheating his way to yet another win over Ziggy Phillips.

On the next Raid!, Ziggy found out that he only had one chance at the championship, and that the only way to get another match was if Hak challenged him. Ziggy left the show with the becinnings of a plan. This show also saw the debut of Tony "The Hitman" DeLucci, as well as two title defenses. Todd Gellar retained his Utter Championship when Belgian Hendrix interfered causing a DQ, and Apocalypse held onto his Sun Championship when his new manager interfered. Also, the returning Brodie Huggins made a challenge to Big Smalls, the Hawk Champion. Said Smalls, 'I like a man who dreams Big'

On Sunday World, Ziggy Phillips made his first attempt at goading Hak Andersson into a match, by spray-painting his car. Needless to say, this weak attempt wasn't sufficiunt to aggravate the World Champion. Todd Gellar made a deal with Belgian Hendrix to keep him from interfering in matches; a title match at Easter Rebellion was the price. And in the Hawk Championship match that was made on Raid!, Brodie Huggins picked up the win, but by DQ when Big Smalls used a chair that Brodie brought into the ring. A rematch was set for Easter Rebellion.

The following Raid!, Ziggy tried once again, this time attempting to embarrass Hak by pasting his face onto vaious animal bodies. This too wasn't enough to garner a match, with Hak even asking for copies of the pictures. And the Sun Champion, Apocalypse, complained about not having enough matches, and was rewarded/punished by having to face the debuting Gunner Larensson, who took the champ to the limit, finally forcing Apocalypse's manager, Don Robino, to cause a DQ and save his client from losing the title.

Four days later Ziggy made another attempt, this time by driving Hak's groin into the ringpost, leaving him in pain. And in the Sun Championship scene, an angry Apocalypse demanded a rematch with Gunner Larensson and barred his own manager from ringside. It made no difference, as Apocalypse himself caused a DQ, giving Gunner another win. Belgian Hendrix reminded Todd Gellar about their upcoming match at Easter Rebellion.

And the next Raid!, Hak gave Ziggy the match. Who could ignore a balling? That would prove to be the key to Hak's anger. He only respects a man who isn't afraid to fight. Also, we heard the first words fram Tony DeLucci, as he explained a bit about himself. And Apocalypse challenged Gunner Larensson to a no-DQ match at Easter Rebellion.

On the next World, Todd Gellar had a few words to Belgian Hendrix, showing him the training he was going through, and Cuchulain made a challenge to Tony DeLucci, to see if Tony's victory on the last Raid! was just a fluke. And now that he has a match against Hak Andersson, Ziggy Phillips started talking about how glad he was to get the match.

With only four days left before Easter Rebellion, some feuds are coming to a head, and new wrestlers are still being introduced. This Raid! saw the debut of Draco and Damien Morris Xavier, both of whom won their first matches. Ziggy Phillips talked about Hak Andersson, saying how he was going to fight and dropping a few insults, which drove Hak into a furious frenzy, and Todd Gellar continued to try to intimidate Belgian Hendrix with his training regimen.

So that's what happend in the past manth, and it comes to a head in less than 24 hours. Tune in at 9 PM, EST, and see for yourself how champions fight!

Link: http://fwrestling.com/host/redbranch

EUWC Xodus LIVE This Sunday!
Posted by Mark Stratford
on April 26 at 10:00 AM

[The song "Burning Gasoline" by Audioslave blares and the screen shows pictures of EUWC Superstars in action... Jordan Lockhart ... Rob Sampson ... Lord Alucard ... Samuel Roundtre ... Buck Naked ... Sean Taylor ... Nero & Big G ... Scott Samson and a barrage of others.. The scene fades into the EUWC Backstage Axxess logo. The scene fades in to a studio with Mark Stratford standing at a podium in front of an EUWC Backstage Axxess backdrop. To his left is a monitor in the upper corner. The screen zooms in on the podium and Stratford.]

Mark Stratford: Welcome everyone! We are about to take you inside the EUWC where very few people ever see. This is EUWC Backstage Axxess! And welcome everyone to our very first show. This is also our special Xodus Edition of Backstage Axxess. Tonight I will run down the card for Xodus and offer you my thoughts on the card as a whole.

Also here tonight I will have a special one on one interview with President Keith Jackson of the EUWC and ofer him some of your questions! But fans lets kick things off with Xodus which is this Sunday night on Pay Per View...


EUWC Xodus 2003


EUWC United States Championship Match
Champion - Samuel Roundtree vs Jacob Lawrence - Challenger

I am going to start off with a match I am looking forward to just because of the events leading up to it... This Sunday night on Pay Per View, the EUWC United States Champion Samuel Roundtree will defend the title in a match with Jacob Lawrence!

The Story: "The Show" Ryan Baker won a four way match-up to win the United States Championship here in the EUWC. Shortly afterward Lord Alucard earned a shot at the title at Xodus. However just a few weeks later, Baker dropped the title to Matt Pickstock's lackey Samuel Roundtree. Roundtree had been backing up Pickstock's mouth with his muscle for weeks when Pickstock rewarded him with the title shot. Roundtree made good on this attempt and embarrassed Baker to take the title. Baker seemingly dropped off the face of the earth at that point, leaving Roundtree to face Alucard! Over the weeks, Alucard would interfere in matches involving Roundtree. Alucard interfered in two matches involving Jacob Lawrence. So finally, Commissioner Pickstock ordered that Alucard put his U.S. Title Shot on the line against Lawrence in a Ladder Match two weeks ago. Thanks to Roundtree, Lawrence came out on top and now heads to Xodus for his title shot. Since then, Jacob Lawrence has dropped the Sasquatch nick-name and taken a new approach at his career. Will his new approach be able to overtake Roundtree and the United States Title this Sunday... Or will Samuel Roundtree have Matt Pickstock in his back pocket for this all-important title defense?!

Mark Stratford: Well fans, looking at this one, I must say it's a tough decision.. But I have to go with my gut and my gut says we will see a brand new United States Champion. Jacob Lawrence as of late has shown that he is too focussed on his current goals to just be tossed aside by Roundtree. Yes, it looks as though Lawrence will finally get his day in the sun!

EUWC World Tag Team Championship Tournament Final
Scott Samson & Sean Taylor vs Nero & Big G

Now onto the Tag Team Championship Tournament Final between two teams who have no love lost for each other. Nero and Big G will take on Sean Taylor & Scott Samson this Sunday!

The Story: When the EUWC re-opened, Nero & Big G were a dominant tag team with no opposition to stop them. In an effort to create tag team talent, Keith Jackson put Scott Samson and Sean Taylor together in a match against Nero & Big G! Nero & G got the victory when Samson and Taylor could not work together and argued over the rules of the contest. Since then, the two men have gotten their acts together and become one of the most dominant tag teams in EUWC history! Then came the EUWC Tag Team Championship Tournament... Nero & Big G were victorious in the first round over the untested tandem of Chris Lee & Kevin Knight! Meanwhile Samson & Taylor were able to get the victory over two former EUWC World Champions in Neighborhood Sniper & Triple T! In the semifinals this past Friday, Nero & Big G defeated the EUWC's newest tag team of The Parker Brothers in a truly awesome contest that could have gone either way. Samson and Taylor had the unenviable task of taking on Jordan Lockhart & Rob Sampson! And it was Lockhart and Sampson's mis-communications that gave Samson & Taylor the victory and a birth in the finals. Now these two tag teams must do it again, this time with the tag team titles on the line. Will their rubber match finally prove who is the dominant tag team?

Mark Stratford: Well after seeing Samson and Taylor on several occasions, I must admit that they are impressive, however I do believe that they still have a few things that they need to get ironed out before they are on the same page. Nero & Big G are too together to lose a match of this magnitude. My pick is Nero & Big G!

EUWC International Championship Tournament
Eight Competitors in a One Night Tournament!

Now onto the EUWC International Championship Tournament! This one is a tough one to call for several reasons. Four of the eight competitors in the tournament have yet to wrestle a match in an EUWC ring and one of which will not even be revealed until EUWC Xodus this Sunday night! Lets take a look at the competitors...

Buck Naked: Buck is a former EUWC and AIWO World Champion! He made his return a week ago and he really hasn't had a test yet... Buck is a world class athlete... However I do believe he is a man that has been out of the loop a little too long. That and the fact that he is always obsessed with EUWC Superstar Jordan Lockhart, I think that he just doesn't have the edge he used to to take this contest!

Nick Marshall: While I do not know much about Marshall, I do know that he is a huge superstar that comes to the EUWC with an impressive resume. This Sunday, he will be put to the test against Buck Naked! Marshall could very well be the man to bet on this Sunday!

Neighborhood Sniper: Another former EUWC Champion,. Neighborhood Sniper always lives up to expectations. The highlight of his carrer came a few years ago when TTT was his top priority, however times have changed and nowadays he has bigger fish to fry. Sniper could be the man to watch, however I feel that he has to turn it up a notch this Sunday if he wants to walk away with the Gold.

Fyre: Fyre is a new up and comer with a twist! The twist is that Fyre is the first ever Female EUWC Superstar. This woman is determined and ready for a hard male-oriented challenge this Sunday! I am not sure what to think about her. The underdog in me wants to cheer for her, but I just don't know how a woman will fare in the EUWC! I wish her good luck but wouldn't put my money on her! I expect her to surprise many this Sunday, but I myself will be surprised if she takes the gold!

Paul Doom: Again, another new superstar that none of us have ever seen. This Sunday he will debut. The man with a darker past than the Undertaker will have his work cut out for him when he battles Lord Alucard in the first round. This guy is a Wild card! I don't know much about him, therefore I cannot say much about him. I do however predict that someday he will be a force to be reckoned with in the EUWC!

Lord Alucard: This is probably one of the most dominant forces in the EUWC since its re-birth! He has a won-loss record that legends wish they could have. I predict great things from this man in the months to come. The question is "Does he have what it takes to take the gold home this Sunday?!" Yes he does! If Alucard can put his differences with Lawrence and Roundtree aside for one night than yes, Lord Alucard could very easily walk away with the EUWC International Championship!

Jim Roberts: What can I say about The Eliminator?! Well he hasnt lived up to what everyone dreamed he would... At least not yet. This Sunday could be the perfect opportunity for Roberts to take control of his destiny and take the gold! Will he? I doubt it, but I hope for nostalgia sake he does!

Mystery Wrestler: Who is this guy? How am I supposed to analyze him if I don't know him?! All I know is the fact that Matt Pickstock would not keep this guy such a huge secret if he weren't a huge supertsar! I predict this guy to at least advance to the Semi-Finals this Sunday! As for after that, your guess is as good as mine!

My pick for the new International Champion has to fall with Lord Alucard! For the past two months, he has been the greatest Star on the EUWC Roster and this Sunday I finally see him getting his reward!

EUWC World Championship Tournament Final
Jordan Lockhart vs "Mr. Main Event" Rob Sampson

And now onto the Main Event. The EUWC World Heavyweight Championship is on the line when Jordan Lockhart meets "Mr. Main Event" Rob Sampson!

The Story: It all started when Matt Pickstock was named the new EUWC Commissioner. Pickstock picked Rob Sampson to be his new enemy and Sampson responded by taking Pickstock out and even thwarting the efforts of his new "Enforcer" Samuel Roundtree. After all this, Pickstock figured he had an ace in the hole and brought back Jordan Lockhart to team with him against Rob Sampson! However what Pickstock hadn't expected was that Lockhart was in cohoots with Sampson all along! After a severe beating administered to Pickstock by Lockhart and Sampson, Pickstock started using mind-games against the two. After both Lockhart and Sampson made it to the World Championship Final, Pickstock cited that both men have in the past tried to keep the other man down! Pickstock especially opened up on Lockhart saying he was afraid of Sampson and that he knew Sampson would beat Lockhart! After that speech, Lockhart accidentally knocked out Sampson in a tag team match which cost the tandem the tag team title tournament finals! This Sunday on Pay Per View, will the two men keep their cool and have a good ole wrasslin match? Or will tempers flare and will we see a brawl like no other?

Mark Stratford: Well after all I have seen and from what I know I can say this... These two men have their work cut out this Sunday. Howver, I do believe that Sampson will be the man to beat! He has something to prove more than Lockhart! Sampson was stripped of his title when he was World Champion and now he wants it back! That is why I do believe Rob Sampson will be crowned the new World Champion this Sunday!


Interview with: Keith Jackson
Now fans, it is time to welcome my guest, the President of the EUWC, Keith Jackson! Keith, welcome!
[On the screen to left, Keith Jackson appears...]

Keith: Thanks for having me Mark!

Mark: Well Keith you know how it works... Ten questions.. Hard hitting... Are you ready?

Keith: I am ready and willing Mark.. Fire Away!

Mark: Question Number 1 - Since the EUWC re-opened you have stayed primarily away from the television tapings. Why is that?

Keith: Well Mark, the EUWC has many inner-workings. We have all sorts of promotional deals that need to be ironed out. We have talent acquisition problems which I have tried to rectify with help from my colleagues and many other huge decisions. Just because you haven't seen me doesn't mean that I am not doing my job. I do a lot of things that the people don't even see. I am currently working on a contract extension with Fwrestling.com that will bring more exposure to the EUWC! I am also working on a program with another league where we can showcase our talents. While nothing is concrete yet, we may have something sooner than later! And as many of you have noticed, we have re-vamped the website to change with the times. These things are just a sample of what goes on behind the closed doors of the EUWC!

Mark: That brings me to question number two... Why would you hire back Matt Pickstock?! This is the man that tried to prevent you from becoming the EUWC President. Hell, this is the man that didnt want the EUWC re-opened! Why hire him as the Commissioner?!

Keith: Well, Matt and I do have a storied history! However, we have been able to bury the hatchet and while I knew that my duties would carry me away from the actual in-ring action I realized I needed to hire someone whom I knew was capable of the job. Matt was the obvious choice. He has run the EUWC on two occasions prior... He was the brains behind the EUWC's emergence in 1996! He knows what needs to be done.

Mark: Question number three - What do you think of the tactics Pickstock is using along with his power thus far?

Keith: While I may not agree with his decisions all the time, Matt is a very smart and telented person. I have to be able to look at the end picture and realize what is best for the company and what makes great TV, and Matt seems to be doing the job very well at this point!

Mark: Question number four - What new and innovative features will the EUWC bring to the wrestling world?

Keith: It's funny you should ask that. Actually in June we are working on our version of the King of the Ring! Since we are more closley aligned with the Balrog's Lair, we have decided to run the Lord of the Lair Tournament in June! This tournament will be a sixteen man tournament unlike any other. First of all, we plan on diverting from regular tournament rules. I don't want to reveal too much but I will say this... Whoever wins this tournament will skyrocket to the very top of the EUWC! In fact the winner will get a World Title Shot at the next PPV, Summer Sizzler in July! Next question please...

Mark: Okay, Number Five - What can the EUWC expect for talent in the coming weeks?

Keith: Well as you know, we have four stars debuting this weekend at the Pay Per View. We also have several contracts out there waiting to be signed from EUWC Superstars of old and several that have never graced an EUWC ring...

Mark: Question number six - There are rumours abound that former EUWC Superstar STEALTH is in contract negotiations to make a possible return! What can you say about this?

Keith: STEALTH is the Icon of the former EUWC! That is no secret! He is a man that nobody wanted to face one on one! However at this point the likelihood of a STEALTH return is slim to none. I have had several conversations with STEALTH and rest assured that he is happy sitting at home in his semi-retirement. However with that being said, never say never in the EUWC... STEALTH could be back in time for a return before the year end if we need him and if he feels that the time is right. With a star like STEALTH, it is more up to him than it is to us... If he fells ready for a return, we will give it to him... Besides, I believe there is one good ruun left in STEALTH before he hangs up the boots for good.

Mark: Question seven - Who do you feel is the next Superstar here in the EUWC?

Keith: If I had to choose, I would have to say Lord Alucard! He has the talent and the where-with-all to make it in this business. However all of our superstars are top-notch!

Mark: Well, not quite all. We have seen several superstars show up and not make so much as a whimper since the EUWC returned. Stars like Ryan Baker, Kevin Knight, Chris Lee and Damien Payne... Question eight - What will become of them?!

Keith: Well Ryan Baker came out and dominated before he bacame a whisper. However these guys are still nder EUWC contract! Granted their contracts are wearing thin. These guys will be weeded out shortly to make way for new and exciting stars.

Mark: Question nine - Who will walk out with the World Championship this Sunday night at Xodus?

Keith: Well, this may be the wimp's way out, but I have no clue. Both men are talented athletes and they have what it takes to be World Champion! Either Lockhart or Sampson could win this match! I just wish both men the best of luck. If I had to choose though, Iwould have to say Lockhart! He just has too much experience to allow Sampson the victory.

Mark: Which leads me to question ten - Who are your picks for the World Tag Team, International and United States Title matches?

Keith: Wow! Isn't that three questions?! Well, Samson and Taylor have a lot to learn so I'd have to go with Nero & Big G! They have too much tag experience together to lose to a team who have never really been on the same page... the International Title Tournament is all up for grabs... I do believe though that the newest EUWC Supertsars Paul Doom or Nick Marshall will surprise people. I predict these two in the Finals with Marshall probably taking it all! And then the United States Title.. Lawrence is a focussed man however Roundtree has Pickstock and Buck Naked standing behind him. I do think that Lawrence will give up one hell of an effort but I think that Roundtree will come out on top!

Mark: Well Keith, that's ten! Thank you for your time...

Keith: Thank you!


Mark: And now onto our match of the week. This week's match comes from Main Frame last Friday. It was a Tag Team Tournament Semi-Final Match! And fans, it was a great one. Let's go back and take a look... Nero and Big battle The Parker Brothers!!! Lets take a look at some of this awesome match-up!


The Parker Brothers vs. Nero & Big G
(EUWC World Tag Team Title Tournament - Semi Final Round)

[Nero stands up. B. Parker gets up. B. Parker picks up Nero and front slams him on the mat. Nero is back on his feet. Nero gets locked into the headscissors submission by Bradley Parker. The referee is checking the situation. ... ... (AHHHH!) ... Bradley Parker tightens the hold. Nero escapes. Bradley Parker tags Milton Parker. Nero executes a ropeflip hiptoss on M. Parker. M. Parker gets hit with the shooting star press from Nero. Referee Cory Thompson makes the count. ...1 Milton Parker escapes. ]

Scott Marchman - Nero should have known better than to try for a shooting star press at this point in the match.

[Milton climbs to his feet. Flying somersault drop kick by Nero puts him back in the match. Nero is up again. Milton brings in Bradley Parker for The Parker Brothers. Nero hits a flying karate chop right to B. Parker's neck. Nero gets back into the match with a jumping neck snap on B. Parker. B. Parker makes the tag to Milton. Nero hits M. Parker with an elbowdrop. Nero is up again. M. Parker tags in B. Parker. B. Parker hits Nero with a heart punch. ]

John Shaft - This is just awefull! Nero is being double teamed!

[ B. Parker gets caught with an elbowsmash to the face. Bradley Parker hits Nero with the spinebuster slam. Bradley stands up. Nero gets hit with the shooting star press from B. Parker. Cory Thompson counts. ...1 ...2 Nero kicks out. ]

Scott Marchman - OHHHHHHH So close!!!

[Nero climbs to his feet. Nero picks up Bradley and delivers a tilt-a-whirl suplex. Nero is up again. ]

John Shaft - The Extreme Universal Wrestling Corporation is the number one wrestling program on television.

[ Bradley makes the tag to M. Parker. Nero slaps both sides of Milton's head out of desperation. Bradley tagged in by Milton. M. Parker delivers a short-arm clothesline to Nero. B. Parker suplexes Nero. B. Parker clotheslines Nero. ]

Scott Marchman - Come on ref! Do something!! Nero is being double teamed!

[Nero hits Bradley Parker with an elbowdrop from the second turnbuckle. Nero moves back to his feet. Nero tags Big G. Bradley Parker trys for a turnbuckle splash but Big G avoids it. ]

John Shaft - What an outstanding match!

[Big G makes the tag to Nero. Bradley Parker gets caught with an elbowsmash to the face. Big G gets back into the match with a jumping neck snap on B. Parker. ]

Scott Marchman - This is just awefull! Bradley Parker is being double teamed!

[ B. Parker attempts to kick Big "G", but Big G catches his leg. Bradley Parker flips around and kicks Big G. ]

John Shaft - Bradley executes a enzuigiri.

[Nero tags in Big "G". Bradley Parker fist drops Big G on the mat. Bradley climbs to his feet. Bradley makes the tag to M. Parker. Milton stomps Big G's head. ]

Scott Marchman - Milton with a stomp.

[Milton Parker executes a corkscrew legdrop on Big "G". Milton hits Big "G" with an elbowdrop from the second turnbuckle. M. Parker puts Big G in an arm grapevine submission. ]

John Shaft - Big "G" takes a arm grapevine.

[Big "G" makes the tag to Nero. Nero jumps off the turnbuckle with the flying bodypress on Milton. Nero is back on his feet. Milton is back on his feet. Milton gets elbowed to his midsection by Milton. Nero tags Big "G". Big "G" gets back to his feet. Big "G" picks up M. Parker and delivers a tilt-a-whirl suplex. Big G puts Milton Parker in the cobra clutch. The referee is checking the situation. ... ... ... Big "G" tightens the hold. ... Milton Parker escapes. ]

Scott Marchman - The EUWC is the only place for entertainment like this!

[Milton Parker brings in Bradley for The Parker Brothers. Big G gouges B. Parker's eyes out. Big G hiptosses Bradley. ]

John Shaft - Big G executes a hiptoss.

[ B. Parker moves back to his feet. Bradley Parker gives Big "G" a reverse neckbreaker. Bradley climbs to his feet. Bradley tags in Milton Parker. Milton Parker climbs to his feet. M. Parker rolls onto Big G connecting with a knee. Big G delivers a stiff inverted powerbomb send M. Parker hard to the mat. ]

Scott Marchman - If Big G keeps using moves like that inveted power bomb he could win the match!

[Big "G" drags Milton Parker to the floor. Cory Thompson starts the count (.1) Big "G" swings a Steel chair and hits Milton Parker. Milton Parker is bleeding as a result. Now Milton Parker standing. (..2) Milton Parker executes the jumping sidekick on Big "G". Big "G" gets back to his feet. (...3) Big G gets caught with an elbowsmash to the face. (....4) Big "G" tackles Milton Parker to the floor. Now Big G standing. Now Milton standing. (.....5) They head back into the ring. Big "G" connects with a flying knee. Milton Parker goes down. Milton Parker tags in Bradley. Bradley Parker bounces Big G off the ropes and clotheslines him. ]

Scott Marchman - Big G is being double teamed!

[Big "G" jabs B. Parker. Bradley hits a dragon suplex on Big "G". B. Parker is back on his feet. Big "G" is up again. B. Parker apllies the camel clutch on Big "G". Cory Thompson asks Big "G" if he quits. ... Big "G" trys to escape. ... Big "G" trys to escape. ... Big "G" trys to escape. Bradley breaks the hold. Bradley makes the tag to Milton Parker. Big G puts M. Parker in an arm grapevine submission. Big G puts Milton Parker in an arm grapevine submission. Milton Parker gets back to his feet. Milton Parker tags in Bradley. Milton leg lariats Big G, sending him to the mat. M. Parker hits him with a back fist. Bradley puts Big "G" on the turnbuckle and executes a belly-to-belly superplex. ]

John Shaft - Big "G" once again is the victim of a 2 on 1!

[Big G hits Bradley with a rolling elbow smash to the face. Bradley tags in M. Parker. Milton hits Big "G" with a rolling elbow smash to the face. Big "G" climbs to his feet. Big "G" executes the jumping sidekick on M. Parker. Nero tagged in by Big G. Milton suplexes Nero. Nero climbs to his feet. Nero tags in Big G. Nero puts Milton Parker on the turnbuckle and executes the top-rope DDT. Milton Parker gets hit with a flying forearm right to the face. ]

Scott Marchman - This is just awefull! Milton is being pearl-harbored!

[Nero gets hit with a back heel kick. M. Parker executes a corkscrew legdrop on Nero. M. Parker gets up. Big "G" pulls Milton's hair. Big "G" hits M. Parker with the back of his elbow. Big "G" hits the Showstopper on M. Parker. Big "G" rolls him up with a backflip cradle. Cory Thompson counts the pin. ...1 ...2 ...3 ]

Kandi Reed - The winners of this match, Nero & Big G!!!


Mark Stratford: What an awesome match that was and that brings Nero & Big G to the Tag Team Tournament Finals at Xodus where they can walk out with the EUWC World Tag Team Titles... But they have to get by Scott Samson and Sean Taylor first! I cannot wait until this Sunday...

And finally,... we move onto the Wrestler of the Week Award! This week is a tough decision. Don't ask me why, it just is. Actually, the superstars have done a great job and it is really hard to pick a definite winner. However all tough jobs must be done and I must pick a winner, therefore, this weeks Wrestler of the Week Award goes to...

For the simple fact the Fyre shocked the world last Friday when she debuted in an attack on Neighborhood Sniper. This woman definitely has (pardon my verbage) the balls to succeed here in the EUWC. While she may not be the one with the best won-loss record, I guarantee that she will not be a push-over. She will shock many! Hell it take cahones to enter a world dominated by men and I think that this woman may have what it takes....

Mark: Well folks, that's all the time we have this week... Next week, join us for our Xodus Aftermath where we hope to have Updates on the Results of Xodus as well as Post-Match interviews for the show and besides that, joining us next week will be a very special guest for our Ten Questions... Commissioner Matt Pickstock. If you have any questions for him, e-mail them to kma_jackson@yahoo.com

Thanks for joining us and enjoy Xodus this Sunday! For all of us at the EUWC, I am Mark Stratford... Good night!

[Burning Gasoline by Audioslave plays again as we.................... Fade out.]


Link: http://fwrestling.com/host/euwc

WWA: NGWA Turbulence Lineup!
Posted by Michael T. Williams
on April 25 at 11:56 PM

To start off the show, Miller Magnum will take on fellow veteran Shayne Williams in a one-on-one competition. This match will start off what's sure to be a night of great NGWA action.

In the second match of the evening, former World Tag Team Champions, the Pharoh's of Rage will take on the Rising Suns. Can the Suns pick up a win over the Pharoh's, or will they be just another victim to the PoR in the quest to regain the World Tag Team Championships?

Ryo-Wo receives a Hardcore Title shot against the Yellow Ranger, who last week stole the title from Mad Lion. Will Ryo-Wo's bad luck continue, or will Yellow Ranger's title run end as soon as it began?

Jacob Harrowsmith III faces Jake Devins in a match for the Massachusets State Title. For Jacob to bring the title to the NEW Army, he must go through the Assassin first!

Red Dragon returned last week with a bang. He once again screwed Oruku Saki. Jay Hunter returned to the winning side of things last week, but he'll have to go through the first NGWA champ to stay there!

Mad Lion lost the Hardcore title last week, but has a chance to reedeem himself this week with a match against Ty Walker. The National Champion is going to be on fire, that's a given, but Mad Lion will be awfully mad from last week.

Terrence "Twister" Thompson will meet his usual partner in crime for the WWA Cruiserweight Title this week. Will these two let their love take over their passion to both be champions? Get all these questions answered on NGWA TURBULENCE, Monday April 28th!

Link: http://ngwafed.fateback.com/Home.html

EUWC Backstage Axxess: Xodus PPV Edition
Posted by Jason LeRoy
on April 21 at 8:08 PM

Take a look at the EUWC's latest Television offering... FOX debuted EUWC Backstage Axxess and what a show it was...

Mark Stratford previewed Xodus and made his predictions on all the matches that will take place this Sunday night!

EUWC President Keith Jackson was there and answered Ten Tough Questions from Stratford and the fans!

Plus the EUWC Match of the Week and Wrestler of the Week Awards!

Check out EUWC Backstage Axxess...

Link: http://fwrestling.com/host/euwc

EoW-Rebirth in 1 week
Posted by EoW News Wire
on April 20 at 6:53 PM

The EoW Offices report that EoW Rebirth, sponsored by Neopets will take place in 1 week at the Eagles' Hall in Lebanon PA.

Word from the offices is that Lone Wolf, the boss, is still looking for talent to put in the tourament for the North American Championship, which is the entire card for this Pay Per View. All intrested parties are instructed to head for the main office and grab an application. Any Applications recived by Friday the 25th WILL be entered in the tournament.

Link: http://fwrestling.com/host/eow/

Red Branch: World (2003/04/20) Preview
Posted by Eddie Olson
on April 20 at 8:31 AM

With only one week left to Easter Rebellion, the card is shaping up.
Hak Andersson finally accepted one of Ziggy Phillips' attempts at goading him into a rematch. Who could ignore a balling?

Tony DeLucci speaks! The up-and-comer finally spoke out, introducing himself to the Red Branch fans, and ended up defeating Cuchulain at the end of the night. How far will this guy go?

Apocalypse, the Sun Champion, challenged Gunner Larensson to a no-DQ match at Easter Rebellion. Gunner has won twice by DQ so far. He'll have to do it cleanly this time. Or will Apocalypse finally master the Hammer Of The Gods?

Red Branch: World
Confirmed Matches:
Joel Heart vs. Rya
Nick Nitro vs. The Joker
Timmy Jones vs. Wrench

Link: http://fwrestling.com/host/redbranch

FCW: WrestleBowl II is tomorrow!
Posted by JD Smith, FCW Reporter
on April 19 at 4:35 PM

Fallout Championship Wrestling kicks off its second year of operation under the Unified Wrestling Network banner with WrestleBowl II, a pay-per-view event being broadcast live from the United Center in Chicago, Illinois.

The main event of the night features FCW Heavyweight Champion Argon defending his title against either Garrie Morris or Justin Justman. The two potential challengers will wrestle in the opening bout of the pay-per-view in a 10 Minute Submission Match. Justman must make Morris submit within 10 minutes to advance to the championship match. All Morris has to do is last 10 minutes without giving up. Who will advance to face Argon for the most coveted gold in the federation?

Also at WrestleBowl II, the FCW Cruiserweight Championship will be on the line in a Gauntlet Challenge. Ken Shiro, Kayoken Shiro, and Hirogishina Jr. will all participate in a gauntlet match, with the last person standing facing Vibora for the Cruiserweight gold. Word around the locker room is FCW President RK Anderson has already contacted several surprise cruiserweights, all of whom have agreed to participate in the Cruiserweight Championship Gauntlet. Who will show up, and will someone other than Vibora walk off with the Cruiserweight Title?

And finally, in a surprise move, UWN President James Greene has invited @Bay.International Wrestling President James Hunt to appear right in the center of the ring at WrestleBowl II, and has even offered him an open mic to say whatever he wants! If you remember, it was just over one year ago when Greene and Hunt underwent a bitter business split which led to the creation of the Unified Wrestling Network. Will Hunt respond to the invitation, and if so, what will he say?

All this and more TOMORROW at WrestleBowl II!!

Link: http://www.unifiedwrestling.net/fcw

EUWC Makes Programming Changes
Posted by John Shaft
on April 19 at 3:39 PM

TORONTO, ONTARIO - It was announced today that the EUWC would be changing their television schedule starting with this coming Monday night! No longer will we get a bi-weekly Brawl show. Instead the EUWC fans will be given a weekly house show on Tuesdays. On Monday evenings however the EUWC has a different approach.

Beginning this Monday night and continuing every Monday from now on, the EUWC fans will be treated to a whole new TV Show. EUWC Backstage Axxess will be a show to bring the EUWC Fans up to date on all of the events in the EUWC. Backstage Axxess will recap all of the top stories, feature rumors about what is to come, a weekly intimate interview, promos from your favorite EUWC Superstars, Match of the Week, and Wrestler of the Week awards!

The premiere edition of Backstage Axxess will feature a complete run-down of the EUWC Xodus Pay Per View which airs next week. Host Mark Stratford will preview the matches and offer his picks as to who he thinks will win.

Also on the premiere edition, Stratford promises an intimate interview with EUWC President Keith Jackson! Fans are invited to send questions in for the show and Mark Stratford will try and get through as many questions as possible...

The EUWC Backstage Axxess program will prove to be an exciting addition to the EUWC Programming Schedule.

Link: http://fwrestling.com/host/euwc

EUWC Main Frame Results & TV Preview for Next Week
Posted by Mark Stratford
on April 19 at 11:21 AM

EUWC Main Frame Results
(April 18, 2003)

The EUWC rocked the Gaylord Entertainment Center in Nashville just one week prior to EUWC Xodus... Commissioner Pickstock made his return and had plenty to say about Xodus and Lockhart and Sampson...

Two Tag Tournament Semi Final Matches took place when Rob Sampson and Jordan Lockhart met up with Scott Samson and Sean Taylor! On the other side was Nero & Big G takingon the Parker Brothers.

And you will never guess who interfered in the Hardcore match between Lord Alucard and Neighborhood Sniper...

All that and much more.... Check out the BRAND NEW EUWC Website for the results...

EUWC Backstage Axxess Preview
(Monday April 21, 2003)

EUWC Backstage Axxess will be the new Monday program airing every week. Brawl will no longer be seen on Mondays. Instead the EUWC will run a house Show every Tuesday night! Backstage Axxess will bring you all up to date on the goings on inside the EUWC. This week on Backstage Axxess a complete run down preview of the EUWC Xodus Pay Per View. Plus a very Special Interview with President Keith Jackson. If any of you have questions for Mr. Jackson, e-mail them along and we will try to fit them in the show...

Also on Backstage Axxess, Mark Dtratford will give you his picks for Xodus, the Match of the Week, the Superstar of the Week and give you all the low-down of the EUWC's goings-on!

EUWC Main Frame Preview
(April 25, 2003)

**NOTE: If you have not read the Main Frame results yet, please do so before reading the Preview**

Just 48 hours away from EUWC Xodus on Pay Per View what will happen as the EUWC makes its last stop prior to the PPV?!

Jordan Lockhart and Rob Sampson had some difficulty last week in a tag team match, and Matt Pickstock reeped the benefits... This week Matt Pickstock wishes to put Lockhart and Sampson through even more hell as the two men are being forced to team up once more in a Handicap Match against Buck Naked, Samuel Roundtree and the Commissioner himself!! What does Matt Pickstock have up his sleeve just 48 hours before Xodus?!

The EUWC Tag Team Title Tournament Finals are set and Nero and Big will meet Scott Samson and Sean Taylor at Xodus... But this Friday on Main Frame, Scott Samson goes one on one with Big G in a little preview to their Xodus title match!

New talent continues to flood the EUWC gates. At Xodus four new superstars have been entered into the International Title Tournament! This week on Main Frame we will see two of those superstars debut! First, last week on Main Frame, Fyre made her shocking debut when she interfered against Neighborhood Sniper in his match with Lord Alucard! This Friday, Fyre makes her in-ring debut when she battles "Reverend" Jakob McLean! Can this woman defeat the EUWC's top men?!

Also on Main Frame, Nick Marshall will make his in-ring debut! He will be in one on one action with EUWC Legend, Neighborhood Sniper...

Just 48 hours prior to Xodus, Jacob Lawrence will try and continue his hot streak towards the United States Championship when he must go one on one with Lord Alucard! If Alucard wins this match, he will get the first United States Title Shot at the Champion after Xodus!!!

And in a huge tag team encounter, The Parker Brothers will try and gain the advantage over Chris Lee & Kevin Knight! All this and much more just 48 hours before Xodus on PPV!!

Link: http://fwrestling.com/host/euwc

WWA: SSW Just Another Night Lineup
Posted by Edward T. Compton
on April 18 at 6:03 PM

Hello and welcome once again, it's me Edward T. Compton bringing you the latest news from the WWA. Today we talk about the Silver State Wrestling (SSW) show to be held on April 19th.

The card will feature Bryan Allen Desolation and Terrence 'Twiser' Thompson going at it for the vacant Extreme Television Championship. Twister has held the title before and will be looking to regain the gold. The Whirlybirdz, Twister and Wendy Briese, find themselves back on SSW Television, possibly thanks to Chilli not agreeing to an SSW contract! Twister is a great competitor as is Bryan Allen Desolation.

Also on the card "The Blockbuster" C.J. Rowell will take on "Nightbringer" Ryan Corey. These two competitors are on opposite sides of the battle being waged inside the SSW. Rowell's new running buddy Ricky Taverna doesn't like Ryan Corey very much. This is a main event caliber match, this is gonna elevate the card above mediocrity I guarantee it!

The card will also have the ever so busy Wendy Briese defending her WWA Cruiserweight Title against Lamia. Wendy has been in high demand across the WWA as her career takes off. Hopefully she can keep her focus and come out of this match against her much bigger opponent. Lamia will be looking to knock Wendy out of the picture and grab the title and the limelight that comes with it. If she can pull it off it will be a great boost for her career.

In the main event, "The Wolverine" Michael Lennox will defend his WWA World Heavyweight Championship against SSW's own SyNn. Last week SyNn managed to injure Taverna enough to keep him away from the ring for a week...last week these two were partners when they fought off Rowell and Taverna and this week they find themselves fighting against each other. These two will go at it for the top prize in the WWA. Every wrestler in every region dreams of holding this title and now SyNn gets a shot at realizing his dream. If that's not making you aware of the importance of this match I don't know what will!

That concludes it for tonight. Don't forget to watch this one, it's going to be a great card held as always in the Casino in Las Vegas. Attend or watch it, doesn't matter....watch it! Goodnight everyone.


The SSW's Website can be found here: http://www.geocities.com/silverstatewrestling/

The WWA's website can be found here: http://www.wfwa.co.uk/

the very busy Wendy Briese

Link: http://www.geocities.com/silverstatewrestling/events/JAN28.html

WWA: NGWA Turbulence Lineup
Posted by Edward T. Compton
on April 18 at 5:19 PM

It's me again, Edward T. Compton here with the latest news from the World Wrestling Alliance. It's hard work covering the many regions of the WWA. From Canada to Nevada the WWA displays their brand of entertainment.

Anyway, onto the topic at hand. That is the lineup for the upcoming event held by the New Generation Wrestling Federation (NGWA) which is the WWA's New England region. The card takes place on monday April 21rst. Things have been heating up quite nicely in the NGWA recently as a few months back the NEW Army arrived and since then have been slowly but surely dominating and taking over the NGWA. This week is no different as the NGWA attempts to gain more power.

The Yellow Ranger....tha's right you heard right...a guy who thinks he's a Power Ranger who arrived on the scene last week gets a match against the Hardcore Champion Mad Lion who is a member of the NEW Army. The Yellow Ranger has vowed to bring down the NEW Army and he aims to do start with Mad Lion. Not a wise move as Mad Lion is not someone you want to mess with. He's big, he's mean...and he's a demon...seriously.

Also on the card the leader of the NEW Army and former NGWA Commissioner Eric Moreau takes on the current NGWA Commissioner for the Commissionership of the NGWA. Eric held the position in the early years of the NGWA and now almost one year later Eric is back and he wants to take over! Dan Pollaski however is seriously overweight and one can only hope he can pull off the win. He's been known to cheat by having someone fire sleeping darts from the rafters into his opponent. One way or another this match is gonna tip the scales in either the NEW's favor or the NGWA.

Other things to note, Marc McCarthy and Mad Lion of the NEW Army will defend their titles against the Pharaoh's Of Rage, and Deuce who lost to Wendy Briese just two weeks ago will get a rematch at her Massachusetts Title. Put he also has to contend with Jake Devins who is also in that match. Deuce defeated Devins last week however, which prompted Deuce to be placed in this match originally scheduled to be Jake Devins VS Wendy Briese. This match will be a triple threat elimination style.

In the main event, Ty Walker will attempt to capture the NGWA Heavyweight Title from Ricky “The Card Shark” Taverna who won it from McCarthy a few weeks ago. Ty Walker is fresh off a WWA National Title Defense last week. He'll be looking to bring the title home to the NGWA, seing as Ricky Taverna isn't a full time NGWA wrestler, he is from the Nevada region of the WWA. This should be an intense matchup.

Well that's it for me again. Goodnight all and don't forget to tune in to NESN (New England Sports Network), it is rumoured that NGWA chairman Oruku Saki returns from Japan with a surprise for the NEW Army!


You can visit the NGWA's website here: http://ngwafed.fateback.com/Home.html

You can visit the WWA's website here: http://www.wfwa.co.uk/

Link: http://ngwafed.fateback.com/Linupmt.htm

WWA: HW Storm Warning Lineup
Posted by Edward T. Compton
on April 18 at 4:55 PM

Hello again, it's me Edward T. Compton bringing you yet another lineup from one of the WWA's regions. I'm just settling into my new job here at the WWA's PR Department and this crossed my desk. It's the lineup for Hurricane Wrestling's(HW) event to be held tonight at The Tabernacle.

Upon inspecting the lineup it looks like a solid card. We have RuneArcher, the SkyCore Champion taking on the HW newcomer Masaharu Tanabashi. RuneArcher will be looking to get back on the winning track with this match, making short work of the newcomer.

Also on the card we have Wendy Briese, a very hard working young lady who holds many titles across the WWA including the WWA Cruiserweight Title, she will take on Jonathon Cross. Cross came out with a great performance last week but can he pull it off again and defeat Wendy? If he can pull it off it will no doubt put him in the title picture.

The card will also feature Jayzon Cage taking on Dan Easton. This match comes about thanks to Cage's actions at the last event, VP Brian Steele setup this match with the stipulations that if Cage wins he gets a HW title shot. This is going to be a four star match and you'll kick yourself if you miss it!

Well that's it for me, down forget to watch the show....it's gonna be great! This is Edward T. Compton, signing off.

Visit the HW's Website here: http://www.geocities.com/wfwahw/

The WWA's website can be found here: http://www.wfwa.co.uk/

Link: http://www.geocities.com/wfwahw/stormprev.html

WWA: CCW TNT Lineup Announced!
Posted by Edward T. Compton
on April 18 at 4:31 PM

It has been announced that Canadian Championship Wrestling (CCW), the World Wrestling Alliance's Canadian region has posted their upcoming televised event Tuesday Night Talent. It is scheduled for Tuesday April 22nd from the CCW Arena in Owen Sound, Ontario.

The show promises to be a good one as Maple Phoenix takes on Alex Kaos in a fifteen minute time limit match. Maple Phoenix is no doubt considered the underdog in this match being the smaller of the two competitors. But Maple Phoenix is a great technical and submission wrestler, will that be enough to overcome the awesome power of the powerhouse Alex Kaos? Tune in and find out!

Also on the card will be 'The Impact' Nick Bower taking on the "Unstoppable Force" Sean O'Connor. This is another technician versus a powerhouse match and it should be a great one! There is going to be a lot of pain in that fifteen minute match, that I'm guarantee!

The main event of the evening will feature Jonathan Cross taking on Marcelino Gotti. This match has high stakes written all over it. The winner of this match goes on to face Brooklyn Viper to determine who then will go on to face Nick Bower for the Heavyweight Championship! No doubt both these guys have their eye on the prize, expect this twenty minute brawl to be very brutal!

I'm Edward T. Compton saying Goodnight everybody and don't forget to attend the show if you happen to be in Owen Sound. If not tune on The New NX for the telecast. Until later...

The CCW's website can be found at: http://www.freewebs.com/canadiancw/home.html

Link: http://www.freewebs.com/canadiancw/lineup.html

Red Branch: Raid (2003/04/16) Preview
Posted by Eddie Olson
on April 15 at 2:29 PM

On World we saw Ziggy Phillips once again attempt to make Hak Andersson fight him in a rematch, but this time he took a different approach, attacking Hak in the ring. Is this the straw that finally gets Hak's attention? Tune in and find out.

Gunner Larensson got another win over Apocalypse, albeit by DQ again. These two men seem to be heading for a big clash at our upcoming PPV. Follow the story further on Raid!.

Confirmed Matches:
Andy Blaze vs. Roman Standish
Brave Byrd vs. Rich Cooper
Cuchulain vs. Tony DeLucci

Link: http://fwrestling.com/host/redbranch

EUWC Brawl Results & Main Frame Preview
Posted by Mark Stratford
on April 14 at 7:50 PM

(April 14, 2003)

This week on Brawl, the EUWC World Tag Team Title Tournament kicks off with Four Quarter Final Matches... First in the main event, Jordan Lockhart teams up with "Mr. Main Event" Rob Sampson to battle Samuel Roundtree and his mystery partner! After the altercations that these four have had in the past few weeks, what will happen this Monday?

In other tag team tournament action we will see Neighborhood Sniper & TTT team up to battle Scott Samson & Sean Taylor, Nero & Big G battle Kevin Knight and Chris Lee, and finally Lord Alucard & Jacob Lawrence must put their differences aside to take on the debuting duo of the Parker Brothers!

Also in action this Monday night, the EUWC will witness the Debut of "The Eliminator" Jim Roberts! He goes one on one with "Sadistic" Insanity" Damien Payne!

Check out the EUWC Website for the results....

EUWC Main Frame Preview
(April 18, 2003)
** NOTE: The Preview contains Spoilers of the Action at Brawl... Only read if you have read the Results! Scroll Down for the Preview...**

This week on Main Frame the EUWC World Tag Team Championship Tournament Semi-Finals get under way... Only one week until Xodus, what will happen when the two opponents in the World Championship Tournament Finals team up?! Jordan Lockhart & Rob Sampson will meet the controversial team of Scott Samson and Sean Taylor!! What rule does Taylor have up his sleeve for these two EUWC Legends?!

Also this Friday, Nero & Big G have advanced to the Semi Finals! This week they will meet the newest EUWC Duo of The Parker Brothers!!!

On Brawl, the EUWC fans witnessed two returns!! Jim Roberts & Buck Naked both made their respective returns. This Friday night the two men go one on one!!

After his dissappointing loss to Jacob Lawrence last week, Lord Alucard returns to Main Frame to battle Neighborhood Sniper in a Hardcore Match! Alucard will be looking for a win after taking his latest loss in the Tag Team Tournament!!! But will the former EUWC Champion be able to stop Alucard?!

And this Friday, "The Sasquatch" Jacob Lawrence will be in one on one action when he battles the former EUWC Champion Triple T!!! Will the U.S. Number one contender be able to throw down the former EUWC World Champion?!

All this and Commissioner Matt Pickstock promises to make his return after the attack by Sampson and Lockhart a few weeks ago...

Stay tuned to Fwrestling.com for details on when the Results will be made public this Friday...

Link: http://fwrestling.com/host/euwc

SWA (The last great G-Fed) is now open for business
Posted by Deon Isis
on April 13 at 10:32 PM

The feed opens in an office. The carpeting is not down yet, but a desk and several chairs are in place. Seated behind the desk is an INCREDIBLY short and fat man in an expensive suit. He smiles warmly at the camera. Hammers and saws can be heard in the background.

Deon: "Hello. My name is Deon Isis and I am the owner of the Synergy Wrestling Alliance, or SWA for short. We were originally the Destiny Wrestling Federation under AJ Johnson until I bought out the company. Until a few weeks ago, the SWA was one of the best G-Feds on Geeksoft, but they decided to close their doors for a few months. When they reopen, they expect to charge a fee to every fed they host."

Deon waves some workers out of the room and continues his comments.

Deon: "Please excuse out dust, we are still under construction, however, we are open for business. Our roster is a little light, but it is of very good quality. Our FAQ and Application will be up soon, but if you are interested in signing-up, just send an e-mail to the link above, or contact me on AIM at BJandtheCat."

A lovely red head comes up and hands Deon a glass of Cognac.

Deon: "Thank You Janet. Our main focus is in having fun. Win / Loss record is not AS important as having fun, but you don't win your match without doing the work. We run one card a week (on Monday) and a Pay Per View every two weeks. The maximum promos you are allowed is five per week, or 10 for a PPV 2 week period."

Deon: "That is all I have to say. If you want to join, we will welcome you aboard. If you do not, then we wish you luck in all you do. Thank You."

<< Fade to Black >>

Link: http://fwrestling.com/host/synergywa/

EUWC Main Frame Results & BRAWL Preview
Posted by Mark Stratford
on April 12 at 7:34 PM

EUWC Main Frame Results
(April 11, 2003)

This week on Main Frame the EUWC World Heavyweight Title Tournament continues with the Semi-Finals. Thats right after Main Frame next week our Main Event for Xodus will be announced! Both Semi Final matches will take place on Main Frame. Jordan Lockhart will do battle with Triple T one on one. Both men have held the World Championship before. What will they do to get it back.

The other Semi Final Match also features two former World Champions. Neighborhood Sniper goes one on one with "Mr. Main Event" Rob Sampson! These two men want to climb back to the top and head to the Promised Land! What will happen when these two former Champs hook it up?!

Also, Samuel Roundtree and his Mystery Tag Team Partner perpetrated a vicious attack on Lockhart and Sampson last night. Will they be out for more blood on Main Frame?!...

Speaking of Samuel Roundtree, he will be in action when he defends the United States Champion against one of the men he attacked on Main Frame this week. Roundtree must face Scott Samson one on one!

And in another match directly related to Roundtree, Lord Alucard will battle "The Sasquatch" Jacob Lawrence, with the winner going to EUWC Xodus for a United States Championship Match. This match between these two contenders will not be any ordinary match... The match will be held under Ladder Match Rules! The winner will be the man who can climb the ladder and retrieve the briefcase with the U.S. Title Match contract inside... What will these two men do to each other and themselves to gain that all-important shot at the United States Title at Xodus?!

And finally, in one more match, "C4" Chriss Lee will make his Main Frame Debut as he battles one half of the tag team specialists Nero! Nero will undoubtedly have Big g lurking around. Can C4 overcome these incredible odds?!

(April 14, 2003)

This week on Brawl, the EUWC World Tag Team Title Tournament kicks off with Four Quarter Final Matches... First in the main event, Jordan Lockhart teams up with "Mr. Main Event" Rob Sampson to battle Samuel Roundtree and his mystery partner! After the altercations that these four have had in the past few weeks, what will happen this Monday?

In other tag team tournament action we will see Neighborhood Sniper & TTT team up to battle Scott Samson & Sean Taylor, Nero & Big G battle Kevin Knight and Chris Lee, and finally Lord Alucard & Jacob Lawrence must put their differences aside to take on the debuting duo of the Parker Brothers!

Also in action this Monday night, the EUWC will witness the Debut of "The Eliminator" Jim Roberts! He goes one on one with "Sadistic" Insanity" Damien Payne!

Check out the EUWC Website for more info....

Link: http://fwrestling.com/host/euwc

Red Branch: World (2003/04/13)
Posted by Eddie Olson
on April 12 at 12:48 PM

Ziggy Phillips' second attempt at goading Hak Andersson into a rematch came and went, with the same result as the first; no go. What does Ziggy have to do to get Hak's attention?

Apocalypse, the giant Sun Champion, complained about not getting enough matches, and was rewarded, or punished, with a match against another large man, the debuting Gunner Larensson. Is the the start of something hot between the two big brawlers?

Confirmed Matches:
Irish Rodz vs. Brave Byrd
Cuchulain vs. Canadian Leppard
Hawk Championship - Big Smalls (c) vs. Fury Bullock

Link: http://fwrestling.com/host/redbranch

NAL: It's new, but it's not a fad
Posted by Founder Cliff
on April 11 at 12:14 PM

NAL is still in business, and we're still recruiting. We are happy to see a new warrior enter the ranks. Wreckless, an enigma that frightens the future wrestlers of NAL.

With the roster count going on the recruiting process is working perfectly. A challenge to all. NAL is offering a chance to play against the best of the Indy world. Only the toughest make their way in.

Once we find 10 worthy competitors we'll start shows. 10-20 dollars per seat. Discount for children. Concessions with varying price. Every show a winner in local contest will be decided.

Visit the NAL center in downtown Chicago anytime that you wish to reserve a ticket.

We are glad to see more resumes. Please send in more they will be greatly appreciated.

Contact us for more information.

Founder of NAL, Cliff

Link: http://fwrestling.com/host/nalfounder/

MCW Friday Fire: Main Event changes, next show announced
Posted by L-R. Thunder
on April 10 at 11:08 AM

1. Bludd win a 3-Way Dance also involving Jeremy Webber & Jakob Mclean when he pinned J-Webb after a Bludd Clot at 5:00. Mclean made his in-ring debut in this match, but was chased away by XXX Champ Exclopse.Bludd gets out of the Playa' Hata & executes his finisher for the victory.

---Mcw Owner Adams came out & announced that due to his interference, Exclopse would be excluded from tonight's Main Event & would be facing Mclean for the XXX Title at Spring Break-out. Then, he announced that Black Shogun would face Tony Jackson & Metal Maniac would be taking Bullet on in a non-title match.---

2. Shadow pins Deliverence in 7:45. Deliverence & Shadow were really even until Tony Jackson came out & attacked Deliverence, costing him the match.

---We go to the back where Black Shogun is lying knocked-out. As the 8-Man Tag is set to begin, it is revealed by Hawk that he attacked.---

3. Pete Falco/Plague/The Rebelz defeated Scarecrow/Hawk/The Common Criminalz when Falco pinned Misfit after a Golden Trap in 6:00. The feud continues, but 2 things highlighted the match. The Common Criminalz returned to the ring, & the team of Hell & Ruthless Rebel, who was supposedly fired, made their return as well.

Main Event: Orange Bullet pins Metal Maniac after a School Boy in 0:07. Bludd cost Metal a chance at contending.

---Bullet got on the mic & complained that he wasn't getting any challenges in the fed. So then, J-Webb walks out & starts complaining. Shadow comes out & is ready to attack these 2. However, Falco comes in, attacks Shadow, knocks J-Webb out, & stares into Bullet's eyes. MCW Owner Adams then revealed that the next show, another PPV, would feature these 4 in a Fatal 4-Way for the Title.---

Link: http://www.fwrestling.com/host/ratt2004/Fire6.html

The ACF heads to New York City!!
Posted by T.J. Backstage Reporter
on April 9 at 1:39 PM

Hello FWrestling fans!! Thompson Johnson here with some news and tid bits on The American Continental Federation's next Pay - Per - View called BLOOD DANCE!!

BLOOD DANCE will be held the world's most famous arena Madison Square Garden, New York City!! Many things have happened over the past few House Shows at Indy Wars. Things are heating up as there are a few contenders for The ACF's World Title!! Brody Hansen, The ACF's World Champion is the #1 target lately.

Rescently The ACF conducted a huge Battle Royal to determine who the next #1 contender for The ACF World Title would be for Blood Dance! Predator with a huge victory but from a possible helping hand from Damien Priest? However a win is a win and Predator has the #1 contendership for The ACF World Title!! The ACF also has a new Hardcore Champion as Tin Kat fell to the hands of revenge from Jason Payne and Helena Night became the new Hardcore Champion!!

A lady becoming Hardcore Champion? Well stranger things have happened around here that's for sure. We had some great matches in Philadelphia at the First Union Spectrum!! The next PPV should be very entertaining as feuds are building up and the roster keeps growing each and everyday! 'The Wolf' Chris McMillan is back and badder than ever in the ACF!! Come and see what the fuss is all about, contact the staff of The ACF at ACF_Wrestling@Hotmail.com

Reserve your tickets today!!
Don't miss any of our shows or you shouldn't be a Wrestling at all!!

So long for now...
Thompson Johnson

Link: http://www.fwrestling.com/cgi-local/fw/fw.cgi?conf=FWConf25

Red Branch: Raid! - Preview
Posted by Eddie Olson
on April 8 at 6:27 PM

A number of things happened last Sunday on Red Branch World. Ziggy Phillips made his first attempt to force Hak Andersson to have a match with him. It failed. What will he try next?

Fury Bullock, the perpetual bottom-dweller, finally rose out of the basement, breaking his loosing streak against Tim Rennie.

In the Utter Championship scene, Belgian Hendrix stood up and made it plain he wanted a title match. Tod Gellar granted the challenge, and scheduled it for Easter Rebellion.

And last, but not least, the mammoth Apocalyse spoke out about Buck Naked and Tony DeLucci. Will either of these men challenge him? Or is there someone else waiting in the shadows to bring down the giant?

Confirmed Matches:
Justice Sommers vs. Tim Rennie
Cuchulain vs. Masato Whyle
Kelley Stanley vs. Rocker Finkel

Link: http://fwrestling.com/host/redbranch

TTW needs you!
Posted by TTW Co-Owner Sean Nero
on April 7 at 2:23 AM

Top Turnbuckle Wrestling the company which was formaly OWE... A lot as happened recently, the former world champion as been forced to leave TTW through injury... And news as come through that some superstars are unhappy with their current position in the company... Not much as been going on recently, but it will soon... We need you people to make that possible so come and join the TTW!!

Link: http://www.ttwfed.vze.com

EUWC: "The Eliminator" Signs EUWC Contract!!!
Posted by Mark Stratford
on April 5 at 1:37 PM

TORONTO, ONTARIO - It seems the EUWC has signed yet another.... Earlier today, the EUWC Board of Directors sat down to hammer out a contract with a new superstar. And they did just that. "The Eliminator" Jim Roberts OFFICIALLY signed with the EUWC today. Some of you may remember Jim Roberts as he wrestled in the EUWC several years ago under the name Larry Serson.

Roberts is a very successful EUWC Superstar. He captured the EUWC United States Championship along with the International Championship. Since Roberts was last seen in the EUWC he has bulked up to an amazing 275 pounds. Roberts is on his way back to the EUWC!

While Roberts is the same man we all saw two years ago, he now posesses the brute strength he did not back then. This time around Jim Roberts vows to be a force to be reckoned with! His devastating finisher the Rise to the Top will cripple his opponents.

While the EUWC has yet to announce the Debut date for "The Eliminator", you can bet that once he enters the ring, the EUWC Superstars will have awhole new breed of competition to deal with....

As always, the EUWC Talent Scouts are always looking for new Superstars so check out the EUWC Website at the address below...

Link: http://frwestling.com/host/euwc

UWA Update
Posted by UWA Reporter Harry Dread
on April 5 at 12:24 PM

Well, it's that time again violence fans....

Another banner week for the UWA, our first major card was held (Invasion), which saw a number of important events in the fed occuring. Including, the crowning of a new Hardcore Champion (Jamo), and the next round of the Cruiser Weight Championship Tournament, to name just a few.

Also internal politics have caused an uproar as five UWA wrestlers were cut from the roster and a proposed UWA sponsor Ewl was given the cold shoulder in favour of Revolution Studios!

As always the UWA is open to new, commited, wrestlers, given the unprofessionalism of a number of recent workers we are now looking for serious wrestlers only, the same goes for staff which we are constantly on the look for.

So until next week, see ya violence fans...

Link: http://uwa.projectefed.com

EUWC Main Frame Preview (April 11, 2003)
Posted by Mark Stratford
on April 5 at 10:37 AM

**NOTE: The Preview below contains SPOILERS of what took place at Main Frame this week. If you have not read the Results yet, I strongly urge you to do so before reading the Preview for next week. If you have read the results, please scroll down the page for next week's preview...**

Next week on Main Frame the EUWC World Heavyweight Title Tournament continues with the Semi-Finals. Thats right after Main Frame next week our Main Event for Xodus will be announced! Both Semi Final matches will take place on Main Frame. Jordan Lockhart will do battle with Triple T one on one. Both men have held the World Championship before. What will they do to get it back. Tune in next week!

The other Semi Final Match also features two former World Champions. Neighborhood Sniper goes one on one with "Mr. Main Event" Rob Sampson! These two men want to climb back to the top and head to the Promised Land! What will happen when these two former Champs hook it up?!

Also, Samuel Roundtree and his Mystery Tag Team Partner perpetrated a vicious attack on Lockhart and Sampson last night. Will they be out for more blood on Main Frame?!...

Speaking of Samuel Roundtree, he will be in action when he defends the United States Champion against one of the men he attacked on Main Frame this week. Roundtree must face Scott Samson one on one!

And in another match directly related to Roundtree, Lord Alucard will battle "The Sasquatch" Jacob Lawrence, with the winner going to EUWC Xodus for a United States Championship Match. This match between these two contenders will not be any ordinary match... The match will be held under Ladder Match Rules! The winner will be the man who can climb the ladder and retrieve the briefcase with the U.S. Title Match contract inside... What will these two men do to each other and themselves to gain that all-important shot at the United States Title at Xodus?!

And finally, in one more match, "C4" Chriss Lee will make his Main Frame Debut as he battles one half of the tag team specialists Nero! Nero will undoubtedly have Big g lurking around. Can C4 overcome these incredible odds?! Tune in next week!

Roleplay deadline is Friday at 5:00 p.m. EST

Link: http://fwrestling.com/host/euwc

EUWC Main Frame Results (April 4, 2003)
Posted by Mark Stratford
on April 5 at 10:35 AM

EUWC Main Frame Results
(April 4, 2003)

The EUWC visited Pittsburgh Pennsylvania for Main Frame this week. After what happened to Commissioner Matt Pickstock on Brawl, you have to wonder what is in store for Jordan Lockhart and Rob Sampson on Main Frame...

The EUWC World Heavyweight Title Tournament continued as the Quarter Final Round took place. Rob Sampson battled Scott Samson, Jordan Lockhart took on Lord Alucard, Sean Taylor met Neighborhood Sniper and Triple T took on Jakob McLean!

And the new EUWC United States Champion Samuel Roundtree made his very first title defense against Jacob Lawrence. Did we have another new Champion or did Roundtree retain the gold.

Check out the RESULTS at the website below...

Link: http://fwrestling.com/host/euwc

XCW - Countdown to Revival
Posted by President Monnerson
on April 5 at 9:44 AM

As the majority of our regu;lar visitors may already know, X-treme Championship Wrestling has recently suffered a brutal hacking from someone supposedly on the side of the cherished High Octane Wrestling. We had been fueding with the establishment over abuse targeted towards them inadvertyantly by one of our members, and the culprit turned out to be noneother than a former XCW employee Tony Python.

Some may have seen our current situation as something powerful enough to end our league, but it was in quite the contrast, as it made us stronger and gave us the oppourtunity to make design changes we had long been hoping to make. If a member of High Octane may be reading this, or indeed promotion owner Lee Best. I would like to once more offer my apology to anyone working for the establishment for the abuse which was sustained by our promotion. We would also like to say that HOW has been indemnified fromthe situation, and to clarify that HOW does not hack into competition or smaller promotions at all.

The main notice I would like to post is about Version Zero, the latest installment in the XCW saga. We are set for launch on May 1st, where we will air both XCW ReVenge and our newly established show, Supreme. I will post here myself on when the promotion will be established. Our forums are currently active thanks to the free service provided by InvisionBoards, and the URL has been posted on the bottom of this document.

And in his famous words ... farewell.

Daniel Monnerson - XCW Zero Chairman Of Production

Link: http://xcw-zero.cjb.net

Red Branch: World - Preview
Posted by Eddie Olson
on April 3 at 4:53 PM

Wednesday night saw Ziggy Phillips upset at his loss at Black Fool's War, and his intentions to get another shot. How will he make Hak Andersson want to fight him again? Maybe we'll find out on World.

Brodie Huggins returned this week, and immediately challenged Big Smalls to a Hawk Championship match. The two lightweights will face off this Sunday.

Apocalypse, the monstrous Sun Champion, fended off a determined attack by Buck Naked for the newly-won Sun belt, with the help of a surprise appearance by his new Manager. Who will be the next victim of this huge man?

Hawk Championship - Big Smalls (c) vs. Brodie Huggins
Fury Bullock vs. Tim Rennie
Tony DeLucci vs. Rich Cooper

Link: http://fwrestling.com/host/redbranch

The ACF Heads To Philadelphia!!
Posted by ACF Reporter: Thompson Johnson
on April 2 at 7:54 AM

Hello Wrestling fans!!! This is your backstage Reporter Thompson johnson reporting the latest news for all of you fans! The American Continental Federation's Television show Indy Wars has been very successful and we just blew the roof off of Universal Studios in Orlando Florida!!

The place was sold out in a matter of hours! Not days hours! Why do we sell out? Quite frankly it's because of The ACF roster. They put themselves at risk and put on a hell of a show! Our new ACF World Champion had his first Title defense against the infamous 'The Ego Buster' Dan Ryan as he challenged Brody Hansen for the ACF World Title!! What a match it was. The Virus looked to extract his revenge and went head to head with one half of The Revolutionaries, he took on Doomsday!

The main event was incredible, I mean imagine a bunch of Wrestlers all going for one thing all at the same time! That's right you heard me right, The ACF conducted a Clash Of The Titans Battle Royal! The winner gets a shot at The ACF World Title!! It was one of the most entertaining Battle Royals I ever witnessed!! The Hardcore Title got it's first Title defense as Tin Kat defended it against Helena Night!!! Could be a preview of what the Women's Title could be like, well sort of...

The International was up for grabs as Chris Bradford faced The Jay Man. Predator took on Jason Payne The Real Dog of War! Many other great matches took place in Orlando! Watch out for the recap in a couple of days. We now just received the wrod The ACF is headed to Philadelphia! The ACF will be holding Indy Wars at The First Union Spectrum!!! Matches have not been signed yet so if you think you got what it takes to be an ACF Superstar and make the big time you still have a chance!

For more information please contact The ACF Staff or President himself Matt Haas at this Email ACF_Wrestling@Hotmail.com
The ACF is still accepting Applications just go to the main website which is located right on Fwrestling just look for The ACF banner and your halfway there.

That's the latest news for now fans, come check out the greatest show to hit FWrestling!!
This is everyone's favorite reporter, reporting I'm Thompson Johnson, and we'll see you in Philadelphia!!!

So long..

Link: http://www.stroutpages.com/ACFWrestling.htm

VW > Wanna be world champ?
Posted by Bobby Jones
on April 2 at 3:34 AM

It has been announced that there will be a two month tournament ending at the May pay per view -- where the winner will receive a shot at the world heavyweight championship. This will give an opportunity for all of the young talent to really make a name for themselves!

"I felt this was the best way to move up the talent quickly with the abrupt departure of Oscar and the promotion of Officer Stone. Young talent will now have a chance to really shine, and move up the ladder at a faster pace. There's never been a better time to hold this sort of event -- we just couldn't pass up the opportunity," said Tommy Grady, Chairman of Vintage Wrestling.

It has been rumored that this will open up doors for incoming wrestlers to instantly try to step into the spotlight of the wrestling world, Vintage in particular. Grady addressed this situation, as well:

"We obviously hope it will attract even more talent. We're on top of the world right now. We've just reached the network, thanks to our fans.. and now we plan to give them one hell of a tournament with some of the best action you can buy. I feel we have the talent currently, and with a few additions.. Vintage Wrestling could make itself the best federation in PTC, hands down"

The idea definitely has the opportunity to hold a lot of weight. It will be interesting to see how it unfolds.

To sign up for the tournament, simply apply to Vintage Wrestling at it's website.

Link: http://www.vintage-wrestling.com

MCW Wrestlefest 3: J-Webb's streak ends, new wrestlers debut
Posted by MCW Owner Adams
on April 1 at 11:08 AM

1. Tony Jackson beat Metal Maniac after a Jacksonville Jam in 1:13. The 1st match of the night, a quickie.

2. Hawk beat Plague & Deliverence 3 falls to 0 falls to 0 falls to win the Rochester Death Match in 2 minutes. The match got the fans to boo, but they stopped once all 3 left the ring. Deliverence didn't show up until the end, but made it worth something.

3. Shadow pins Bludd after a Facebuster in 8:23 of their Barbed Wire match. Shadow wins another one, but Bludd gets credit for trying.

4. Pete Falco gives Scarecrow a Golden Trap through the tables in 10:11 of their High Incident Tables match to win. The match saw Falco finally win a match, Shadow turn on him, & the return of the Common Criminalz, who turned on Falco as well.

5. Exclopse used a Montiero Meltdown in 8:00 to beat Black Shogun & keep his XXX Title. Metal Maniac attacked Exclopse, Shogun, & Tony Jackson.

Main Event (Xploding Cage Match): Orange Bullet pinned "Big Money" Jeremy Webber after using a Bull's Eye in 12:15 to win the MCW Universal Title & end J-Webb's undefeated streak. BLS, Blossum, & Jakob Mclean all made their appearances in the match. Webber got screwed thanks to Mclean, but the match proved to be exciting.

Link: http://www.fwrestling.com/host/ratt2004

Red Branch: Raid! - Preview
Posted by Eddie Olson
on March 31 at 11:36 PM

Upcoming this Wednesday night, one can only wonder what the fallout will be from Black Fool's War. How will Ziggy Phillips deal with the cheating Hak Andersson? Only Ziggy knows.

Also scheduled, we have Apocalypse defending his newly won Sun Championship against Buck Naked, and we will also witness the debut of a new entrant into the Red Branch Hall of Warriors, Tony DeLucci.

Link: http://fwrestling.com/host/redbranch

IWF/SPW**Shocking NEWS**
Posted by SPW/IWF Reporter
on March 29 at 1:23 PM

In breaking news the IWF and SPW will join forces into making feds great once again. SPW Owner, Mr.BIG has announced he will be working with Co owners Mr.G and Mr.D of IWF in a recent press confrence. Stay tuned for more Info on this Shocking story.

Link: http://www.smashprowrestling.tk

EUWC Main Frame: Pickstock's "Secret Weapon" Revealed
Posted by Mark Stratford
on March 29 at 12:34 PM

Last night, the EUWC returned to Syracuse New York and the OnCenter for EUWC Main Frame! The main event saw a huge shock as Commissioner Matt Pickstock revealed his "Secret Weapon" for Rob Sampson. Pickstock's "Secret Weapon" went one on one with EUWC United States Champion Ryan Baker in a EUWC World Title Tournament Match...

Also, after two weeks, Scott Samson and Sean Taylor teamed up again to try and get revenge on Nero & Big G! Their first tag team encounter saw Nero and Big G walk away with the win after Samson and Taylor had an argument in the middle of the ring. What happened in their rematch?!

Last week on Main Frame Triple T returned to the EUWC to interfere allowing Neighborhood Sniper to pick up the victory in the First Round of the EUWC World Title Tournament! This week, TTT returns to the ring to battle Jacob Lawrence in a First Round Match of the EUWC World Title Tournament!

Also this week on Main Frame, Matt Pickstock's "Enforcer" Samuel Roundtree tangles with the Number one contender for the United States Title, Lord Alucard! Alucard has been on a very impressive winning streak as of late... Will Roundtree be able to stop him dead in his tracks?!

And finally, the newest superstar to enter the EUWC makes his in-ring Debut. "Sadistic Insanity" Damien Payne battles "Hot" Kevin Knight one on one!

That a whole lot More. Check out the EUWC Website for Main Frame Results....

Link: http://fwrestlig.com/host/euwc

Red Branch: Black Fool's War
Posted by Eddie Olson
on March 29 at 11:04 AM

This past Wednesday night saw Raid! being taken over by the Sun and Hawk Championship Tournaments. The first round went over in fabulous style, and the four winners in each category move on impressively to finish the tournament this Sunday, at Black Fool's War.

Also to be settled is the little feud between Ziggy Phillips and Hak Andersson. On Raid!, Ziggy challenged Hak to a non-title match, because he couldn't wait to get his hands on him but didn't want to waste his title match at BFW, but Hak managed to cheat his way to a win. Will Ziggy finally get revenge?

Come see all the action at Black Fool's War, this Sunday night!

Link: http://fwrestling.com/host/redbranch

360°WE A PTC Cable Fed
Posted by 360°WE News
on March 27 at 11:52 PM

360°WE A PTC Cable Fed

In a surprise press-conference held in Charlotte, NC, where 360°WE officials and promoters are preparing for this weekend's Pay-Per-View, Resurrection, Matt Mitchell, Joe Beck, and Trigger, Owner of PTC, announced that 360° Wrestling Entertainment had been "drafted" into the ranks of a Cable Organization. Joining the likes of FAW, XWF, Trauma, CCW and Vintage Wrestling, Joe Beck made it clear that we aim to please: "We don't take things like this lightly. Our induction to a higher rank in Primetime Central is an honor, and Mr. Trigger, I'm proud to be part of such a well-organized and professional inter-federation." Primetime Central officials will begin attending 360°WE shows on a regular basis, starting with this weekend's pay-per-view, Resurrection.
Check Out 360° for all the latest news.

Link: http://www.360wrestling.tk

ACF Offers #1 Contendership!!
Posted by Thompson Johnson ACF Reporter
on March 27 at 7:50 PM

Hello to all fellow members of Fwrestling!!! The ACF is announcing that currently we are having a Battle Royal on our Weekly Show called Indy Wars at Universal Studios, in Orlando Florida! We still have alot of openings left.

We are offering a chance of a lifetime to outsiders the chance to become the #1 contender for The ACF World Title!!! The winner of the Battle Royal will take on our new champion Brody Hansen at the next PPV called Blood Dance!! All you got to do is go to our Website fill out an Application and your on your way! Anyone from any fed is welcome to come in and sign a contract on the dotted line! Think you got what it takes?

For more information please contact the owner Matt Haas ACF_Wrestling@Hotmail.com

Or just fill out an Application!!!

Sincerely Yours
The ACF Reporter: Thompson Johnson

Link: http://www.stroutpages.com/ACFWrestling.htm

NAL: continuing the advertising epic
Posted by Founder
on March 27 at 5:19 PM

NAL the new fed welcomes its first member Cody Saturn from Lima, Ohio. The cruiserweight has potential in the future. Warped, and molded by unbearable circumstances that he had to undergo. What will be come of this newly acquired talent? Only the future can tell.

NAL is still looking for new wrestlers. We are ready to start production all the legal, and financial precautions have been made. We've been scouting for talent, and once we hire more employees we will be able to start our shows. We’re ready to start wrestling, as wrestling should be. I’m ready to show you the greatest of battles. We’ve done so much work for the future, and promise many things from NAL weekly shows.

Come on down any time you’d like. The building and facilities are always open for new talent, and curios fans alike.

Thanks for keeping updated, and if anybody is interested Resumes are always available.

NAL founder Cliff

Link: http://fwrestling.com/host/nalfounder/

SPW (Smash Pro Wrestling) First Card!
Posted by Owner/Prez-Mr.BIG
on March 27 at 3:27 PM

With the doors finally open, the SPW is set on a path to the top. The first ever Monday Night Smash looks to be a great event. What will be in store for the fresh young talent? A very great and well know staff member VP MFer is also booked to be on Monday Night Smash as well as the Owner/Prez-Mr.BIG... What will they have to say about this great company tune in and find out....

Opening of the SPW

**Promo From Owner/Prez-Mr.BIG**

**Promo From VP Mr.MFer**

**Mid-Card Matches**

T.K. Williams v.s. WRECK

(Flaming Table Match First Round Tournament for SPW World Title. To win you must throw your opponent throw a Flaming table)

Dan "The Wolf" Stanson v.s. "The Extremist" Bob Rocket

(Ambulance Match, First Round Tournament for SPW World Title. To win you must put your opponent in the ambulance any way you can)

Brooke "The Blonde Bomb Shell" and Lightning v.s. Blu and Trina

(#1 contender ship elimination match, The last two in the ring NO MATTER FROM WHAT TEAM OR ANY COMBINATION will fight next week for the woman's title)

Srg. Jorge v.s. "The Badd Ass" Dwayne Stevens

( First Round Tournament For World Title, Mr.Big's Supermarket brawl. Match will be held in a supermarket! No holds bar!)

**Smash MAIN EVENT**

Prodigy v.s. Suicide

(First Round Tournament for World Title, WMD ~Weapons of Mass Destruction match~... Weapons of all kinds, no holds bar)

Link: http://www.smashprowrestling.tk

SPW: Smash Pro Wrestling Opens it's doors!
Posted by Owner/Prez-Mr.BIG
on March 27 at 3:10 PM

The SPW, owned by one of the greatest "fed-heads" around has finally open it's doors to the public. The first card is to be set for Monday and we will see great and upcoming talent in this fed. If you would like to join or just take a look at the SPW (Smash Pro Wrestling) go to www.smashprowrestling.tk

Link: http://www.smashprowrestling.tk

EUWC Announces Plans For Tag Team Title Tournament
Posted by John Shaft
on March 26 at 6:28 PM

The EUWC Board of Directors announced today that their plans for the Tag Team Championship Tournament are in place. The EUWC has announced that the EUWC World Tag Team Championship Tournament will begin on the April 14 edition of Brawl!

The EUWC has announced their plans to start searching for Tag Teams... Therefore anyone interested in apllying to the EUWc as part of a tag team should get in contact with the EUWC Talent Directors at the EUWC Website....

The tournament will culminate at the EUWC Xodus Pay Per View event on April 27, 2003....

Link: http://fwrestling.com/host/euwc

EUWC Needs One More... & Main Frame Hits Syracuse This FRIDAY!
Posted by John Shaft
on March 25 at 9:17 PM

With the EUWC World Title Tournament in its beginning stages, the EUWC regrets to announce that there are only 15 of the 16 available spots occupied. This means that one spot in the tournament remains. The EUWC is on the lookout for talent to sign up for the tournament! The first person to sign up will automatically get into the tournament!

But, to those who do not get their EUWC Try-out in time will be entered into the International Championship Tournament which takes place at EUWC Xodus on April 27, 2003! Act now! The Final Spot in the EUWC World Championship tournament Won't Last Long!

Now to the EUWC Main Frame Preview!

EUWC Main Frame Preview
March 28, 2003
-OnCenter - Syracuse, New York

This Friday the EUWC returns to the OnCenter in Syracuse New York for EUWC Main Frame LIVE on FOX! Last week, Matt pickstock announced that he would bring in a man from Rob Sampson's past to take out Mr. Main Event. This week Pickstock delivers!!!

The EUWC World Heavyweight Championship Tournament continues in the Main Event as the EUWC United States Champion Ryan "The Show" Baker battles Commissioner Matt Pickstock's Mystery Wrestler!

Also this Friday, there will be another EUWC World Heavyweight Championship Tournament Match as "The Sasquatch" Jacob Lawrence goes one on one with the returning Triple T!!! Can Triple T reclaim old glory and make his way back to the EUWC World Championship? Or does Jacob Lawrence have what it takes to take out TTT and begin his journey to what would be his very first EUWC Title?!

Last Monday night, Scott Samson and Sean Taylor fought the team of Nero & Big G and lost when Samson and Taylor couldn't keep their partnership together. The two men have decided to let bygones be bygones and give it one more shot. This week on Main Frame, the rematch takes place as Scott Samson and Sean Taylor meet Nero & Big "G"!

Also this week, the EUWC will see the Debut of a new superstar as "Sadistic Insanity" Damien Payne enters the EUWC! This week Damien Payne will go one on one with "Hot" Kevin Knight! And in another Blockbuster Match-up, Matt Pickstock's protege Samuel Roundtree will do battle with Lord Alucard. Can the United States Number One Contender be able to overcome the Enforcer of Matt Pickstock's Regime?!

Also this Friday, Keith Jackson will be at Main Frame to announce the Final Two Matches in the First Round of the World Championship Tournament to take place on Monday March 31, 2003 at EUWC BRAWL! Tune in Friday for the Results!

Link: http://fwrestling.com/host/euwc

Eternal Returns?
Posted by jax
on March 25 at 10:30 AM

The return of the cancer of ewrestling, Eternalwrestling, the one federation that almost took the world by storm and set the standard anglewise! Check us out today as we are taking applications!

Link: http://eternalwresting.net

NAL: New Age League of Wrestling
Posted by founder
on March 24 at 8:13 PM

Letter from the NAL founder

Hello, when I formed NAL I formed something in the hopes of forming something new, and different. But, to accomplish this goal my fed needs wrestlers. We need talent to fuel this idea into the future. Our goal to build the future ahead of us using the ideas from history that make wrestling great.

We are in construction at the moment signing deals, and contracts, and such. To continue to build, and fund NAL. We need wrestlers, and we need staff. While you join you'll be among the best of the world today. Make you're fame today. Join the newly found NAL. It's a risk worth taking.

Sincerely, Cliff the Fonder of NAL.

Link: http://fwrestling.com/host/nalfounder/

Red Branch: Raid! - Preview
Posted by Eddie Olson
on March 24 at 5:00 PM

Red Branch: World saw two giant clash, as Ziggy Phillips and Hak Andersson had a non-title preview of their match at Black Fool's War. Can Ziggy ever hope to get ahead against Hak?

The last man to sign for the Sun and Hawk Championship Tournaments did so, and the first round will take place on Raid!. The line-up is as follows:

Sun Championship:
Apocalypse vs. Justice Sommers
Masato Whyle vs. King Barry
Roman Standish vs. Lars Michaels
Alex Sutton vs. Rich Cooper

Hawk Championship:
Fury Bullock vs. Calgary Manning
Canadian Leppard vs. Northern Rocket
Big Smalls vs. Kelley Stanley
Will Moore vs. Rocker Finkel

Find out who advances, this Wednesday, only on Red Branch: Raid!

Link: http://fwrestling.com/host/redbranch

wWw pulls major coup, signing Araknis!
Posted by United Press
on March 24 at 4:37 AM

In a major coup, the wWw signed former FATE owner and ring legend Scott Lee, AKA Araknis!
This is a major signing for the wWw and is expected to bring an avalanche of new Talent, as well as the names we all know and love, knocking on the door of the wWw. The signing of the former owner of highly publicised FATE Wrestling is a major event and proves in the eyes of many that the wWw is a true stayer in the field of Pro Wrestling!

To check out the wWw if you haven't already, follow the link!

Link: http://www.fwrestling.com/host/www

3WA Opening Date is confirmed
Posted by Richie Approal Jr
on March 24 at 12:38 AM

The World Wide Wrestling Association has confirmed its official opening date. The date will be March 29th. There will be an event held at Anaheim, California on the 29th.

So far, the 3WA has an active roster of 14 wrestlers. If you are interested in joining, click “Join” and fill out the application form in the link below.

Link: http://3wa.projectefed.com

Indy Wars Lands at Universal Studios Florida
Posted by Thompson Johnson
on March 23 at 2:02 PM

Hey Fwrestling fans!! This is TJ your ACF backstage reporter! The ACF had a press conference and I just recieved the news that The American Continental Federation Weekly Show Indy Wars will be headed to Universal Studios in Orlando Florida!! Some great action will come together at yet another amazing show.

Your new ACF World Champion will have his first World Title defense and just who will be the challenger no one has signed the contract yet to take on Brody Hansen. The ACF will be having their first ever Battle Royal to see who earns the number one contender slot for the World Title!! What an event that's going to be as many many ACF Superstars I'm sure will be involved in that!! Our new Hardcore Champion Tin Kat will defend The ACF Hardcore Title. The Virus takes on Doomsday and many other great matches still yet to be signed but Indy Wars at Universal Studios will be an awesome show!!

That's the latest news and updates for now, for more info please contact the Prez Matt Haas at ACF_Wrestling@Hotmail.com

Till next time I'm your ACF backstage Reporter Thompson Johnson!!!
See ya at Indy Wars!!!

Link: http://www.stroutpages.com/ACFWrestling.htm

ECWA Enters the fray
Posted by President Sommers
on March 23 at 12:35 PM

On March 23rd, 2003 the ECWA (East Coast Wrestling Alliance) signed with Fwrestling.com and became just one of the newest efeds to join. The ECWA has over 4 years of history from the merging of the PWA and W4F federations. As a former part of the incredible AOWF community and now with the WeWA community, the ECWA has seen it's fair share of action. We're still under some construction with the move, but do check us out.

Link: http://fwrestling.com/host/ecwa2003/index.html

Red Branch: World - Preview
Posted by Eddie Olson
on March 23 at 10:17 AM

On Red Branch: Raid! we saw Hak Andersson interfere once again in a Ziggy
Phillips match, costing Ziggy the match once again. But this time Todd
Gellar ran in, to prevent the two-on-one beating of Ziggy. Why did Todd
make the save? Find out on World.

Raid! also saw the debut of two new stars, Buck Naked and Apocalypse, both
winning in impressive style. Apocalypse also showed his ambition, asking
our Commissioner for a World Championship match! Will the Commish allow
it, or might even the champion himself veto the match?

Masato Whyle and Roman Standish were the first two to sign up for the Sun
Championship Tournament. Who else will sign up? And will any more
lightweights sign up for the Hawk Championship Tournament?

Link: http://fwrestling.com/host/redbranch

Damien Priest Returns @ Conquest
Posted by Thompson Johnson ACF Reporter
on March 22 at 6:42 PM

News and Updates and a quick review on The American Continental Federation's Pay-Per-View Conquest!

TJ Here reporting to all of you Fwrestling fans! The American Continental Federation's Pay Per View was extravagant! Nothing but total non stop action all night long! I was backstage and alot of heat was building up for the show! We had some in ring debut's Dizz makes his ACF debut against The Assasin Mark Carter!! We had an amazing match between the debut of the Jay Man!! As he took on Richard 'The System' Gideon!! Jay man became victorious in his ACF debut!

Our own Johnny Galore took on the UEW Legend Dustin Oliver. These two got introduced by the return of 'The Lord of Darkness' Damien Priest!! Priest very well known as the ring leader of the infamous stable formerly known as The Horror Show. The Horror Show well known in The World Wrestling League and was very dominant in the WWL. Priest was also very effective in the main event of The ACF's American Hero Brody Hansen challenging our ACF World Champion Predator!! Brody Hansen defeating the undeafeated Champion in an unbelivable match up!! However The ACF also had another return of the one and the only Derranged! Formerly from the XWF As Derranged also interfered in the main event making an imapct and taking sides with the monster Predator.

Since Derranged made his return to the ring you bet your butt Tiffany was there too! Oh man did she ever put on a show for the whole world to see!! The ACF introduced The Hardcore Title as Tin Kat took on Jason Payne for the Hardcore Title. What a bloody mess this match turned out to be! Not only that what a surprise in the end of the match as Tin Kat becomes the ACF's first Hardcore Champion!! We also had our first Intergender Tag Match with Lady Cryptonite & The Virus going against Doomsday and Helena Night!! That was very entertaining!!

Chris Bradford defended his International Title against Perry Robbin! Bradford retained the Title but what a match it was! The commissioner took matters into his own hands as he stood by he side of Chris Bradford!! But what is the Commissioner going to do about Damien Priest? This man is known for doing the unevitible! He's sick and disgusting! I mean here's a guy who was willing to make human sacrifices in the WWL!! He's inhuman!

Anyhow our next event is Indy Wars and so many superstars have signed on to compete on our next show to earn a shot at the new ACF World Champion Brody Hansen as the ACF has their first Battle Royal for a #1 contender slot! So many things have happened in so little time, you just have to come see for yourself. I cant wait to see the return of Damien Priest!! See you at IndyWars!!

Till next time Im Thompson Johnson reporting to you Fwrestling fans!!!

For more info contact ACF_Wrestling@Hotmail.com

Link: http://www.stroutpages.com/ACFWrestling.htm

EUWC Open Invitation
Posted by John Shaft
on March 22 at 2:43 PM

TORONTO, ONTARIO - Just minutes ago, the Extreme Universal Wrestling Corporation, made an announcement concerning the World Heavyweight Championship Tournament. The Sixteen Man Tournament; which began last night on Main Frame; still has several brackets remaining open. EUWC CEO Keith Jackson then stated that there is now an "Open Invitation to all Independent Superstars who would like to get their chances at the EUWC World Heavyweight Title."

Commissioner Matt Pickstock was quaoted as saying, "We encourage any and all superstars to apply to the EUWC Talent Board so they too can get in the EUWC World Heavyweight Championship Tournament. Plus, we still have the International Championship and Tag Team Titles to award and no announcement has been made of yet as to how we will go about deciding a Champion for those titles. The board is still completely open to new and eciting superstars to join the fray."

The EUWC is in the process of rebuilding their talent pool and wish to have an influx of talent in the coming days and weeks. After a slow start which forced the EUWC to postpone their EUWC Xodus PPV and move it from March 30 to April 27, there is a confident feeling in the Head Office.

Keith Jackson, "We are very confident that the EUWC will rebound from this somewhat slow start. We have a talented roster thus far with Rob Sampson, Ryan Baker, Lord Alucard and countless others, however there is still room for more and we are very confident and hopeful that we will sign some more talent in the coming days. We do have some contracts out which we are waiting the ink on the bottom line... Team Danger (Stephen Greer & Tyrone Walker), Rayne and Damian Payne just to name a few... It looks like the EUWC will make a strong comeback. The next few weeks leading up to Xodus should tell the story.

"We have had two very successful weeks of EUWC programming. Main Frame has been a huge success over the past two weeks and the Bi-Weekly Program EUWC Brawl was also a success. Meanwhile our EUWC Reborn House Show Tour has been selling out crowds and creating a lot of buzz. We hope that this kind of advertisement will assist us in gaining back our audience..."

The EUWC is even taking greater strides as rumors are abound that the EUWC Board of Directors are currently in negotiations with another wrestling organization to have "EUWC exhibition matches" on other wrestling programs, as a form of advertisement. If this were in fact to take place then the EUWC could very well form a partnership and a friendly rivalry that could prove well for both organizations involved in the business relationship.

To apply to or contact the EUWC, please head over to the Official EUWC Website at http://fwrestling.com/host/euwc

Link: http://fwrestling.com/host/euwc

EUWC Backstage Axxess (3/22/03)
Posted by Mark Stratford
on March 22 at 11:20 AM

Hello and welcome to the very first edition of EUWC Backstage Axxess! From time to time, I; Mark Stratford; will take you through the latest on-goings in the EUWC. So sit back relax and enjoy the ride.


This past week the EUWC announced plans to run a Sixteen man Tournament to determine the new EUWC World Heavyweight Champion. Four of the Eight First Round Matches took place last night on Main Frame and from what we understand there are still several spots left in the tournament! The EUWC Board of Directors is still looking for some talent to add to the tournament! So to all those independent superstars out there, send in your applications today by visiting the EUWC Website at http://fwrestling.com/host/euwc


Last night, the EUWC travelled to Albany, New York and the Pepsi Arena for EUWC Main Frame! The EUWC World Heavyweight Championship Tournament kicked off last night as the EUWC fans were treated to four first round matches. Also Commissioner Matt Pickstock responded to the actions of Rob Sampson this past Monday night! For the FULL Results check out the EUWC Website...


The EUWC ReBorn House Show Tour continues on down the line as the EUWC burns a path through New York State! This Monday night, the EUWC returns to Rochester, New York for an awesome night of action! This Monday night EUWC fans can check out their favorite superstars as "Mr. Main Event" Rob Sampson tangles with Samuel Roundtree in a No Disqualification Match in the Main Event! Also appearing will be EUWC United States Champion Ryan "The Show" Baker, Lord Alucard, Neighborhood Sniper, "Reverend" Jakob McLean and MORE! So check them out this Monday night....


Last night, Matt Pickstock, the EUWC Commissioner, threatened Rob Sampson with a man from Sampson's past! Next week on Main Frame, Pickstock is expected to debut this Superstar to battle in the EUWC World Heavyweight Title Tournament. While we have been unable to reach Sampson for comment, we do know that the rivalry between Sampson and Pickstock is far from over and hasn't eaven reached its boiling point yet...


This week's EUWC Superstar of the Week Award is awarded to "Mr. Main Event" Rob Sampson. Sampson despite all odds has been able to gain victories while being constantly shadowed by Commissioner Pickstock. Sampson, who is a former EUWC World Champion, also defeated Samuel Roundtree to advance to the second round of the EUWC World Championship Tournament just last night! Tune in next week for more of this Main Event!


After coming oh so close to winning the EUWC United States Championship on the Marcg 14 edition of Main Frame, Lord Alucard has earned the right to challenge Ryan Baker for the U.S. Title after defeating Kevin Knight last night on Main Frame. Alucard who probably has the best record thus far in the EUWC, will get his United States Title Shot, but the question is when... The EUWC Board of Directors has yet to announce a date for this awesome encounter for the United States Championship! Will Lord Alucard's winning streak roll on through Ryan Baker, or will the Hollywood Star be able to throw down the Challenge of the most successful young talent in the EUWC to date?! Stay tuned....

That's all for this week, next week, we hope to have more EUWC News and Notes as well as we hope to announce some new signings! Take care....

Link: http://fwrestling.com/host/euwc

UWA Update
Posted by UWA Reporter Harry Dread
on March 22 at 4:28 AM

Well, it's been an exciting week in the UWA and no mistake. Several new signings, including The Axeman, and Jake Lansig who made his debut in the UWA last night! And our first card, UWA House Show: Theater of Screams, which featured a number of important developments in the UWA.

Aside from Jake Lansig's arrival, there were titanic matches to get your adrenaline pumping. Including, a Four Corners Match, a tag match with Omen and Kase against Keanu Kray and Makaveli, and a Triple Threat with Chris Crush, Stevie Vertigo, and Jason Hartnell. All these plus four other interesting match-ups.

If you would like to join the UWA, simply fill out an application and we will try to process it as quickly as possible.

That's it for this week!

Link: http://uwa.projectefed.com/

UWA Update
Posted by UWA Reporter Harry Dread
on March 22 at 4:27 AM

Well, it's been an exciting week in the UWA and no mistake. Several new signings, including The Axeman, and Jake Lansig who made his debut in the UWA last night! And our first card, UWA House Show: Theater of Screams, which featured a number of important developments in the UWA.

Aside from Jake Lansig's arrival, there were titanic matches to get your adrenaline pumping. Including, a Four Corners Match, a tag match with Omen and Kase against Keanu Kray and Makaveli, and a Triple Threat with Chris Crush, Stevie Vertigo, and Jason Hartnell. All these plus four other interesting match-ups.

If you would like to join the UWA, simply fill out an application and we will try to process it as quickly as possible.

That's it for this week!

Link: http://uwa.projectefed.com/house.html

MCW Wrestlefest 3 Preview
Posted by Reporter Axl DiMartini
on March 19 at 10:35 AM

With Wrestlefest 3 only 12 days away, here's the confirmed card:

1. Metal Maniac vs. Tony Jackson. Metal Maniac has came back after a couple of weeks off. Now, he wants to show his true pride & beat the 7'4, 425 pound Jackson, who has had a hint of pormise after his matches with Bullet have gone to 25+ minutes. A win for either can send one of them into the Top 10.

2. Hawk vs. Plague vs. Deliverence (Rochester Death Match). Hawk joined up with Scarecrow during 'Crow's match against Plague to form a 'Tweener group that eventually went Heel. Plague wasn't able to respond to the challenge for a Rochester Death Match, but Owner Adams was. He put a mystery man in the match............DELIVERENCE!!!!!! This new rookie is rumored to be a big man, which could prove to be tough for either wrestler to score a pinfall on anyone but themselves. The match is set for a 2-hour limit. Can this go all the way & earn "Match of the Year" nominations??? Or will the new man known as Deliverence poslish them off easily???

3. Bludd vs. Shadow (Barbed Wire Match). Bludd has gone back to being a 'Tweener, & Shadow wants revenge after losing a close match to Kid Montiero a few days ago. In the match that was deemed to "Extreme, even for ECW", these two will show why they are former MCW Hardcore/XXX Champions...& why they deserve to get back to that level, or even higher.

4.Pete Falco vs. Scarecrow (High Incident Scaffold Match). Scarecrow is showing promise turning into a Heel, but Falco claims he is back. Is this the Falco we have been waiting to see since MCW re-formed?????????

5.Black Shogun vs. Kid Montiero (XXX Title). Montiero has claimed his 1st MCW Title, but can he keep Shogun from capturing the Hardcore/XXX Title for a 3rd time????

Main Event: Orange Bullet vs. "Big Money" Jeremy Webber (Xploding Cage Death Match for Universal Title). Both men are undefeated in MCW. Bullet is a former Universal Champion. Webber is the current Champion. Will Bullet finally get back on top, or is Webber going to keep his streak alive??

Link: http://www.fwrestling.com/host/ratt2004

EUWC Brawl Results
Posted by John Shaft
on March 18 at 5:57 PM

After a year and change, EUWC Brawl Returned with a bang last night as the fans turned out in Montreal Quebec. The Bell Centre was packed and waiting in anticipation of the EUWC Superstars to enthrall them all.

In the Main Event, "Mr. Main Event" Rob Sampson took on "Reverend" Jakob McLean in a Grudge Match after what took place on Friday's Main Frame.

Matt Pickstock made his return to the EUWC and had some very interesting things to say. Especially concerning the EUWC World Championship Tournament.

In other action, new United States Champion Ryan "The Show" Baker made his very first title defense against Samuel Roundtree! And the tag team of Nero & Big "G" took on the untested team of Sean Taylor and Scott Samson.

All that and MUCH More. Check out the website for FULL Results...

*NOTE*: The EUWC is still open to Applications. And There is Still Time To Get In On The EUWC World Championship Tournament! Send in those Apps TODAY!!!!

Link: http://fwrestling.com/host/euwc

RaGE: Two Week Recap!
Posted by RaGE Inside Reporter
on March 15 at 6:31 PM

Real and Graphic Entertainment: Two Week Recap!

Just two weeks ago Real and Graphic Entertainment debuted. The company that owns two wrestling promotions, Version Two and No Boundaries, kicked off with quite a bang on March 1. Despite a few problems encountered by the company in the first week, things have been slowly smoothed out since.

The only major change in the company occured last week when the Fox Network decided to move No Boundaries Relentless from Monday night to Wednesday night. The show had to be written differently, a few changes made, but for the most part everything went according to plan. It now appears that No Boundaries Relentless could be taped on Monday nights for the remainder of March and partially in April. Tickets were sold and the venues have been booked around other events as well, so no changes can happen at this point.

Between both promotions, business has been doing decent to say the least. Despite Version Two firing a couple of wrestlers in the first two weeks, things have steadied themselves in a little bit. Some small, yet rising, talent has been picked up by the company and Version Two is doing a good job with them and seem to be pleased with most of the roster. A few minor interactions backstage have resulted in heated arguments, yet no real fights or problems are to be reported. Most things are just from either misinterpretations or miscommunications as everyone backstage tries to get to know the other.

On the No Boundaries front, the departure of the head writer for the company, Jason Chae, shocked the company when he asked last Wednesday to be relieved of his position. It came as a shock yet the RaGE Owner Tom Mason says: "Jason's situation was a bad one. He thought he could handle the position, and from his previous qualifications he could. Mentally he just was not prepared for the duties he would have to take. I believe he underestimated the role he was playing in the company."

Currently, No Boundaries has begun a search to find another management member to take Jason Chae's spot. At this time, Tom Mason has been filling in, doing most of the booking and the writing for No Boundaries. This week he stepped up and took over command as No Boundaries Relentless Two ended up being one of the more prominent shows for the night. It certainly pleased the company and Mason himself was satisfied, only saying "[we] will improve in the future given the time."

Two shows from each promotion have aired, with another one from Version Two coming tonight on Fox. The fact that Version Two encompasses a three hour slot on Fox every Saturday night benefits them to provide a lot of action and a variety of faces to the television. As the promotion grows and more wrestlers are hired, Version Two's weekend show could be a very high point of television on the weekend. While on the other side of the fence, No Boundaries Relentless airs every Wednesday, midway through the week for two hours. Though not being as long as its rival, No Boundaries allows wrestling fans to really enjoy a lot of action and interesting twists and turns each week. The interesting stories presented and developed each week really hook those watching right into the show.

Each promotion has its own strong point, and they probably have their own weak point as well. But the company of Real and Graphic Entertainment tries its best not to let anyone see the weaknesses it has. The only exception being the un-completed website, which RaGE promises to keep working on and adding more and more to. When completed, the site should run like a great link to some of the most important information on RaGE and the current wrestling world itself. This weekend RaGE has said it will start making the updates which will come probably every few days for the next month or so, until the site is completed.

To check out RaGE for more on Version Two and No Boundaries, visit the website linked below this article. Be sure to give your feedback on the company's progress and tell them what you like and do not like from them.

Link: http://rage.projectefed.com

WFW signs Old School Champion
Posted by Paul Miller
on March 15 at 4:45 PM

World's Finest Wrestling is proud to announce the signing of a former CSWA USN Champion and oldtime NGEN wrestler, "The Viewer's Choice" Scotty Michaels. Scotty Michaels will make his debut in the Vox Hiberionacum (Luck of the Irish) Battle Royal, competing for the very first title shot against the new WFW World Heavyweight Champion.

EUWC BRAWL Returns Monday!
Posted by John Shaft
on March 15 at 12:04 PM

EUWC BRAWL Preview (March 17, 2003)
This Monday Night the EUWC returns to the Bell Centre in Montreal Quebec for EUWC BRAWL LIVE!

On Main Frame, Keith Jackson named Matt Pickstock as the new Commissioner. Pickstock is a surprising announcement considering his history with Rob Sampson. This Monday Matt Pickstock will be in Montreal! Pickstock has already announced a few matches for Brawl on Monday Night...

After what happened on Main Frame when Jakob McLean attacked Neighborhood Sniper and Rob Sampson, costing Sampson the match... Pickstock has ordered that "Reverend" Jakob McLean go one on one with "Mr. Main Event" Rob Sampson!

There was a new EUWC United States Champion crowned on Friday Night... This Monday Ryan "The Show" Baker will defend his United States Title in a match with Samuel Roundtree!

Also in action this Monday Night, the team of Nero & Big"G" will be in action to tangle with the team of Scott Samson and Sean Taylor. Taylor & Samson have never teamed up before... Can they pull things together for a great victory Monday Night?!

In two more HUGE Matches this Monday Night, "Hot" Kevin Knight will make his EUWC Debut against "The Sasquatch" Jacob Lawrence... And Neighborhood Sniper will be in one on one action as he tangles with Lord Alucard!

All this and MUCH More this Monday Night!

Link: http://fwrestling.com/host/euwc

EUWC Main Frame Results - New Champion, New Commish!
Posted by John Shaft
on March 15 at 11:25 AM

Last night, the EUWC returned to FOX Television with EUWC Main Frame and what a huge night it was... The Corel Centre in Ottawa was jam-packed and the fans were buzzing.

The biggest surprise of the night came when Keith Jackson named the new Commisioner. After competing with him for sole ownership of the company, Jackson named Matt Pickstock the new Commissioner. Pickstock was not in attendance at Main Frame but was said to be headed to Brawl this Monday Night in Montreal.

Keith Jackson announced that the EUWC United States Championship would be awarded on Main Frame. He said that the winners of all four singles matches would battle it out for the United States Title in a Four Way Elimination Match at the end of the show.

So in Singles Action, we saw Sean Taylor defeat Jacob Lawrence, Lord Alucard over "Judge" Blake Law and then Ryan "The Show" Baker defeated Scott Samson. In the final singles match, "Mr. Main Event" Rob Sampson returned to the EUWC to take on Neighborhood Sniper. The match was going back and forth until "Reverend" Jakob McLean attacked both men and knocked them out with a collection plate. McLean left through the crowd as Sniper was the first to stir.. Sniper got the easy victory.

In the Main Event Four Men Battled for the United States Title. Taylor was eliminated first when Lord Alucard made him submit to the Walls of Jericho. Taylor refused to leave and knocked Alucard out with a steel chair, allowing Sniper to pin Alucard. This left Baker and Sniper. The two battled back and forth until finally Ryan Baker was able to hit Sniper with the Emerald Fusion off the top rope for the victory. Ryan Baker was awarded the EUWC United States Championship.

In other action, Nero & Big "G" defeated Samuel Roundtree and Jakob McLean when McLean accidentally hit Roundtree. Roundtree was infuriated by this and powerbombed McLean so Nero and Big "G" could get the victory.

To read the full results head over to the EUWC Website.

Link: http://fwrestling.com/host/euwc

360°WE Radio Tonight! 11:15 PM
Posted by 360°WE News
on March 14 at 1:40 AM

360°WE Radio Tonight: 11:15 PM EST

"We have major announcements to make... Not only involving 360°WE, but many other organizations, as well" said Matt Mitchell in a recent interview promoting his first radio show in over eight months, "We're collaborating with other organizations, and also issuing challenges to other federations involved with PTC and the entire eWrestling world at the same time."

Sources close to Matt Mitchell say that he's definately got news for tonight's Radio cast, scheduled to start at 11:15 PM EST at http://www.fancast.com. It is the radio show before Saturday Night's Black Saturday, 360°WE's first event in over 9 months.

"360°WE's radio show will affect everyone tomorrow" added Joe Beck, 360°WE owner. "It's definately nothing to scoff at... I suggest you all tune in."


Link: http://www.360wrestling.tk

MCW Friday Fire #5: J-Webb wins
Posted by MCW Owner Adams
on March 13 at 11:06 AM

MCW Owner Adams reporting from Farmington, NY with the results of MCW Fire

The night started out with Pete Falco being seen walking into the MCW Arena. When asked for an interview, he stormed away leaving us wondering what was going to happen.

1. Scarecrow defeated Plague by countout at 6:31 when Hawk interfered. The match was going smoothly for Plague, until Hawk gave him a Last Ride 99 off of the turnbuckle & caused him to lose.

After the match, Scarecrow then informed us of his alliance with Hawk. Hawk then spoke on how he has got a match at Wrestlefest 3 with Plague. Rochester Death Match style I might add.

2. Kid Montiero pinned The Shadow in 29:00 after a Montiero Meltdown to win the MCW XXX Title. This battle went back-&-forth for a while until Montiero gained the upper-hand & won his 1st MCW Title.

3. Orange Bullet beat Tony Jackson in 37:22 after a submission hold. Jackson proved to be too easy of a challenge for the much-shorter, much-lighter Bullet.

After this match, Jackson extended his hand to Bullet & the Orange one accepted it.

Main Event (Hell in a Cell): "Big Money" Jeremy Webber pinned Pete Falco after a Playa' Hata' at 24:38 to retain the Universal Title. This match proved to be both bloody & exciting as Falco came close to winning, but fell on the short end of the stick yet again.

As the show went off the air, we saw Scarecrow come out once again & harass Falco. This caused J-Webb to attack 'Crow & allow Falco to give him a Golden Trap. Falco then stated that at the PPV, the Falco of old was going to return more focused & determined than ever.

The most mysterious occurence came after the words "I am coming" showed up on the MCW MayhemTron screen. What does this mean???? We will find out soon enough.........the next show is Wrestlefest 3 on March 31st!!!!

Link: http://www.fwrestling.com/host/ratt2004

EUWC Primed For Main Frame!
Posted by John Shaft
on March 12 at 6:28 PM

This Friday night the EUWC returns to television on FOX! This Friday Night, Main Frame makes its way to TV!

Keith Jackson announced last night at a house show that a championship would be awarded on Main Frame. Which title will be awarded? And even more, what match will the title be on the line in? Tune in Friday to find out.

In the main event, two former EUWC World Champions will collide when Neighborhood Sniper goes one on one with the last man to hold the EUWC World Title, "Mr. Main Event" Rob Sampson! Will Sampson make a triumphant return to the EUWC? Or will his opponent snipe him in his tracks?

In other action,...

- Nero & Big G vs Samuel Roundtree & Jakob McLean

- "The Sasquatch" Jacob Lawrence vs Sean Taylor

- Lord Alucard vs "Judge" Blake Law

- Scott Samson vs "The Show" Ryan Baker

This all takes place this Friday night LIVE from the Corel Centre in Ottawa Ontario and only on FOX!

Link: http://fwrestling.com/host/euwc

360° Wrestling Prepares for Black Saturday
Posted by 360°WE News
on March 11 at 11:57 PM

360°WE's Black Saturday Will Change Lives...

In an interview with eWrestle Online today, Joe Beck, 360°WE's owner, promised the world that 360° Wrestling Entertainment will never be the same after Saturday Night's Black Saturday, their first live event in over eight months.

"Believe me, after the whirlwind of attention that we've gotten thusfar about our reopening, we've definately got an action packed night planned. Free Agents will be signed and introduced, matches will turn out ways that you'd never expect, and we've even got a twist. That's right, Joe Millionaire has nothing on 360° Wrestling" Beck said. "We've even got a few superstars returning, and we haven't let the secret out yet."

En leiu of Black Saturday, 360° Wrestling Entertainment is holding it's first Radio Show in 8 months on Friday Night, at 11:15 PM Eastern. Matt Mitchell will be your host, and the range of topics to be covered will be broad, and include other federations, and eWrestling organizations, as a whole. You need to tune in! It will be held at http://www.FanCast.com!

To view the star studded Black Saturday card, Click Here.

Link: http://www.360wrestling.tk

EUWC Reborn Tour House Show Report (Mar 12, 03)
Posted by John Shaft
on March 11 at 10:28 PM

EUWC Reborn Tour
(March 11, 2003)
Kingston, Ontario


House Show Report
By John Shaft

The Memorial Centre was packed (as much as it could be) as the EUWC made its return! The fans were buzzing with anticipation, waiting for their opportunity to see the EUWC's future. And when EUWC Ring Announcer Rick Anderson walked to the ring the fans cheered as they knew the show was not too far away. Before Anderson could get under-way, the fans were treated to this....

[Those in attendance at the memorial centre in Kingston, Ontario are buzzing in anticipation at the first event since the reopening of the EUWC. The `tron buzzes to life, and "know your enemy" by Rage against the machine starts while an EUWC logo rotates on the screen. After a moment, when the `tron has the audience's full attention, the music trails off and a man's face appears where the logo was a second before. He has a squarish face, a set jaw and close cropped blond hair.]

Scott Samson: Something new has started here, in this arena in Kingston, Ontario. All of you here, in attendance tonight, are the first to witness the new EUWC. This special, untelevised event is the start of a brave new world for the EUWC. This friday night at 8:00 PM we will bring the new EUWC to the world on the FOX Network. So while you are here tonight, watch for the cream that will one day rise to the top, and when that day comes you will be able to say "I was there, I saw it, when it all began....

[After an intense, silent moment, the `tron blinks back into darkness. The houselights start to dim until the arena is completely dark, The audience in attendance beings to buzz in anticipation. Suddenly sparks begin to shower from above the entranceway, dimly illuminating and bouncing of the silhouette of a man, standing with his arms at his sides, looking down at his feet. The instant he raises his head, an explosion echoes like thunder as red pyro explodes down the walkway in incremental bursts. At this time "Know your enemy" by Rage against the machine starts playing over the house speakers. The houselights come back up slowly, and Scott Samson walks down the walkway to the ring as the music plays.]

Match #1
Scott Samson vs "The Show" Ryan Baker

A great opening matchup saw the Hollywood Superstar Ryan Baker take on Scott Samson, the amateur wrestler gone pro. Samson embarrassed Baker with some mat-wrestling techiniqeus that had the fans chanting "Old School" in unison. Baker was upset by all of Samson's antics and soon turned the pace around in his favor when he levelled Samson with a faceplantthat knocked Samson for a loop. Baker used his power on Samson, striking him with Powerbombs and neckbreakers to take out the amateur. But Samson got the win when he was able to take down Baker and apply the Albuquerque Crab. But Baker made it to the ropes... While he was reovering, Samson hit Baker with the Southern Sunset for the three count. The fans were completely in to this match and it was a great opener.

Winner: Scott Samson

Match #2
Sean Taylor vs Nero

Taylor and Nero went toe to toe and the fans were comp[letely into this one.... At one point Nero got his feet on the ropes to claim the victory... However Taylor got the mic and told the ref that the EUWC Rulebook states that a man cannot gain a victory by placing his feet on the ropes for leverage and the ref that the match continue. Taylor then tore into Nero but Nero was able to take back over and was able to get the victory with the Buzz-Cutter. Taylor complained to the ref as Nero mocked him....

Winner: Nero

Keith Jackson Interview

(The lights went down and the EUWC fans were treated to "Man of Steel" by Our Lady Peace blaring over the house speakers as Keith Jackson made his way to the ring.)

Keith: Welcome everyone to the Extreme Universal Wrestling Corporation. My name is Keith Jackson and I am your President. Tonight I will cut right to the chase as I have several big announcements to make. The first of which is to tell you that the EUWC PPV Xodus will be moved from March 30 and will air on April 27 instead. The EUWC apologizes for any iconvenience and promises to deliver an awesome show.

Secondly,... I must tell you what was said when I called the EUWC Board of Directors the other day. I have signed one of the greatest EUWC Superstars to a contract with this company. This man took the EUWC by storm and was able to dominate in a way that I never thought possible. Of course the man I am talking about is the last man to ever hold the EUWC World Championship... And that man is "Mr. Main Event" Rob Sampson! And this Friday Night on Main Frame, Sampson will make his return to television. I have booked an awesome match for him this Friday... He will fight the only other former EUWC World Champion on the EUWC Roster. Rob Sampson will meet Neighborhood Sniper one on one!

My final announcement is this. This Friday the EUWC will debut on FOX Television with EUWC Main Frame. And I have the whole card lined up and ready to go.... This Friday Night in addition to Rob Sampson vs Neighborhood Sniper, the EUWC will crown its very first Champion. I am not going to tell you which title will be on the line this Friday, but I can tell you that thre will be a title awarded. The full card will be announced tomorrow.... However the match I have planned will not be... that will be kept a surprise until Friday Night... I don't even know who will be involved yet... So everyone at this point still has a chance to get in on this title bout....

Finally, I would like to thabk all of you for being here tonight and the EUWC appreciates your support. Thank you.

(Keith Jackson leaves the ring to an arena full of cheers.)

Match #3
Big "G" vs Samuel Roundtree

Nice pace with these two, it was mostly double teaming action on Roundtree with Nero helping Big G, Sean Taylor then comes out and nails Nero, then pushes Big G off the top rope to be kicked by Roundtree and fall into the Dragon Sleeper for the victory. However, Roundtree held onto the hold after the bell and the referee couldn't get him to break it so the ref reversed the decision in favor of Big G.

Winner: Big G


Match #4
Hardcore Rules
Lord Alucard vs "Reverend" Jakob McLean

These two put on an excellent match - although it wasn't very hardcore. I think I saw more wristlocks and arm bars in this bout than in any other hardcore match in recent history. I think this has been pretty much the cookie-cutter finish for all the house show hardcore title matches - McLean hits Alucard with a cookie sheet, but Alucard kicked out. Alucard fights back and hits the TKO and wins the match.

Winner: Lord Alucard

Between these matches, Rick Anderson plugs this Friday's Main Frame. He mentions again that two former EUWC World Champions collide when Neighborhood Sniper meets "Mr. Main Event" Rob Sampson. He also says that the first title will be awarded in the EUWC this Friday.

Match #5
Neighborhood Sniper vs "The Sasquatch" Jacob Lawrence

The Sasquatch puts up an unexpectedly strong offense, rivaling that of former EUWC Superstar Triple T against the massive Sniper. Sniper uses his power to single handedly stop Lawrence's momentum but Lawrence fights back with low blows (after distracting the referee first). Lawrence eventually targets the back and takes Sniper to school. However, before the Great White North can be applied, Lawrence gets distracted by some fans in the crowd. The distraction is only momentary but it allows Sniper to hit the Sniper Shot to pick up the win.

Winner: Neighborhood Sniper

Match #6
10 Man Battle Royale
Nero, Big "G", "The Show" Ryan Baker, Lord Alucard, "Reverend" Jakob McLean, Scott Samson, Neighborhood Sniper, "The Sasquatch" Jacob Lawrence, Samuel Roundtree, and Sean Taylor

The Battle Royale saw all hell break loose. The EUWC Superstars went at at it full tilt and the eliminations went like this....

1. Samuel Roundtree by Ryan Baker
2. Big G by Sean Taylor
3. Jakob McLean by Baker
4. Taylor by Lawrence
5. Sniper by Samson
6. Nero by Alucard
7. Lawrence by Samson
8. Baker by Alucard

The final two were Lord Alucard and Scott Samson. The two men went at it hard and fast but when Samson tried a top rope cross body block, Alucard was able to catch Samson and dump him over the top rope. Lord Alucard was announced as the winner of the Battle Royale as he stood tall at the end of the EUWC ReBorn Tour House Show.

Winner: Lord Alucard

1. Keith Jackson
2. Neighborhood Sniper
3. Scott Samson

1. Samuel Roundtree
2. Lord Alucard
3. Sean Taylor

Link: http://fwrestling.com/host/euwc

EUWC Makes HUGE Announcement
Posted by John Shaft
on March 10 at 6:55 PM

TORONTO, ONTARIO - This morning around 10:00 a.m EST the EUWC Board of Directors met with several lawyers for the company to decide who would be the EUWC's New President. This comes after almost a year of controversy when former President and CEO Matt Pickstock sold half the company to the NWA.

Shortly after doing so, the NWA decided to close the doors on their newest acquisition which had been renamed NWA Ontario. Soon after, the NWA sold the EUWC to Keith Jackson. When Jackson tried to jump-start the EUWC again, Matt Pickstock was nowhere to be found. Sources say that Pickstock had been completely destroyed after the NWA shut down production on NWA Ontario. It was then that Keith Jackson started to petition to get 100% Ownership of the EUWC.

After four months, Matt Pickstock returned from obscurity to reclaim his company and restart it. He returned to find Jackson trying to do the exact same thing. Jackson and Pickstock, refusing to work together brought their issue to the EUWC Board of Directors. And after months of battling over the rights to the company the Board; knowing they were close to a decision; decided to release the announcement that the EUWC would indeed reopen.

With the EUWC set to run their first house show tomorrow night LIVE from Kingston Ontario, the Board of Directors met today for their vote. The vote would have to be unanimous to give one man power over the other. And after hours of deliberations, the EUWC Board of Directors has released their decision. EUWC Board Member Mark Stratford was the man to release the news that the new EUWC President was named as Keith Jackson.

When asked what swayed the Board to Jackson, Stratford responded with the following, "Well at about 5:30 p.m. EST the Board received a phone call from Keith himself. While we cannot tell you what was said in the phone conversation, we can tell you that the result of what was said is what swayed us in favor of Keith over Matt. I can also tell you that the EUWC Fans will be let in on what was discovered by the EUWC Board of Directors tomorrow night at the EUWC Re-Born Tour House Show in Kingston Ontario. Keith Jackson will be in Kingston tomorrow to make a special announcement and there he will reveal what was said on the telephone here today."

With that said, EUWC fans and superstars alike cannot wait until tomorrow night's House Show to find out what the big news is. For those of you with inquiring minds, the EUWC has released the card for tomorrow night's House Show. You will find it below....

The EUWC is still accepting applications for the full time roster and their website can be found at Fwrestling.com

EUWC Reborn Tour
(March 11, 2003)
Kingston, Ontario

Match #1
Scott Samson vs "The Show" Ryan Baker

Match #2
Sean Taylor vs Nero

Match #3
Big "G" vs Samuel Roundtree

Match #4
Hardcore Rules
Lord Alucard vs "Reverend" Jakob McLean

Match #5
Neighborhood Sniper vs "The Sasquatch" Jacob Lawrence

Match #6
10 Man Battle Royale
Nero, Big "G", "The Show" Ryan Baker, Lord Alucard, "Reverend" Jakob McLean, Scott Samson, Neighborhood Sniper, "The Sasquatch" Jacob Lawrence, Samuel Roundtree, and Sean Taylor

Link: http://fwrestling.com/host/euwc

A New Spectacular ACF Website!!
Posted by By our reporter Tom Johnson
on March 10 at 8:05 AM

This is to anyone who is a member of Fwrestling. I have some great news to announce that there is a new ACF website in the works and it's halfway complete. Stage one is done and along with this email is the URL you'll see on the bottom of this report. The features you'll see within our website are animated gif's, and music files you can click on without having to download them. They will be music files of the ACF's roster's entrance music. All you do is click and whether you have Windows Media Player, or Real Player you'll be able to hear them without downloading them.

The New ACF website offers an extensive Biography section dedicated to each of their members. We'll also have a Champions section with actual photos of our own title's. Eventually we'll also have a 2nd website which will pitch and focus mainly on whats going on inside the Rp Boards. The 2nd site will also have a stor where you can purchase merchandise such as T-Shirts, and Hats. You'll also be able to create what your Wrestler may look like in real life with a web designer program.

These websites are still not completed but are up and running, several pages of both websites do work. Such as the Music section, Bio section, Title section and a link to the Rp Boards. I ask that whoever reads this bit of news to come check us out, we are still searching for some new talent and if you think your interested please fill out an Application on our Rp Boards in the Press Release Forum, there you will also see the Bio's thread. That's all the news I have for now, catch you next time when the Conquest report is out soon!

For more information please contact the President, Matt Haas, and my email addy is ACF_Wrestling@Hotmail.com

Sincerely Yours
The ACF Reporter
Thompson Johnson

Link: http://www.stroutpages.com/ACFWrestling.htm

EUWC Expected To Make Several Huge Announcements....
Posted by John Shaft
on March 8 at 2:01 PM

TORONTO, ONTARIO - The EUWC is expected to make several huge announcements before the weekend comes to a close. The EUWC announced today that before the weekend is out they will announce who will take the two positions in the Front Office. Both the President and the Commissioner for the EUWC will be announced sometime this weekend.

But that is not all. The EUWC has said that they will announce the date for their first Main Frame card sometime this weekend. And the new Commissioner is expected to announce several matches for that blockbuster card.

EUWC Executive Matt Clancey, "Time is winding down and we are all very excited. This weekends announcements will definitely shed some light on the EUWC and its inner workings, as well as the direction that we are planning to take in the next several weeks."

On top of those blockbuster announcements, the EUWC has just released a statement saying that they have indeed signed one more man to the talent pool in the form of Ryan "The Show" Baker. The talented Ryan Baker makes his EUWC Debut straight from the sets of Hollywood. Baker is said to be confident that he will rule the wrestling and television industries.

So that makes ten superstars that have signed to EUWC contracts. In the next few days expect more talent to sign on as time is running out for superstars to get their names on the first card and more importantly, their shot in the EUWC World Heavyweight Championship Tournament.

To contact the EUWC check out their brand new site at Fwrestling.com

Link: http://fwrestling.com/host/euwc

ICW Signs Shock Commissioner!!
Posted by David Lloyd
on March 8 at 9:00 AM


Today we heard the groundbreaking news from ICW CEO Jackson Brown, that they have signed a commissioner.

It came to a great suprise when the commissioner was none other than former GDW legend, Crasher.

Crasher said "I am happy to have the opportunity to go from wrestling to being a commissioner......I can't wait to see what my future here in ICW is like, and it will be good to develop the future wrestlers of my former stomping grounds GDW as well as GWA."

GDW Owners Matt Alan and Dan Herrera have yet to send anyone to ICW, neither had GWA CEO Joey Falcone, but the federation is still said to be under development and will be running soon.

Jackson Brown has his hands full with the job of getting the quality wrestlers that both Global Division of Wrestling and Global Wrestling Alliance need. But he said "I am ready for the task at hand". Well we cant wait to see the stars of ICW becoming future stars of GDW and GWA.

Thats all for now folks, i will keep an eye on ICW and update you all with news on the new promising fed.

David Lloyd
(E-Fed Insider)

Link: http://www.geeksoft.net/gin/gfed2/gfed.cgi?lid=14854&sec=welcome

ICW Recruiting Wrestlers
Posted by David Lloyd
on March 7 at 6:44 PM

Hey all, this is Jackson Brown here, CEO of ICW. At the moment my federation has just been made and we lack talent. But we do have the facility to recieve wrestlers from top ten promotions Global Division of Wrestling and Global Wrestling Alliance.

We put on 3 shows a week. Monday, Thursday and Saturday. We also a run a monthly ppv. At the moment we want to have writers for the Monday Show, and a writer for Thursday, and we will sim the results using zeus for saturday. Unless we find three wirters. Then all shows will be written. With the PPV, the owner, comish and writers will all chip in to help write the PPV.

So we currently need writers, and their is a possibility you could be signed to GWA or GDW as a writer. So why not check out ICW.


We need your help.


Jackson Brown - CEO of ICW

Link: http://www.geeksoft.net/gin/gfed2/gfed.cgi?lid=14854

EUWC Signs Five More....
Posted by John Shaft
on March 7 at 4:55 PM

TORONTO, ONTARIO - The Extreme Universal Wrestling Corporation is proud to announce that they have signed five more superstars in the last few days. This means that the EUWC will edge closer and closer to their debut card.

In addition to Samuel Roundtree, Scott Samson, Neighborhood Sniper and Jacob Lawrence, the EUWC is proud to welcome Sean Taylor, "Reverend" Jakob McLean, Big G, Nero and Lord Alucard. These five will definitely make exciting additions to the EUWC Roster.

Only one of the five men have actually been in the EUWC before. "Reverend" Jakob McLean makes his return to the EUWC. This former multi-time EUWC Hardcore Champion brings a whole new set of rules to the rings of the EUWC.

Meanwhile, talent scouts are looking forward to the debuts of Lord Alucard, Big G, Nero and Sean Taylor. These four have impressed the scouts to a degree that was never to have been believed.

EUWC Executive Matt Clancey, "We are proud to announce that these five men will be joining the ranks of the EUWC. That brings the roster up to nine so far. The EUWC Board of Directors has stated that once we sign a total of 12 wrestlers, we can start running shows. So things look good for us to start soon. We still have some negotiations going on with Independant Superstar Rayne, former EUWC Stars, Marshall Snow, Virus and "The Russian Bear" Dan Sokolov. We have had several conversations with EUWC Hall of Famer STEALTH, who is currently enjoying his retirement. We do hope though to lure STEALTH back to the house he built for one last run."

Over the next few days, expect more top caliber superstars to sign on with the EUWC. Some rumors are circulating that former EUWC World Champion Buck Naked couldnt come to terms on a contract in the EUWC and now is looking elsewhere, but EUWC Executive Keith Jackson had other ideas...

"Well, we have talked with Buck and we have yet to reach an agreement. I know he has labelled himself a free agent but we at the EUWC believe this is just a bargaining ploy. In the next week, we will be aggressively negotiating with Buck among other superstars who may join us. We do hope that Buck signs with us as we would love to have him back."

The EUWC Talent Department is still accepting applications for their full roster. To contact them check out their site at FWrestling.com

Link: http://fwrestling.com/host/euwc

UFA - The Styles Files - 2nd Edition - Weekly Review
Posted by "Slick" Rick Styles
on March 7 at 2:13 PM

The Style's Files

March 7th 2003 - Welcome once again to the weekly wrap up column for the UnderGround Fighting Alliance. Wow what a week it has been and what a week it will be. The company has changed dramatically since my last column and in this case change is a very good thing. We have gone from employing around 8 stars to now boosting an impressive 20 man roster. 20 may sound small but the talent we have recently obtained is everything but. At this time we have ran two very impressive house shows. Our first ever show was a complete success. Even though some of our guys were basically unknown they really stole the show. The house show that just finished tonight was also a very successful endeavor. This house show not only provided a forum for our wrestlers to showcase their skills it also left everyone in Terre Haute, Indiana with a deep cliff hanger related to Sunday's Impulse debut. This mystery man that seems to have the number of many of UFA's stars is really catching my eye. The rumor that he has ties with commentator Andy Hartley also makes for some interesting scenarios. You see, Andy Hartley is a conniving, evil individual and anyone associated with him is undoubtedly the same. Me and Andy go way back. Back to a little company known exclusively as VPW. Andy was not only the disease that the fading VPW suffered from he was the man that drove the final dagger in the heart of a failing company. I could continue my rant about the kind of man Andy Hartley is but I think you pretty much got the point. Right now I'm going to give a run down on the biggest headlines of the week.

The Forming of Death N Dismemberment
- This formation is absolute terror for all of UFA's competitors. 13 and Assasin by themselves are two highly touted combatants and this duo is a direct impact to the Tag Team Titles.

The Formation of Darkness
- As if Death N' Dismemberment wasn't enough Pete Falco had to create this triangle of terror. These three men are together for only one reason and that is to cause chaos within UFA. I guarantee that if we do not find a savior that they can and will get the job done.

Ribby's Dark Angel
- Theirs not much I can say here just the fact that this women has completely changed the Ribby we met when he first arrived here in UFA. Ribby has done nothing this past week but speculate and ponder the arrival of this women. Does she spell disaster for Ribby? Hopefully Impulse will have the answers.

The Mystery Man
- What more can be said about this guy? Not much because a lot of questions have been left un answered as of now. Signs point to him being the reason our last House Show's main event was cut short. This man has made an immediate impact here in UFA and we still haven't even heard his name or his reasons for destruction. Impulse could hold the answers...Then again it may not.

House Show #1
- Our first house show really set the foundation for our events. Our guys showed why they deserve the main stream spotlight and really helped add to the fan base we were already obtaining. Also Anton really showed why he deserves to be in the main event scene. Even if he is a little different then the rest of our roster.

House Show #2
- Even though it was just a house show, tonight's event really set the mood for Sunday's Impulse. The debut of superstar Double D was a major plus for our company. The controversial ending undoubtedly left everyone waiting impatiently for Impulse.

All in all I probably missed a lot of important events, but the ones mentioned above are what I feel to be the key headlines of the week. The events above will without a doubt change UFA. Before I close I'd just like to congratulate all the guys in the back for their exciting promo's and intense efforts on making UFA the premier company in Sports Entertainment.

Until Next Week...

"Slick" Rick Styles

Link: http://fwrestling.com/host/ufa/entrance.html

Former EUWC Champ makes shocking announcement
Posted by Mohamed Hussain
on March 7 at 1:15 PM

St. Catharines, Ontario, Canada

Friday March 7, 2003

Good evening ladies and gentlemen, my name is Mohamed Hussain and I come to you tonight on behalf of former EUWC World Heavyweight Champion Buck Naked.

Due to an inability to re-negotiate his contract with the EUWC, Buck Naked is officially declaring himself a free agent. Since the EUWC went on hiatus in June 2002, Buck has spent a lot of time dealing with personal issues including a what some people refer to as a slightly over active sex drive. After several months in a rehab center, and training himself down to a rock hard 290 lbs, Buck contacted EUWC President KMA Jackson in an attemp to work out a new contract.

After weeks of negotiations, Buck decided that there was nothing left for him to do in the EUWC, which in turn brings us to today.

As his offical management, I am hereby offering his services to anyone who wishes to bring a little more star power to their roster. Buck is a former two-time EUWC Heavyweight Champ, two-time AIWO Heavyweight Champ, MAW world heavweight and tag-team champion. He has held titles all over North America and dazzled fans with some of the more-innovative moves possible for a man 6'8'' tall and weighing 290 lbs.

Anyone who may be interested in contacting Buck can reach him by e-mailing me at hussainmohamed@hotmail.com

That will be all for now and I hope we can do business in the future.

Link: geocities.com/euwc

UWA - Opens for Business!
Posted by UWA Promoter Harry Dread
on March 7 at 11:20 AM

Do you seek the thrill of danger?
The rush of adrenaline?
The joy of beating your opponent to a bloody pulp and dancing on his rotting remains?
Oh wait, scratch that last one.

If this sounds like you, then you should consider the United Wrestling Alliance. The UWA recently opened and is currently looking for fresh talent to add to its roster.

Although we are yet to secure an interview with UWA founder Omen, we have spoken to some superstars on the UWA's evergrowing roster and they assure us that this is something very special indeed.

The UWA's first weekly card InVasion will air on the 2nd of April and they promise something truly exciting. It will be the start of a Cruiser Weight Title Tournament which will continue over three weeks! And this is just the beginning.

The UWA is hiring staff and wrestlers, so sign up now by e-mailing uwa@projectefed.com (for staff positions) or signing up online (for wrestling positions) at uwa.projectefed.com!

Do it now!

Link: http://uwa.projectefed.com

RS News
Posted by Media Director
on March 6 at 4:51 PM


With the WWI PPV just around the corner, there has been much speculation as to what the full card will be. There was an underwhelming response to War Games (a five round event that pits each fed’s best wrestlers against each other to find out which fed is tops in RS), so RS officials have decided to scrap the idea for the time being. Instead WWI has been shortened to a one hour PPV that will air full coverage of the semi-finals and finals of the Holy Grail Tournament.

The PPV will air Saturday March 15th and will be hosted by the X-Com staff members here at RS. Cellrock and Munny McMahon will be doing the guest commentary, while Fabelecio and Gus Theo will be conducting interviews and introductions. There is also rumored to be a ‘State of the Union’ address of sorts by Revolution Studios Owner, Chris Pedi.

The four participants left in the Holy Grail Tournament have battled for more then a month to get where they are. SCWF’s Poster Boy will be taking on CHZ mainstay, Matt ‘The Franchise’ Helms, while two IUWF’ers (Derceto and Gordon Edward) will square off. The two winners will meet later in the night to decide, once and for all, who the best wrestler in RS is.

With 22 pounds of gold at stake, WWI is shaping up to be a fantastic night. Tune into the WWI forums for more breaking news.

Click [URL=http://revolutionstudios.org/phpBB2/viewtopic.php?t=1313]here[/URL] to see the combatants work.

[URL=http://wwi.revolutionstudios.org]Click Here to Enter the WWI Site[/URL] OR [URL=http://revolutionstudios.com]RS Main[/URL]

Link: http://revolutionstudios.org

EUWC Negotiating With Top Talent
Posted by John Shaft
on March 4 at 5:05 PM

TORONTO, ONTARIO - The EUWC's daily newsbit was released today when EUWC Executive Derek MacFarlane sat down with FWrestling.com to let us know how the talent search was going. MacFarlane said that negotiations were in place to sign some top talent to the EUWC.

MacFarlane told FWrestling.com that the EUWC has been in contact with former WfWA World Champion Rayne.

"The negotiations seem to be going well, and we hop to announce this huge signing in the next few days," MacFarlane said, "We at the EUWC are definitely interested in Rayne as he can bring top level competition to our ring and every week on Main Frame."

With more and more negotiations going on behind closed doors, MacFarlane did release a few of the names that the EUWC has been trying to sign.

"We have begun negotiations with former EUWC Superstars Jordan Lockhart and "Mr. Main Event" Rob Sampson. Lockhart has shown interest whereas Sampsonmay be a little harder to sign on the dotted line. However we are doing everything within our power to get Sampson signed on the dotted line."

The reason that EUWC Executives may be finding the Sampson deal a tough sell, is because Rob Sampson was the last EUWC World Champion. He was stripped of the title on the last edition of MainFrame and was publicly fired shortly before the league went on hiatus last spring.

With the first Pay Per View date drawing closer and closer, the pressure is on the EUWC Staff to sign more and more talent. To contact the EUWC Talent Division check out the EUWC Website hosted at FWrestling.com!

Link: http://fwrestling.com/host/euwc

EUWC Signs Several Superstars
Posted by John Shaft
on March 3 at 5:11 PM

TORONTO ONTARIO - After announcing just yesterday that they would re-open their doors, the Extreme Universal Wrestling Corporation announced today the signing of several new members of the talent pool. This comes hot off the heels of their announcement of a World Championship Tournament to begin soon after their first card. The names of these four new members of the EUWC Roster are the Neighborhood Sniper, Samuel Roundtree, "The Sasquatch" Jacob Lawrence and Scott Samson.

Some of you EUWC fans of yore will remember Neighborhood Sniper and Jacob Lawrence. Sniper is a former two time EUWC World Heavyweight Champion and was the inspirational leader of the American Mafia. His most notable feud was with former EUWC World Champion, Triple T. Sniper brings a lot of experience to the EUWC locker room and is welcomed back with open arms.

Jacob Lawrence also had his share of success in the EUWC. While Jacob was unable to capture a strap in the EUWC, he has had some success as the LCW Television Champion and the AIWO World Champion. Jacob hopes to make a triumphant return to the EUWC, and the EUWC is happy to have him.

In addition to the returning superstars, the EUWC has signed two brand new members of the roster. Samuel Roundtree has signed on with the EUWC. While Samuel has a very controversial background, the EUWC cannot deny the talent that lies within this young man. Roundtree, who is said to be very tempermental at times, will have to overcome these difficulties to reach the top level of this game.

Scott Samson is making his wrestling debut with the EUWC. Many of the EUWC's top talent scouts have high hopes for this rookie superstar. Samson has a strong amateur background and hopes to improve his skills in the professional ranks and become one of the EUWC's top stars.

In the days to come the EUWC hopes to make more announcements concerning the hiring of talent. The talent scouts are still open to accepting applications. If you are an out of work wrestling superstar, do not miss out on the great action that the EUWC promises to bring you. Check out the EUWC On-Line site hosted at FWrestling.com for more information and an on-line application.

Link: http://fwrestling.com/host/euwc

The ACF in the search of new talent !!
Posted by Prez/CEO Matt Haas
on March 3 at 2:49 PM

What's up FW!!! President of The American Continental Federation is putting out a mission to search for new talent on FWrestling. The ACF has been on a roll as of late and new signee's have come aboard making the ACF one of the top 5 E-Feds on FW. What the ACF is seeking are a few good men and women and Tag Teams are welcome to join the revolution of the ACF. In just under 5 months in the making the ACF has a huge talented roster.

The ACF is a storyline based E-Fed and we also get very creative with our members. There are plentyful oppurtunities to make a name for yourself in the ACF and not only that you could get a shot at many available titles. The ACF began back in October 31st of 2002, and everyone who is apart of the ACF has the same goals and that's to bring back the fun in Fantasy Wrestling. Anyone who is a current member can tell you how determined we are to make the ACF a place of fun and creativity.

Our Weekly Cards and PPV's are explosive! Our current PPV right now is CONQUEST and a couple of openings are still available if you want a shot on a PPV Card. We have another spectacular line up in the making. Predator defends his World Title against The ACF American Hero' Brody Hansen!! A Hardcore Title match is also at stake as the ACF doesn;t hold anyone back in this encounter between The Bada** lady Tin Kat takes on a male Wrestler for the title The Real Dog of War Jason Payne!!

After this PPV the ACF will be conducting a Tag Team Tournament for the Tag Title's. We will hold a lottery that will pick out single Wrestlers to tag up and get a shot at the ACF World Tag Team Championship!! So the ACF is also currently seeking any Tag Team that want an oppurtunity for the Tag Gold...

Also in the works is our unique websites being worked on by our top moderators and webmasters Scott Strout & Jason Swift. The ACF websites will offer great features like your own Biography of your Wrestler and animated gif's of your finisher to show the viewers how you strut your stuff in the ring.

We'll also have are downloadable music files to hear your Wrestler's entrance music. An ACF store will be on the website as well where you can purchase merchandise such as T-shirts or hats or even create what your Wrestler could actually look like in real life... I believe thse websites will be very attractive and exciting. So come check out the excitement and join an era of Fantasy Wrestling you never experienced before!!!!

For an application please contact the Prez - Matt Haas: Freakofnature@hotmail.com

VP- Chris Wick: Propellarhead9@Yahoo.com

Hope to see some of you who read this newsbit come aboard!!

Sincerely Yours:
~ ACF Owner & President, Matt Haas ~

Link: http://www.fwrestling.com/cgi-local/fw/fw.cgi?conf=FWConf25

ACW presents CONQUEST on PPV
Posted by Jack Johnson
on March 3 at 12:08 PM

Greetings FWrestling fans around the world! Jack Johnson, newly hired reporter for the American Continental Federation here with some exciting news. ACF has partnered up with the Saddle Dome in order to bring you CONQUEST, live on PAY-PER-VIEW!!! The card has already ben laid out and let me tell you something folks, by the looks of things, these match-ups have the ability to shake the ACF down to it's KNEES! I mean let's take a look at the lineup.

First you have an Intergender Tag-Team match featuring Lady Cryptonite and the Virus against the duo of Helena Night and Doomsday. This should be an interesting match, especially considering that Virus cost Lady Cryptonite the victory in her Bikini Match against Tin Kat. Should be interesting to see how that match develops.

In other action Mark Carter goes up against ACF newcomer Dizz, Johnny Galore faces "The Extreme Legend" Dustin Oliver, "The System" Richard Gideon squares off against Jay.

In title action, Chris Bradford puts up his International Title in a match against the self proclaimed "Real Big Guy", Perry Robbin. With Bradford coming off a grueling ladder match against Virus, and Perry Robbin suffering a colossal beating at the hands of Jason Payne, neither one of these men will probably be 100% for this match. Still, I can't wait to see this one as it promises to be a Match of the Year candidate.

The newly created Hardcore Title will be up for grabs in what look likes, on paper at least, a mismatch as the former Dog of War, Jason Payne, looks set to claim the title against...Tin Kat!? Not sure what's going on here, but Jason Payne against Tin Kat or the hardcore title has been signed. I know from interviewing Tin Kat that she has been waiting for an opportunity to prove herself, and gain "the respect I so right fully deserve", but to accept a match against Jason Payne. Folks stay tuned for this one, because there is more than meets the eye I'm sure.

The main event of Conquest looks to be killer as the "American Hero" Brody Hansen looks to take the ACF Heavyweight Title from the undefeated monster, Predator. Both o these men faced each other at Indy Wars last week in a triple threat match with Shawn Hart, and it was evident that the score between these two has yet to be settled. At Conquest however, it will be Hansen ad Predator, going at it one more time. Can the "American Hero" over come the "Undefeated Monster"? Well, I guess you, like me, are going to have to buy Conquest on Pay-Per-View and find out!

This is Jack Johnson from the ACF, reminding you fans that ignorance is no excuse. Do not try what you see in the ACF at home. GOODNIGHT EVERYBODY!

Link: http://theshadowmatrix.com/ACF

reVerse Wrestling Arrives!
Posted by Julius Diego
on March 2 at 11:06 PM

reVerse Wrestling has finally arrived and is set to kick off with its first show Sunday, March 3rd at the Madison Square Garden in New York!

Applications are still open and talent is still looking to be signed, so stop by our office to apply.

Link: http://rvw.projectefed.com

DRWF is officially open!
Posted by Sean "IcE" Moro
on March 2 at 6:59 PM

Hey everyone, this is DRWF's new owner, Sean "IcE" Moro here with a huge announcement, we've been working really hard on this and now we've finally done it... We've established a roster and have booked our first ever Sadistic Saturday! It's hyped to be a great show with myself facing off against the future of this business, Dre Nickatina! The main event is going to be one hell of a match as we have former DRWF World Champion from Generation 2, Tweeder, taking on former EWA superstar, Ken Doe, and former WFE superstar, Hunter Tazi, in a match made famous in Generation 4... The Depression Rulez Match.

now, we're still looking for talent and would love to hear from anyone interested in the most X-Treme fed on the planet. If anything, check out our first show this Saturday and find out why we're called that!

Link: http://fwrestling.com/host/newdrwf/enter.html

EWNO Nearing Completion!
Posted by Prez Phil
on March 2 at 6:48 PM

E-Wrestling News Online[EWNO] Is a brand new eWrestling News Website devoted to giving the best news and information on your favorite Feds! If you are a Fed Head or a Wrestler, check out the Website and sign up. Make sure to read the Concept page for rules and information.

EWNO not only will be a news provider, but a great way to promote your League or Wrestler. Also, EWNO has special forums for all its members to interact on, so the feeling of a big family is in the atmosphere.

This is set to be a big website, and I urge you to sign up. If you have any questions just drop by the Contact Page and click on "Email Phil" and I will answer any of your questions as best as I can.

Thankyou for your time.
-Phil~Owner of EWNO

Link: http://fwrestling.com/host/ewno

EUWC Makes U.S. TV Deal!
Posted by John Shaft
on March 2 at 4:54 PM

TORONTO, ONTARIO - The Extreme Universal Wrestling Corporation, which just recently announced plans to re-open their doors and begin to produce sports entertainment product again, has just reached a deal with FOX Television to carry the EUWC's Newest Show Main Frame on a weekly basis.

The show will air Friday evenings in the Prime Time Slot. EUWC Representative Mark Stratford was quoted as saying 'This is a great deal for the EUWC and FOX. We hope to take our product to the next level and the people at FOX are giving us a great chance to do that."

Deatails on when EUWC Main Frame will debut on FOX has not yet been announced, but EUWC Executive Matt Clancey was available for comment. "We are concentrating on creating a talent pool first. Once the EUWC has enough members on the roster we will be better prepared for our Television Debut on FOX. We are extremely excited about this TV Deal. I personally cannot wait to hear that bell ring for the first time."

When asked about availability Internationally, Clancey had this to say. "We are currently talking with several Canadian Sports Networks. Most notably of which are TSN, The Score and CTV Sportsnet. We hope to announce a deal with one of those networks in the next few days."

The EUWC plans to air a PPV Special, EUWC Xodus, on March 30 from the Reunion Arena in Dallas Texas. And for those who are curious, the EUWC is now accepting Wrestler Applications for their full Roster.

Link: http://fwrestling.com/host/euwc

EUWC: Breaking NEWS!!!
Posted by John Shaft
on March 2 at 4:25 PM

"This is John Shaft reporting LIVE from EUWC HQ in Toronto Ontario. I have more Breaking News as it pertains to the EUWC's Re-Opening here at FWrestling.com

The EUWC has announced plans to be at the Reunion Arena in Dallas Texas on March 30, 2003 for their return to Pay Per View. The name for this Pay Per View Spectacular is quite simply named "EUWC Xodus".

Matches for this card have not yet been announced, however, my sources have informed me that the Main Event will be to crown a Brand New EUWC World Heavyweight Champion. That's right, if my sources are correct, a tournament will be held to fill the vacant EUWC World Heavyweight Title spot, culminating at EUWC Xodus on March 30.

Again, we are being told that EUWC Executives are currently accepting applications, before revealing their full roster. To all those out of work wrestlers, this could be your big chance to get your foot back in the door and take that big step back up the ladder to the top of this industry.

For the EUWC and FWrestling.com, this has been John Shaft reporting LIVE!"

Link: http://fwrestling.com/host/euwc/

EUWC Open For Business
Posted by John Shaft
on March 2 at 4:17 PM

"John Shaft reporting LIVE from EUWC Headquarters here in Toronto Ontario. I have just been informed by top officials that after a twelve month hiatus, the Extreme Universal Wrestling Corporation is now reopen for business. Details are sketchy at this point but it seems the legal battles over the rights to the EUWC are over.

It is unknown right now as to whether former owner Matt Pickstock will be heading the EUWC up or if we will be treated to a brand new owner and operator. But we do know that applications to the EUWC Roster are currently being accepted.

Officials are stating that several big changes to the EUWC are on their way. The first of which is the Inaugural King of the Lair Tournament. At this point I do not have all the details on this tournament but plans are for this to leave other Kings Crown Tournaments in the dust.

I am also being told that Staff Officials are working on signing some BIG names to make a return to the EUWC. Some of the EUWC Legends' names being tossed around are Jordan Lockhart, Rob Sampson, Buck Naked, Don "Heart Throb" Hall and even the multi-time EUWC World Champion STEALTH. I will have more information and updates as news becomes available.

But for now we can confirm that the Extreme Universal Wrestling Corporation is re-open and currently accepting applications....

For the EUWC and FWrestling.com, this has been John Shaft reporting LIVE!"

Link: http://fwrestling.com/host/euwc

RaGE: Version Two Debuts with Authority!
Posted by RaGE Inside Reporter
on March 2 at 1:32 PM

Fear: Version Two has aired! And the debut of the long awaited Version Two Wrestling has come, but it is far from gone. The three hour debut extravaganza on the Fox Broadcasting Network was expected to be great, and in the eyes of a lot of the viewers, it was just that. With a show duration that surpassed that of many other programs out there, Version Two made its mark the second it came on the air.

Rather than give away the whole show here, check out the full results below which include the indepth look between last night's television debut!

Here's just a hint of what you will see:

- TJ Faith, Vice President of RaGE/VTW, live to make a number of announcements including the championship titles, pay per view, and the focus of the show.

- Seven explosive matches, all involving young, athletic and charismatic wrestlers! Version Two uses its debut to showcase its future.

- No Boundaries Wrestling makes its own impression on their cross-company rivals, and one man decides to step up against Version Two with a Pay Per View Challenge!

- The Version Two Heavyweight Champion, Menace, makes his appearance as things get a little heated with he and several others.

- The "first" Version Two Extreme Champion is crowned to end the explosive three hour show. An ending that is all you could hope for.

That is just a run down of last night's show from Los Angeles, California! If you want the details and the inside scoop, check out the link below which also gives you the first look at the NEW Real and Graphic Entertainment website!

Link: http://rage.projectefed.com/vtw

eWrestling League Now Open
Posted by Matthew
on March 2 at 12:45 AM

The eWrestling League Interfed is now open and ready for business. A site is currently in the works, but the forums are up and federations have already been signed. Three federation have already chosen to join the EWL Bandwagon as it begins. Core Wrestling, Prophecy Fighting, and Hardcore Wrestling Online has signed with EWL.

Fed owners, come be the fourth fed to sign!

Link: http://www.ewleague.org

360°WE - Back In Business?
Posted by 360°WE Newscaster
on March 1 at 9:32 PM

360° Wrestling Entertainment: Back in the Game?

The news that everyone has awaited for the past seven months finally came today at 5:00pm EST, from Joe Beck's lips at an "Emergency Press Conference" held at what was 360° Wrestling Entertainment's Defunct Headquarters.

"My phones have been ringing." said Joe Beck, Owner of 360°. "Thoughts have been running through my head for the past seven months. My life wasn't the same without 360° Wrestling. Well, my life returned to normal earlier today. With confirmation from Matt Mitchell, the "Closed" sign was brough down from our front door. Yes, you've heard right... All of you in the media... You've been called here because 360° Wrestling Entertainment is open once again."

And with those words, camera flashes went off, and newspapers in and around Charlotte, North Carolina were abuzz with the latest news: 360° is back.

"And best of all," added Matt Mitchell, Co-owner, "We're currently hiring. Many members, like CW Morris have returned to 360°'s ranks. And we're proud to say that so far, 4 Champions have returned, as well. Tarrant, Dynamic Doug, Judgement and Jay "Playboy" Cash are all back in action. Some former superstars already had contracts... Which means we need new talent, as well. So far, we've signed newcomers Fathom, Chino, and "Smooth" Ty Baron."

Joe Beck then commented: "New talent is being signed daily, and we're open for all applicants. Cards are starting this weekend with Black Saturday, and we've got quite a few tricks up our sleeve. Upon our reopening, we joined ratings megamodule Prime Time Central. PTC will pit us against the best companies the eWrestling world has to offer, and we'll outshine them consistently, right out of the gate. You thought you've read good shows before? You've seen nothing."

The Black Saturday card has still not been confirmed.

To keep abreast of all the latest action in 360° Wrestling Entertainment, visit us at http://www.360wrestling.tk.

Link: http://www.360wrestling.tk

[PTW] Looking for applications!
Posted by Blake Fox
on February 28 at 3:32 PM

As of right now the roster only stands at about 4-5 wrestlers who are for certain to participate in PTW. We are currently looking for singles and tag teams who are willing to join in storylines and angles with other wrestlers and also willing to work hard and put in a good effort.

Link: http://www.ewiwrestling.com

FCW is looking for talent.
Posted by Duck Johnson, FCW Talent Scout
on February 28 at 12:18 PM

This is Duck Johnson and I am here find the best free agents out there. Do you want to sign with a great organization? Are you ready yo take it to the next level? Come to First Class Wrestling and Take Control of the Game. Don't forget to check out our forums.

Link: http://www.fcwonline.com

UFA - Press Release - Now Accepting Applications
Posted by Rick Styles
on February 27 at 12:04 PM

Chicago, IL, February 27th, 2003
- UFA Industries (Nasdaq: UFAi)
announced today that they are in the process of expanding the employment list on their new venture UFA Wrestling. UFA wrestling or more specifically The UnderGround Fighting Alliance is high regarded as an exciting and marketable product. Anyone interested in becoming a part of UFA can visit their website at http://fwrestling.com/host/ufa/entrance.html

Link: http://fwrestling.com/host/ufa/entrance.html

No Boundaries Announces Debut Card for March 3!
Posted by RaGE Inside Reporter
on February 26 at 10:38 PM

What more can be said about No Boundaries Wrestling that wasn’t already said about Version Two Wrestling? These two promotional powerhouse debuts come in the next week! Version Two sets the pace as No Boundaries debuts on March 3, just two days after Fear: Version Two. Just hundreds of miles up the Pacific Coast, No Boundaries: Relentless debuts the second season of the company in the Key Arena from Seattle, Washington!

Unlike Version Two, No Boundaries is LIVE! A two-hour live extravaganza! All members of the roster have been ordered to be dressed to compete. Everyone told to be ready and expect to wrestle. No one has been given direct word on what will happen at the debut of Relentless. But they only know to expect the unexpected!

There have been no official words from members of the No Boundaries staff concerning matches on the card. Though rumor has it that at least one championship title will be on the line! The official preview from No Boundaries Wrestling is as follows:

“It is here! The debut of No Boundaries Wrestling, two days out from the Version Two debut! Monday, March 3, the return of a promotion that was able to turn heads in October of 2002. Eight television shows and a Pay Per View later combine with three months off, it’s time for season two. Before it was Chaos… Now, it is Relentless! And that’s just what can describe No Boundaries! A relentless promotion with competitors which will not give up!

Mysteries and rumors surround the return of No Boundaries for Monday. Fans anticipate great action, a lot of heart and soul poured into the matches and interviews with each wrestler. What will fans get to see? What will No Boundaries bring for the return show?

Just as Version Two is shrouded in mystery over their President, so is No Boundaries. Though, rumors say that the No Boundaries President will be on hand for this week’s debut show! It may be only a rumor, but any word could be better than none at all. All that No Boundaries’ reporters know is that the Vice President, Dallas Sinclair, will make his first public appearance for the company and he will be at Relentless for its debut!

No matches have been announced and at this point, none look to be scheduled. With a two-hour show, no one knows what the promotion could be planning to do. Maybe some last minute matches will be made, or perhaps they will all be made when the show starts. There could be the possibility that there may even be no matches at all! No one knows now, but you can bet that if anything is announced, it will be reported for all to find out.

As you wait for the debut of Relentless on Monday, March 3 on Fox, remember just one thing:

No Boundaries. Just Opportunities.”

With that said, you cannot help but be interested in seeing what No Boundaries will bring to television next Monday! Tune it, watch, and enjoy! No Boundaries Wrestling invites you to catch the debut… Live on Fox!

Link: http://www.fwrestling.com/host/rage

wWw Hosts Sensational "Pirate" Event!!
Posted by WrestleNews.com
on February 25 at 8:13 AM

"Pirate" event upstages Rockets/Lakers Game!

That's right, it was reported that a Fledgling Wrestling organisation known as wWw upstaged a major event on the NBA calender last night, despite having no authority to take place!
Sources say that a huge setup including lighting and sound was erected in the carpark of the Compaq Center WITHOUT the city's approval. Did the fans complain though? Not on your life!

Check out the wWw site at the link provided!

Link: http://fwrestling.com/host/www/

Version Two: Preview for March 1 Debut Announced!
Posted by RaGE Inside Reporter
on February 24 at 4:34 PM

After all the anticipation and the entire wait, it is finally here. On March 1, Version Two debuts on the Fox Network with a three-hour special. The debut show Fear: Version Two, a show that will surely be a great one for late Primetime television. It has been talked about and it has been waited on for over three months now. And finally, Version Two Wrestling will come to life and it will happen at the first television taping on Friday, February 28!

The taping on the 28 of February will air the very next night as it is noted March 1. It will be from the Staples Center in Los Angeles, California that the company debuts and delivers what the fans are expecting! The preview has been released and now everyone can get a hint of what is to come next week from Version Two’s debut! Because in just under one week, the debut and the start to a new breed of entertainment starts. The next generation, the next step of wrestling comes, and everyone will want to be there!

What can you expect? Well, here is exactly what Version Two has released for the public to learn about the debut show:

“Next week, live on Fox Television, the debut everyone has awaited! Fear: Version Two will be live in Los Angeles, California in the Staples Center. If there is one show you will want to watch on Saturday night, let this be it. There will be nothing more interesting, anticipated, or worthwhile, as this special edition show will be!

Each and every Version Two superstar will be in attendance for Fear. The staff has ordered each man to bring his gear and be ready to wrestle. Possibilities say that anyone and everyone could be wrestling on Saturday night. There are only a few who know, those being the President and the Vice President. But there is even the possibility that they haven’t decided just yet.

Speaking of the President, just who is the President of Version Two? The secret has been kept, the mystery has instilled a great deal of interest in the minds of all those waiting on the debut of this promotion. So, perhaps the main focus for this coming show is: Will the President be on hand and will he show his face in Los Angeles?

Never has anticipation been this high for any show. Networks have run programs like Survivor, The Bachelor, and recently Joe Millionaire. But those special, one-season programs will put up no fight against Fear: Version Two. Every Saturday of every week, Version Two will be Fox! So to see what will happen this week and what to expect in the future… You have to tune in to the special three-hour show!

Remember… Version Two: There is no substitute!”

Well, you have read what it is all about! And you cannot help but be interested in seeing what Version Two will bring to television this coming weekend! Tune it, watch, and enjoy! Version Two Wrestling invites you to catch the debut… Live on Fox!

Link: http://www.fwrestling.com/host/rage

MCW Friday Fire: #1 contender decided, J-Webb & more
Posted by MCW Owner Adams
on February 24 at 10:54 AM

1. Shadow pinned Ken Shade in 6:32 to win the XXX Title

2. Plague beat Pain by DQ in 2:24

3. Orange Bullet pinned Tony Jackson in 19:26 to become #1 contender to the Universal Title

4. Jeremy Webber retained the Universal Title in 7:27 after interference from Scarecrow helped him beat Hawk & Micro Bullet. After the match, Scarecrow attacked J-Webb, setting up the match for next week.

MCW V-Day Massacre: J-Webb rises yet again.
Posted by MCW Owner Adams
on February 24 at 10:51 AM

Results from 2-14-2003 "PPV"

1. Hawk pinned Ruthlesss Rebel after a Superbomb in 5 minutes. Great debut from the rookie Hawk.

2. Ken Shade beat Black Shogun in 10:23 after a Schoolboy for the XXX Title. This was a hard-fought battle which obviously was won by the jobber-esque Shade.

3. Scarecrow pinned Bludd after a Nodowa in 42 seconds. MCW quickie.

4. Orange Bullet pinned Pete Falco in 23:32 to earn spot in #1 Contender's match

(Other match, Tony Jackson vs. Kid Montiero, was won by forefeit after Montiero failed to show up.)

5. Metal Maniac beat Shadow in 16:34 after a Axe Stroker caused Shadow to submit

6. Jeremy Webber pins Pain following a Playa' Hata' in 25:12 to keep his Universal Title. Pain proved tough, but J-Webb continued his winning ways in the end.

Link: http://www.fwrestling.com/host/ratt2004

Posted by James Singleton
on February 24 at 1:31 AM

For the third time, the wWw has once again opened it's doors. The promotion was resurrected months ago, and has been in the building stages for quite sometime now.

Earlier today, during the beginning of a Rockets and Lakers game outside the Compaq Center, those filing into the arena saw something that caught their eye.

In the parking lot, a ring was being set up. The men behind this soon became known, and instead of many fans piling into the Compaq Center to watch Yao Ming, they were outside watching the wWw's first ever match take place between two promising stars - Deacon Black and King.

The pirate show for the wWw was an success in their eyes, they got away with it and caught alot of attention. The latter of the two was what they were looking for.

Soon the word will spread.

To read an transcript of all that went down during the unsanctioned event, check the wWw's official website hosted by fwrestling.com!

Link: http://fwrestling.com/host/www/

UFA - A Glimpse of the future...UFA now open...
Posted by Senior Reporter Rick Styles
on February 23 at 10:34 PM

- This is the beginning of a new era in eWrestling. Combining the world of Mixed Martial Arts with the finesse of Professional Wrestling. The Underground Union is now open and applications for employment are being processed. New doors leading to the future of eFeds are about to appear. It is your journey to decide which doors to take. The Future or The Past. UFA will define what eWrestling is in the 21st century. But for now this is just mire foreshadowing. Actions speak louder then words.

Link: http://fwrestling.com/host/ufa/entrance.html

PWF Update *Accepting Apps*
Posted by PWF Staff
on February 23 at 8:22 PM

Welcome...welcome back to Primetime Wrestling. A lot of things have changed in our controversial five month absence. First off we have re-opened for members with a recruit limit of 25. The reasoning behind that is we do not want to get too caught up in the drama of having to please 500 people while with 25 we can focus on each person with equal attention.

Now this does not mean 25 handlers...It means flat out 25 wrestlers. We are also doing something a little bit differently...Primetime Wrestling Federation is no longer traveling the country as we are opening to a mid-level budget with all the glitz and glamour of wrestling but with one exception. We only play 6 Venues. Those being broken into 3 Weekly Show and 3 PPV. Here is the breakdown:

Weekly Show->
1: Ohio State University->St.John Arena->13,000+ Seats
2: Gund Arena->Cleveland, Ohio->20,000+ Seats
3: Air Canada Centre->Toronto, Canada->19,000+ Seats

1: Palace of Auburn Hills->Auburn, MI->15,000+ Seats
2: First Union Center->Philadelphia, PA->15,000+ Seats
3: Madison Square Garden->New York, NY->15,000+ Seats

If all goes well then we should be going on a world tour in about two months visiting such places as Rome, Athens, Paris, London, Hong Kong, etc...Either way welcome to the new PWF more details on shows and signings to be announced soon. We are now on the Fwrestling Server...It should be great so have fun.

Link: http://www.fwrestling.com/host/pwf/

Primetime Wrestling Federation Accepting Applications
Posted by PWF Prez
on February 20 at 4:15 PM

Primetime Wrestling Federation has opened it's doors to Applications once again after a 6 Month Hiatus. Check us out...

Link: http://pwf.fateback.com

IPW - Cult Following For Now!
Posted by David Lloyd
on February 20 at 9:24 AM

International Pro Wrestling has finally got some talent and a first card has been signed.

Former commissioner Kobe Jackson was fired and new commissioner Sean Lavers has been brought it, he said "he looks forward to working with IPW, and taking them to high places in Geeksoft."

Also a Head of Writing Team has been appointed to Draden Watters who looks ready for the task at hand.

Wrestlers signed are:- Eclipse, Belle, Adrianna Johnson, Cassius, Dark Angel, Drew Krow, Hakeem Abudal-ALi, Jason Dragon, Jayson Reil, Laivindil Rayne, Nightmare, Nova Angel, Pyro, The Dean and The Terrorist.

Leon Johnson seems to be doing a great job with the fed and is urging wrestlers to come, and is in need of a few more wrestlers at this time, but he seems to be doing ok at the moment.

The first ever Monday Masacre will take place of Febuary 24th and the card will be as follows:-

Hardcore Match
Cassius v. Drew Krow

Best of 5 (Women's Championship - Match 1)
BELLE v. ECLIPSE v. Adrianna Johnson

Hakeem Abudal-ALi v. The Dean

Nightmare v. The Terrorist

Fatal Warmup (Number One Contender for US Title)
Jayson Reil v. Jason Dragon v. Pyro

**Card Subject to Change**

We wish the best of luck to IPW and i will again be keeping an eye on them and keeping FWrestling informed of their progress.

David Lloyd
E-Fed Follower

Link: http://www.geeksoft.net/gin/gfed2/gfed.cgi?lid=14665

No Boundaries: Rumors Say President to be Revealed March 3!
Posted by RaGE Inside Reporter
on February 18 at 7:59 PM

It was this past weekend that Real and Graphic Entertainment made the public announcement of its rosters for both Version Two and No Boundaries Wrestling. The company also released information concerning its methods of production, payroll, contracts, and more. A few names were noted on the staff page, with names that surely people know from different places.

To refresh the minds of many who may have seen it and forgotten, or even those who haven't, here's the list of names that was released this past Saturday into Sunday:

Pat Dwyer
TJ Faith
Brian Arson
Jason Chae
Dallas Sinclair
Jesse Jamester

Real and Graphic Entertainment promises those are only a few of the many names of those working in the company. Word has it that two of the names on that list will be the two names of the Presidents, Version Two and No Boundaries respectively. However, at this point anything could happen and all that are being reported are rumors.

The big rumor going around is that the No Boundaries Wrestling President will be revealed on the night of the first show of the second season. That show being No Boundaries "Relentless" on March 3. Season two of No Boundaries Television starts with the ninth production on Monday nights. This season should prove to be highly entertaining, just as predicted by many critics out there.

If the rumor is true that the No Boundaries President will be in the Key Arena in Seattle, Washington... Things could be interesting. There are many questions that fans are surely pondering: Who is it? What is he/she like? What will he/she want to do? Or what will he/she do on that show?

All those questions will have to remain unanswered for a little under two weeks as the moons count down until March 3, 2003 -- The return of No Boundaries Wrestling -- The debut of season two with a new roster.

For any other information concerning No Boundaries Wrestling, Version Two Wrestling, or Real and Graphic Entertainment, visit the website.

Link: http://www.fwrestling.com/host/rage

OWE Superstar Injured
Posted by Kasey Taylor
on February 18 at 4:38 PM

Earlier today, Co Owner of OWE: Brandon Blade announced that Jay Kooper will be out of OWE acion for what he called 'a very long time' with a majoy collar bone and shoulder injury.

Link: http://www.owefed.vze.com

OWE Sign Two New Superstars
Posted by Kasey Taylor
on February 18 at 3:58 PM

Today, it was announced by OWE CFO Alex Domingos, that he has signed TWO wrestlers: Inferno and Mark Jones. We hope to see them at the upcoming Pay Per View, Slaughterhouse!

Link: http://www.owefed.vze.com

Interfed to Join
Posted by Corey Gibon
on February 16 at 8:09 PM

Hey, I am Corey Gibson, Director of Revolutions Studio Media Relations.

RS is going full steam ahead. We are still accepting applications for feds and the free agent board is hot right now. We are restructuring a bit and have gotten some good people behind us to make this thing big. There are some good feds there and we hope more will come.We would love to have some Angle feds and Fight feds come aboard. One of our goals in being a total roleplay network is to have a variety of feds and concepts to join. So come give us a look if you are a fedhead or free agent looking for a fed or just looking to join and talk on some forums. We will love to have you. We will make your fed famous. Try us.... I dare you!

Bring your fed and/or free agents to this great Interfed. We have great inter-promotional matches and all. With the first ever iCash System. 1 Network and 1 Cable Broadcasting.


Link: http://revolutionstudios.org

International Pro Wrestling Is Now Open!
Posted by David Llyod
on February 16 at 6:13 PM

Well new to the game Leon Johnson has arrived at Geeksoft and has brought a new promotion that is currently recruiting talent named International Professional Wrestling.

IPW seems like it could be a big name in the Geeksoft rankings in time, and is one superstar away from it making the big time.

Their are three shows a week with the fed and a monthly PPV.

Leon assured me that his fed will keep up with the "top dogs" of Geeksoft.

Well look for IPW to be highly ranked very soon, and i will be keeping an eye on this federation as it develops.

David Lloyd
E-Fed Follower

Link: http://www.geeksoft.net/gin/gfed2/gfed.cgi?lid=14665&sec=welcome

RaGE: Opening Press Conference and Rosters Announced!
Posted by RaGE Inside Reporter
on February 16 at 1:07 AM

Just yesterday afternoon, Tom Mason gave a press conference in Atlantic City, New Jersey at Real and Graphic Entertainment Headquarters. The press conference mentioned things about the opening debuts of both Version Two and No Boundaries Wrestling, the site update, and both rosters being announced as well.

At the Real and Graphic Entertainment web site, the company has now provided a look at the press conference and the statements made by Tom Mason yesterday, as well as an online Information Pamphlet. The Pamplet is a ten section guide to RaGE before it opens.

All are encouraged to check it out and then visit the RaGE forums and post your personal thoughts on the update!

Link: http://www.fwrestling.com/host/rage

E-Fed Owner of the year for 2002
Posted by Joshua Watkins
on February 15 at 10:12 PM

E-Fed Magazine is proud to announce the finalist for the E-Fed owner of the year for 2002.

1) Danny Knowles (WEW)
2) Scott Peterson (GPF)
3) Mark Simpson (IWFA)
4) Joey Falcone (GWA)
5) Mark Johnson (PWF)

The winner will be announced in our March issue of E-Fed Magazine, we at EFM would like to wish all 5 men the best of luck on winning the 2002 E-Fed owner of the year award.


NCW ***Not A Flop***
Posted by Kandi McKlayn
on February 13 at 8:13 PM

Ok, I have something to say, but first lets get one thig clear. YES, I have a big mouth and YES I am about to speak my mind.

Ok The NCW, What does it matter if Max id friends with the roster, is it wrong to go into chat room and talk to the people on the roster. And about joining other feds adn rateing them all 1's. You people must be crazy I am only in two feds on Geeksoft, and I do not rate the other fed all 1's.

I though that G-Wrestling was suppost to be fun, but every one is saying things about how Max runs his fed. let him run his fed the way he wants too, is there something wrong with being an active boss. Does the NCW threaten anyone, if so who cares this is suppost to be fun. So you people should shut up, and let NCW people handle NCW affairs.

In my personal oppinon, I think the NCW is a kick ass gfed, and I don't care what everyone thinks about it. If everyone on NCW roster rates the fed all 5's. I can't help that. The NCW wrestlers seem to have no problem with the rules. So why does everyone else.

You people really blow my mind.

Link: http://www.geeksoft.net

NCW on Geeksoft Lousy!!
Posted by Daryl Williams
on February 13 at 11:27 AM

Many people are being fed that the NCW on Geeksoft is a kickass fed, but in reality their a huge fake!!

More then half of the fed is owned by the owners and his close personal friends!

And these people unfairly rate the NCW all 5's when no one should grade it higher then a 3!!

And to make matter worse these same people join other Geeksoft feds to rate them all 1's so the NCW can become #1 unfairly since it's their only possible way of doing so!!

Daryl Williams
Geeksoft Moderator

Link: http://www.geeksoft.net/gin/gfed2/gfed.cgi?lid=13939&sec=welcome

iW News: Innovation Wrestling The Fastest Rising Indy Promotion Ever?!?!
Posted by Debra Wienberg
on February 11 at 12:57 AM

Nearly a month ago a small indy promotion named Innovation Wrestling opened its doors. Ran and Directed by former indy hardcore superstar "2-Sick" Nick Wayke this rising star promotion has a made sky rocket trip and there headed for the top.

Ever since the doors opened wrestlers from all around the world came to be the first to be on the roster. Wrestlers such as eVo star Strictly Prohibited, former SHOW Grand Slam Champion Soulblade. Former SHOW Superstar and long time friend of Nick Wayke, Justin Pearce also joined except not for the ring this go around. Justin Pearce keeps in the office as VP in this up in rising promotion and vows to help Nick out any way he can.

Now you may say what makes this fed any greater than all the others and if not worse due to low budget. Well they may not have huge stages and loud music and jam packed arenas of 50,000+ people but what they do have is style. The iW wrestlers are some of the greatest around as well as the booking skills to back them up. iW mixes the finest blend of ultra-hardcore action with the most high flying technical wrestling mixed in. With these two combine it creates a unbelievable wrestling class that is far more superior to any other today!

Recently iW Made there onscreen debut with there first episode of iW-TV bringing to the ring many of there newly signed stars for the first ever event. The event for lack of a better word, UNBELIEVABLE! Due to low budget they had 3 matches and just barely pulled that off. Starting off a show with a Barbwire Cactus Deathmatch between Snake and "Hollywood" Steve Killpatrick, followed up by a match between former SMASH superstar Johnny Van Dangerous vs. a rookie right out of school Justin Danger, followed by a spectacular main event between Soulblade and Strictly Prohibited! But this was not the end of Chapter 1, shortly after Sctrictly Prohibited walked away with the first main event win, a very large wrestler at the time thought to be former fWo World Champion Mike Bear made his way to the ring and demolished what was left of the eVo superstar and guarenteed himself a title shot at the first ever iW Supercard "Introduction to Destruction"! only 3 short days after the event fWo staff and iW owner Nick Wayke emerged from a office and quickly being mobbed by media the 4 men confirmed that it was infact a hoax and the wrestler thought to be Mike Bear was a fraud! Shortly after Nick Wayke came in contact with the fake Mike Bear and assured him that he was in fact fired and banned from professional wrestling under the name Mike Bear under risk of being sued for fraud by iW and possible even the real Mike Bear himself!

Now all this may lead you to believe that iW got a major downfall by losing what could have been there biggest star. But think again, even after the foney Mike Bear got fired it did not stunt the sky rocketing fed from its rise to glory. Day after day iW continues to amaze us with its awesome talent and expert leadership. Could this be the fatest rise to fame in the history of Professional Wrestling? Could iW be the next big thing? Or could iW be just another promotion that dies in 3 weeks? All these and many more questions, without answers. But i can guarentee you that iW will make a place for itself in the history of Professional Wrestling!

Be sure not to miss iW's next event iW-TV scheduled every tuesday and also there first ever upcoming Supercard "Introduction to Destruction" scheduled for February 23rd!

Link: http://innovation.homicideweb.net

RaGE: Anticipation Grows On Next Week's Announcement!
Posted by RaGE Inside Reporter
on February 9 at 4:27 PM

There are only days remaining until the promised announcement of the rosters for Version Two and No Boundaries Wrestling, Real and Graphic Entertainment's prized promotions that debut in March. The rosters should be expected to contain somewhere around 20 names each, a mix of singles and tag teams both male and female.

Reporters have been trying to get word from Tom Mason this week, all week, as he has been preparing for next weekend's announcement. Finding the RaGE Owner was a tough bit but one reporter was able to catch up with the brains of the operation on way from his South Jersey Estate to a meeting in Atlantic City:

"Mr. Mason, is there any information you can provide the press with as far as RaGE's announcement and upcoming debut? Anything at all; roster names, card updates, tour dates, staff names; anything at all?"

"As I have said for the past couple of weeks, you need to tune in to find out. All I can say is you can expect a great deal of diversity on the rosters for both promotions. The ratio of male to female athletes is definitely favoring the males, but there is nothing to say the company is sexist. We encourage and are looking for female wrestlers looking to earn a great living. To my knowledge we've hired at least one, but that's not to say we do not have others as well. The promotions both debut the first week of March and you can expect to see the staff sometime in the month of March. Tour dates wise... A listing will go out next week after the announcement of the rosters and tickets will be on sale to the public. Other than that, I cannot tell anymore that I already have."

The secrecy, the mystery, and the anticipation of RaGE's forthcoming certainly will not go away. Fans are eager, critics are getting annoyed, and the company is on the balls of their feet getting things ready. The debut could either be huge, or a flop. The fans certainly will be the judge of that in the coming weeks when RaGE's debut of Version Two comes on Saturday, March 1, and No Boundaries comes on Monday, March 3! Both are already sold out shows, however, the arenas are releasing more tickets within the next week for nose-bleed and standing room only.

For anything else concerning RaGE, fans and on-lookers must visit the temporary web address which will be updated following Saturday's roster announcement!

Link: http://www.fwrestling.com/host/rage

cW - A new beginning
Posted by cW Owner
on February 8 at 8:27 PM

A New Opportunity…

A new Hope…


A New Beginning…

Born into the minds of four talented men was a federation that had promise. It started back in the summer of 2002 and last until the fall. Signing numerous amounts of well known superstars from Aryim, Phoenix Rose, Jackson Powers, and many more, this federation gave the world all it could for one summer.

On the fifth day of August in the year two thousand two, the doors closed of this promising federation. The doors were said to be closed forever…until now.

The federation returns with its high hopes of a second chance and another opportunity to strive to known among the best of the best. With a new attitude and new approach, the federation makes its debut in the coming weeks.

Get ready to return to the core.

Link: http://www.corewrestling.net

NCW - Heating Up!
Posted by David Jones
on February 8 at 3:43 PM

NCW has re-open recently by geeksoft great Maxwell Qwest, and things are heating up nicely for the first pay per view, Revolution, on 9th of Febuary.

Matches include.

Hardcore Title : Cid McKlayn (c) vs. Blood Boy
Vacant Internet Title : Sampson vs. Xeryus
Tag Team Titles : Scott Ashworth & Scott McKlayn (c) vs. Shocker & Kalibur.
Featherweight Title : Kandi McKlayn (c) vs. Space Ninja
Television Title : Mya Matrix (c) vs. Dark Angel.

But the match that is causing the most commotion is NCW great Dr. Pain as he defends his World Title to NCW main stay Damien Steele.

What a card this is turning out to be.

Check it out!

Paul Jones (E-Fed Insider)

Link: http://www.geeksoft.net/gin/gfed2/gfed.cgi?lid=13939&sec=welcome

XCW - Hi
Posted by guy
on February 7 at 7:36 PM

Hi everyone.

Link: http://xcw2003.cjb.net

-FW- News on the President
Posted by News Office
on February 7 at 1:14 PM

This is from the Fortune Headquarters:"We have decided to give everybody a little bit of information as to who our President is. This person is not somebody anybody knows. She, that's right, it's a female, is in a billion dollar business and she knows how to run a business. She has been known for her looks and her capabilities of bringing a company that is not known to superstar status. More information will be revealed this week and this women will be revealed on Thursday Stampede Edition 1!"
 Courtesy of: News Office on February 7th, 2003

Link: http://www.fwrestling.com/host/fortune/

[HWO] The Return
Posted by HWO Reporter
on February 6 at 3:50 AM

Today live from the HWO Headquater, HWO Owner Trev Echo holded a press conference to discuss the future of the HWO, and if it would be closing for good or trying once more to succeed with it.

Trev Echo inform the press that he was going to keep the HWO alive, but the main man that would be running the show would be Brad Echo. Trev told the media that he would be the one dealing with the Finaical part of the HWO and the Signing part, but Brad would be in charge of everything else. Trev end his speech with saying that this is the best decision for the HWO, and he believes Brad will make something of the HWO.

As Trev took his seat Brad quickly took the stand as he was hammered with Question after Question, he Said that right know their has been no signing as of yet, but him and Trev are in talk with a few Superstar that will hopefully sign on with the HWO. Brad also announced that the HWO Roster will be announced on Feburary 22, and their first show will happen on March 9, 2003.

Brad and Trev then took their leave from the conference room.


Link: http://www.TheHWO.net

WWC: Opens!
Posted by Blair Williams
on February 3 at 5:49 PM

Yesterday morning the World Wrestling of Champions opened its doors to the public. The WWC is headed by 56 year old Colin Thompson as his staff includes many well known names among the indy ranks. The roster has not been released yet to the public, but it is rumored that they are still looking for talent. The date for the first Torment is still unknown, but should be released within the next few days, more news to come when it comes in.

Link: http://www.geocities.com/wwc_online/

Impact Wrestling Alliance Set To Open
Posted by Jeremy Chaplin
on February 3 at 12:20 AM

Impact Wrestling Alliance is set to open it's doors for applications on 2-5-03. The site is still in the design process, but it will definitally is going to be a hit. The design is being worked on by Batgrafix.com's senior artist Brad Thomas. No date has been given on the full launch of Impact Wrestling Alliance, but as said earlier, the first date for applications is 2-5-03. Please stop over and take a look at the next generation in the efed world.

Link: http://fwrestling.com/impact

Speculation Grows on RaGE Promotion Presidents and Staff Mysteries
Posted by RaGE Inside Reporter
on February 1 at 11:21 PM

Who are the No Boundaries Wrestling and Version Two Wrestling Presidents? And who each of their assisting staff members?

That is the question on many minds right now as the days grow shorter until the rosters for both Real and Graphic Entertainment promotions, Version Two and No Boundaries, are announced. And regardless of the repeated questions, the backlash suffer by Tom Mason, and the anger of some fans that really want to know, this well-kept secret could do wonders for the ratings in both No Boundaries Wrestling and Version Two Wrestling.

Unlike many promotions that publish their staff names and reputations first, Real and Graphic Entertainment has completely avoiding doing what the rest have in the past. The only man to be announced as a major part of this project is of course the originator and Owner, Tom Mason. Though, Tom Mason wishes to let people know that he alone is not the one responsible for all the wrestling, excitement, and entertainment people will get every week from RaGE.

"There is no I in team, that's a very popular phrase. And it's very much true with this company. There is nothing saying I haven't put a great deal of work into this myself, but I certainly will not take all the credit for this project. This company is not just because of my ideas, it is because of the ideas and help from many others you will see in the very near future. The fact that they are not published to the public yet, is just to keep fans and critics from knowing all the secrets of this right yet. I rather surprise people in a couple weeks, or even in a couple months, than let them know what to expect right now. Where would be the fun in telling people what will happen?" says Mason.

There would be no fun, if you are looking for an answer to that question. And he's right. The suspense has kept many anticipating Real and Graphic Entertainment, even though the company was first announced two months ago. Some people may critize it and even say "it's a fluke" or a "hoax, " but Tom Mason assures everyone it is not. And this article right here is in compliance to what he has asked to have published to fans.

Below are possiblities, not choices, of who will be running both Version Two and No Boundaries Wrestling. These are names that have not been choosen all at random. Some of them were real names in the process of selecting the two Presidents, some of them are not. How will you know which are not a possibility? You won't. Tom Mason assures that fans will be "wowed" when RaGE kicks off. And he does note that the real Presidents will be announced sometime in the near future.

So, enjoy this list with a brief summary of each person, and make your own choices on who you think will be running which federation if you'd like. And in a couple weeks, you could be right when the real names are announced!

Pat Dwyer: A nice name to start off the list with. Pat is a former Xtreme Championship Wrestling Federation member, so he has worked under Tom Mason's payroll in the past. In addition, he was the original No Boundaries Wrestling President last year, when the company opened in September 2002. There's a great possibility he could be considered to come back to No Boundaries Wrestling, or that he could even be the Version Two President. Pat did have success in the four or five shows he was running No Boundaries last time. We already know from Tom Mason that Dwyer will be involved in RaGE in some way or form... But could it be bigger than most expect?

Neil Peiters: The former FAW Owner President who has been involved with a number of other independent promotions is one to put on this list. Many may know that from the Primetime Central days, both Mason and Peiters got along and were pretty good co-workers. FAW may still be going but rumors point and say that Neil is looking for employment elsewhere and Mason's RaGE could be where he is heading.

Mr. Batee: Who knows what could happen anymore? Batee's recent strive for more and more could lead him to pick up the tab in RaGE by running one of two federations. Some people feel it is possible, but most will tell you he is not. There is history and quite a bit of chemistry between both Mr. Mason and Mr. Batee, they collaboratively helped to run Primetime Central in the spring of last year. If anything could be a shocker, it would be Batee's involvement with RaGE, after he's already resurrecting Fedwars and running the WeWA.

Chris Harmon: Another name that people are tossing around into the mix. The former NTW and AW Owner, Chris Harmon who had a recent dispute in Primetime Central was unemployed, but it looks like he has found his way in Revolution Studios. Or has he? Mason and Harmon have been in contact with each other since what happened in Primetime Central this past fall, no one could rule out Harmon as a suspected leader for the federation, no matter how poor his track record may be.

Haze: The WIW Commissioner, former Pro-WC Owner and now the Carnage mastermind, is no stranger to Tom Mason either. Rumors point that the two have been working on ideas and collaborative projects. There is no truth to that though. All that is true is that Haze had originally designed the RaGE website, which was not used back in late 2002 because it was not able to function correctly. Maybe Mason and Haze will be working together on another project?

Jason Chae: The man who created and ran WIW for three years is now out on the market looking for a job as a promotional head. Could Tom Mason be giving Chae a position as the head of either Version Two or No Boundaries? Chae has been wrestling in ACW, but with free time in his schedule, there is no doubt this young-genius of WIW can put his successes back in order and make something out of the federations in RaGE. Jason has a following and if he were to join up with Tom Mason, together the two would more or less equal a great success for RaGE and wrestling.

Munny McMahon: Certainly not a stranger to running federations. Munny may be working in Revolution Studios, but we all know how he likes to make his name heard all over. Mason and McMahon have been working together before, when McMahon helped Adrian Voltage in Primetime Central last year to run High Voltage Wrestling (right into the ground). Maybe Munny's luck could change if he is given the chance to run a RaGE federation.

David Beaumont: Strangely thrown into the mix is the LCW Mercury Owner. Could he be a fictional part of this list? Or is he a true suspect in the naming of the Presidents for Version Two and No Boundaries? Certainly, David's qualifications are in order for him to be considered, but would he take his focus away from LCW to collaborate with Tom Mason. They may have been in Primetime Central together, but there was great tension between XCWF and LCW Mercury for a span of about two months when XCWF capped out the ratings... Could that spark still be there?

Maybe it won't be someone from this list of eight suspects. There are many other names in this wrestling world, some of them may be new and others old. Tom Mason promised surprises and shocking announcements. Which names would people never picture to be involved with him. Certainly names from Primetime Central will come to mind, especially after Mason's departure last December.

There is only one way to know who the Presidents of Version Two and No Boundaries will be... And that is to wait for them to be announced. For now, all anyone can do is make predictions and wonder "what if..."

When will they be announced? Who even knows right now. Real and Graphic Entertainment could strew this up for a couple months before they even announce who the Presidents and staff workers are. For now, plan to see the roster sometime within days following February 15.

Link: http://www.fwrestling.com/host/rage

A community looking for talent and interested feds
Posted by awfprez
on February 1 at 12:30 AM

AOWF is looking for a fed to join our community as well as good quality roleplayers. AOWF is a roleplaying based fed. So take a look and if you would like to see your fed a part of the AOWF submit your app. Same goes for wrestlers. Original only please.


Link: http://aowfmedia.org/aowfhomepage

No Boundaries Wrestling Update: Roster, First Show and More!
Posted by RaGE Inside Reporter
on January 30 at 7:00 PM

Similar to Tom Mason's announcement about Version Two Wrestling's debut on March 1, and the roster announcement that comes on February 15, 2003, No Boundaries Wrestling will be following a similar schedule.

With the roster announcement for No Boundaries Wrestling coming on the same day as the Version Two Wrestling announcement, on or around February 15, a lot is to be done still. Sources inside the promotion say that the roster has reached double digits, just as Version Two has as well. Names of superstars have not be revealed to the public eye at all, and sources have been sworn to secrecy that they cannot reveal more than numbers to the public.

Everything is becoming a well-kept secret as far as Real and Graphic Entertainment at this point. Tom Mason has not announced the staff names, the roster will come out as a whole, and the cards and ideas are not even being broadcast to the public yet. Granted there is still a little over a month until the debut, many feel that they should be presented with more facts and information than they are being given at this point by Tom Mason and the company.

Regardless of what is going on behind the scenes, No Boundaries Wrestling has not disclosed any information regarding the signing of any talent to the federation, the staff workers are still unannounced, but the first show has been scheduled and the location picked. It had already been hinted that No Boundaries Television would be returning in March, this time on the FOX Network. And that story is coming to life, as No Boundaries Television Edition 9 picks up on March 3, 2003 from The Arena in Oakland, California!

This will be the first show for No Boundaries Wrestling since November 25, 2002. There has also been no word on who will be attending, whether we'll see the return of the No Boundaries Wrestling Heavyweight Champion, Chris Collins, or any other champions like Shawn Kain or Devon Domain at this point. No matches have been booked at all for this show just yet. Fans and bypassers alike are told the same as they have been for Version Two Wrestling... Just wait and look for updates, and expect a lot of suprises. What it means, no one can be certain at this point in time.

So, with those words, Tom Mason and Real and Graphic Entertainment have left the table open for No Boundaries Wrestling's return show on March 3 at 7 p.m. on FOX. All No Boundaries Wrestling shows are aired on television infront of a live audience on Monday nights as they air on FOX. Two hours of button-pushing, high impact, in-your-face, real wrestling every week, no excuses!

Be sure to look for No Boundaries Wrestling, Version Two Wrestling and Real and Graphic Entertainment next month, from when the roster announcements are made, to the first shows on March 3, to a whole year's worth of action! And be sure to check for the RaGE main web-site to debut sometime around mid-February.

Link: http://www.fwrestling.com/host/rage/nbw

Version Two Roster and First Show News!
Posted by RaGE Inside Reporter
on January 29 at 8:01 PM

There are weeks remaining until the opening of Real and Graphic Entertainment, which features the new promotion: Version Two Wrestling. Many are anticipating Version Two, just to see if it lives up to the hype surrounding it, and just to see quite frankly what it will have to offer people.

Version Two Wrestling owner, Tom Mason, will be releasing a roster to include the staff and wrestlings involved in the promotion on or within just days after February 15th. That is the date he has deemed that all applications for the promotion should be turned in by at the latest. Though he does admit he has already begun accepting people and is undergoing negotiations with numerous people, Mason says he will not release any names other than the Version Two Heavyweight Champion, Menace. ALl other names will be released after the 15th of February when he and the staff make the final selections for the original roster.

Reporters caught up to Tom Mason, asking him about this roster situation and one reporter asked: "Will you open more roster positions to people after the original roster is announced on or about February 15? You do not expect to have a full roster on the 15th with your announcement, do you?"

Mason's reply, "I'll answer the second part first: No. I do not expect to have a full roster for Version Two Wrestling on the 15th when the announcement is made. I do, however, expect that the roster will be at least half full and that many others will jump on the opportunity to apply for Version Two following the 15th. With that said, yes, I will offer more positions following the 15th, but again, only the best will be selected for the roster. It is not a first-come, first-served basis."

Another question, which followed up Mason's statement went like this: "What will you do if the roster fills to maximum capacity but you still have people apply that could hypothetically be better than some people you already gave jobs to?"

"A good question, and I cannot say it will not happen. If it happens, decisions need to be made. I am not going to be unfair to the person I already gave a job and signed a contract with, so legally speaking: I must abide by that contract. However, if someone is that good to be on the roster, even if I have no room, you can bet that I will attempt to sign them, if not for Version Two, then for No Boundaries Wrestling. Talent is something I will not turn down, as long as it is good enough. You never want to let a big fish get away when you are fishing in the river," says Mason.

Besides news on the roster, the first card came up in a recent chat session with Tom Mason. Many people are wondering what the company has instore for Fear: Version Two upon its debut on March 1, 2003. Tom Mason tried to give as much information as he could without giving away anything that may be planned already.

"Version Two Wrestling will debut Fear on March 1, 2003 on FOX. The show runs for three hours, nothing has at all be set as far as matches and appearances aside from the guarantee that the Version Two Wrestling Heavyweight Champion, Menace, will be on hand for the show. Since there is no roster confirmed at this time, I cannot make any assumptions for wrestling contests and I cannot try and lead you in any direction, because I do not know what we're planning. All I can tell you is that the show should be a great night, a memorable debut, and we hope to make it a great success. I never expect anything less. That night in Detroit, Michigan, from the Joe Louis Arena, Fear will be the dawning of a new era... Version Two."

So, with those words, Tom Mason has left the table open for Version Two Wrestling's debut show on March 1 at 9 p.m. on FOX. If you miss it on that Saturday, you can always check out FOX the next day for a two-hour recap of Fear from the night before. And remember, all Version Two shows are taped infront of a LIVE audience on Friday nights before they air on FOX debut to FOX's own network standards to the nature of the programming.

Be sure to look for Version Two Wrestling, No Boundaries Wrestling and Real and Graphic Entertainment next month, from when the roster announcements are made, to the first shows on March 1, to a whole year's worth of action! And be sure to check for the RaGE main web-site to debut sometime around mid-February.

Link: http://www.fwrestling.com/host/rage/vtw

F.W. - Number 5?
Posted by FW Staff
on January 29 at 7:19 PM

That's right folks, Fortune has signed yet another member. His name is Danny Saint and that's all you'll get to know about him until the first show Fortune staff reports. Also, Fortune has been contacting more free agents and are currently in talks with around 10 wrestlers.

Link: http://www.fwrestling.com/host/fortune/

F.W. - Number 5?
Posted by Dave Stevens
on January 29 at 7:18 PM

The ACF first PPV was Spectacular!!!
Posted by Reporter: Thompson Johnson
on January 26 at 9:40 PM

Hello everbody of Fwrestling!! Here's some of the latest news on the recent events of The American Continental Federation PPV! ( ACF )

The ACF's very first PPV was a big hit in my mind. There was alot of comotion going on backstage and inside the squared circle as well. However it was by far the best damn PPV I ever witnessed in my entire Wrestling career. The U.S. Title was supposed to be decided between Brody Hansen and 'The Consequence' Kris Matthew's. That is until the comissioner Peter 'The Lawless' O'Neill came out and declared he was stripping the title away from the match and he has plans of unifying The TV Title and The US Title together and naming it The International Title. Now that Hansen is no longer US Champion, with the two titles being unified a new match was sanctuned at Indy Wars. Actually it isnt a match just yet until an invitation is accepted. It is sanctuned The International Title Invitational. And anyone who wants a shot can go in there and go for it! Although the current TV Title Champion Jonathan Zaius Showtime will be hosting the Invitational to welcome anyone to the challenge.

On other news, 'The Virus' Jonathan Sythe and his agent, the Comissioner Peter 'The Lawless' O'Neill shocked the entire ACF as Omen his tag team partner who took on The Revolutionaries & made his big heel turn! Nor O'Neill or Omen knew what Viruses intentions would be while he was lying dormant back home in Berlin, Germany. But Virus and Omen surprised the Revolutionaries and came victorious over them. Also what a cameo appearence during the match by former Horror Show member Crowe Magnum! The Revolutionaries ( Doomsday & Chris Bradford ) didnt know what hit them!

Hansen & The Virus both have it in for each other as Hansen made an impact after the victory in the Tag match. Hansen made sure O'Neill & Virus knew where he stands. Now they both have a grudge match at Indy Wars to settle the score once and for all!

The ladies of The American Continental Federation found out too, they also can be hardcore. As a Triple Threat Match between Lady Cryptonite, Helena Night, & Samantha Van Ess pulled out all the stops to try and become the #1 ladies contender for the ACF's Women's Championship Belt! Cryptonite set out to get revenge on Helena Night as she got a helping hand from Showtime's tag team partner Proteus and they took care of business! What a shooting star off of a stack of crates by Lady Cryptonite to get the win over Van Ess & Helena Night!

Then onto the main event which pitched the TV Title Champion, Showtime to take on the monster known as Predator for The ACF World Title!! This was the final match from the outcome of The ACF World Title Tournament from Indy Wars. I believe this was one of the most anticipated matches of the year!

It took place inside a steel cage! Boy did they go toe to toe! It was definitley a bloody mess! Both men will be scarred for life after this battle. Predator proved to be the better Wrestler in this encounter. But a show of sportsmanship by Predator as he shook the hands of Showtime after the match. And once again the ACF shocks the entire Fwrestling world!!! Pat Gordon, yes I said Pat Gordon made a statement by prsenting the title to Predator and as the lights go out we found Predator laying in the ring all busted open and laying in a pool of blood! Gordon made some comments and everyone in the ACF wants an explanation as to what he did to Predator!

A Lot has happened in the ACF in just under a few months. The ACF proves they can be a dominant place in the Wrestling industry! Nothing but shocking moments and great Wrestling matches occur!! ACF Wrestling fans wont forget the first PPV Rage, ever!!

Come and explore what the ACF has going on. The ACF can offer not only a stable career but a heck of a future as the ACF plans to stay dominant for a long time! The ACF has been hot and we are heard from all over the world! It's an up & coming organization and since October 31st the ACF is still going strong! This is the ACF reporter Thompson Johnson and we hope to see you at the next PPV either as a fan or who knows, maybe as champion!

To join, please contact Matt Haas The ACF President for further info. Freakofnature316@Hotmail.com

Till next time

Link: http://www.fwrestling.com/cgi-local/fw/fw.cgi?conf=FWConf25

FW - New Member Brings New Hope
Posted by FW Staff
on January 26 at 12:42 PM

Just a few hours ago Fortune Wrestling has announced that they have signed their fourth member. His name is "The Mimic" Judas Brattigan. The staff of Fortune Wrestling is said to be very pleased with this signing. They said it was unexpected because they hadn't talked to him before this day. He is going to be a big impact on the roster just like all of the other editions to the roster. Reports are that Fortune will be holding a one match show that will be a tag team match. No date is set and it is not confirmed.

Link: http://www.fwrestling.com/host/fortune

COR has ceased operations
Posted by Johnny Newsome
on January 25 at 5:43 PM

COR has ceased operations, there will be a new league some day, but COR is dead.

Link: http://n/a

Tom Mason Withholds Staff Names for RaGE
Posted by RaGE Inside Reporter
on January 24 at 9:44 PM

It was weeks ago that Real and Graphic Entertainment made its first announcements about the opening in early 2003 and some of the goals it hopes to achieve. Right now, January is over half way towards its end and RaGE is still being worked on. Numerous people have tried to get to Tom Mason, the owner, and ask him just why no one has been able to look at the real look to RaGE and why he has been so secret as to all that is going on, from signing wrestlers to picking up staff.

"Secrecy is a wonderful tool. Along with suspense, those tools build up to make some of the greatest things in wrestling history. If myself or anyone else was to spill the beans on what was going on, no one would pay attention anymore. Why is someone going to watch a television show when they already know what's going to happen. It's like watching a murder mystery when you already know who the killer is. The element of surprise is one of my favorite parts to this business and this game, which is exactly what I consider it to be: A game. It just so happens to be a game that I live my life by everyday. Each day is a different space on the board that I get to move towards as I progress. Some days are bad days, others are good days, like the days you get to move extra spaces," says Mason, providing a very vivid and metaphorical outlook.

Perhaps, what he says could be correct. Each day in life is another space on the board in the game of Life. One day, life ends with death. That's when the game is over and the board is put away. But aside from the metaphors and personification, Mason was asked a variety of other questions and given an array of opinions for his ideas.

When asked about why he decided to prolong the opening of RaGE, almost two months after he said it was going to originally open, Tom Mason answered with this:

"It was all about promoting. I didn't feel I had promoted a project like this as well as I could have, and I didn't feel it was exactly ready to be opened to the public. Things like this, like any company actually, take a lot of planning and a lot of hard work. Rushing into this wasn't going to make it worth while, it would only hurt its future. By extending the opening by a couple months, from December to February, I allowed myself a lot more time to finish up with signings and make deals with an array of people and other companies as well. Believe me, every day I wish I could have RaGE open to the public, but I have to live with the fact that it is not yet ready for the public eye. But when it is complete and ready, everyone will know it is here."

Without a doubt, those words could be considered true, with some many projects in this business deemed short successes, and some complete failures because they were rushed or run by people who had inadequate qualifications to do such a thing. As for Tom Mason, he has had what many would call a good amount of success, but he has had his own let downs as well. From running the XCWF for two years, to helping run Primetime Central and being a part of that community for 11 months until the shocking scenario that ended up in his firing. His only real failure, at least in his book is the short stint that No Boundarie Wrestling had back in late last year. He did comment on that project:

"More of a learning experience, and a quickly thrown together project in my eyes. But yes, it was not as much of a success as I would have liked. I had already planned a lot for the promotion, but when I thought up RaGE in October, I really became less aware of what was going on in No Boundaries Wrestling. I focused on RaGE, brainstorming ideas for that, which was what I think caused the needed shut down of No Boundaries. It is a small failure, but I think with RaGE, I can put that behind myself and the new No Boundaries Wrestling will be much more interesting and professional than the last," says Tom Mason.

Many other questions were directed to Tom Mason in this short session as he had a lot of business to attend to. But the most prominent, dignifying question, that surely everyone wants an answer to is: Who is going to be running Version Two and No Boundaries Wrestling?

"I cannot tell you. I know who, as well as just a select others. More people know who the Version Two President will be than they know of the No Boundaries President. I've choosen to keep the names quiet and pretty much an utter whisper until I feel it is right to announce them. You can expect that both Presidents will be highly-qualified, just like the rest of my staffs. Neither one is new to this business, nor is this their first experience working in a high-level position. And I will even go as far as to say: One of them has worked for me in the past and the other, has run a hell of a promotion the many could consider one of the best to date. Other than that, there is nothing I will say to give anyone a further clue as to who these men are, if they are even in fact men. You'll just have to wait for the federations to be running soon and see for yourself who I have selected," Tom Mason taunts reporters with his words, of which could even be misleading.

Too many questions are left unanswered at this time for analysists to even begin guessing who could be running either promotion. But all that can be concluded as of now is that Tom Mason has a high sense of confidence and mystique surrounding Real and Graphic Entertainment. Will this company live up to the hype and the atmosphere that Tom Mason is giving it thus far? If not, Mason's name will be tarnished and he could suffer perhaps the greatest backlash a promoter could suffer. But if it's a success, he could become the innovator of this business as we know it.

Link: http://www.fwrestling.com/host/rage

GDW Earns First Honor After Merger
Posted by Josh Evans
on January 24 at 4:58 PM

There was a mistake in our last post on this site. Our calculations were a little off. We posted that last message after about seven of our total eight hours of voting and considering that Falcone was up by so much we figured he would become the winner.

Dan Herrera and Matt Alan are the CoOwners of an up and coming fed the Global Division of Wrestling (GDW). Their two feds merged back in November. Matt Alan owning geeksoft based Global Championship Wrestling and Dan Herrera owning geeksoft based International Division of Wrestling. Dan came to Matt Alan with the idea of merging and now the fed is bigger and better than ever.

The Final standings of our best Efed Owner poll was:
Name Federation %
--------------------- ---------- ---
Matt Alan/Dan Herrera GDW 45
Joey Falcone GWA 32
Devon Long ICW 20
Others N/A 3

The honor is all hours to present title to the two men. Their dedication to their fed is astounding and look for great things to come from this fed. They have alot of good talent. And are always looking to get even better. So sorry for the mistake, but I'm sure we can all appreciate every man on this list.

Josh Evans
Sr. Writer
E-Fed Illustrated

Link: http://www.geeksoft.net/gin/gfed2/gfed.cgi?lid=13851

MCW V-Day Massacre: match line-up
Posted by MCW Owner Adams
on January 24 at 11:01 AM

The show. which will be our next, is going 2 b held on the 14th of February. Here is the lineup:

1. Ken Shade will try to get revenge against Black Shogun in a XXX Title match.

2. Ruthless Rebel, former XXX Champ, will take on debuting rookie Hawk.

3. Tony Jackson will face Kid Montiero for a spot in the Friday Fire 2 weeks later where the overall winner would get a shot at the Universal Title.

4. Metal Maniac will face former Backyard Champion the Shadow.

5. Bludd will challenge Scarecrow for no reason.

6. Orange Bullet, in his return, will face his partner, Pete Falco, in the OTHER match which will result in a shot at #1 Contender to the Universal Title. Winner will face either Montiero or Jackson 2 weeks later.

7. In the Main Event, Pain will get his shot at Jeremy Webber's Universal Title.

Link: http://www.fwrestling.com/host/ratt2004

MCW Friday Fire- #1 Contendership, J-Webb continues assault.
Posted by MCW Owner Adams
on January 24 at 10:56 AM

Unfortunately, out TV station blacked us out for a Billy Graham special. However, here is what went down.


The show started out with highlights of the Pain retirement-return situation. Pain then came out & said he gave MCW one more try due to wanting the Title. This brought Jeremy Webber out to the ring to tell Pain that he is going to watch his back tonight because a certain wrestler is going to show up. This brought out Kid Montiero, en Shade, & Scarecrow, to get the match going.

1. Ken Shade vs. Scarecrow vs. Kid Montiero vs. Pain (#1 Contendership is on the line, single pinfall-only): The match started out with the other 3 going after Pain. Pain tried desperately to fend-off Montiero & Shade, who were attacking violently. Black Shogun came out to attack Shade & caused him to leave the ring. Scarecrow began to give the Dark Days of Torment to Montiero. When he went to pin him though, he looked at Pain & told him to pin him. Pain pinned Scarecrow instead after a Battery. After the match, Orange Bullet (a former MCW Champion) ran out & attacked Pain leaving him in a pool of blood.

2. Black Shogun vs. Metal Maniac (XXX Title) : What started out as an easy task turned into terror for Metal. Shade attacked Shogun, but the lights went out. All of a sudden, Kid Rock's "American Badass" played & we saw the Shadow run out. After giving Metal a Shadow Driver, he put Shogun on top of him & allowed him to become the 3rd XXX Champ in 3 weeks.

Segment: MCW Owner Adams showed up on the screen to adress that a new match was signed for the PPV- Ruthless Rebel vs. a newcomer known as Hawk.

3. Bludd vs. Pete Falco: Falco had it won, but Bullet's misfiring of a Bull's Eye cost him the match.

4. Tony Jackson vs. Jeremy Webber (Universal Title): Jackson made an impressive debut in MCW by literally schooling Webber for a good 5 minutes. We saw a run-in by Kid Montiero, but he attacked Jackson allowing J-Webb to set up the Playa' Hata' & score yet another win in MCW.

Link: http://fwrestling.com/host/ratt2004

XCW - The Beginning Of The End
Posted by Montiero
on January 22 at 2:19 PM

Things in XCW are beginning to heat up. With XCW Genesis three weeks away, emotions of the roster are at an all-time high.

Montiero's loss to Chris Johnson at ReVenge 2 means that Johnson will progress and face company Champion The Woodsmaster as the Pay Per Veiw's main event.

Giles Andrew's second appearance in the XCW and announcement of accomplice Tempest has proven a real strain to Montiero in the past week. With Tempest and Andrews planning to run the XCW out of business, Montiero must watch his back.

At a breif series of Battle Royal matches at ReVenge 2, two men have been selected to fight in a match at ReVenge 4. The only difference is the winner will win themselves a title shot of their choice. The two finalists are new debut Tommy Sickness and Hellraiser member Diablos.

The Hardcore division has been running wild in the past weeks, with 24/7 action commencing in a hospital, hotel and even a small town in the south-west region of England. Jackson will meet his main rival Diablos in a match at Genesis, with the loser restricted from fighting for the Hardcore title.

Justin Devoz has served XCW well since it's opening back in July. He has stated that he will retire, and will hold a cerimony at Genesis commemorating his career.

Tony Python has attempted to promote his brand name in a segment during the week. He has been fired, and his league NFW is to suffer a court case which may put it out of business for good.

With all of this excitement, what could possibly happen at ReVenge 3...

Link: http://xcw-revenge.cjb.net

Posted by Chloe Hart
on January 21 at 9:25 PM

Maxwell Qwest has owned more successfull efeds than any other owner in history he is kind and a very fair man although retired from the fed game he has recently decided to return and now NCW his new fed is bound for greatness and i for one am glad to see MR.Qwest back in the game

Link: http://www.geeksoft.net/gin/gfed2/gfed.cgi?lid=13939

Joey Falcone of the GWA #1 Owner
Posted by Josh Evans
on January 21 at 1:13 AM

GWA (Global Wrestling Alliance) owner Joey Falcone has been voted the #1 E-Fed owner of the year.

E-Fed Illustrated has announced as of January 18th, 2002 that Mr. Joey Falcone has won this honor, for his dedication to the business.

Many Fed Owners were under consideration for this honor, but Mr. Falcone won the honor receiving 62% of the vote.

Devon Long owner of Insane Championship Wrestling came in 2nd place with 29% of the vote.

Mr. Falcone dedication and no none sense attitude earned him this prestigious honor.
He’s taking control and telling it like it is attitude is match by no one else.

So we at E-Fed Illustrated salute GWA Owne/CEO Joey Falcone.

Josh Evans
Sr. Writer
E-Fed Illustrated

Link: http://www.geeksoft.net/gin/gfed2/gfed.cgi?lid=12849

The ACF Invades The Steel City Federation!
Posted by Peter 'The Lawless' O'Neill
on January 20 at 12:54 PM

Hello to all of my FWrestling freaks! The commissioner of the ACF here brings to you some hot news concerning a merger of The American Continental Federation is invading the Steel City Federation and The ACF wants the people of FW to help the ACF get the bragging rights to being a big company and not a small company.

The ACF and the SCWF is also going to have a battle royal to truly decide who is really the best of them both. The ACF and SCWF are combining the ACF / SCWF World Titles and calling it the Grand title. There will be qualifying matches to see earns the chance to be in the battle royal. The invasion starts all this week as the commissioner Peter 'The Lawless' O'Neill has planned on invading the SCWF PPV and take a little insurance away from that being the Memorial title. So sign up for the battle royal and help the ACF become #1!!!

For more info, please contact me Matt Haas, at Freakofnature316@Hotmail.com or you may give me a hollar at AOL Instant Messenger: s/n thebiggapple1287

Hope you all help the ACF defend their company!

Link: http://www.fwrestling.com/cgi-local/fw/fw.cgi?conf=FWConf25

RaGE: 40 Days Until Wrestling's New Concept!
Posted by RaGE Inside Reporter
on January 18 at 2:11 PM

In 40 days, on March 1, Real and Graphic Entertainment will debut with Fear: Version Two! The first of many shows for Version Two Wrestling. And then only days later, on March 3, Edition 9 will be broadcast as well! The return card for No Boundaries Wrestling, which has been silent for almost two months.

The return of NBW and the debut of VTW, continuing the saga of that of the XCWF. Real and Graphic Entertainment will prove nothing short of a success as long as people are there to help, and can make it just that. Invitations were given to few from the former XCWF and NBW federations. There are still numerous slots available for the taking on each of the new federation's rosters.

And for those of you unaware of each federation, here is a breakdown of both federations:

Version Two Wrestling: The signifigance of the name Version Two is to signify that the previous attempt and success, XCWF, is no longer there. We enter a new domain, with new challenges and new ideas and concepts. Thirty-five roster spots for five singles titles and a tag team belt, with a growing image from the past. Contracts, wages, storylines, talent, new concepts and more are all going into this federation to help make it unique and one of the most realistic out there. With a televised show every week on Saturday nights, fans witness the VTW wrestlers for three hours on the FOX Network. More can happen in three hours than you'd imagine. But to be a part of this, you have to get in early and make yourself a part of that three hour program. Because with a roster of 35, you have no more than a couple minutes to do your job before the bosses in the back tell you its time to drop the curtain on your act. The concepts of the real life business world will intertwine with this promotion, making it competitive, realistic, and challenging. It's hopefully going to be more fun than ever for the wrestling world when everyone wants one thing, next to a big amount of cash. But only those who raise the bar for the rest can be the stars of the show. It's all up to who wants to be one of the ones to raise that bar, making it harder for the rest.

No Boundaries Wrestling: Extreme, Hardcore, Ruthless, Violent, or whatever other words you want to use to describe it. Angles, Storylines and feuds galore will make No Boundaries Wrestling one of the most interesting federations today. It's focus is angles and wrestling without boundaries. Taking the styles of prominent real life federations and mixing it with the backyard, independent styles, presenting a very promising product. It's a traveling federation where many injuries will occur, but the wrestlers will tough it out to earn their wages and entertain the fans every Monday night. NBW brings a new Edition of wrestling to the television every week, subtitled "Chaos", which is exactly what the show is all about. A two hour tribute to the wrestlers doing what they do best: Fight to entertain. Once a week, every week, they will come into the living rooms of the fans' on the FOX Network. Just as Version Two, No Boundaries incorporates the contracts, wages, storylines, talent, new concepts and more that are going into this federation to help make it unique and one of the most realistic out there. The roster is limited to 25 Wrestlers from around the world, everyone having the opportunity to compete for three singles titles and one Tag Team belt. Time is to be used wisely by the wrestlers, for they have only a limited time each. The better they perform in that time, the farther they will go.

As you can see, the concept of this company is a lot more involved and a lot more perplexing than others. A great majority of the work falls on the staff, a complex number of members in the company who will do their best to keep wages, contracts, and more under wraps. Each month people take in their salary, which is negotiated when a wrestler is signed to the promotion. All contracts are renegotiable, but not liable to be broken unless a clause in the contract states it. Incentives are earned every month for wrestlers that excel at their job and provide more of an audience for the company. Winning titles, big matches, drawing money from merchandise and more are just some of the things wrestlers get money for. But everything has it's draw back as wrestlers lose money for bad behavior, arriving late, no-showing, and destroying property.

It's a business of bumps and bruises, but a lot of fun if you make it that. RaGE demands one show a week for wrestlers to be present at, and a total of two working days a week whether a promo or interview is shot. The demanding life of a wrestler is rewarded, as the company will not burn out their talent every week. Things are done in a way to provide the most realistic look into the company as possible. Injuries, travel, fatigue, and more are all considered for wrestler's every week. But should it all be worth it in the end, any wrestler has the chance to become the number one star in the promotion if they can beat the champion, the current number one, and take home the Heavyweight Championship Title.

To those serious about this and to those just in it to have fun and showcase their talent, RaGE is for you either way. It's all the competition you are looking for in a federation and it's at the same time one of those atmospheres that will make you feel friendly and wanted. Only the best will be signed by the company to work in Version Two or No Boundaries. Anyone that feels they have the skill and the time to put forth three days of effort a week, make yourself at home and send in your resume to either promotion of your choice. Spots are limited, every application will be looked at closely and every detail considered. Once you apply, you'll be notified in about a week at most of your application's status and what you'll have to do if you'd like to be a part of RaGE.

Thank you for taking the time to read this.


Tom Mason

P.S. If you have any questions or comments you can direct them to myself, Tom Mason, at therageproject@mail.com or on AIM at: TheRaGEProject

Feel free to visit RaGE today and to check out the forums!

Link: http://www.fwrestling.com/host/rage

COR delayed indefinitely
Posted by johnny newsome
on January 17 at 6:21 PM

COR is delayed indefinitely due to lack of applications. COR is currently accepting applications and will open when enough people have applied. Thank you all for your patience.

Link: http://fwrestling.com/host/corwrestling

OCW, 3 year fed, Extending Applications
Posted by OCW Owner
on January 16 at 3:58 PM

Online Championship Wrestling, a 3rd year federation, is extending contracts to anyone eligible to wrestle for the company. The current roster is about 50, but with a few minor releases set for the coming month, and a few retirements, we are looking for the right wrestlers for our fed. Check us out, ask questions, contact us. This federation is one of the most excited, friendliest federations in the markets today. But don't just believe me ...

Link: http://www.angelfire.com/wrestling3/ocwhq

MCW Friday Fire: J-Webb continues his streak.
Posted by MCW Owner Adams
on January 16 at 11:01 AM

MCW Owner Adams here.

This week marked the 1st "TV" show we have had since February 2k2.

The opening match of the evening saw Black Shogun chalk up his 1st victory of the year beating Ken Shade in a Table Match. After the final match bell rung however, was another story. Shade beat him up & gave him not one, not even 2, but 3 Shade Bombs before telling the only MCW Triple Crowner that this wasn't over yet. Do I sense some heat between these 2?

Next was the #1 Contender's match for the Universal Title. Kid Montiero took on Pain & was being dominated. Right when he was going to execute a Montiero Meltdown, but a person we have never seen before, who was later revealed to be Tony Jackson, interfered & helped Pain win. Pain became #1 contender & was going to face the Champion on February 14th, V-Day Massacre, but a few things were going to shake up this as the night continued.

A 3-Way Dance saw Scarecrow taking on Metal Maniac & XXX Champ Ruthless Rebel. The match was okay, but Rebel & Metal continued their long feud. Metal locked on the Axe Stroker & Rebel passed out. Before we knew it, Metal Maniac beat his long-running rival.

Finally, the match we've been waiting for: Bludd vs. Jeremy Webber in a Cage for the Universal Title. Both wrestlers gave it their all for 11 minutes & 38 seconds, but in the end.....J-Webb continued his unexpected assault as Universal Champion & won his 4th match. The night has came to a close, but then something unexpected happened.

Pain came walking out to the ring & was gloating about his big #1 Contendership. But then, announced his retirement, sending shockwaves throughout our Arena.

This week will bring us more questions: Who will take over #1 Contendership? What is Tony Jackson doing here? And why is Ken Shade picking a feud with Shogun? Next week's Friday Fire will answer these.

Link: http://fwrestling.com/host/ratt2004

'nLW - Following To The Big Debut
Posted by Giles Andrews
on January 14 at 9:23 AM

As you may have heard, 'nLW will be making their big debut soon enough. We need substantial staff members to help make the 'nLW a success.

We need the following:
- Owner
- Vice President Of Production
- Commissioner

To apply, mail the address provided quoting "Staff" as the subject. People MUST be able to read HTML. The four selected staff will be provided with a top-notch site with add-ons provided regularly.

-- Andrews

Link: http://nlw-overkill.cjb.net

XCW Genesis - Matches Announced
Posted by Montiero
on January 14 at 9:18 AM

With the recent signings of Chris Johnson, Wolf and Scorpion, Genesis is really heating up.

Giles Andrews, the XCW's new Sponsor, made a surprise appearance on an off-show taping. He announced that Tony Jackson would have another shot against Diablos for the XCW Hardcore Championship and that his partner Nightmare would square off against new debut Kobra, with the match to take place in a Steel Cage!

Also, a No. 1 Contendership match will be held to decide who will face
World Champion Ollie Woods at Genesis. This will see company owner Montiero face 'nLW Prospect Chris Johnson. Both have had numerous confrontations throughout the week, and this rivalry will definately continue after ReVenge.

A Battle Royal will also take place, with the winner taking a shot at whichever title he choses at ReVenge 4. This will involve the entire roster, and this will be one to remember.

Tune into XCW ReVenge 2 this Friday...

Link: http://xcw-revenge.cjb.net

GCW Begins a New Era, Are You In?
Posted by Ryan Jones
on January 13 at 3:21 AM

Atlanta, GA (AP) - Much can be said about GCW's traumatic past few months, but nothing says more than this: they're still here.

Of course, nothing less should be expected from a federation that has lasted since the first week of June, 1998. Despite a President leaving the promotion without even a website, GCW has moved on.

And now, with the help of an old friend, they are back on their feet.

At the conclusion of Survivor Match V, Alex Knight and The Crow were both holding their hands up high. The real people holding their hands up, however, were the fans.

GCW has promised a bold new direction that could change the face of e-wrestling. Come this past January 12, the new direction has arrived.

New directions do not come without new talent to mold them, however. That's where you come in. GCW has long been one of the mainstay promotions on the internet, and a chance like this may never come again. So anyone who wants to give GCW a shot, give the major leagues of e-wrestling a shot, just head over to http://gcw.projectefed.com and see if you have what it takes to be a part of the Era of Strike.

Link: http://gcw.projectefed.com

Posted by T.J.
on January 12 at 9:51 PM

Hello everybody from Fwrestling, first off I hope everyone enjoyed their holidays. I am here to announce that the ACF is looking for a few good men and women to compete in the American Continental Federation. Things are heating up as the ACF's first PPV hits the network.

The undefeated monster known as Predator takes on the ACF Television Champion for the World Title. That should be an awesome match as both men are great competitors. Many in the ACF couldnt believe that 'The Virus' Jonathan Sythe after defeating Brody Hansen for the U.S. Title thew it down. The Virus is now going after the big Predator after his World title match. Who really won the match between 'The Consequence' Kris Matthew's & the Predator? Did Predator do it by himself or did he recieve help from Virus to secure the victory.

Rage has started and the heat has been turned up as since the US Title has been thrown down by Virus it is up for grabs as Brody Hansen gets to regain it by taking on Kris Matthew's. We also have a great ladies Triple Threat Match going on. The feud between Helena Night & Lady Cryptonite gets worse and worse for Lady Cryptonite as Helena Night's thugs Nightforce, 'Panther & Hawk' keep interfering in Lady Cryptonite's matches. Stay tuned and watch further more as the feuds get deeper and deeper.

The commissioner of the ACF has also made a statement saying that if the roster doesnt oblidge by his rules he will infect the ACF with Darkness. What does he propose by that? Each segment of the promos we watch by Commissioner O'Neill leaves evidence of some kind of trail of someone new signing with the ACF? Who could it be?

At Rage the ACF is also conducting the World Tag Team Tournament lottery. It will be interesting to see who will team up with who to compete in the Tournament to win the Tag Titles!

The US Title is vacant and many other titles such as the Hardcore Title and Cruiserweight title. The ACF wants some talent in their Federation. The ACF is getting lots of attention from around the world and what better place to make a name for yourself than the ACF. A true American company for the Wrestling world! We ask all of you who look upon Fwrestling to come check us out and give us a try. What's the worst that can happen? The ACF could make you famous!

For tryouts please contact the owner & President of the ACF Matt Haas, at Freakofnature316@hotmail.com for more info. Who knows you could be the next US champion or Hardcore champion! Hope to see you come aboard....

Yours Truly
The ACF owner & President, Matt Haas

Link: http://www.fwrestling.com/cgi-local/fw/fw.cgi?conf=FWConf25

RaGE: Releases First Staff and Roster Information!
Posted by RaGE Inside Source
on January 12 at 8:49 PM

Just a few weeks ago, RaGE made the generalized announcement that it would begin accepting resumes from those interested in applying for positions as wrestlers and even backstage help in the company. With two promotions to fill, Version Two and No Boundaries, one would realize how much of roster is needed in each promotions. Figures were released by the head office of RaGE today, providing a list of numbers showing how many people RaGE will be accepting in total (not including how many people are already hired).

Below are the figures from Version Two, No Boundaries and RaGE itself.

RaGE Company Staff

* - Four Columnists and/or Journalists
- Three Creative Management Supervisors
- Two Payroll Coordinators
- One Treasurer
- One Event Coordinator
* - Two Odd Job Managers

* Each column has already been approved and selected by RaGE. Any applicants that are hired will be given a column, then explained how to do it and allowed to choose if they want it or not. If they do not want it, they can choose another. Odd Job Managers are not responsible for anything in particular but are needed to be available whenever the Board needs help from them. They serve as Safety workers in the company, doing what needs to be filled in if something is left open.

For a full description on any or all of these positions available, contact the RaGE Company at therageproject@mail.com and include your name and contact information.

Version Two Wrestling

- Five Creative Writers
- One General Manager/President
- One Vice President/Talent Coordinator
- One Commissioner of Operations
- 30 Singles Roster Wrestlers
- Four full time Tag Teams

No Boundaries Wrestling

- Five Creative Writers
- One General Manager/President
- One Vice President/Talent Coordinator
- One Commissioner of Operations
- 25 Singles Roster Wrestlers
- Four full time Tag Teams

For more information on any of the above listed positions, contact therageproject@mail.com for a full description and answer to any and all questions you have. To apply for a job, send your resume to the company from the address at the bottom of this news update.

The company of RaGE has already made it a clear cut fact that they expect a roster that will "wow" the wrestling industry. If not immediately, but over the course of a few months. It is said that former stars in the company of the XCWF, include Menace(World Heavyweight Champion), Al Magz(InterUnited Champion), and Royce Mathers(Extreme Champion), will be back for this edition with Version Two Wrestling.

No Boundaries Wrestling has already made it clear that Shawn Kain(High Risk Champion) will be back among Devon Domain (Cruiserweight Champion), Kaz, Evan Darkness, and more. Chris Collins, the NBW Heavyweight Champion has not signed any agreements to return just yet, he's said to be in the middle of personal issues and his return is anticipated, but not all that likely in the immediate return of NBW.

Aside from the few signings, and contractual clauses with the company, all positions are open for the taking in RaGE. Staff wise, the only confirmed returns of people that have worked with Tom Mason in the past are TJ Faith, Brian Arson, Dave Stevens and Pat Dwyer. Who will be doing what? The company has refused to answer those questions at this time. But you can expect to see various updates coming from the RaGE website, which has recently been moved, in the next couple of weeks. Tom Mason made reference to the fact he will begin to announce special signings, unveil staff members and more as time progresses.

To apply for a position on the staff of RaGE, VTW or NBW, go to the Staff Openings selection. Or, if you are looking to pursue or continue a wrestling career, go to either the Version Two or No Boundaries subsites.

For the best chance of knowing what's on the horizion for RaGE visit: http://www.fwrestling.com/host/rage

Link: http://www.fwrestling.com/host/rage

RaGE: Looking ahead to the Future
Posted by RaGE Inside Source
on January 12 at 8:47 PM

As months pass by since the idea of Real and Graphic Entertainment was first brought up, there are those growing weary of it's debut in the winter of this year. The original date set in November, which most people pretty much figured would be nixed, was just that. And now, months later, it's January and fans have been promised one of the most evolutionary, entertaining, and exciting wrestling companies to date. Some fear that their cries for RaGE will be unheard and that RaGE will be a huge dud. Others continue to wait, praying for it to live up to the expectations and some of the hype that has surrounded it.

There have been many mentions of what RaGE will offer the world of wrestling and entertainment. With a board consisting of some rising names in the industry, as well as one of the most intelligent, currently unemployed owners in wrestling, Tom Mason, RaGE promises success and says it will deliver nothing less. At this point in January, the officials at RaGE have said that they will "work on this project as long as it takes to make it worth the wait and the viewing of fans everywhere." Whether or not it will be so successful is yet to be determined.

By the end of February, into the beginning of March, fans will get the first chance to witness RaGE Television on networks like FOX and Canada's TSN. Agreements reached earlier in this past week show that RaGE will claim a great portion of FOX's late night and even prime-time slots every week starting near the spring. Taking over Saturday nights from 9 to 12 midnight and Monday nights from 7 to 9 p.m. The two promotions, Version Two and No Boundaries should be able to boost ratings on the FOX network, not that FOX has ever had too much trouble being one of the top competitors, but it will only elevate them further.

Careful selections had to be made by FOX on what night to show Version Two, Friday or Saturday, but after considering the success of shows like Fastlane (which has already been moved from Tuesdays) and John Doe, Saturday stuck better for the network. There will be less head-to-head competition for Version Two and FOX on Saturday Night, aside from HBO's Saturday Premiere Movie each week. Other than that, most of television viewers could be turning their attention to RaGE and Version Two on Saturday Nights.

Monday nights will also bring RaGE action to FOX with No Boundaries Chaos. Chaos is not a three-hour extravaganza like Fear: Version Two, only because of the Network's tight Monday Scheduling and lack of free space for shows. But fitting in Chaos from 7 to 9 p.m. will make a great addition for the network. This slot, avoiding the primetime battle of ABC's NFL Monday Night Football in the Fall among other shows, will give RaGE a chance to shine in the spotlight to viewers yet again. The only downfall, which FOX has compensated for is the move of Boston Public from 8 to 9 p.m. every Monday night.

Overall, the lineup of FOX is only getting even stronger with the addition of RaGE's television production deals. These deals have been finalized and it appears that RaGE has been given an 18-week contract with the Network, thus a renegotiation will take place to discuss the renewal, or removal of the program at the end of June. On one more note, Version Two's weekly show will not be live, as it has been mentioned before, it will be taped one day in advance, which puts a real rush on any editting that will be done before the network's air it the following night. No Boundaries Chaos will be live for two hours, but fans in live attendance can enjoy further action before and even after the show each week to compensate for a lost hour of television time, and make their ticket values even more worthwhile.

Ticket prices for RaGE events are priced fairly, charging $40 for ringside seats, plus venue surchanges where applicable. Prices can be as cheap as $15 or $20 depending on the venue and where fans choose to sit. More information on those prices are available through TicketMaster.com and at Box Offices. The first tickets for RaGE shows go onsale the first weekend of February, 1 and 2. More information on locations and venues will be announced in the coming weeks from RaGE.

Link: http://www.fwrestling.com/host/rage

RaGE: Closed TV Deals with FOX and TSN!
Posted by RaGE Inside Source
on January 12 at 8:44 PM

Earlier this past week, Real and Graphic Entertainment closed a deal with two networks in the northern hemisphere on the continent of North America as far as television. The two deals were split between both the United States Network FOX and the Canadian Network TSN. Both agreements had been reached at similar times during the past week, though RaGE waited until paperwork had been finalized for both deals before making a public announcement.

This is not the first time that Tom Mason is working in cooperation with the FOX Network. Back in 2001, while running the promotion XCWF, the weekly show Warfare was broadcast on the FOX Network. Soon after that show, Mason expanded to create the Friday Night phenomenon, Fear, which eventually moved to Saturday nights.

Once again, Mason brings another brain child to FOX Saturday Nights during the prime-time hours of 9 p.m. to 12 a.m. The return of Fear under the brand of Version Two Wrestling (VTW) should be quite a worthwhile wait for fans. Starting March 1, FOX will bring Fear to fans each week. The only set back to Fear this time around: It is taped a day in advance. Each week crews will tape on Friday night at the venue for the show and the following night, Fear will come into the homes of a number over three-million viewers. Fans can expect nothing less than the excitement that Mason and his crew have brought in the past, but FOX has given guidelines for the company to follow in their production each week.

The Canadian Network TSN will carry Fear on Saturday night from 9 p.m. to 12 midnight and then the following evening, shortened to two hours from 7 to 9 p.m. TSN will also be carrying the No Boundaries Wrestling (NBW) weekly show Chaos on Mondays from 7 to 9 p.m. The fact that Version Two Wresting was given three hours on Saturday night and two hours on Sunday was brought up versus No Boundaries Wrestling's two hour show was brought up. Reporters asked Tom Mason and the network why this worked out the way it is.

Mason said, "There is no simple explanation for this. After discussing with FOX and TSN, the networks were both more interested and excited in having the show on their network. No Boundaries Wrestling was set for a three-hour block as well, but due to scheduling and competition with other shows, Chaos was moved to two-hours and into the early evening hours. There was the thought of splitting Chaos into two shows, both taped the same night, but shown back to back, though FOX and TSN didn't want to forfeit another night's prime-time."

The mention of FOX in Mason's statement may have some confused but yes, FOX is carrying Chaos on Monday nights from 7 to 9 p.m. Some viewers may be wondering what will happen to the current programs on Monday night on FOX, but the network assures that even with the addition of Chaos almost all the other shows will still be shown on Monday nights. The revised schedule moves the 7:30, 8, and 8:30 shows to the 9, 9:30, and 10 p.m. hours. This pushes the FOX news to 10:30 and late night programing to 11:30 p.m. This new schedule begins in the end of the winter, so FOX is not worried about losing ratings being that most shows then will be repeats of the previous seasons.

The fully revised schedule for FOX and TSN will be available on FOX.com sometime in the next couple of weeks. FOX's Saturday night programming will not be revised because there was nothing on at that time that had them concerned. Minor local adjustments will be made for local channels such as FOX Philadelphia and Los Angeles, based on local programming at that time. FOX New York as well and the rest of the nation will be able to catch Fear: Version Two every Saturday night from 9 p.m. to 12 midnight.

Link: http://www.fwrestling.com/host/rage

(BOW) Pro-Wrestling returns to Britain
Posted by Mike "The Hammer" Hendrix
on January 11 at 5:34 AM

Canary Wharf, London, was the venue for the long awaited official opening of British Online Wrestling. BOW president Mike Hendrix was joined by comissioner Jimmy Waters, as a media frenzy swept across the country, to officially launch Britain's latest challenge to the United States dominated sport.

"Following months of planning and hard work, we are delighted to announce that, as from today, British Online Wrestling is officially an active promotion. It is our intention to stage our first card on the 24th January in London."

Hendrix continued to confirm that an experienced and professional staff had been put in place at BOW and that he still felt there was much work to do.

"Jimmy and I are now preparing for the hardest stage of our launch, namely convincing around sixteen wrestlers that BOW is the place for them. I would ask that any interested parties get in touch with us at bowwrestling@hotmail.com. It is our intention to turn BOW into a major force in the e-wrestling world, a television deal is currently being worked on that will give our wrestlers excellent exposure and coverage of BOW events will be second to none."

Hendrix and Waters announced the BOW's program of events from today until the end of February, and also revaled the name of BOW's weekly wrestling card.

"Our weekly show will be called Revolution, it will be staged every Friday and will make for fast paced & highly entertaining viewing. It is also our intention to stage a Supercard on the second Sunday of every month, our first will be aptly titled Inception. In the meantime, I would ask any of our supporters to check our website for regular news and information from British Online Wrestling."

BOW Calender of Events

24th January - BOW Revolution (London)

31st January - BOW Revolution (Birmingham)

7th February - BOW Revolution (Newcastle)

9th February - BOW Inception (Manchester)

14th February - BOW Revolution (Nottingham)

21st February - BOW Revolution (Bristol)

28th February - BOW Revolution (Glasgow)

Link: http://www.wrestle.to/bowwrestling

EWF Leaving Revolution Studios
Posted by Rumor Man
on January 10 at 11:08 PM

Without revealing my sources (let's just say that they are very credible)the following is straight from the horses mouth. EWF Management will be making their exit of the beginning interpromotional company, official during the next Breakdown show, this Saturday night.

For more info, tune into the site and show.

Link: http://ewf.fwrestling.com

XCW ReVenge 2 - Main Delay
Posted by Montiero
on January 7 at 2:50 PM

The XCW has been facing financial difficulty near the end of 2002. Luckily Real Sports owner Giles Andrews has decided to sponsor the XCW Legacy for a 2 year contract. ReVenge will commence next Friday, with a replay of ReVenge 1 and OutKast to be aired this coming Friday.

Montiero has announced that although he is all but "fond" of the former 'nLW owner, he has money and the lifeline Montiero needs to keep XCW going.

The Women's Championship will be abolished at ReVenge 2, and in favour a new Television Championship will be placed in it's position. A Sudden Death match will decide the new title, and debuts such as Kobra will appear.

The former Hardcore Champion Tony Jackson will now meet reigning champion Diablos at XCW Genesis. A court case was held earlier in the week to place a restraining order between the pair, and Jackson will be away from the arena as Diablos and partner Nightmare go for Tag Team gold.

XCW is seeking applications, and 'nLW will make it's official opening a week after Genesis. Check back here for more info.

Link: http://xcw-revenge.cjb.net

MCW Back in Black 2- J-Webb shocks the world!!!
Posted by MCW Owner Leon-Ryan Adams
on January 5 at 2:35 PM

Back in Black 2 was a great show to start the MCW revival.

Ruthless Rebel won the XXX Title against Metal Maniac, Bludd won a 5-man Pentagon elimination Battle Royal to get a Title shot next week on Friday Fire, & Jeremy Webber shocked the world & took home the Universal Title

www.fwrestling.com/host/ratt2004 is the site.

Link: http://www.fwrestling.com/host/ratt2004

Posted by Johnny Newsome
on January 3 at 6:33 PM

Johnny Newsome here, Let The Games Begin Lethal Lottery will feature all sorts of matches including Stairway To Hell, Octagon, Cage, Lumberjack, Ladder, and more. Registration is still open, so sign up today, COR is accepting ALL applicants. That's all for now, I'm Johnny Newsome, COR.

Link: http://fwrestling.com/host/corwrestling

Epik: Website Ready
Posted by Natasha Barton - Mgmt Svcs.
on December 30 at 2:09 PM

The website for new generation wrestler Epik is now ready for visitors!

Link: http://www.fwrestling.com/host/epik/

EWE Settles Lawsuit
Posted by EWE Staff
on December 27 at 11:46 PM

Ever since 1952 The Elite Wrestling and Circus Company has been a staple in the sports entertainment industry.

As some fans may know though, the company in 2000, was slapped with a lawsuit and ordered to stop all operations.

Now, after a two year break, the new Elite Wrestling Entertainemnt (EWE), has begun to look over resume's of new wrestlers for their kick off in Feburary of 2003!!

Please visit EWE for more information.


Link: http://ewe.wararena.com

RaGE Announces Opening for January 2003!
Posted by Tom Mason
on December 27 at 9:26 PM

Just days ago, the first announcement was made publically that Real and Graphic Entertainment(RaGE) would be debuting in January 2003. As of now, the RaGE Chairman, Tom Mason, has made arrangements and posted a variety of information links from a central temporary site that will allow fans and bypassers to have a look at what RaGE will be featuring in 2003.

For those with no background information on Tom Mason, he is the former federation owner of Xtreme Championship Wrestling Federation which ran from the beginning of 2001 until September 2002. Since then he has been working heavily on the ideas and such that have gone into this creation of RaGE. Mr. Mason also was one of the men behind the inter-federation company: Primetime Central. That being until a fallout at the beginning of December when he was fired for his attempt at bringing forth RaGE.

The past three months of work have been tough for Tom Mason, as his ideas for RaGE were in development along with a number of others which are hopeful board members for this project. At this point in time, for the safety and rumor-free truth, no names of others will be mentioned as to who is working on this project as well. What can be told is that a number of great masterminds in this industry today, whether well-known or indy-known, will be involved and they will contribute due to the agreement and the acknowledgement of Tom Mason.

Behind the scenes work at RaGE will be tendious and well-planned over the next month as they expect to be ready to begin production around late January to early February. At this time, the two promotions within RaGE are taking resumes for those wrestlers seeking employment in 2003 in a promotion and company that is innovative, interesting and designed to take the industry to a new level.

Featured promotions in RaGE include: Version Two Wrestling and No Boundaries Wrestling. Version Two meant to be the 'resurrection' of Mason's brainchild, the XCWF. No Boundaries Wrestling was a three month old promotion put back into the shop, and restructured to be more intriguing and without a doubt, more interesting and competitive. There have been high standards set as far as recruitment and hiring of staff and wrestlers in both promotions of RaGE. And with high standards comes high hopes and high expectations.

Among the features involved in RaGE will be a unique, and very lustrious money system with payroll, inherits, and deductions every month as each wrestler's career proceeds. The very detailed and highly-stern contract system will push a wrestler to the limits to become just what management and fans will expect of them if they want to make themselves into a top-notch superstar in the industry. Contract Negotiations will take place for every wrestler will hopes to be signed into either Version Two or No Boundaries Wrestling and with that contract negotiation will come such topics as wages, card positioning, gimmicks, and feuds.

The atmosphere RaGE will bring to the world of wrestling is different than that of any previous promotion and the way in which this is brought about is as realistic, difficult, and challenging as any other. There is no other place you can go to find contract negotiations, complete with gimmick discussions, wages, and more. The fact that RaGE is taking it's time and being as patient as it can to open, using as much time as it can to perfect characters and more, only shows how great the management within this promotion is and how much they care to see their idea become a full fledged success.

The negotiations start January 2003 and carry until the 18th of January 2003. Resumes are being taken now for both Version Two and No Boundaries. If you or someone you know is interested, make your way to the information site provided for RaGE and do not hestitate to send your information to our offices. Our boxes are checked daily for resumes and more so if you need to contact us for any information, or if you have any questions feel free to e-mail the head office at: therageproject@mail.com

And remember... Prepare for the RaGE!

Link: http://www.hostultra.com/~rageproject

CWA Announces Signings
Posted by Chris Storm
on December 24 at 3:43 PM

CWA is proud to announce the signings of Hak and Kaos to the roster.

CWA still needs you to make this fed number one! Please, click the link and join today, you will not be disappointed!

Link: http://cwalliance1.tripod.com

21w Announces January PPV - "Newfound Pain"!
Posted by Hank Stevens
on December 24 at 12:32 PM

Standing Head Booker, Coby Wright, recently announced that 21w's next pay per view event will be 100% HARDC-CORE based. This means that every match will have a catch to it and every match will test the combatants to their complete and utter limits. Certainly a unique event in this day and age. Can you say blood? Can you say gore? Can you say pain? Can you say suffering, fear, intensity and horror?

It'll all be provided during the three hour spectacle that is set to be, aptly titled - "21w's Newfound Pain".

The extravaganza has been pencilled in for the date Sunday, 26th January, 2003, so mark your diaries! With superstars such as Biggs, Mike Ritz, Freakred & The Bullies, Ninja K, Derecho and of course 21w's World Champion, "The Devil Machine" Mr Haunt, along with his Army of Zauzomank all set to be in action, this is an event that simply cannot be missed!

Also, a PPV sub-site at 21wrestling.com is now up for your viewing pleasure. Be sure to check it out!

Last but not least, I'd like to wish you all a very Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year on behalf of everyone at 21w!


Link: http://www.21wrestling.com

CWA Wants You!
Posted by Chris Storm
on December 23 at 5:46 PM

The Chaotic Wrestling Alliance is a brand new fed that just opened this morning. There has been one signing already. The CWA is looking for talented superstars, with at least 6 months to a year's experience. There are five titles up for grabs. There will be one show a week and you can expect results to be up on time. Please, check out the CWA! It promises to be one of the best around in all of fantasy wrestling.

Link: http://cwalliance1.tripod.com

COR Needs You
Posted by Johnny Newsome
on December 21 at 9:08 PM

Johnny Newsome here for COR, COR's front office has announced a need for wrestlers. So, to fill this need, all you need to do is sign up, COR needs you. Johnny Newsome, COR, signing off.

Link: http://fwrestling.com/host/corwrestling

XCW - ReVenge 1: Montiero Seeks ReVenge
Posted by Montiero
on December 20 at 6:35 AM

Montiero set out to regain his XCW title, which he lost to Woodsmaster back in July.

A special tournament was aired last Friday to see who could survive, and who was worthy of becoming the new XCW Champion. But in the end it was Woodsmaster who emerged victorious thanks to an interruption by the Hellraiser team.

The Gift also shocked the world as he took third place, and the XCW United States Heavyweight Championship. He defeated reigning Hardcore Champion Tony Jackson to claim his belt. How will things develop for this young piece of talent?

XCW is still seeking aplications to compete in regular action. For more details visit the link provided.

More next week...

Link: http://xcw-revenge.cjb.net

MCW Back in Black 2 to b held on Jauary 10th!!!!
Posted by MCW Owner Leon-Ryan Adams
on December 17 at 10:49 AM

MCW Owner Leon-Ryan Adams here reporting for my fed, Mayhem Championship Wrestling. On Friday, January 10th, MCW will be holding its 1st PPV in over a year & 1st card in over 10 months, Back in Black 2. The lineup features the current 10 MCW superstars in matches.

Match 1. Ken Shade vs. Scarecrow
Match 2. Black Shogun vs. Jeremy Webber
Match 3. Pete Falco vs. Pain
Match 4. Kid Montiero vs. Bludd
Match 5. Ruthless Rebel vs. Metal Maniac (MCW XXX Title match)

Matches 6 & 7. Semi-finals for Universal Title Tourney
Match 8. Rd. 1 (matches 1-4) losers & XXX Title loser face in a #1 Contenders Pentagon Elimination Battle Royal

Match 9 (Main Event). Winners from Matches 6 & 7 face-off in a Ladder Match for the MCW Universal Title

That is all for now, MCW Owner Adams signing off.

Link: http://www.fwrestling.com/host/ratt2004

The ACF NewsLetter by T.J.
Posted by T.J.
on December 13 at 5:15 PM

Hi ACF Fans! Thompson Johnson, ACF reporter-at-large here, and we've just finished the third round of our World Title Tournament, and what a show it was! This reporter never once stopped being amazed at the sights he saw. Congrats to all wrestlers - you're all winners to me!
The night got underway with the fairly quick defeat of El Luchadores from Pathern & Hawke - Nightforce. This should act as a launching pad of sorts, and Nightforce are going to be a force to be reckoned with within the American Continental Federation.

The next match of the night was Helena Night vs. The Kat Kathy McAffery. This was quite a show, especially for the gentlemen in the arena! Helena narrowly avoided defeat at every turn and managed to turn the match right around for the cover on McAffery. These newcomers dominated the ring for some time until the Vulture snuck in and used a foreign object on The Kat to synch the win for Helena Night - a vulture, indeed. What did the Vulture have in his pocket? Maybe, just maybe... it's the ACF staff...?

If you ask Showtime, he'll tell you the highlight of the show was his match with Lady Cryptonite. For those that don't remember, Showtime and Lady Cryptonite have met in the ring once before - in fact, Showtime still has a souvenir from that match - the ACF TV title! Showtime made a great leap forward to double gold, and advanced to the next round in the tournament. I caught up with Showtime after the match...

TJ: Showtime, you've just made a great leap in your ACF career, defeating Lady Cryptonite to become one of the top contenders for the ACF World title. How will you feel if you hold two belts at once?

Showtime: Well, I'd probably forfeit the TV title...

TJ: That's very noble of you, Showtime.

Showtime: ...to Proteus, my tag team partner.

TJ: I see. What do you think of Lady Cryptonite as a competitor?

Showtime: The main idea here is that Lady Cryptonite is not a great fighter... she is damn entertaining in the ring, though. The fans get a real kick out of her and me, fighting. I'd like to perform with her again sometime.

Eyes fell to Perry Robbin, one of the more outspoken competitors to grace an ACF ring. Making a name for himself for outrageous insult tactics and New Traditionalist fighting tactics, many opponents have made the mistake of underestimating Robbin, as is the case in Chris "The Wolf" McMillan, who was disposed of early on in the match. Better luck next time, Wolf... and good luck, Perry.

One of the bigger surprises of the night was Kris Matthews' defeat of Chris Bradford. Both men put up a valiant effort, but Bradford may have a lot of catching up to do if he's going to beat someone like Kris Matthews.

Tensions ran high though, for the fatal 4-way match between Omen, $pent, The Virus, and Brody Hansen. Each man had a lot to enter into the match, but one by one, they fell. $pent found once again that his bark was worse than his bite, and Omen perhaps fought harded than any time before, as well as a surprising show from newcomer The Virus, but in the end Hansen was to skilled, even for three other men. Maybe next time, they'll all gang up on Hansen... but who would win that??

Of course, we were all on the edge of our seats to find out who the Predator's mystery opponent was... appearing in a dark alleyway, quoting French prophets of yore... Shawn Hart, a veteran of the e-fed scene, gave a tremendous effort in this, his first ACF match, but maybe he should have spent more time training and less on the theatrics? Shawn Hart did not live up to the advanced billing, getting beaten by his longtime nemesis, The Predator. Not to mention a surprise appearance by the Virus. This capped off the show in a completely unexpected and shocking way.

Next card reads like a who's-who of ACF's A-List talent. Fresh off their victory against the El Luchadores, The Nightforce goes up next against the Extreme Revolutionaries, Chris Bradford and Doomsday. Helena Night looks for another win against Lady Cryptonite, and Lady Cryptonite looks to recover from her loss to Showtime, who might find some trouble with Perry Robbin in the next round of the tournament (TWO undefeated streaks are at stake here,) and the Virus looks to claim the ACF United States championship from Brody Hansen. Kris Matthews looks to be preparing for his match against the Predator, and he'll need all the strength he can muster.

Until the Virus Catches the Flu, I'm

Thompson Johnson
ACF Reporter

Link: http://www.fwrestling.com/cgi-local/fw/fw/.cgi?conf=FWCONF25

COR is now taking applications
Posted by Johnny Newsome
on December 12 at 9:53 PM

Hello, I'm Johnny Newsome, COR correspondent. COR is looking for talent, so go to the web page and sign up! In other COR news, President Dave Jarett has named former 6 time DAXWF Heavyweight Champion, former 2 time DAXWF Tag Team Champion, and former 4 time MIW Heavyweight Champion, Bada Bingham, as commissioner. I'm Johnny Newsome, COR, signing off.

Link: http://fwrestling.com/host/corwrestling

Epik: The Beginning
Posted by Natasha Barton, Mgr Svcs.
on December 12 at 2:15 PM

Many, if not all of the greatest fighters in the world will attest to the fact that greatness comes not from the saying, but the doing. Forged from some of the greatest minds the industry of professional wrestling has ever known, a young man has been unleashed. Schooled in the ways of old, this young man has mutated that knowledge with a brand of his own. A brand of new. With all of the changes that have taken place over the years, how the business has evolved, this man looks to the future knowing in his heart and soul that he is meant for great things. He's been given the courage, honor and knowledge of all that have come before him and has made a solumn vow. A vow to change this industry as we know it. A vow to make things more exciting than they've ever been before. This man is known as Epik. His journey begins here.

Link: http://www.fwrestling.com/host/epik/

MCW welcomes 4 wrestlers to its roster!!!
Posted by MCW Owner Leon-Ryan Adams
on December 12 at 11:02 AM

MCW has only been re-opened for 3 days, & now it has got 4 members:

-Former MCW Tag-Team Champion Ken Shade
-Former MCW Tag-Team (2 time), Hardcore Champion Pete Falco

-Former MCW Tag-Team (3 time), Universal, TV, & Hardcore Champion Black Shogun

-Former MCW Hardcore & Universal Champion Scarecrow

Come join the already-growing, new-improved MCW

That is, if u have the balls......

Link: http://fwrestling.com/host/ratt2004

COR to debut January 12th
Posted by Johnny Newsome, COR Reporter
on December 11 at 3:18 PM

Hello, Johnny Newsome here for COR Wrestling, Championship of the Ring. COR wrestling will have it's first card on Sunday, January 12th, with the LET THE GAMES BEGIN PayPerView. Join now, Applications are being accepted! All of this is subject to change, so fill out those applications so that we can be off an running when scheduled. Johnny Newsome here for COR Wrestling signing off.

Link: http://fwrestling.com/host/corwrestling

MCW to open early!!!
Posted by MCW Owner Leon-Ryan Adams
on December 11 at 10:59 AM

Originally, Mayhem Championship Wrestling was to open on New Year's Day. However, with the site near completion, MCW is now open to all applications.

Right around the corner is MCW Back in Black II (towards the middle-end of January). The PPV will feature matches for the MCW's top 3 titles, the Universal Title (our prized posession), the Tag-Team Titles, & the MCW XXX Title (Hardcore Title with a new name). If you want to compete for any of these three prize, sign up ASAP before the fed is filled up!

Link: http://www.fwrestling.com/host/ratt2004

Posted by MCW Owner Leon-Ryan Adams
on December 8 at 2:19 PM


Mayhem Championship Wrestling will be accepting applications starting January 1st, 2003.

Link: http://www.fwrestling.com/host/ratt2004

EWF 12 / 7 Breakdown Results
Posted by Jack Ramsey
on December 8 at 1:38 AM

The first Breakdown since Guts N Glory has been uploaded to the site. Read it and enjoy it. A lot of action took place earlier tonight in the EWF Arena in NYC so don't miss it. You can check it out by clicking the Results link in the navigational menu at the top of page or go to the TV Archives Page and check it out there. B

Stay tuned for various updates around the site and boards for tonight and tomorrow.

Also, expect news on the upcoming EWF Tour in January and the EWF IMPACT Awards this week.

Enjoy the show and prepare yourselves because we're nearing the EWF's 1 Year Anniversary.

Link: http://ewf.fwrestling.com

Posted by John Smith
on December 7 at 4:26 PM

GWA's exciting End Game tournament has been announced for erly January, we expect a great 3 day show, and stars like Tyrone Love, Brien Cage, Dean, Jaden Drew, Chris Future, Logan Styles, Baller and Trciky D will be their and make te event great. Last years winner Brien Cage will not be involved due to him being he current champion.

Expect extreme star Tricky D to shine in the tournament and former champion Tyrone Love.

January 3rd - 5th 2003.


John Smith


EWF Prepares For "D-BLOCK"!
Posted by Mr. Dustin Kepler
on December 6 at 6:38 PM

NEW YORK CITY- Various sources close to the Empire Wrestling Federation Headquarters have provided little information about a new venture that has been the talk of the town over the past several days.

The event, which is unoffically titled "D-Block", is scheduled to premier soon on EWF television stations. No word as of press time on who the hosts of the show will be.

For more information as it comes, go to the Empire Wrestling Federation website at http://www.fwrestling.com/ewf

Link: http://www.fwrestling.com/ewf

Tyrone Love Screwed! (GWA)
Posted by John Smith
on December 4 at 2:50 PM

Last night, 3rd December 2002, a huge thing went down at GWA Madness.

Tyrone Love vs. Brien Cage for the GWA World Title.

Tyrone Love won the first fall, Brien Cage followed with the second. But as Tyrone has Cage beaten for the third fall, a video came on from a year ago of CEO Joey Falcone hitting The DEAN over the head with a loaded breifcase. This time we saw another. Tyrone Love was hit over the head with the case, this time for threatening the CEO, Commisioner and GM.

What will Tyrone's reaction be, now he knows that if he does anything to them or GWA property, he will be fined $500,000, no title shots for a year and suspended for 6 months. What will happen next in the GWA?

E-Fed Insider
John Smith


The Greatest vs. The Legend (GWA)
Posted by Martey Jenkins
on November 30 at 11:19 AM

December 3rd 2002!

GWA will host the greatest match of 2002 in the E-Fed World!

Current GWA World Champion. Tyrone Love!

E-Fed Legend and challenger. 'The Silent Assasin' Brien Cage.

2/3 Falls.


History between these two men is very tense. In the first ever re-opened GWA, Tyrone Love, The Baller, Jaden Drew and Brien Cage were supposed to square off. Brien Cage was hit by a combi-vehicle, causing him to miss the main event. Tyrone Love walked out champion.

Tyrone Love defended his title agianst Hardcore Chaos, who shortly after lef the GWA. The Baller was next, and to add fuel to the fire. Tyrone Love and his Infinite team mates, stole the platinum title that Baller had made on his first world title reign in the old GWA. After the match Tyrone won and made a quick escape, but was met at the pass by then Horsemen Tricky D and Dean. Baller too his title and threw Tyrone Love off the stage through two tables!

Tyrone was injured but was set to defend his world title in the 3D Challenge match. Defending it against The Dean, The Baller, Xanatos Strife, Jaden Drew, Tricky D, Reject and the returning "The Silent Assasin" Brien Cage.

A hard fought match saw Tyrone Love and Brien Cage the last two men, squaring off in this epic battle. As the two men came close, out came other e-fed legends Chris Future and Logan Styles. They climbed into the ring, and began shaking the scaffold structure which Tyrone Love and Brien Cage were on. Tricky D came next and shook the scaffold with Styles & Future, causing both Tyrone Love and Brien Cage to fall from the scaffold through tables below. Tricky, Future & Styles (Triple Threat) stood tall above their fallen opponents.

Last nights Break Out saw rivals Tyrone Love and Brien Cage, both less than 100%, take on Chris Future and Logan Styles in an elimination tables match. Love was eliminated first leaving Future & Styles vs. Cage. Cage hit an awesome spear to Styles knocking him through a table. Future then put Cage through a table and was victorious.

Now this Tuesday night we will see GWA Madness when the greatest at the moment in GWA takes on the legend of the GWA, in a two outof three falls. If anyone interferes, they will be fired. What a match we are in for, and we can only see it at the great GWA!

E-Fed Insider
Martey Jenkins

Link: http://www.geeksoft.net/gin/gfed2/gfed.cgi?lid=12849&sec=welcome

4 Greats In GWA bout!
Posted by John Smith
on November 28 at 7:03 PM

Break Out tonight on GWA will be great as the new commisioner Robert Trask has ordered Chris Future and Logan Styles to fight against Brien Cage and Tyrone Love.

Controversy though when on the next show, CEO Joey Falcone booked Tyrone Love to defend his GWA World Championship against 'The Silent Assasin' Brien Cage in a best two out of three falls. The match will be standard due to the fact of arguments over who is the best.

Look tommorow for results of Love&Cage vs. Styles&Future, and next wednesday for results of Cage vs. Love in the 2/3 falls for the World title.

Link: http://www.geeksoft.net/gin/gfed2/gfed.cgi?lid=12849&sec=welcome

Chris Future & Logan Styles return to GWA
Posted by Marty Jenkins (E-Fed Insider)
on November 28 at 11:46 AM

E-Fed legends "Hott Stuff" Chris Future & "The Unforgettable" Logan Styles have returned to the GWA.

After several months of being away from the ring, they arrived this past sunday at the huge GWA PPV King Of Violence.

They came to the ring and interrupted the 3D Challenge main event...causing current GWA World Champion Tyrone Love the chance to defeat another e-fed legend in "The Silent Assassin" Brien Cage, stay tuned later this week for updates as Future & Styles are signed to face Love & Cage in a elimination tag team tables match.

Marty Jenkins
E-Fed Weekly Insider

Link: http://www.geeksoft.net/gin/gfed2/gfed.cgi?lid=12849&sec=welcome

Revolution Studios Signs 2 Feds
Posted by Gus Theo
on November 22 at 4:54 PM

The channels are being filled really fast. The newest Companies to join Revolution Studios NYCWF and Furore.

NYCWF headed by The Greek Physique Johnny Olympus. A newly opened company that looks ready for some success. Johnny Olympus seems very confident about joining with Revolution Studios and both sides feel that this is one experience they can’t wait to get started.

Furore headed up by Jay Huhn is also very confident about Furore, and who wouldn’t. Just signed and already have their net worth. They seemed pumped to start rolling with the big boys of Revolution Studios, and if I know anything about Jay Huhn don’t be surprised if he starts flashing some money towards those big free agents.

In other News, I sat down 1-on-1 with Johnny Olympus and had an interview that’ll be aired a little later on so look out for that. Any questions about anything just contact me below.

AIM Address

MSN Messenger: Xx_Gus_Theo_xX (* Note The (_) Underscores *)
Hotmail: Xx_Gus_Theo_xX@hotmail.com (* Note The (_) Underscores *)
AOL: Gt PlmP DaDdY@aol.com
AIM: Xx Gus Theo xX

That’s all for now so until next time. ‘Happy Birthday to me!’

Link: http://www.revolutionstudios.org

Gus Theo sits down One-on-One with Johnny Olympus.
Posted by Gus Theo
on November 22 at 2:48 PM

[b][u]Gus Theo[/b][/u]: What does NYCWF stand for?

[b]Johnny Olympus[/b]: New York City Wrestling Federation

[b][u]Gus Theo[/b][/u]: How long has it been open?

[b]Johnny Olympus[/b]: Our first card is going down on Tuesday night, November 25th. We had a brief run in 2000, when we ran shows for 5 months.

[b][u]Gus Theo[/b][/u]: What happened back in 2000?

[b]Johnny Olympus[/b]: Well, as a promoter/wrestler/manager/agent/entrepreneur, I was looking into expanding my company into various areas of the business. The NYCWF was my first federation, and it was successful, but money was always a problem.

[b][u]Gus Theo[/b][/u]: Understood

[b]Johnny Olympus[/b]: I was looking to improve the production values, in order to hook the bigger sponsors and possibly get some regional television channels interested in the product. But without the production money, without a sleek look, I couldn't do that. I needed to go out and find someone to do it for me, at the right price.

[b]Johnny Olympus[/b]: That's when I met someone in California, Mitch Mayor. We decided California was the better place to try and make a promotion, to make it big, and go national. So we opened STOW together.

[b]Johnny Olympus[/b]: At the same time I put together the eFG, or eFed Galaxy.

[b][u]Gus Theo[/b][/u]: So who's backing NYCWF now, financially?

[b]Johnny Olympus[/b]: That's all me.

[b]Johnny Olympus[/b]: I'm back, and I am going to see this through, and take the NYCWF to another level.

[b][b][u]Gus Theo[/b][/u][/b]: That's nice

[b][u]Gus Theo[/b][/u]: What brought you to Revolution Studios?

[b]Johnny Olympus[/b]: I had a good working relationship with Cellrock when he was CHZ. I can't say much for the rest of CHZ, but Cellrock and I worked well together. He told me about RS, I checked it out, and I thought it was fantastic.

[b][u]Gus Theo[/b][/u]: What are your expectations for NYCWF and Revolution Studios?

[b]Johnny Olympus[/b]: I believe we can mutually benefit from each other. The NYCWF will ring fans to the RS, and visa versa. New York City has been thirsting for a regional federation, based in Manhattan, shows every week. It's the greatest city in the world.

[b]Johnny Olympus[/b]: Revolution Studios would gain a lot from being a part of that.

[b][u]Gus Theo[/b][/u]: Indeed it is

[b]Johnny Olympus[/b]: And in the same way, the RS fans, and the people who follow these other promotions would get a look in on the NYCWF, and how we do things, and our talent, and our abilities.

[b][u]Gus Theo[/b][/u]: What’s something the fans can expect from NYCWF November 25th, the Grand Opening for your federation

[b]Johnny Olympus[/b]: Hella hardcore my friend. Hella hardcore brutality.

[b]Johnny Olympus[/b]: There are no rules here in the NYCWF.

[b]Johnny Olympus[/b]: So it's not about favoritism, it’s not about stroke; it’s not about whom you know. It's about how much are you willing to risk to be the best.

[b][u]Gus Theo[/b][/u]: And this Smash Mouth style of running things, is that what's gonna separate NYCWF from all the other federation in Revolution Studios?

[b]Johnny Olympus[/b]: I'm whats going to separate the NYCWF from all the rest. I'm Johnny Olympus. I don't use my workers to get over; I use my talent and my brains, and my love for the game.

[b]Johnny Olympus[/b]: The workers get themselves over, and I let them do it. I don't have any buddies in this game; I burned all my bridges years ago. No one owes me anything, and I don't owe anyone squat. It's all on the table.

[b]Johnny Olympus[/b]: It's a dangerous game I play, because my neck is on the line every time out there. I don't care.

[b]Johnny Olympus[/b]: I'm gonna make the NYCWF bigger then all of them put together.
[b][u]Gus Theo[/b][/u]: Are you willing to sacrifice anything to make NYCWF?

[b]Johnny Olympus[/b]: I already have.

[b][u]Gus Theo[/b][/u]: Like?

[b]Johnny Olympus[/b]: Like? Lemme tell you something... GUS. I've had better interviews from blow-up dolls. Have you heard a single word I just said?

[b]Johnny Olympus[/b]: It's ALL on the TABLE.

[b]Johnny Olympus[/b]: My NECK is on the line EVERYTIME out.

[b]Johnny Olympus[/b]: What? You want this written in blood? You want my bank account numbers?

[b][u]Gus Theo[/b][/u]: Ahh Blow Up dolls? What are you doing with Blow Up Dolls Mr. Olympus; Weekends get a little lonely for ya?

[b]Johnny Olympus[/b]: Why don't you tune in on Tuesday night for Metro Massacre and get a taste of it.

[b][u]Gus Theo[/b][/u]: I'll be there first hand; I just received my ringside seats

[b]Johnny Olympus[/b]: Listen up slappio, last thing I need is a lawsuit from a pencil pushing geek like you.

[b]Johnny Olympus[/b]: So I am NOT going to slap you around.

[b][u]Gus Theo[/b][/u]: Ahh, Thus proving your point of putting everything on the 'table' as you say, lovely.

[b]Johnny Olympus[/b]: Oh, is that right Mr.... what is it?

[b]Johnny Olympus[/b]: Gus Theo?

[b][u]Gus Theo[/b][/u]: Correct.

[b]Johnny Olympus[/b]: How about we do this. I give you backstage passes to the Tuesday night show. And there, the NYCWF will SHOW you what it means when I say, welcome to the NYCWF, the hardcore capitol of wrestling.

[b][u]Gus Theo[/b][/u]: All right, free passes

[b][u]Gus Theo[/b][/u]: Well good talking to you

[b]Johnny Olympus[/b]: Yeah, by the looks of yaw, you need 'em.

[b]Johnny Olympus[/b]: Can't say the same.

[i][Gus extends his hand to shake with John. John extends his hand and pulls away as Gus goes to shake.][/i]

[b][u]Gus Theo[/b][/u]: You’re a real class act Olympus, a real class act.

[b]Johnny Olympus[/b]: Next time send someone with bigger boobs.

[b][u]Gus Theo[/b][/u]: Like your mother?

[b][u]Gus Theo[/b][/u]: Good day to you

[i][The two men stare at each other. They don’t blink, security and a few other people jump in the middle before anything happens and the camera fades of the interview.][/i]

Link: http://www.revolutionstudios.org

TheACF NEWS & Updates!
Posted by Matt Haas
on November 19 at 8:03 AM

Hello to all of my fellow members of Fwrestling.com I am pleased to announce some of the news and updates for all of you if you ever thought of joining The American Continental Federation.
First off Id like to thank a few people for making the ACF happen and that's Chad, and Andrew Medina. Thanks for your support and advice.

Well, the 2nd thing is the ACF is well under way. We started back in October on Halloween. But before things begun we started off with a small House Show. The House Show in the Safeco Arena, in Seattle Washington was a big hit. And in the outcome is what was one of the greatest Triple Threat Matches I ever encountered with Lady Cryptonite, Vs. Omen Vs. Showtime and none other than Jonathan Zaius Showtime came out on top and became the first ever ACF Television Champion.
The ACF World Title Tournament has begun and already are we in our 3rd round of qualifying matches. The Tournament is taking place during the event at IndyWars.
The two finalists will go head to head as the main event on our first ever big PPV called RAGE!
People from all over the world are coming to see what the fuss is all about, I got replies back from the United Kindgom! I couldnt believe it myself. The roster has great Wrestlers and they are from all over the states. From California to New York. I tell you all to come check us out and take a look see for yourself. Our link is next to all the others you see lined up on the main page, look out for the ACF!
If you consider joining or coming aboard give me a hollar at freakofnature316@hotmail.com or hit me up with an Im' on AOL Instant Messenger, my s/n is thebiggapple1287
Or just check out our main website once you click on the link on the main page...

Till next time...
~ACF Owner & President, Matt Haas~

Link: http://fwrestling.com/host/darkreign666/index.html

Posted by Brannon Thomas
on November 14 at 4:23 PM

Thursday's edition of Insanity left us with more questions than answers. The night started when VP Isaac Breedlove dropped a bombshell on the federation, when he announced that he is offering $10,000 to every wrestler in the SCFW to join his new wrestling promotion. (Which will be ran from the SCFW site) Who will turn his back on the SCFW? With Hostile Takeover coming up it and War Games headlining this massive card swerves, lies, and people jumping ship anything is possible.

Link: http://www.scfw.net

ESW Looking for Wrestlers Like You!
Posted by ESW Reporter
on November 12 at 8:32 PM

Earlyer today the ESW Blackout was said that the ESW is looking for Wrestlers. He said quote "We at ESW are looking for new wrestlers we need to fell a roster of 50 for the fed since it is re opening since last year". We have seen a advertaisment on ESW.com that says the ESW first show is going to held Nov. 30 2002. We don't know if the info is correct but if it is we are looking foward to the show. Thats it for today!

Link: http://esw.projectefed.com

ReBeL Officially Open
Posted by Gareth Hughes
on November 11 at 4:50 PM

ReBeL has officially been launched yesterday and currently boasts seven world-class roleplayers.

I'm out side the ring right here now waiting for some more recrusits to join the ranks and make a difference!

Link: http://pub37.ezboard.com/brwa45420

Insane Entertainment
Posted by IE Reporter
on November 10 at 6:01 PM

IE Entertainment has finally opened up its applications to the efed community.

IE owner Trev holded a small press conference today, many things where discussed in the press conference that Trev Holded today.

"Today we at the IE office opened up the applications. IE stands for Insane Entertainment its a brand new angle efed to hit the Efed Community. Keep checking back on the IE website to find out more information. IE would be closing down the Applications page once we hit 20, we are already at 13 so not many spots are left."

Trev Left the stage after that.

check out the site

Link: http://hwo.projectefed.com/IE.html

ZiW a new beginning...
Posted by Jimmy Needles
on November 9 at 9:47 AM

CHICAGO, November 9 (business wire) – Independent talent promoter, Jimmy Needles, announced today the start of a new company headed by the former PATW owner Finito. With him his trusty VP BBJ will also be founding the project, which is deemed to hit the wrestling world within the next couple of weeks.

Finito the CEO and the man who inputted much of the money required to jump start the new project aims to have the company opened by the end of November, with a show at the beginning of December. All now depends on the applications the company receives during the next two weeks.

The rumours at that Finito has his eye on a couple of catches from the PATW a company that shut only a week ago. Extreme Machine, Excalibur, Jay Phoenix, and Nocturnal will be at the top of that list but there are others who he may target. Drake Coleman being one of them.

But away from the former PATW talent, Finito, and BBJ aim to bring in 16 of the finest wrestling superstars into the ZiW, with 24 being the complete roster, 16 is the number required for the opening show.

“We look for tag teams, male and female talent and basically anyone who has the talent to compete in the ZiW.” Finito pointed out to the press before leaving in a rush to get back with his negotiations with the new staff that he plans to announce the day the company first makes a live appeared on UPN.

UPN of course has been the chosen station which will broadcast the weekly Saturday Show “$ellout.” A single year deal has been made so far, with plans for a three year further plan to come in within the first four months of the company being open.

New York, Madison Square Gardens will be the lucky host for the opening $ellout. But the venue is the only thing that has been decided so far.

ZiW plans to release more details in the up and coming days…

Link: http://www.fwrestling.com/host/ziw/index.html

SCFW Presents It's Second PPV Rebirth
Posted by Brannon Thomas
on November 7 at 8:51 PM

Rebirth takes place tomorrow live only on pay per view. The event will mark Soul City Fantasy Wrestling's second pay per view and this will be one for the ages. A special lotto match will begin the event, with the winner gaining entry into the four way World Championship Main Event. We will also see Klaus Schmerz take on Justin Insane in a winner books match. This event will be talked about for ages so be sure to order this special event off of your local cable provider.

Link: http://www.scfw.net

The ACF is accepting applications
Posted by President & Owner, Matt Haas
on November 7 at 3:10 PM

Attention to all Fwrestling members...
If there's anyone looking for a great & strong E-Fed come check out The American Continental Federation located under Fwcentral. Our first ever Tournament for the ACF World Title is under way and the ACF is the hottest topic on Fw in rescent news. Our first House Show was a hit at The Safeco Arena in Seattle Washington. We are currently still accepting applications for Single's Men and Single's Ladies Wrestlers and along with Tag Teams.

Our current event as of right now is IndyWars, a weekly card that is conducting the qualifying matches for the ACF World Title Tournament.
Our first ever big PPV will be held at The Nassau Coliseum on Long Island NY. It is slated to be Rage. So is anyone wants a fresh start or is seeking a place to have their chance at vacant title's or have a good chance on their Wrestler to get pushed and set a good name for him or herself, come check us out. Feel free to contact me, (The Pres, & Owner) Matt Haas at FreakOfNature316@hotmail.com or if you have AOL AIM: s/n is thebiggapple1287

Get yourself on our first big PPV spectacular ever! Join the new era in Fantasy Wrestling!
Hope to see you aboard...

~ ACF President & Owner, Matt Haas~

Link: http://www.fwrestling.com/cgi-local/fw/fw.cgi?conf=FWConf25

IDW (Sister Fed of GWA) Set To Open
Posted by IDWInterviewer: Jeremy Johnson
on November 6 at 6:34 PM

There is a new fed in town. Working along side with the GWA. The IDW is a new fed, with a new owner. Dan Herrera friend and mentor to "Howling Mad" Murdock, a well known wrestler in the GWA, and IWA. The IDW will be running several small house shows a week that will not require rping for and will not count against records but will be written to build heat. And then Tuesday the Terror will be the televised show of the week. This will be the show requireing to be rped for. All shows will be hand written and sure to entertain. There will be one Pay-Per-View a month, usually at the begginning of the month. At the first ever IDW pay-per-view there will be a royal rumble for the World Title. Those who are most active in the first month of the fed will be invited to participate in the rumble. There will be a total of five titles including four singles titles and one tag team title. All will be claimed within the next month so come join what promises to be a great fed. Hope to see you all in the IDW soon. Maybe I could get an interview. Thanks

Jeremy Johnson

Link: http://www.geeksoft.net/gin/gfed2/gfed.cgi?lid=12476

[FsW] Launch of an Era
Posted by FsW Inside
on November 5 at 8:06 PM

Ladies and Gentlemen, Today Chris Cleveland held a press confrence outside of American Airlines Arena in East Rutherford, New Jersey, where Five Star Wrestling's first card "Asylum" will be held. He announces that FsW will be taking applications from various wrestlers. He stated that if anyone was interested in applying for FsW, that they should view the FsW website which can be found at FSWrestling.net.

More FsW news to come later.

Link: http://fswrestling.net

Cursed Faith Wrestling!
Posted by Aaron Taylor
on November 3 at 4:55 PM

The wrestling world is about to be taken by storm, when Cursed Faith opens its doors with in the next few months. The federation will surely shock many. The federation is taking applications now, so rush before the roster is full. A man who has been heart broken and has just about had his life taken away thanks to his ex-wife, has sprung back into action to show the fans that he is far from done. Former Era of Destruction (EdW) Owner Brandon Kelley feels he has what it takes to eliminate the eVolving portion of the federation he once owned. Can he do it or will he keep feeling as if he has Cursed Faith!

Cursed Faith Wrestling

Link: http://cursed.theewe.net

Posted by E-Fed Insider: Joey Stevens
on October 31 at 10:45 AM

Can it be E-Fed Icon Joey Falcone has returned to the E-Fed business.

Mr. Falcone is well known for his days in the Mexican Wrestling Federation when he worked with Damien James III. But he went off on his owned, and after a few months hit the main stream with the GWA.
The Global Wrestling Alliance has been a main fixtured in the Geeksoft world.

But Joey Falcone vanished, and after 3 months of hiding Falcone has returned.

Here's an article off the GWA website....

Joey Falcone is back and at 100%, and so is the GWA!!

After the recent arrest of XCW CEO & GXW Co-Owner Ricky Kaine, Joey Falcone has become sole owner of the now GWA. After 3 months of the GWA folding due to uncontrolable details Joey Falcone has brought the GWA back. The GWA was indeed ranked #1 on Geeksoft at it's closing, and with many GWA stars here along with several new star talents and Joey Falcone running things at 100% it's only a matter of time till the GWA is #1 again.

Well thats all for now, I'm signing off!

E-Fed Insider: Joey Stevens

Link: http://www.geeksoft.net/gin/gfed2/gfed.cgi?lid=12849&sec=welcome

SCFW Hiring 5 New Wrestlers
Posted by Sammy Marshall
on October 29 at 11:20 AM

The SCFW board of directors announced today that they will be accepting five additional wrestlers for employment under the Soul City Fantasy Wrestling banner. This is a chance of a lifetime for many of the wrestlers currently working the independent circuits. The SCFW is an established federation with over one month of wrestling under it's belt. This will be the final recruiting the federation is offering until 2003. If you think you have what it takes to join, then please come by and drop in an application.

Link: http://www.scfw.net

PATW updates, news and announcements
Posted by Brian Davis
on October 28 at 3:38 PM

ProAction Time Wrestling used to attract much talent back at its geeksoft days. A complete roster of 24, and applicants flew all across the USA to attempt to make themselves known in a company that has rarely failed to not sell a show. But with the shock clear out of many known stars including Jman, the PATW’s roster sinks to its all time low of 13 athletes. Although these athletes are well known around the ranks of the PATW, and are the top of their business, Steve Lurpack the joint CEO of the company issued a statement that the PATW would now be accepting new talent into the federation although the long training was the only low point in a company that would offer a pay check that averaged higher then most companies could afford to pay their top star.

“We need to add some new flair, experience, teams, women to the roster we already have” he pointed out to the press who surrounded his body as he walked towards the limo “We need to bring our roster count back to 24, because with a roster of 13 we cannot book Vendetta as freely as we would wish, knowing that 13 stars is not enough to fill a 7 match card maximum. Any one who believes they can cut it is advised to apply to the company within the next few weeks…” he finished before driving off in his limo.

The aim of this process is to fill the roster once more to its maximum capacity of 24 spots, which means a maximum of 11 new stars will be accepted into the federation.

Onto other news away from the new application spree, the PATW draws ever closer to Vendetta 2 (live on air Next Saturday the 2nd of November live on the USA network) and questions continue to be asked about Lurpack’s angry state, as he was recently filmed destroying his front yard after reading some supposed fan mail. He didn’t bother to comment on that situation but people know that Lurpack’s anger will be directed at the ‘Partner’s in Crime’ Maxx Mckenzie and Excalibur who have already attacked him two times in a single week, leaving him with headaches and paranoia. And Vendetta 1 really drew the line for him.

With the TV and Xtreme Titles on the line, and a main event that is becoming talked about MORE then last weeks World Title tournament for the final place at retribution between Maxx McKenzie and Extreme Machine the two current Legends of the PATW, Vendetta 2 shapes up to be a true classic. Tune in later this week to hear more from the PATW’s plans for the future and latest news.

Link: http://www.fwrestling.com/host/patw/index2.html

Extreme Efed Wrestling
Posted by Scott Dubbs
on October 28 at 4:00 AM

The camera open into the HQ of the EEW.
scott Dubbs walks up to the camera.

Dubbs: Well the EEW has entered the fwrestling circuit of Federations. And Pres Mike let me introduce us to you all and welcome anyone to try out talent. First of Im scott dubbs a former hardcore wrestler now a color man behind the broadcast booth. The EEW has it's roots way back from 1997-2000 and now re opened with the same staff in 2003. Pres Mike feels that we have some of the best talent in the circuit like Vangore Our World Champion ... The wicked Clownz Out Tag team champions and US Champion mental Clown..Jayson Green Our Extreme Champion ...Sebastian Lobo and of coarse Harlequinn! All these men are great assets to the EEW and would defend it's honor and welcome all challenges!
And I know that they can hold up to any one who wishes to set up.

Pres Mike walks in.

Mike: What are you doing Dubbs did you get the ring set up yet?

Dubbs: Ummm Im doing nothing sir and it's almost done. it will be up within 30 minutes....Well i have to go now so I end this by saying come one come all and feel the power of the extreme Efed Wrestling!

scott Dubbs looks back at Mikes office as he heads back to work on the ring as the screen fades out to the EEW logo

Link: http://fwrestling.com/host/eew/index.html

Chance Talent Signings
Posted by Richard Harris, Lead Reporter
on October 24 at 1:14 AM

SEATTLE, October 22 (Business Wire) -- Independent Wrestling promoter, Paul Pry, has announced November 10 as the inaugural date for Chance LIVE! With this announcement, contract negotiations with a handful of today's top stars went underway. To handle those negotiations, Paul Pry turned to sports entertainment mogul, Joe Kool.

Kool, the owner of InterAction Wrestling Federation Entertainment, signed a lucrative six figure contract to act as Chance's talent liaison and commissioner. With his deep rooted following within the business, Kool has been able to sign several of his former IAWF talents. "I knew that Chance would need a strong foundation from the start. I turned to the people that I trusted the most." Kool stated.

The first talent signing was former IAWF Champion, Stormm. The Osage Beach native was reluctant to sign at first because of some management issues. Stormm's escort and fiancée, Rayne, was not being offered an acceptable amount of money in her end of the contract and was unwilling to sign. Kool was able to negotiate with both Pry and Rayne to smooth over an acceptable deal with both ends. "I've watched Stormm develop into a strong talent in his IAWF tenure, I knew he would be the start of the foundation I am looking for." Kool explained. With a history lined with gold in multiple federations, Stormm is in the prep of becoming franchise material. With this reference Stormm commented, "Feels good, I guess. 'least I know I've worked my ass hard enough to get myself somewhere in this business, and hopefully I can keep myself going in the right direction."

The second move for Kool was signing a lead female. With several free agents open to negotiation, Kool again dipped into his former IAWF pool to find former National, Television, High Impact and Ladies Champion, Spider to play the part. A female talent that broke into the business with NoodlesFederation to her last run with Kool's IAWF, Spider has made quite the name for herself. Mentionable stints in the xtreme Wrestling alliance, Team USA Federation and IAWFe's Salvage Yard Championship Wrestling that Spider only add to the experience she brings to Chance. "Truth be told, I need the cash." Spider admitted, "I mean, it certainly wasn't for the thrill and excitement of a career in the wrestling profession, or the pathetic attention that comes with it."

"After that prick, Joe Kool, closed the IAWF's doors I have been out of work and have slowly been sinking in to debt." Spider continued, "I saw an opportunity to make a pay check and I took it." She wasn't the only one. Stormm and Spider may have been the first of a handful of former IAWF talent that has signed. A list including 'The Ladies Man' Quinn Masters, Finito and X-Con will all be present at the kickoff. None however raking in the cash like Chance's top paid, 'Grandmaster' Glyn Speight who will cash in a $160k, six-month contract. Speight, the long time cornerstone of Kool's IAWF steps into Chance as he has every other federation, including the Original Wrestler Company where he and Kool's heated past was set aflame, a living legend. Even if he is a legend in his own mind. Speight was unavailable to comment at the time of this release, but there's no doubt he'd have a mouthful to spill.

"I was cautious about stepping outside the IAWF talent pool." Kool commented. "The last $oldout talent I signed to the Federation (IAWF) burnt me." Kool did however sign former $oldout Wrestling talent Cancer Jiles. Jiles, along with Finito, has recreated his Infamous Clique and was very interested in regrouping in Chance. Cancer; however, was the first of two. The most recent signing was that of the last respectable $oldout Heavyweight Champion, Tony Rolo. The Specialist was eager to work with Kool again, but it took a lot of enticing on the part of the commissioner. Kool flew Rolo to the Seattle based headquarters where the to talked behind closed doors for close to four hours before taking a trip to the golf course where Rolo put the golf-pro Kool to shame. "I am certain Rolo and even Jiles will be a positive investment for Paul. He's very happy having the two aboard."

Kool is still scouting the independent promotions looking for a decent amount of talent for Chance. Chance headquarters is still accepting walk-in interviews from any talent interested in making the trip to Seattle. As for the LIVE! event on November 10, the plans are still being discussed. A card for the Key Arena hosted event has been promised on November 1. X-Zone television has signed the two hour show. As tickets go on sale, you can expect a full report.

Link: http://chance.iawfe.com

UWN: PURE Wrestling Unveiled!
Posted by JD Smith, UWN Reporter
on October 23 at 11:44 PM

The Unified Wrestling Network is opening up its newest sim-based fed, PURE Wrestling. It is free-to-play (unlike the rest of the UWN, which is pay-to-play).

PURE Wrestling will be opening soon, so stop by the website, check it out, and if you like what you see, send in a create-a-wrestler application! PURE Wrestling will feature three singles championships and one tag team title. Wrestlers who win either of PURE's top two singles titles will earn his (or her) manager a free two-week trial in one of the UWN's pay-to-play leagues.

Come by and check out PURE Wrestling!

Link: http://www.unifiedwrestling.net/pure

Countdown to SCFW's First PPV Event
Posted by Mike Lewis
on October 12 at 4:39 PM

Tonight at 8:00 pm eastern time Soul City Fantasy Wrestling will have it's first MAJOR pay per event live from the Georgia Dome in Atlanta, GA. This should be one AMAZING event...come be a part of the action.

OOC - We are still accepting new applicants. Also attacks (for new members only) will be accepted until 6:00 pm eastern. Please hurry and get your ewrestler in one of the hottest feds on the planet. Also we just switched to a new message board as the other one crashed...so don't think we don't rp, it's just a quick change.

Link: http://members.tripod.com/~f-wrestling

ESW is comming soon!
Posted by ESW Repoter
on October 10 at 7:45 PM

The ESW is look for members like YOU! We need people to join this fed were we can become one of the best e-feds out there. I know there alot of other feds that says things like us but we are differnt we are very differnt you will find that out when you join this fed.... So join and lets get going!

Link: http://esw.projectefed.om

ESW Is comming soon!
Posted by ESW Reporter
on October 10 at 7:43 PM

Aight The ESW is looking for talent! We are opening very soon and we want any like YOU to join the fed. We are still working on alot of the links but it will be all done very soon....

Link: http://esw.projectefed.com

ESW Is comming soon!
Posted by ESW Reporter
on October 10 at 7:43 PM

Aight The ESW is looking for talent! We are opening very soon and we want any like YOU to join the fed. We are still working on alot of the links but it will be all done very soon....

Link: http://esw.projectefed.com

SWL Talent Signed, TV Deal?
Posted by SWL Reporter
on October 9 at 4:20 PM

This past Monday SWL Owner Corey Thompson anounced the signings of talented rookies Rip Christian and Darryn Vyle and put his own name to the talent roster of who will be taking part on the opening show.

Thompson also announced that a TV deal was near completion for a show named Fallout which is rumored to take place on Saturday Night.

Link: http://swl.projectefed.com

LoC: Looking for Indy Talent
Posted by Brad Arnold
on September 30 at 11:23 PM

To Whom It May Concern:

Legacy of Champions, a soon to open wrestling promotion headed by both Daniel Pierce and 'Black' Tom Williams, has announced an open invitation to all aspiring indy federation talent. LoC already has a solid core of talent and is now searching for any indy wrestlers that may fit in with the company to fill the remaining roster spots. To anyone interested, head over to the LoC website and fill out an application.

Thank You,
Brad Arnold
LoC Reporter

Link: http://loc.ewlounge.com

kW Talent Search!
Posted by Robert Rogerson
on September 25 at 7:18 AM

This is Robert Rogerson with your news on the nice looking new fed kWrestling. They are currently looking for a few superstars to kick of their first weekly 'Event'. If you think you would like to try your luck then do so, they havent put anything in writing saying only certain people can join.

Link: http://kwrestling.projectefed.com

Show Wrestling - Now Accepting Members
Posted by Fed Heads
on September 23 at 11:02 PM

Come join one of the hottest feds on the net. After a year of hard work getting the site up and running, we are finally ready to open our doors. Jason Vencill, the former creative writer for the SCFW, and Nick Christopher, the well known webpage designer, have formed a team to ignite the world of ewrestling. Join now or regret that you missed out on a golden chance. We are only accepting a limited number of wrestlers, so you'd better get a move on.

Link: http://www.e-wulfert.com/show/

[WFWA] Old but New
Posted by Matt Reyman
on September 17 at 2:35 PM

Not to be confused with World Fantasy Wrestling Alliance, the World Fantasy Wrestling Association has been around since 1998 and is still going strong. Recently, a new franchiser, Matt Reyman, purchased his way into the WFWA and is now the Co-Owner. He took it from it seemed like the pits of hell and has completely restructured the company and is now releasing the Employment Application.


That is the web address to the online application.

WFWA | Truly Old School

Link: http://wfwa.ewmania.com

HERE is the GCW's new web address
Posted by Gateway
on September 14 at 1:58 AM

here is our temp address! Check us out! Four years of continious E-wrestling.

Link: http://www.mosallonline.com/gcw.htm

GCW's new web address
Posted by Harvey Gateway
on September 14 at 1:56 AM

here is our temp address! Check us out! Four years of continious E-wrestling.

Link: http://www.mosallonline.com/gcw/htm

HSC Guerney booked
Posted by Morton Murphy
on September 9 at 9:00 PM

Well, it's been booked. Yes, the first ever Hollywood Squared Circle event, Guerney is booked.

Against the advice of HSC road agent, Jonathan Blanks, Tamura Whakapapa and Locky Xavier have booked their show with their small six (6) man roster!

"We've gotta get those fans interested and perhaps get some inspiration into some of them Indy wrestlers who need a sturdy roster to settle on!" admits Whakapapa.

The main event is set to show the talents of Pyro and Salamy Sam, yet the stipulations are to be announced on Guerney. The undercard is a strong support, but with three (3) matches, the show obviously couldn't be running for long.

It's held Friday night, but the cable access broadcast is on Saturday Morning.

It's the first HSC production and it's not going to be the last, tune in Saturday morning!

Link: http://www.fwrestling.com/host/hollywood/

EWF Champs hold Press Conference!
Posted by Dustin Kepler
on September 9 at 7:46 PM

HAMPTON, VA- In one of the most informative and entertaining press conferences to date, the Empire Wrestling Federation Tag Team Champions confirmed the rumors about the tag team division.
The Dawson Brothers held court at the convocation center on the campus of Hampton University today to address various topics of interest. Dominique 'D.C.' Dawson elaborated on his actions this past Saturday night and his plans for a 'monopoly'.
"We've got the tag titles. We've got the National title. Something is missing...but we'll deal with that in due time," stated 'Double D'.
D.C. also had opinions on the 'Revolution' situation in the EWF.
Current EWF National Champion Eric 'E.J.' Dawson, spoke on various topics, including his feelings towards his opponent this Saturday at 'Breakdown', current 'EWF Top 5' star Sly Vester.
"He Flower! He knows it! I know it! And the world will know it after this Saturday night!"
To see the press conference in its entirety and for more action from the EWF, go to the website now!

Link: http://www.fwrestling.com/ewf

HWO The Birth Begins
Posted by Trev Echo
on September 9 at 12:59 AM

HWO Announced Today The Opening Date For the HWO, and the also announced The first PPV that will Take Place HWO The Birth. A Few matchs have been added to the Card but their are still Matchs to be realeased.

HWO is also scouting around look for more Wrestlers to join the HWO.

HWO Owner Trev Echo

Link: http://fwrestling.com/host/hwo/HWO.html

EWF Tag Team Search In Progress!
Posted by Dustin Kepler
on September 7 at 12:28 PM

NEW YORK- Various sources from the Empire Wrestling Federation Headquarters have stated that the EWF is currently looking for superstars for their tag team division.
The current EWF Tag Team Champions The Dawson Brothers had several meetings with former EWF C.E.O. Jon Scott about the tag team scene. Although changes have taken place in the front offices because of the outcome of 'WarGames' at Hybrid Fury, the decision to allow applicants for the tag team division was approved earlier.
Speaking of The Dawson Brothers, rumors are spreading that E.J. and D.C. will hold a press conference at some point next week to address various topics of discussion.
For more information on the EWF or to fill out an application, go to the website NOW!
All tag teams should also contact me at claydoggmercer@hotmail.com.

Link: http://www.fwrestling.com/EWF

The GCW looks for admin help
Posted by Harvey Gateway
on September 2 at 9:15 PM

Hello everyone... my name is Harvey Gateway and I represent the GCW. Currently, the GCW is looking for a few good men to write matches, design logos, and generally help with the day to day running of one of the most stable feds on the internet. We have been running since 1998 without interuption. Check us out and email us at:


Link: http://www.gcwwrestling.com/

HSC Opens Applications
Posted by Morton Murphy, HSC Reporter
on August 31 at 3:33 AM

Well, it's arrived. The biggest thing to hit California since Roseanne's last vacation and they're contracts are open.

What am I talking about? I'm talking about the contracts for Hollywood Squared Circle, what else?

New Zealand playboy, Tamura Whakapapa, and ex-owner of thePub, Locky Xavier, have compiled their money together to open up what could be the greatest independent promotion in California. Planned to tour from high school gym to high school gym, every Friday night in the state of California, somewhere, you see HSC Guerney.

Guerney is recorded by 7 media students from UCLA, vision mixed for the commentators and all is put together into one tape. That tape is then sent to local cable access for the viewing pleasure of Californians every Saturday Morning.

"We're looking for the best of the best...at an affordable price," admitted Locky.

"Wrestling as you know it is gunna get a lot messier and a lot crazier. And that's a promise folks, Hollywood thought Christian Slater's drunken rampage's were something, you ain'tseen HSC yet!" Tamura Whakapapa told me earlier today.

Contracts are open to any unsigned wrestlers, talks are underway with many stars of tomorrow, could you be one of them?

Link: http://www.fwrestling.com/host/hollywood/

[PATW] Another expansion
Posted by Brian Davis
on August 30 at 1:39 PM

Friday the thirtieth of August 2002 was another big day in the PATW. After the explosion from Dimension three, which had the biggest sales yet, the PATW made yet another two massive signings to the promotion this week, which in a way showed the PATW’s continued success.
First off at 3:50pm GMT time the infamous member from the feared Brit pack: The Jman finally agreed with his contract terms, putting pen to paper and then shook Finito’s hand who is the Co CEO, good friend and now personal Manager. When questioned about this new signing, Finito said: “This is yet another major step in the PATW’s success. We are VERY happy to have such a talent with us. Jman has already shown nocturnal and Maxx McKenzie why he is big, strong, and damn right hardcore at Dimension three, and lets not forget that Nocturnal will have to fight him once again at Dimension three!” Finito then laughed before continuing, “We have ourselves an amazing star…and you cane expect some amazing results!” After the two’s presence at Dimension three, the world predict that these two are going to be another force in the PATW. Jman himself then had a word on this issue. “Those damn Yanks don’t want to treat me with respect, they don’t want to respect the Brits. But now I’m going to beat it out of every one of those stupid yanks that get in the way of me! But on my contract…yeah I am very happy about it, and I look forward to start work. I’ve been pushed like a true giant and I am no longer in the shadow of Insane!” Jman then faced the camera grinned once again and then finished with “I’m sure Nocturnal you’ll not enjoy seeing my face at Dimension again!”

Later on in the evening, EST, the Vice President Loco left the Enterprise tower with a statement in his hand regarding Kristen Leigh Willard the daughter of the Kalifornian nightmare Jason Willard the mad one himself who incidentally ended Chris Cage’s former ego trip. Loco seemed pleased by his signing, as he knew that Kristen was a special talent that should never be over looked just because or her sex and her age. Loco said “She’s a tough cookie…more like a diamond you could say. Nearly impossible to top. You thought Jason was bad, well Daddy’s little girl has followed in his father’s steps. Expect the second Kalifornian Nightmare to hit your screens pretty soon!”

These two impressive signings come at a time when the PATW is still negotiating with more. There are still talks with the famous stalker, and sell out Mason, who has confirmed that he WILL make his way to the PATW in the near by future. But the question still is: ‘WHEN?’ This he has failed to answer, but the PATW officials are hesitant to sign him ASAP to draw the fans in to see his highflying skills.

So the tale of the story is the PATW are beginning to grow bigger and bigger every day. The filling of the roster is the main concern, despite fifteen already being present with Anima coming back yesterday. Not to mention people like the Killer Heart to follow. It just shows you that this place should be back to business very soon!

Link: http://www.angelfire.com/pq2/patw/index2

Fedwars Radio Preview – Free Giveaway!!!
Posted by Dave Jacobs
on August 29 at 2:55 PM

DETROIT August 29, (Business Wire) - After a very dismal showing on the last scheduled broadcast Fedwars Radio rival Duke Williams not only called in and embarrassed the former jockey live on the air, he did so at a time when Fedwars CEO Dave Jacobs was unavailable to comment. This week Dave Jacobs takes to the airwaves live and in style with Fedwars president Mr. Batee. Rumor going around the Internet is that this week Dave Jacobs is expected to interview Mr. Williams live on the air as to why he did what he did last week. Will the two fabled Jockeys finally go at it live on the air, or will the trend of peace and prosperity between rival organizations continue?

Also this week Dave and Batee will discuss the impending PPV card, which will take place Live on Labor Day 2002!! What types of surprises do the Fedwars figure heads expect, what types of surprises do the fedheads expect? And what do the Fedwars wrestlers have planned; well… you’ll just have to tune in to find that out.

Of course last but not least the weekly Fedwars give-a-way!!! This week Fedwars officials have decided to do something never before done in the history of radio. This week Fedwars officials will be giving away a Live PPV or regular show promo that will air live until your PPV, or for 30 days, which ever comes first! How can a fedhead win, simple, Call in and be the winner of one of two Fedwars events… Stump the staff, or be the first to play in the return of Porn star or My Little Pony, Also make sure you have 5 wrestlers listening to cal in and verify that YES they are your wrestlers. Keep in mind these wrestlers MUST be registered in the Fedwars databases. It’s that simple!!! So be sure to tune in live this Saturday night at 10:15pm EST/9:15 CST only on Fancast!!!



[PATW] Dimension 4 card!
Posted by Marcus Valentine
on August 29 at 12:43 PM

Main event: TV Title match
Excalibur -vs- Jay Phoenix
You could call this a battle of the perfects. So far both men have recorded a perfect record winning every match that they have had. But then they have never fought opponents like they have at this coming Dimension 4. Excalibur so far has become impatient with his opponents, picking them apart, despite being in two brutal matches in quick succession. The question is will Excalibur be fit enough for this match? Phoenix himself is the xtreme champion who has also taken his recent opponents apart with more ease then Excalibur has. But then Phoenix will have to watch out for intruders in this match who wish to steal his title. Lets not forget that the all show rule applies for the xtreme title. So will Phoenix become the first ever: double champion in the PATW? If so he will have to get past the 6’10” giant Excalibur who is in no mood for those who wish to take his gold. And with the mood he’s in it could be a near impossible job. Technical vs power…who will show what is better?

One on One: Seaking Revenge?
Jman -vs- Nocturnal
This basically all started at Dimension three when Jman decided to make his name known with nocturnal and Jay Phoenix, but attacking not only Maxx McKenzie, but Nocturnal possibly costing one of them the match. Jman is thirsty to show why he should be the leader of the roster, why he should be the man in control of things backstage. But Nocturnal will not let this one slip lightly. After all Jman did attack him with a steal chair. And the innovator of darkness has vowed that it will be Jman’s last attack on somebody. He also said that he has no time for these minor distractions. This just angered Jman further and the two have been forced into battle. But can Finito Jman’s new manager be trusted at ring side, or will Phoenix have to protect his newly found friend. It’s the battle of anger...you can bet this one will be a cracker!

Triple threat: True Wrestling Exhibition
Bison -vs- Extreme Machine -vs- Maxx McKenzie
Lurpack forced this match on the Extreme Machine saying that if he or Maxx McKenzie one that they would become the number one contenders for the National title, while Bison would find himself a shot at the Xtreme title if he was to win. No one resisted despite the Machine did not want to lose his match to Excalibur. But he knows that this is Excalibur’s big title, and if he wins then he will surely get to meet with the big man once more in the near future. While for McKenzie and Bison it’s just a great chance for a title to add to their impressive mantelpieces. Who will be the best at wrestling? Who will show they are truly talented?

Triple threat: Xtreme title #1 Contender
TPA -vs- DmD -vs- Kidd Karnage
Yet another rookie made himself known at Dimension three. The new site of DMD, did not impress the crowd or TPA who was his target. Basically DMD hates the hardcore division and anything to do with it. He will do anything to take the xtreme title and throw it away. But TPA is the man who loves hardcore and has made sure that he will fight for the title, and he will beat DMD. But was that him being an egomaniac or was that him telling the truth. Not to mention they must not under estimate their opponent Kidd Karnage who is also in the match as the dark horse. So will it be the xtreme that wins or the hater of xtreme? Its up to them inside of that ring in a standard rules match up!

Link: http://www.angelfire.com/pq2/patw/home

EWF Hybrid Fury Shuts Down Norfolk, VA!
Posted by Dustin Kepler
on August 28 at 8:43 PM

NORFOLK, VA- When the Empire Wrestling Federation made the decision to bring their third pay-per-view event to the Scope Coliseum, anticipation of the event sky-rocketed. The event was full of excellent matches and, once the WarGames main event was announced, tickets sold out less than a week after the 'on-sale' date.
All weekend long, the EWF took over the 'Seven Cities' and the sabotage climaxed Sunday night as over 11,000 people watched one of the most exciting wrestling events to ever come to the Scope!
The event, titled 'Hybrid Fury', included a WarGames main event, where two rings were surrounded by steel...and also covered by a steel top! Four men from the EWF went to war against four 'Revolutionists' in a match that may have ended careers and changed the face of the EWF! Also, the EWF World Championship was decided as Spent defeated Ash to become the new champion!
The event also included the homecoming of Norfolk's own E.J. Dawson, who captured the EWF National Championship in a match that put him against former champ 'Hotshot' Tyler Jacobs, and one-half of the current EWF Tag Team Champions, D.C. Dawson...who is also his brother!
"Every match was phenominal," stated David Fowler, who took the trip from North Carolina to see the event. "WarGames was crazy!"
"They need to come to Virginia more often," said Kelly Hamler, a native of Hampton, Virginia.
For more information on the EWF and Hybrid Fury, go to the website today!

Link: http://www.geocities.com/empireWF

Posted by Brian Davis
on August 26 at 5:35 PM

It now draws ever closer till Dimension three. Outside anger has begun to show over the faces of many superstars, none less then Excalibur the current Television champion. After Extreme Machine announced at Evolution that he attacked Excalibur’s girlfriend, not only shocking Excalibur, but the world, Excalibur has vowed to return to his old routes. He was caught by the press talking to his manager hostile intent over a reported possible bodyguard job come Dimension and for the next two weeks.

When we caught up with him earlier Excalibur had a few things to say to the press.

“We are in the main event for a reason. The Extreme Machine wants to prove why I am undefeated in Casket matches. He also wants to prove that he is nothing but a sore jealous loser”

When we asked him about hostile Intent he threw our words back in our faces and stormed out of the scene still leaving a little suspension especially after Intent was banned from seeing Excalibur. When Lurpack heard the news he replied with:

“If he has been Intent will find himself in some serious S**T! NO one messes with Lurpack.” He then later went on to comment about the main event: “Casket Match, Extreme Machine and Excalibur…no one comes any bigger then that! Not to mention it’s for the Television title, and things are personal.”

This of course is not the only match on the card, the three debutants: Chris Noble, Nocturnal and Adam Champion will all be on the card…the matches list out as forwards:

Main event: Casket match for the Television title
Extreme Machine -vs- Excalibur (c)

Singles match
Nocturnal -vs- Maxx McKenzie

Singles Match
Chris Noble -vs- Adam Champion

three way Xtreme Match for the Xtreme title!
Jay Phoenix (c) -vs- Anima -vs- Drake Coleman.

Two matches were released from the card after lose in interest from the public and a breakdown in the contract. This leaves Logan Upshaw the Number one contender to the Xtreme title.

Link: http://www.angelfire.com/pq2/patw/home

*USA* Napalm + other news!
Posted by Mark Dentry
on August 25 at 8:48 AM

[The scene filters from the snowy feed of static across the nations airwaves. The screen turns pitch black with a single illumination from a rotating *USA* logo. "Banned in the USA?" written underneath. The screen fades into a live feed from somewhere in Los Angeles. An unaware Mark Dentry stands waiting, picking his teeth with a toothpick as the cameraman rolls his hand to indicate live connect has commensed. Dentry spits the toothpick out quickly and begins his live report.]

Dentry - This is Mark Dentry, former lead reporter of *TUF* and now head reporter for *USA*.

[A gleam to Dentry's smile says he believes every lie about being any sort of reporter and not a flunky constantly thrown about by wrestlers and staff.]

Dentry - Anyways... big news from the desk of MBT... Napalm has been announced and it's guarenteed to get the attention of the world. Live from the Pauley Pavilion at UCLA September 4th.

[A single second of static blurs the screen and makes Dentry inaudible.]

Dentry - Onto other news, new talent! With a flock of applicants daily, the personel department of *USA* is kept constantly busy running interviews. They are welcoming any talent that wishes to become a member of this high rising phenomonon. (hint: a call to free agents, we're looking for applicants)

[The static continues again, for a much longer time until the feed cuts to an off the air signal.]

Link: http://www11.brinkster.com/teamusafed/index.html

IWF Open, First Show Scheduled
Posted by Mike Dickerson
on August 25 at 12:03 AM

The IWF has opened it's doors to all who wish to apply. Since that date almost a week ago, the IWF has set ink to six contracts with a seventh on the way.

Because of this, CEO Mike Deverow has already signed the first show...

Howling Mad Murdock v. The Franchise

Ken Starr v.Chaos

Matt Hodges v. Liquid Fusion

Main Event
Winners of all three match battle for spot in the PPV Main Event.

This event is scheduled to take place Tuesday, September 3, 2002.

A house show is scheduled to take palce on Wednsday of this week. Card can not be disclosed at this time, but appearances by Howlin Mad Murdock, Matt Hodges, Ken Starr and Liquid Fusion are expected.

Until Next Time:
Mike Dickerson

Link: http://fwrestling.com/host/impulse

Fedwars Radio Airs Tonight!!!
Posted by Dave Jacobs
on August 24 at 9:44 AM

DETROIT August 24, (Business Wire) - This week on Fedwars radio we will be discussing the newly released network ratings and individual fed wrestler ratings. We will also be bringing to you a newly acquired Fedwars federation owner, which whose fed and name you will find out doing the live telecast . We will be bringing you more news on another newly acquired feds. And last but no least our top story of the night is that VE-TV drops a major fed and picks up another, all in the same day! Dying to find out what the answers are to these questions? Here’s one method, tune into Fedwars Radio LIVE on the Fancast Networks. Tune in and be heard, or just listen!

Source: Fedwars and Fancast

Link: http://www.fedwars.com

EWF Hybrid Hype Interview List
Posted by Jack Ramsey
on August 22 at 12:47 AM

This Friday night, EWF Hybrid Hype will air in real time at the EWF Message Boards. The show will be a small show to hype the third PPV in EWF history to take place on August 25th, this Sunday. The following people are guaranteed to be interviewed and following that is a list of rumored interviewee's.


-Jon Scott
-EJ and DC Dawson


-Nick Johnson
-Tony Blade
-Damonn Stark

Also during the show previews of each match will air. So stay tuned to Friday night.

*You can find a link to the EWF Message Boards at the drop down menu at the Official EWF site [a link to that is below]*

Link: http://www.empirewf.cjb.net

First Show Of BWF "War" Next Mon.
Posted by Big D
on August 21 at 9:12 AM

Bwf is a new era of wrestling "Big" wrestling,And on next week monday night War will first be on Air,As big d gonna put In the Main event.....Eddie "Latino Heat" Guerrero,And The Whol'e F*n Show,Rob Van Dam.
and also Vampiro facing Shawn "HBK" Michaels,Also that The Next Big Thing "Brock Lesnar" facing the Book the Sucka Booker.T,And it's gonna one hell of a night for BWF,Also big d gonna have a Suprise on the Show.
So com'n you or You too come and Join BWF.
And maybe you will be in the Main Event!

Link: http://pub78.ezboard.com/bbigdrpfed

EWF Press Conference
Posted by Jack Ramsey
on August 20 at 4:32 PM

Complete Report of EWF Press Conference in NYC at the All Star Cafe
-August 20th, 2002

At 1 o'clock [est] PM, EWF Owner, Jon Scott stepped onto the makeshift press stage followed by a few EWF officials and agents. Newspaper, internet and radio press were allowed access to the conference and began murmuring to eachother once he stepped up to the podium. Seated next to the podium were talent coordinator/Breakdown Commentator, Todd Helton and road agent Pete Black. It was 1:06 PM [est] when the press conference actually began.

Jon Scott opened the day by saying the following, "Welcome to all members of the press and I thank you for showing up here today at the All Star Cafe. Last week we sent word through the media holders that we would be holding a press conference today, and the main points for this is that of Hybrid Fury which will take place this Sunday night in Virginia and a few other topics. Afterwards I will be glad to take a few questions." Camera lights began flashing as Jon Scott paused for a few moments before continuing.

"This Sunday we will be making our first trip to an arena other than our own in over two weeks. We hope that we will be welcomed warmly by the Virginians and believe we will be without a doubt. We're proud to announce that tickets for Hybrid Fury sold out over the weekend and the approximate attendance is about 11,200 at the moment. Now over the past two days, or pretty much for the last month about Tax, of the Revolution. After numerous meetings with both our talent director, Todd Helton, over here to my left and other agents and officials we are here to announce the following. He, Tax will not be involved in any shape or form in the War Games match this Sunday. This is mainly due to legal issues which my legal team was able to concur with other teams. There will be a War Games match but obviously the fourth spot on Tony Blade's Revolution team is currently empty. I have no idea what Tony plans on doing but hopefully he'll do something so that Team EWF will have atleast a small challenge."

"More on that later. Now I would like to announce that both we and the new band Audiovent have made a deal that will make their hit song, "The Energy" the new theme for EWF Breakdown. Also in the deal is that we will help advertise their current and upcoming cd's. We feel that this deal will be both benefical to the EWF and Audiovent. Another announcement concerning Breakdown is that starting on September 7th, the only TV show of the EWF will be moving to Saturday nights. We've talked with TBS Superstation officials and we have altered the existing contract to switch days. We think the change will broaden our already decent viewership."

"Now onto our next PPV. There is a date set that may change in the next week or two. But right now our next and 4th PPV is scheduled to be held on October 26th. We're working on getting a decent sized venue to host the event and more info will be available at a later date."

"Just to mention that two days ago a select amount of EWF Superstars traveled with us to San Antonio and the Alamo Dome to partake in a first of hopefully many interpromotional events. We believe these types of events can be both beneficial to us to broaden the spectrum of our viewership in areas of the country where we may not tour for awhile. And speaking of touring. Right now the traveling committee is scheduling the next EWF Live Tour that will deviate from the EWF Arena which is just a few blocks from here. That should be sometime early next year. More info will be available soon. Look for the tour to cover the northwest and northerncentral states."

At that moment Jon Scott stopped and looked at Todd Helton beside him. They exchanged a few words before Jon Scott introduced the head of talent relations to the mic. Todd Helton took the mic and told the press that he would be short and sweet. "You know, if you come to work for us you better get your ego in check because unless you do you won't last here very long. This goes out to everyone currently under our bridge and anyone looking to be hired. We're not 10 year olds, were adults and if you have to be treated like a child then so be it. Thank you very much." The press seemed a little shocked at the comments made as Jon Scott stood to the podium once again. He told the press that he would now be answering questions from them. We only have the short details of this portion.

-When asked if the removal of Tax from the show on Sunday will maybe hinder some viewers from tuning in. Jon Scott said that's why there is always a 'card subject to change' disclaimer and that the fans should be happy not to have to witness another lazy ego.

-Asked about the deal with TBS and if negotiations are going to start soon to make a new deal. Jon Scott said hopefully yes but he's been too busy in the past few weeks. He hopes to head down to Atlanta sometime before the end of the year and iron out an extension.

-When asked about the future of the EWF he told them that he see's nothing but bright stars in their future.

-When asked about the losses of superstars in the past two weeks alone, what will happen to the EWF. Jon Scott replied that yes, they have taken a hard hit with the loss of a select few actually talented guys but they will bounce back just as they've done times and times again.

-He was then jokingly asked about getting in the ring in the War Games match. He replied that hopefully he won't lose too much blood but that's inevitable in the type of atmosphere they're going to be in.

-Reporters then began to speculate over Tony Blade's 4th partner and Jon Scott could only do the same.

-When asked about the ratings of Breakdown and if they will take a hit due to the day change he said that that's one of the reasons why they're changing. ALso, because of scheduling. He said the ratings for the show are not where he'd like them to be but everyone, well, almost everyone is working their ass off doing their job to the fullest.

Then, Jon Scott halted the question and answer portion and said that his time was up. He thanked all the media for showing up and plugged Hybrid Fury one last time before leaving alongside the rest of the EWF agents and officials.

Source: Empire Wrestling Federation

Link: http://www.empirewf.cjb.net

Posted by Bill Cooley
on August 20 at 11:04 AM

AAW SHOWDOWN is finally on the air! Check out all the action as Stephen Morgan makes his first defense of the AAW World Heavyweight title! Doc Silver and Eddie Mayfield captain teams engaging in SIX-MAN TAG TEAM WARFARE! Angus Mac Og has to bite the bullet and face the mighty SWAT Team in a HANDICAP match! Plus, a STREET FIGHT between Mister Dread and Toxick N. Whitecastle that must be SEEN to be BELIEVED!

And, of course, the FUTURE of "Showtime" Shawn Matthews in All-Action Wrestling is decided by President Schmid as well - or IS IT?


EWF Press Conference to be Held
Posted by Jack Ramsey
on August 16 at 12:29 AM

It was announced earlier today that EWF Owner, Jon Scott will indeed be holding a Press Conference this coming Tuesday afternoon, the 20th of August. Currently Hybrid Fury will be the main subject but there are rumors that the Owner has something else to announce. Stay tuned because as early as Tuesday evening we will have a complete report of the Press Conference which will be held at the All Star Cafe in New York City.

Check out the EWF Official Site for more info at http://www.empirewf.cjb.net

Link: http://www.empirewf.cjb.net

Top Fedwars Free Agents Available
Posted by Dave Jacobs
on August 14 at 10:08 AM

Top Free Agents Available

DETROIT August 14, (Business Wire) – With this week being the official kick off week for Fedwars many top stars in today’s Sports Entertainment world find themselves without official homes. Nearly 20 free agents became available as of midnight last night and federations are scavenging to pickup some of the hottest and youngest free agents Fedwars has.

Some of todays Free Agents include Josh Sutton, Morpehus Omega, Jackson Powers, Snoops, Pola Bear, Tom the Bomb, A-Rock, and Shane Wethers, alongside many others. How long will it take for these free agents to be nabbed up only time will tell. The Official Free Agent list for today is posted below this article.

The following wrestlers have been released from their contracts since they were up:
'The New Era' Shane Wethers
Don Alexander
The Snoops
Seph Deamonte
Lil Kaos
Jack Diamond
Joe Kool
Tama Porter
The prophet
Jackson Powers
Jacen Portland
Cw Morris
Jay Cash
Pola Bare
Ernesto D'Aosta
The Lotus
Jonny Kewl
Rick Static
crimson lord
Bad Ass Brian Richman
Evan Latear
Hells Guardian
Tom The Bomb
Retro Rob Johnson
Justin Evers
Steven Cross
Vincent Insane
Jesse Jamester
Bryce "Bad Boy" Blayze
"The Perfect Man" Ragio Versace
"The Shotgun" Gunnar Sanderson
Morpheus Omega
Josh Sutton
Rob Smith
Duke Messiah
Seth Arneson

Link: http://www.fedwars.com

Fedwars: Blank Inc. Files Lawsuit
Posted by Dave Jacobs
on August 14 at 8:00 AM

DETROIT August 14, (Business Wire) – At approximately 8am EST lawyers for the Fedwars Network Blank Inc. walked into the United States 6th District Courthouse in Detroit Michigan, and began to file charges against LW Inc. for punitive damages ascertained after the company failed to broadcast its show this week. Soon thereafter Fedwars CEO’s Louis Miranda and Dave Jacobs also arrived at the courthouse. Fedwars President Mr. Batee was not present due to prior obligations; the lawsuit alleges that LW Inc. failed to meet its obligations that were laid down when they signed a contract to be on the newly formed network.

Fedwars CEO Dave Jacobs made a brief statement to members of the press who were gathered outside to follow the story. “We still don’t have any official word out of LW Inc. To my knowledge LW Inc. is still contracted to Blank Inc. and does have a criteria they are supposed to meet. Whether or not this is going to have any irregular affect on Fedwars is still up in the air at this time. It’s never a good thing when it comes time to resort to going to court, unfortunately in a situation like this there is an awful lot of money involved. I still don’t have exact figures but I’m sure its safe to say it’s a pretty substantial figure. These are proceedings that are not going to be pretty, if this case is bound over for trial it could drag on for months.”

The case has been put into the hands of Judge Philip J. Thermopolis a 10-year veteran to the court system. His honor was very quick to bar members of the press from the courtroom. His honor expects the preliminary hearings to go rather quickly with jury selection taking place at the beginning of next week. His honor refused to comment on any specifics of the case, but was quick to notify members of the press of his ‘elite’ qualifications in dealing with proceedings of this stature. His honor did jokingly make mention that he hopes this case can be wrapped up quickly before the end of the summer and that the weather holds up so he can get in a few more good rounds of golf.

A lawyer for Blank Inc. did make a few quick references about the case to the press. “LW Inc. has a contractual obligation to meet. They promised us one live show a week and that’s what we have sold to our advertisers. You figure you sell 20 minutes of advertisements an hour for a live event such as this. At $1500.00 for every 30 seconds that type of money ads up. This type of a situation not only affects the live event but the 30 minutes before and the 30 minutes afterwards, it affects the entire stations abilities to function and that is just something that is unacceptable.”

Source: Fedwars

Link: http://www.fedwars.com

Fedwars: Blank Inc. Gives Deadline!
Posted by Dave Jacobs
on August 14 at 7:08 AM

DETROIT August 14, (Business Wire) – In an Anonymous Email received early this morning it appears Blank inc. is officially looking to replace LW Inc. as one of its major network promotions. With CWR and The Edge as its other promotions Blank Inc needs to keep the heat on.

“Unfortunately when a fed does not show any signs of life no matter how good they are they must be replaced. This is television and when you have a 2-hour block, which needs to be filled, there is nothing you can do about it. We have sold advertisement rights in the allotted timeslot we had for LW Inc. and unfortunately there not going to deliver.” Said a spokesperson for Blank Inc. Official numbers have not been released but rumor has it Blank Inc. stands to lose a substantial amount of money.

“Ratings… that’s what this boils down to, one word… Ratings. Ratings are what drive’s a network to succeed, as of right now the leading candidate for the possible soon to be opened network spot is DCW. However Blank Inc is also looking at the likes of XcW or a possible promotion outside of Fedwars.” The spokesperson continued. “Early estimates on our numbers indicate that we stand to lose somewhere in the neighborhood of around 7 – 9 million dollars, that’s just a ballpark figure and is estimated high. In the world of Television that is unacceptable. We are forced to fill the LW Inc. timeslot with old re-runs of shows like Home Improvement and Star Trek The Next Generation. Those shows are obviously not going to bring in the same number as a live Sports Entertainment event. To survive in this market you have to maintain a rating of at least 3.0 anything less then that means jobs plain and simple.”

We have yet to hear anything out of LW Inc. on whether they plan to continue to operate. Fedwars also has yet to issue a statement on when LW Inc.’s wrestlers will be released from contract or if they will be released from contract. While the world of Fedwars may be on hold for LW Inc. Blank Inc. is not.

Source: Fedwars

Link: http://www.fedwars.com

Fedwars Server Crashes
Posted by Dave Jacobs
on August 13 at 11:47 AM

ANNOUNCEMENT: Fedwars Server crashes

DETROIT August 13, (Business Wire) --

In an email received from its web hosting service it appears Fedwars will be down for another 24 hours.

Valued Customer,

At approximately 3:45am MDT Oberon, your web hosting server, failed
to respond with a CAF (Critical Alarm Failure). After further
investigation ******** has found the specific problem, which resides
within the power supply and the main board connections it connects
to. Since these parts are so rare we do not keep extra on hand but
have contacted Compaq for an emergency repair. The parts are been
shipped with an over-night status and we have a GUARANTEED repair by
1:00pm Wednesday August 14th but it could be as soon as 8:00am
Wednesday August 14th. We are working with Compaq to have this part
replaced in all of our servers as well for precautionary measures.
We appreciate everyone's continued business and apologize for this

We will keep you abreast of the situation via email and online
Network Status (http://www.*********.com/customercare/network/).
Please contact us at support@********.com if you have any further
questions. Again, our sincere apologies.

Hosting Operations
******** Inc. [Powerful Web Hosting]

Link: http://www.fedwars.com

GCW, Wrestlebowl is UP!!!
Posted by MMM
on August 12 at 6:19 PM

With three main events, and 70+ pages of action, WrestleBowl VI will go down as the greatest PPV in GCW history. All e-fed fans should check it out....

Link: http://www.gcwwrestling.com/

EWF Breakdown Preview for 8-16
Posted by Jack Ramsey
on August 11 at 9:58 AM

August 16TH, 2002
Friday Night Breakdown

From the EWF Arena in Brooklyn, New York

Ash & Spent v. Tax and HellRaizor
-Ash and Spent will team up for the first time to take on the REVOLUTION's debuting Tax [who got a temporary deal from Tony Blade to wrestle] and HellRaizor. Will the two hotheads be able to coexist to take on this force to reckon with?-

"Hotshot" Tyler Jacobs v. Lethal Dosage
-After Lethal Dosage got to the back after his match last week he saw the Hotshot mouthing off about not taking care of business. This infuriated the warrior and he asked for this match before the brutal War Games at Hybrid Fury-

Damonn Stark v. Gang Star
-Damonn is royally pissed after what happened on Breakdown so he asked for this match against one half of the Ruff Ryders-

EJ Dawson v. Devon King
Pawn v. Mero Pazz
DC Dawson v. "Demon Dragon" Nick Johnson

-More matches will be announced for Hybrid Fury
-Expect a medical update on Rude Boi after the brutal attack by Ash



Link: http://www.empirewf.cjb.net

EWF Rumors
Posted by Jack Ramsey
on August 10 at 5:39 PM

We are hearing rumors that challenges will be made on Breakdown for the Hybrid Fury PPV on August 25th.

Also rumors that another member will be introduced into the REVOLUTION seem to be true. Is it Damonn Stark? We'll soon find out.

Expect more information about whether or not Breakdown will be moving to Saturdays on TBS.

Thats it for now, check out the site for more info.

Link: http://www.empirewf.cjb.net

BWO - Accepting Wrestlers
Posted by Blood Wrestling Scout
on August 10 at 8:18 AM

Blood Wrestling Organization (BWO) is happy to announce that we are now accepting applications to become a member.

All we require is that your character shal be a male wrestler and with a decent gimmick.

Actual wrestlers are allowed but Blood Wrestling like originality.

NOTE: Sample Roleplay is needed to become a member of the roster

Link: http://http://pub56.ezboard.com/bbloodwrestlingorganization

XUW: Xtreme ULTIMO Wrestling
Posted by Mr. Webster
on August 8 at 5:59 PM

Good afternoon.

Xtreme ULTIMO Wrestling. The fastest growing federation on the net today. Because of this rapid growth, not only have we moved to our own website, located at http://www.ultimoxuw.com , but we have also opened our first developmental federation. XUDF, Xtreme ULTIMO Developmental Federation, will open it's doors in the coming days. With XUW's roster of 50+, and XUDF already at 10 members, XUW/XUDF will prove to be dominant in the world of online federations. I invite you all to come see all the action. Become a part of the XUW family.

Mr. Webster

Link: http://www.ultimoxuw.com

TMW: Toxic Recap [8/7]
Posted by Cyrus Jackson
on August 7 at 9:50 PM

Toxic Results - 8/07

In:Orlando, FL - TD Waterhouse Center

Hosts: Your truely, Cyrus Jackson and Jay Kearns

Opening Segment: Chris Omega, Alex Ballistic, Exhero.
Alex Ballistic is shown talking to the TMW superstars in the lockeroom. Chris Omega says that what The Boss was telling them was a bunch of bullpoo, and that Ballistic was only in it for the money. Exhero and Omega begin an argument, but Omega must go to the ring to compete for his match. After Omega leaves, Exhero refers to him as a "bitch!"

Chris Omega vs. Razor Edge

Chris Omega pretty much dominated this one, but Razor Edge had some high points. Omega just basically beat the crap out of Edge though, and hit the Vertical Limit for the win.

Winner: Chris Omega

Aftermatch: Omega was attacked by Stitch with Alex Ballistic and Exhero watching on. Stitch then hit Razor Edge with a chair repeatedly, until Ballistic told Razor Edge that he was fired! Stitch then hit Omega again with the chair for good measure.


Backstage Segment: Exhero and Alex Ballistic.

Ballistic basically explains that there aren't very many wrestlers in the back who appriciate Exhero. Exhero goes on to tell Ballistic he will whip their asses, just like he whipped Monoxide. Exhero then explained how MonoXide was in the hospital room and wouldn't be able to make it for his match.

Backstage Segment: "The Korpse" gets jumped.

"The Korpse" Jimmie Dawkins walks to the ring for his match, but is hit in the back with a steel chair by a masked man.

"The Korpse" Jimmie Dawkins vs. Jason Green vs. "The Elite One" David Lasch

"The Elite One" comes out and talks some trash to Jimmie Dawkins, and Jason Green. Alex Ballistic comes out and says that Jason Green has been fired, and that "The Korpse" had been attacked so that "The Elite One" had won the match by forefit. Just at that moment, Korpse came out and interruped Lasch. Lasch and Korpse pretty much just fought back and forth, but Lasch finished off the match once he hit "Whiplasch"

Aftermatch: "The Elite One" takes off out of the ring, but Jimmie Dawkins lies there helpless. EMT's come out and help Jimmie Dawkins out of the TD Waterhouse Center, while he recieved a standing obvation.


In Ring Segment: Exhero, Chris Omega, Stitch

Exhero comes in and talks about how MonoXide can't defend himself, and that it was too bad. He then talks about how he is the company role model. He then talks trash about all the fans, and Tracy McGrady. Omega comes out [who was wearing a Sixers jersey, coincidently] and Omega starts to beat the shit out of Exhero. Omega stands over Exhero's body, when Stitch comes in and hits Omega with a chair. Omega gets beat up some more by Stitch and Exhero.


T-Bone vs. Mike Powell

Winner faces Exhero next week for North American title.

In what was without a question the best match of the night, Mike Powell and T-Bone brawl in a hardcore match. This match involved ramps, chairs, cement, pretty much everything. They brawled inside the ring for a few minutes before taking it to the outside. T-Bone threw Powell of the ramp to severly injure Powell. Afterwards, T-Bone, instead of going around, did a frog splash off the ramp, onto the concrete to connect with Powell. Unfortunately, T-Bone injured himself more then he did Powell with this move. Powell connected with the Powell Bomb onto the concrete, but was hit in the back with a steel chair by Exhero. Powell then fell over T-Bone and Powell got the win.

Winner: Mike Powell


Ninjaman and Rex vs. DeKon "Postal" Frost and Kidd Method

Winners fight each other next week for Television Title.

In what was a pretty short match, but entertaining while it lasted, Ninjaman and Rex were pretty much dominated. They had some high spots in this match, but here is what happened. During the match, Ballistic came out and said "the time is now." Rex then jumped Ninjaman, and Frost jumped Kidd Method.

Winner: No Contest

After Match: Daeze attacked all four men in the ring with a chair, but was then attacked by J.R. and Drew Austin. Drew Austin and J.R. stood victorious as a team, when Alex Ballistic announced one of the triple main event matches for next week, being a hell in a cell match between Rex, Frost, Austin, and Daeze.

That was the end of the show. A great TMW start in my mind, and it also started some rivalries. Expect to see more of these superstars fueding, and colliding only on the E! Network every Wednesday at 8 PM!

Link: http://efeds.net/~tmw

Posted by Bill Cooley
on August 6 at 10:58 AM

Fans, the AAW World Heavyweight Championship has been decided in the GOLDEN GAUNTLET on the most recent edition of AAW SHOWDOWN! You won't BELIEVE what went down in the Crown Coliseum! Who won the belt? Who laid out President Schmid? Who got screwed?

There's only one way to find out, and that's to check out the GOLDEN GAUNTLET!

CWA looking for new talent.
Posted by Redneck
on August 5 at 1:03 PM

The CWA (Confederate Wrestling Association) is looking for new tallent. If you think you have what it takes to preform in this world filled with southern hotshots and delicious dixie divas then stop by. All men and women are welcome. Tryout matches will decide wether or not you will quailfy to become a CWA wrestler. Don't be shy... come on by!

...Redneck (CWA Owner)

Link: http://efedcwa.cjb.net

Anarchy Wrestling "Disorder" Recap
Posted by Jimmy Quinn
on August 4 at 9:49 PM

Last night in front of 17,000 plus Anarchy Wrestling blew the roof off of the Ice Palace in Tampa Bay, Florida. The superstars of AW put on a great second pay-per-view in Disorder and pleased everyone in the crowd.

All three titles were on the line (Canadian, International, World Heavyweight) and they were defended gracefully. The challengers seemed to know what was coming though as all three titles changed hands! Be sure to check out the results of Disorder via AnarchyWrestling.com or order the reply off Direct TV tomorrow night at 9:00PM EST.

Also be sure to check out the aftermath edition of Wrath next Sunday on TNT. Rumor has it that former World Champion Chris Miller has alot to say about his title defense last night, and alot to say about The Lone Soldier.

Wrath will be held in the Oxford Civic Center in Oxford, Alabama. Tickets are still available but they are expected to sell out within the next few days. Be sure to get your tickets through TicketMaster, the best way to shop for tickets!

Link: http://www.anarchywrestling.com

ew24-7 Radio to Air at Noon EST/5 pm UK on Fancast
Posted by Spammer
on August 4 at 11:06 AM

That's right folks! The Bookerman is back with another jam-packed edition of ew24-7 radio, with a special twist this week, as the Bookerman will be announcing the first round pairings of the huge 256 man Golden Turnbuckle Tourney.

So make sure you are there this Sunday at Noon EST/5 pm UK for ew24-7 Radio!!!

Go to the home of ew24-7 Radio!!!

IAWF Weekend Update
Posted by Paul Pry
on August 4 at 4:11 AM

The American Airlines Arena in Phoenix, Arizona, an arena that the IAWF as sold out within a day on numerous occasions, just sold half capacity at day three of ticket sales. A tremendous blow to the sales coming from the NC-17 label on the tickets. “This business is aimed at young males, ranging in age from fifteen to twenty-five.” Federation Spokesman, Don Quewl, explained. “Now we are looking to attract a more mature audience, those eighteen and over, as well as parents who will bring their adolescent children to the events.” The arena will be the host of Prime on Saturday, August 10.

The only thing drawing the crowd up until Friday evening was the leak that ‘Insane’ Marcus Cain was to announce his retirement from the sport. On Friday, however; the main event was leaked in the hopes of raising weekend sales. The IAWF Championship of the World will be on the line as champion, The Machine Chris Gil, will defend against the man who kept him out of the tournament back in June, Stormm. The remainder of the card has yet to be announced.

Federation Chairman, Joe Kool, has suspended a number of superstars after a fight broke out in the training gym of the promotion’s headquarters. The names released were former IAWF Tag Team Champions, Ian English and JMan. Their suspension will keep them out of action until the first of September. Jason “Kalifornia” Willard topped the list as the instigator of the fight. He has been suspended, without pay, for an uncertain amount of time. “This is absolutely unacceptable!” Kool screamed. “This is not the way a group of professionals act off camera.” That Damn Crow was injured in the fight and will be out for an expected three weeks. “Crow was not involved in the fight, he was stumbled over and sustained an injury to his ankle.” Scott Horning reported.

In other news, ‘Grandmaster’ Glyn Speight was seen leaving his mansion, price tagged at £4 million, bright and early this morning. Sold at double the price he paid for it due to the UK housing Prices rising, Speight made quite a profit. When questioned on how the money was to be spent... his comment was "I am going to buy a piece of what I have made.... I want IAWFe shares." Also, Speight has revealed that new merchandise of himself will be available as of 10th August. Speight was asked about the new attitude he picked up. Speight replied... "it isn't a new attitude, it is an old one waiting to break out!" Speight then boarded a plane heading to the IAWFe Headquarters. In other words... GM is back in the IAWFe.

IAWFe officials have released the main event for Need for Greed. As reported by Monica Arno, The event will be a six-pack, Need or Greed, match. There will be six people in the match, three of these participants will need to win qualifying matches on the upcoming Prime event on August 10. The other three are the IAWF National Champion, Television Champion and Champion of World; whoever they may be at the end of the same Prime. The rules are simple, the first fall will be for the IAWF National Championship and will eliminate one of the six. The second fall will decide the IAWF Television Champion and eliminate a second participant. When four are left, fatal four-way rules are in effect as the last fall will decide the IAWF Champion of the World. One person could walk out with all three straps if he or she makes three consecutive falls. This will be the first time that the Television Championship rules are lifted for the entire event!

Link: http://www.iawfe.com

S!W Slam! Wrestling Applications online
Posted by S!W News Reporter
on August 3 at 11:24 PM

It was announced earlier today that Slam! Wrestling officials have officialy opened the talent search to the public. Currently S!W is hopeing that opening the contract offers to the public, they may attract certain athletes that were overlooked in the beginning. There is still no word about when Slam! Wrestling will announce the official opening talent of the federation. All that is known, is that alot of talent meetings have been in the works lately. David Angels, the president of the corporation had nothing to say on the matter this afternoon. We were able to get a word from an employee which works in a different area then Angels himself. "I got a look at his schedule, its packed full of meetings. All of which have to do with Slam! Wrestling. I dunno if they are all talent meetings, or what. But there have been alot of people standing outside of the offices hopeing to get a look at a possible sign-e of Slam! Wrestling."
With the current interfed rumors still flying around, it is still unknown as of yet which interfed Slam! Wrestling will join, or even if they will join a interfed. We were unable to get any word on the subject, but did get told that "no meetings are scheduled". Weither this can be believed, or is false reports, we cannot say as of yet.

Link: http://www.fdwrestling.net/slam/index.html

SCENEwrestling: Opens...
Posted by Vito (He's a..er..co-promoter)
on August 3 at 10:43 PM

This just in

Flint needs the money, bad.

So we're going to have to open this racket, opps, I mean, promotion a little ahead of schedule.

A piece of the pie, a chance at fame or notoriety and some dough coming in on the side, that's what this joint is all about.

So whaddya chumps waitin' for?

Get in on this racket, fast!

Link: http://fwrestling.com/host/scene

PWF Open's Roster
Posted by PWF Council
on August 1 at 6:38 PM

That's right Primetime Wrestling has once again opened it's roster for new wrestlers. As of August 1 PWF New Orleans laid out a definite restructuring plan to make major improvements that have been implimented. Word from the new PWF Council is that Primetime Wrestling is back on it's way to the top and that the roster is open to 10 more members.

Great things are happening in PWF just visit http://pwfpro.fateback.com to find out more...

Link: http://pwfpro.fateback.com

[ IAWF ] Labeled... Not Censored
Posted by Paul Pry
on August 1 at 1:12 PM

After nearly a month of being turned inside out by the Federal Commissions Commission (FCC); negotiating network deals and losing major talent, the InterAction Wrestling Federation (IAWF) returns, but to what?

On Saturday, July 13, the New TNN pulled the live feed of the IAWF just fifteen minutes into a show they claimed to be appalling, “…nothing more than eye candy and violence.” Network Executive, Hal Litchner, commented. Just as ‘The Evil Princess’ Destiny Willard was upstaged by the outfit of her ‘slave’, Sharp, in the Bikini Beach Blastoff the feed was interrupted by the first part of Good-bye Radar M*A*S*H episode. The live event continued for the Miami fans jam packing the American Airlines Arena; however, behind the scenes the show was a scramble. The IAWF production crew scurried to contact TNN executives while the switchboard lit up with calls from upset fans anxious to see the event on television.

TNN canceled the newly signed forty-five week contract with the IAWF after meeting with the board of directors and Federation chairman, Joe Kool. This brought on an onslaught of accusations from both sides that turned into a full-scale investigation by the FCC. The FCC rated the Federation programming a fifty-seven percent risk after meeting with the writers and producers of the two-hour Prime shows. With this sort of risk factor TNN refused to allot the 9PM spot to the IAWF. “It was too early in the evening to have a show with that sort of risk on the air.” Litchner explained to Kool and the board. “We can give you a much later time slot, but you cannot broadcast live.”

Furious, Kool dropped negotiations. Not known for his sense of patience or leave-way, Kool went network to network in an attempt to get a live feed at a decent hour. Three networks refused to even talk with Kool while the FCC investigation was underway, Canada was too far to relocate and the severance losses from TNN would be outstanding. Kool returned to TNN to sign the new deal. A taped Prime on Saturday nights at 11PM (EST). FCC Commissioner, Kevin J. Martin, closed the investigation after Kool agreed to carry the Parental Advisory sticker on all event advertisements from posters to tickets. The box office, Ticketmaster and other ticket distributors are prohibited to allow anyone under seventeen to purchase a ticket without an adult.

“This will not stop us.” Kool exclaimed. “If anything these actions have only opened new doors. The IAWF will wear the little black and white sticker as a form of protection, protection from actions such as these ever happening again. They may play the edited version a few hours after we go live. This will only drive them (fans) from in front of the television and into the arenas. Now, if I want to show off a few ‘scantily clad’ women, I will. If two men want to take it ‘til they are bloodied and beaten black and blue, they will. If a few vulgarities happen here and there, they did, but they did live and that’s where it’s most important.”

Kool seems to be using the black and white sticker much to his advantage, but there is much more controversy then that of the sticker. Since that Prime many fans have lost real interest in Federation programming. With Kool’s promise to “…do whatever in the hell” he wants has caused many high notch sponsors have pulled funds. More importantly the roster of talent has dwindled to bear minimum. It’s rumored that the Champion of the World, The Machine Chris Gil, is sitting out his September 1st term contract before resigning. Many other superstars have taken into the independent circuit, such as Stormm and JMan, both signing with secondary promotions. Federation cornerstone, ‘Insane’ Marcus Cain announced early in the week that he would be retiring at the first Prime, reasons were note stated. These losses in talent and fanbase could prove quite costly as the IAWF scours the independent promotions for up and coming talent to take on board.

Tickets went on sale today for the return event on Saturday, August 10, in Phoenix, Arizona from the American Airlines Arena. Though the final numbers for the day are not yet calculated, at 12PM (EST), after the first twelve hours, the ticket sales were still less than a fourth the arena’s capacity.

Link: http://www.iawfe.com

SCENEwrestling: What the...?
Posted by Promoter (hired)
on August 1 at 5:10 AM

SCENEwrestling. What exactly is this new federation about? Well, all I can say right now is that by promoting this federation, I get about 10% of what Bill Gates makes per year. Yes, do pop by this Underground federation and take a look around. The concept of this wrestling federation is listed on the front for your convienience. Hopefully, members will actually take a look at this brand new federation, and maybe, even try it out. All I can say is, Big Vito won't visit my house if you would care to drop by SCENEwrestling. Hell, I might actually make a profit out of this.

You might be the next Underground Spotlight in SCENEwrestling, or you might make a few green notes just dropping by, but most of all, you'll help me, the poor wrestling promoter save his ass.

(This is a paid advertisement)

Link: http://fwrestling.com/host/scene

TMW: In full effect
Posted by Alex Ballistic
on July 31 at 8:38 PM

Ladies and Gentlemen, I am Alex Ballistic, owner of Total Mayhem Wrestling [TMW]. Today, July 30th, 2002, we have opened our doors. We're looking for some quality wrestlers to step in the ring with Total Mayhem Wrestling's Superstars. Hopefully, by the 5th or 6th of August we will have at least 15 members, enough to start a card.

Want to give TMW a chance? TMW's Official Website!

Link: http://fwrestling.com/host/tmw

Fedwars: Big 3 "The Ultimate Challenge"
Posted by Dave Jacobs
on July 31 at 12:05 AM

Manhattan - July 29, 2002 {Business Wire} - FedWars.com



a.) To put together an ippv full of quality, and to promote ethical behavior within the FedWars community. As a result of such actions, we hope the federations within our sponsors continue to grow, creating the most popular ifed site in the business. The ultimate goal is to obtain the FWN ring and bring popularity to your promotion and sponsor.

What are we announcing?

a.) Welcome to FedWars ipay per view entitled BIG 3: The Ultimate Challenge to begin on August 18, 2002! The event will include many matches, most of which are not yet advertised. Some bouts will be chosen by the FedWars staff, others by the federation owners. There will be a maximum of 10 matches on our first stage of the card.

How can a wrestler be entered?

a.) Each federation owner will supply ONE wrestler [to their Sponsors] to be entered in a series of 3 Way Dances providing they are victorious. The winners said match, will advance into the next round. This means the 5 sponsors will be responsible for writing and decided their own booking. How the sponsors decide the winners of their respective matches in the first round, is totally up to them. See "card format" below.

Example: The federations [$W, BACW, tE] under their drafted sponsor [WeWA] will provided one wrestler from their resepctive rosters to enter round one. WeWA owner will decided how the winner will be chosen and be responsible for writing the match.

BACW vs. $W vs. tE - The winner moves to the 2nd round to represent WeWA.

Who are the Sponsors?

a.) The Sponsors and Federation elible for BIG 3 are: WeWA [BACW, tE, $W] - N3 [ SCW,IOA,AWF] VE [BMW,MWA,HIW] Hogan's Briefs [eVo,TU,TW] and the addition of the mysterious Blank Inc. [Federations TBA]. Seems Blank Inc is run by a man named John Doe and with the lawyers battling in court, FedWars has no choice but to add them to the three stage tournament. The federations associated with Blank Inc will be announced before the selection process begins or they will be eliminated from the contest.

Round Two: (August 25th) & Round Three: (September 2nd)

a.) With the 5 winners from the opening round in place, we will now advance into the second stage of BIG 3. Here, FedWars executives will run a "People's Poll" [on our forums] and the winner of this contest will advance into the third, and final round, via a bye. The 4 other wrestlers in the people's poll, will be forced to compete in a mini tournament, with only two lucky winners making it into our final 3 way dance. The tournament pairing will be done by a flip of the coin. Since ethics are a must, Mr. Batee & David Jacob will pair the wrestlers to avoid any foul play.

What will the winner get?

a.) In an effort to satisfy the masses, and fill the needs of the many, we will be will be presenting the winner with the first ever FWN [FedWars.com Network] championship ring. The said wrestler must be vicotious in a series of Three Way Dances showing the world both endurance and strength. This wrestler will be deemed our number one contender for a future event not yet announced. Should the FWN ring holder not be in FedWars.com at the time of his calling, the runner up will take his place. The process will continue down the ladder until we reach an active wrestler.

Other matches on the card:

a.) In an effort to get a many people on the card as possible, FedWars is allowing each federation owner who has sponsorship, to book ONE match of his/her choice. If the promoter books the match, he/she must write the bout and decide the winner. All match writers are required to follow the below format.


a.) The Sponsors and FedWars executives will determine the winner in round 3 and it's going to be based on the heat, overall interviewing, and general interest in the FedWars site. Interviewing will be the heaviest determining factor.

b.) The hardworking winners of our final stage will get our first ever FWN ring. Mind you, this prize cannot be sold, defended, or traded unless sanctioned by FedWars, and should the wrestler break these rules, the said athlete may be ban from future FedWars events.

Interview Period:

1st Round: Interview Period from August 18 - 21
-Match writing due from Sponsors no later than 8/23/02
-Official Results posted 8/25/02

2nd Round [People's Poll]: Voting Period August 25 - 26
-Poll posted on 8/26/02 at 8PM EST.

2nd Round [4 Man Tourney]: Interview Period from August 27-29
-Match writing due from FedWars Staff no later than 8/31/02
-Official Results posted 09/01/02

3rd Round: Interview Period from September 2 - 4
-Match writing due from FedWars Staff no later than 9/6/02
-Official Results posted 9/08/02

Network Match Requirements:

All owners must write their own matches and have them into Mrbatee@yahoo.com no later than the scheduled date assigned. This means you have 24 to 48 hours to write your portion of the card. No matches will be accepted late. This cards will air on time because I refuse to put out a late show. All owners, please do the right thing and reward your wrestlers for all the hard work they do. Let's get the card on the net without delays.

The format in your matches should follow this example. Action should be placed in {brackets} while dialog should be shown by the announcers’ name followed by a colon. You can have the announcers call the action if you wish. Use a FONT 12 with Times New Roman and it should look great. Writers, PLEASE follow this format so the card looks uniform and I don’t have to be stuck in editing hell; Thank you in advance.

{The man hits a pile driver and goes for the cover.}

Announcer: He got him!

Announcer #2: No kick out!

{Inside the ring, the action continues with Joe lifting his opponent of the mat. Irish whip into the ropes.}

Announcers for ALL matches:

Host - Scott Mackenzie...
Scott is an Irishman who will play the face. He will not support cheaters. A well built man, Scott has red hair and will be wearing a casual outfit. A big fan of sports, Scott offend relates the two.

Co-Host- Gino Sacelli...
Italian wise guy who favors the heels. Vinny doesn’t care about cheating and thinks taking short cuts is ok as long as it yields the wrestler a win. Often accused, he is NOT affiliated with the mob. Vinny is from Brooklyn New York.

Ring Announcer - Tom Bernhard… Think of Michel Buffer the lets get ready to rumble guy. Tall, good looking, and always wears a black Tuxedo.


In closing I would like to say, this card will be worth every ounce of hard work we put into it. I plan on doing this once every two months so don’t worry about all the work involved. We ARE definately one of the most popular interfed sites on the net and your federations will grow if FedWars grows. From what I have seen, the owners have put together a great effort and all we need to do is continue working well with each other in a positive way. After this match is over, there will be losers and winners. If you understand someone has to win and someone has to lose and trust that in the end the FedWars staff & sponsors will do what’s right, you will enjoy our shows a great deal. FedWars is here to help you, all you have to do is ask.


Thank you for your time, and good luck in your quest for the FWN Championship ring!
Mr. Batee - Fedwars President

Source: Fedwars.com

Link: http://www.fedwars.com

The Fighting Zone: Bumsen Weg
Posted by Gianfranco De Luna
on July 30 at 9:16 AM

The Fighting Zone marked the first anniversary since the re-opening with Bumsen Weg. It was a very good event to say the least.

In the first fight of the night, Tapestry defeated KimPosable to become The Queen of the Underground. In the second fight Prince defeated Chaos to become the King of the Underground.

In an amazing fight RedStar and Victory got 2 victories apiece to end up in a draw.

This was followed by the amazing battle between The Freak and Young Gun Cooper which ended in a draw. These two took it to a new level of intensity. What will happen after this fight is still unknown but one thing is sure, these two are sadistic.

Splink defeated Skran-Pruk in the next fight to regain The Gang Championship. TMM, Slapnutz and Mr. Pink showed their true strengh in dismantling Skran-Pruk, but the fight had a very unfortunate ending when Sikanah got seriously injured.

This was followed by the much awaited El Asasino and Yoshi Mitsuhara. Due to the intensity of the fight Gino Di Maggio succeeded in getting a special guest enforcer, Action! Wrestling Champion LLB. It was an amazing fight until Gino Di Maggio entered The Zone and he and LLB made sure that the fight ends in a draw.

The final fight of the night was between Uncensored and John C. Willis valid for The Championship with William Arthur Reagan : WAR as special guest enforcer. It was a very good fight until the new King of the Underground, Prince, made his appearance known. Prince attacked Uncensored to give John C. Willis the win and later he revealed himself to be Keegan. Keegan promised revenge on John C. Willis for what he did to him at The Prophecy and now at La Vendetta its John C. Willis against Keegan, a fight which has already got the punters thinking on how much money they will make.

URL: http://www.thefz.com

Link: http://www.thefz.com

tWo = "People Are Lonely Because...
Posted by Andrew Woodhouse
on July 30 at 12:19 AM

The once arrogant / fun loving superstar of the tWo, Joseph Styles, has fallen back into a deep dark depression. It has been two years since the death of his girlfriend Sarah Owens, but the pain has not gone away. She passed away too soon and without warning... all because of the jealousy of another woman. A woman who he hoped and prayed he would never see again, but deep down inside he knew this day would come. The day when he would have to look into the eyes of the woman that took his best friend, lover, and life long companion away from him.

Kelly Marts has spent the last two years of her life in a federal prison for manslaughter, a lesser sentence worked out through a plea bargain, and has made parol. She can now return to her normal life while Joseph's life will never be the same. And to make matters worse Kelly is once again employed by tWo wrestler Tornado Warrior as a valet...it will be only a matter of time until Styles and Marts are in the same place at the same time. Let's just hope for the sake of both individuals that there are plenty of superstars around to get Styles under control.

Link: http://members.tripod.com/~fwrestling0

UWN: FCW's HeatWave in the books
Posted by JD Smith, UWN Reporter
on July 29 at 12:51 AM

Fallout Championship Wrestling's July pay-per-view installment, HeatWave, posed more questions than it answered.

Leading up to the show, we all saw the rift form between FCW Champion Garrie Morris and his Alliance of Defiance stablemate and tag team partner Gunslinger. We witnessed the fracture in their relationship, but nobody fathomed what else could happen.

Morris and Gunslinger were one of four teams that participated in HeatWave's opening four-way elimination contest, crowning the #1 contenders to the FCW Tag Team Titles and a shot at the champions, the Fists of Fire, later in the show. After biding their time and watching Revelation and Matthew Lyth eliminate the other two teams, Gunslinger used his Slingblade finisher to send Lyth down for the three count.

The rift between the two superstars became more prevalent as the show continued, but somehow, someway, the two were able to wrestle as a unit in the Tag Team Championship match. They were cohesive enough to walk out with the Tag Team Titles.

But their work was not over, and right after they won the tag straps, they were face to face in the ring with the FCW Championship hanging in the balance. The match was short and intense, and in the end once again it was Gunslinger who drove the final nail into the coffin of his opponent.

Gunslinger is the new FCW Champion, but the man he defeated for the belt is still his tag team partner, and they are the FCW Tag Team Champions.

What is next for this ego-driven duo?

Link: http://www.unifiedwrestling.net/fcw

tWo Wrestling
Posted by Mitch Miller
on July 28 at 9:49 PM

Get in on ground zero or spend the rest of your life wishing you could join. Over the next couple weeks the federation will continue getting all of it's pages updated. We are taking over for an experienced email based federation, which means we will start our internet based federation with 10 members strong. However we will be accepting an additional 15 new members. Best of luck to all that apply, and please keep in mind that we are working night and day to get all the pages up and operational.

Owner Mitch Miller

Link: http://members.tripod.com/~fwrestling0

A New Wrestler Needing A Home....
Posted by Slik Hippy
on July 28 at 2:52 AM

"Few men have virtue to withstand the highest bidder!"

Check out the official Slik Hippy webpage, if you are interested please contact me via email.... scrappy@netscope.net

Link: http://members.tripod.com/~scfw0

Steve Hayden on EW-TV's Flat-Line
Posted by Larry Willmington
on July 22 at 4:03 PM

Monday July 22!! Live Flat-Line is back and in your face with interviews with Steve Hayden & Carl Ca$h and huge news from all over the net! EW-TV's host Greg Grahm even lets the insults fly in the "Mouth off" section of the show! See who he blasted!

Also keep an eye on EW-TV as a new show is set to debut some time this week! Rumors around the web suspect it's a monthly special show that will be a major impact on federations around the web!

EW-TV, the only real ewrestling tv station on the net!


Link: http://ew-tv.theewe.net

Fedwars 2K2 Draft: Recap
Posted by Dave Jacobs
on July 22 at 2:02 PM

Detroit July 22, (Business Wire) - Last night, the Fedwars.com fans, wrestlers, promoters, and staff tightened the ropes attached to the turnbuckles, preparing to do something 2K2 worthy. Since opening their doors a few months ago with promises of innovation, and cutting edge material, the viewers waited patiently for an announced “live” draft.

It took a professional effort, but with David Jacobs, Louis Miranda, and Mr. Batee behind the controls, the show was both hilarious and entertaining. In fact, after the show, the Fedwars program rocketed into the number two spot showing people Fedwars.com had finally found the right chemistry.

Opening the show, David Jacobs [Fedwars CEO] took to the microphone getting some things off his chests before proceeding. He addressed the current direction of Fedwars.com and where he would like to see the mega multimillion-dollar wrestling machine go.

In the background, the chat room was buzzing as [Fedwars President] Mr. Batee continued to stall from a remote location with his WeWA staff making sure he was ready for the first pick. When he got on, Eminem started blasting and new mouthpiece of Fedwars.com radio began to entertain like no other in the business! From rapping to Little Richard, Mr. Batee fired off all his guns in an explosive return that had people wondering, “Is this the Fedwars.com of new?” Indeed it was, and with every joke, and every insult, the draft began and David Jacobs settled into one of the most solid performances of his life.

The internet chat room was red hot, and as people took bets as to whether or not Mr. Batee would pass out from a lack of oxygen, everyone was under the impression Big Money Wrestling was a sure shot to be joining WeWA. If this was the case, the President, and co-CEO would be together? Why not? Behind the scene bookings and fixed results are common in our industry but what happened next was truly shocking. As Mr. Batee talked about size, money, and strength, he announced the number one pick in the 2002 Fedwars.com draft was going to be $old Out Wrestling championed by owner Jamie Ryan! Both boos and cheers were rampant as reporters from Internet sites clamored over the WeWA’s choice. Right or wrong, Mr. Batee said his first round pick was going to do exactly what their name said, “Sell out arenas on a global scale!”

With the hype around the first pick gone, the tension started to pick up as Vincent Empires stifled the critics. Via a seal envelope, Vince made the wrong, according to some, a right, and selected Big Money Wrestling owned and run by Louis Miranda! The Big Money fans cheered while representatives from The Warehouse & eVo started to look around with puzzled looks on their faces. It was starting to heat up and the draft had just begun.

As the third pick landed in N3’s lap, the choices were getting slim and with Mr. Batee sobbing in the background, Shockwave Championship Wrestling was picked. The crowd was silence and Mr. Batee’s sobs went to cheers because the scales had just turned. EVo and TW were still available and with federations like MWA and The Edge lurking in the shadows, WeWA was back in the hunt. But we want to warn everyone in Fedwars right now, SCW has been secretly building their forces and when they hit Fedwars behind N3, these wrestlers just might shock everyone!

The cheers in the VE and WeWA camps were high until David Jacobs announced Hogan’s Briefs would be given two picks? Immediately Mr. Batee demanded his lawyers be contacted and an investigation be launched. The 4th & 5th pick had gone to Hogan’s Briefs and with WeWA sitting in the 7th spot, the draft started to feel it’s first sense of controversy. Stepping up the microphone, Hogan’s Briefs made up for their low draw by selecting both eVo and The Warehouse!

At this point N3 immediately came to the microphone and waived the 6th pick. This left the field open for Vincent Empires to come in and land MWA! A solid choice and although many feel they were selected low, MWA was happy to be picked up by VE.

This left a smiling Mr. Batee who seemed a bit more confident this time around. Clearing his throat and telling the pro American fans just how much he loved Canada, The Edge was called and this knocked people off their seats. The Edge has been in a lull but had been rebuilding behind the scenes. Launching their new look and signing people by the dozen, Mr. Batee pulled a rabbit out of the hat and this pick seemed to even the filed. But Batee wasn’t done, his attorney’s had been protesting the double pick by Hogan’s Briefs and after an intense discussion with N3, the WeWA had traded up for the #8 spot. The crowd stirred and chat room was rampant but what happened next was certainly not expected. Earlier in the week, Mr. Batee had told reporters that he would not enter BACW in Fedwars, a company he built back in 1999 and recently sold. He talked about ethics and not being able judge fair, and even went as far as saying he would ignore his popular WeWA product in the draft. We spoke to the Fedwars President after the show and he told us, “When Hogan took eVo and TW I became concerned. N3 has two picks I still don’t know about and lord knows what they are going to do with them. And look at VE, BMW and MWA! Jamie Ryan’s people where calling my office and demanding something big, TU was available but we just didn’t have enough time left on the clock to talk to them. I know Bad ASS Championship Wrestling has some of the most talented wrestlers in the business because I personally built the lineup. Now run and owned by Mike Cavenaugh, the BACW features the likes of Obsidian, Karl Davis, Mike Johnson, Kodiak, and a few I cannot mention. BACW was chosen because I needed something to counter BMW and TW. Louis has been in competition with me in our last in devour and knows these guys are grade “A” superstars.” BACW was picked and most who know them started to realize, Fedwars was going to be tough to win.

Although BACW was a strong pick, Hogan’s Briefs did what VE did in round one, they picked the person Mr. Batee left behind and selected The Underground.

Rounding out the 10th choice, Vincent Empires went out on a limb and made the final choice in the draft with HIW!

The draft was exciting, full of drama, and if this is what the Fedwars product is going to be like, it’s going to seriously dominate the business. If you have a wrestler or a federation you think can compete with some of the best this industry has to offer, come to place where you can get maximum exposure! Fedwars.com!

Where innovation rules, and the wrestlers opinions really count!

Overall Draft Recap:

1st Round-
1. WeWa takes $oldout Wrestling
2. VE takes Big Money Wrestling
3. N3 takes SCW
4. Hogans Brief takes The Wharehouse

2nd Round-
5. Hogans Brief takes eVo
**N3 waved vote**
6. VE takes MWA
7. WeWa takes The Edge

3rd Round-
8. WeWa takes BACW
**NC waved vote**
9. Hogans Brief takes The Underground
10. VE takes HIW

Callers: [Limited due to the nature of the show]

The Rockweiler
Hogans Brief Representative

length: 1 hr 18 minutes

Source: Fedwars

Link: http://www.fedwars.com

Jacobs and Batee Debut at Number 2
Posted by Dave Jacobs
on July 22 at 9:43 AM

Detroit July 22, (Business Wire) -- According to Fancast.com numbers Dave Jacobs and Fedwars President Mr. Batee debuted at an astonishing number 2 last night. Fans genuinly seemed to enjoy several of the conversations and antics which took place last night both in the Fedwars chatroon and on the air. Fedwars was successful in debuting the first Network draft live on the air. One fan quoted on Mr Batee saying that ...

"Mr Batee is a cross between Fat Albert and Little Richard he was phenominal." Another Fan said that "Batee was great, there was alot of anxiety and tension in the last 45 minutes before the draft, Batee kind of took away from that right up until he decided to sign $W to the number 1 pick then you knew it was for real."

Most fans did not know what to expect, although most would agree its all about ratings and last nights draft proved that anything was possible. Fedwars Radio debuted right behind EW24-7 Radio, although most would consider that an impressive feat a Fedwars spokesperson considered that unacceptable.

"Number 2 was not exactly what we expected but it was impressive none the less. We had hoped that we would debut at number 1. The nice thing is that inside sources tell us we actually are not that far off from achiving that number. While it is true this particular live draft was an experiment, and at this time there are no known plans to make Fedwars Radio a weekly thing, it is nice to know that we can achive number 1, and if and when we do return to Fedwars Radio we have an impressive talent in the current hosts of the show."

Fancast numbers show that Fedwars radio was only 10,000 - 20,000 listners away from achiving number 1. When you deal in the millions that number would break down in equivalent to 10 - 20 listners. Fedwars CO CEO Dave Jacobs commented on this shortly after the ratings came in.

"When you break down the numbers 10 - 20,000 listeners really isnt that much, I feel that yes the show did need some improvements but its nothing that a little more prep cannot take care of. When you deal in the millions of listners each week, equivalently 10 - 20,000 breaks down to about 10 - 20 listners, which really isnt a lot for the major market area of Detroit which we are in. Its going to be interesting to see how things work themselves out, Batee is a totally different person on air then he is in the office. His persauna of a loud mouthed angry man brought a spice to the show previous Radio attempts lacked. While it is true that there are no current plans to make Fedwars Radio a weekly or even Bi-Weekly event, with the final numbers we recived we will go back to the board room and discuss that possibility. IF and when that annoucement comes, the fans will be the first to know."

Source: Fedwars

Link: http://www.fedwars.com

ew24-7 Radio to Air at Noon EST/5 pm UK SUNDAY!!!
Posted by PTC Spamming Monkey
on July 21 at 3:13 AM

This week's Sunday edition of Fancast's #1 rated ewrestling program, ew24-7 Radio, will be hosted by noneother than the Bookerman himself, Ron Meischker, who will be coming to you live from Shanghai, China at Noon EST/5 pm UK only on Fancast.

This week, the booker expects to hear from CWL/Asylum legend, Silence, who recently came out of retirement in OSW, PCW's Jordan X Shabazz, PIW Owner John Cusimano, OSW superstar, Ivan Stanislav, fWo Cruiserweight Champion Tempest, and perhaps even you!

Topics will include the latest news from PTC, Wrestlingtattler feds, an update on the status of the News, the latest happenings in PIW, rumors of an OSW/WWR merger and much, much more!

So be there and call in to hype your wrestler or your fed, or perhaps just listen!

Go to the home of ew24-7 Radio!!!

Link: http://www.ew24-7.com

EWC Revolution Begins!
Posted by EWC Superstar
on July 20 at 9:55 PM

After years of greatness in the EHWF and EWF, producers Shilo Styles and Eric Michael bring to you... the EWC!

After a crazy first month full of title tourneys, kidnapping, and all the entertainment one could offer... the Revolution is here!

The first PPV of the EWC consists of exciting matches such as...

An Arming Wrestling Match between Co-Owner Micheal and Co-Owner Styles...

The legendary EPIX will face Muerte to get his wife back...

Drama will take on Karnage...

In some Hardcore Title action... Dyse, Nemesis, and Angelus will get it on...

Nero Kidd, Holy Profit PTK, and Evil Dead will fight for the North American Title...

And FINALLY for the World Title, Faze will fight Jason Tha Dynasty.

Don't miss the beginning of a new era in efeds. The PPV is shaping up to be a hell of a start.

Sound like fun?

Want to be apart of this?

There's still time for you to join!

With features such as Poser, Flash, dedicated and experienced owners, and a very talented roster there is no other choice then to sign up now.

Make the EWC... "Your New Home"

Link: http://www.geocities.com/ewc3030/

GCW: MMM takes over admin duties... NEW SITE!
Posted by Harvey Gateway
on July 18 at 7:46 PM

This past Sunday, Michael Meep Mosall officially secured GCW administrative duties after the GCW stock holders overwhelming approved his infrastructure proposal. The result? A NEW GCW SITE! This is a major step in fortifying his GCW power.... however... the power struggle rages on between Mosall and the Executioner. With WrestleBowl on the horizon... things are bound to get ugly. Check out GCW’s new site!


Link: http://www.gcwwrestling.com/

Posted by Bill Cooley
on July 17 at 9:01 AM

The very first edition of AAW SHOWDOWN has come and gone, and you won't believe what happened when DOC SILVER did battle with MISTER DREAD in the main event!

TW-Verbal Assault on $W
Posted by Chris Jacobs
on July 14 at 10:06 AM

Justin Williams was caught outside The Warehouse on his daily routine today and was asked several questions about fellow FedWars federations. From there he launched a stunning outburst on Soldout Wrestling, one of the - if not the most well known feds in FedWars. He slammed the $W Product and labelled it "Too Predictable" and worthy of execution. He said he felt for the fans of Soldout, for having to watch such poor quality matches and having to live with the antics of wrestlers such as Slash and Tyler Davidson.

His claims that Soldout produced are curious, as Soldout are yet to hold a card in the new era. But that is irrelevant, as the initial card for Genesis has been posted and on it is some valid evidence which could yet prove Williams claims true. Every match on the card has a gimmick, many of them not being unique.

It is the claim of Justin that The Warehouse doesn't need your everyday Deadly Jeopardy match up and instead thrives on the quality singles matches that it serves up each and every time it airs on TV.

Link: http://owl.cageofsocks.com

ew24-7 Radio to Air at Noon EST/5 pm UK on Fancast!!!
Posted by Spamming PTC Monkey
on July 14 at 7:07 AM

Be there for all the latest news, rumors and smack of ew24-7 this Sunday at Noon EST/5 pm UK!!!

Call in to discuss your fed, hype your wrestler, shoot the breeze, to talk a little smack or just listen!!!

Don't miss a moment of the fun!!!

Go to the home of ew24-7 Radio!

Link: http://http://talkradio.alternacast.net/talkradio/fancast/showguide/sg_tjbio.asp?jockeyid=840

EW-TV's Flat-line airs live!!!!
Posted by Thomas Greene
on July 10 at 1:13 PM

EW-TV, the first every online TV station airs Flat-line, the first animated TV show about Ewrestling! Greg Grahm speaks on the current news and even in segment 2 slams some people and talks about his opinion! Tired of getting your news in black and white? Want your news in motion? Are you so lazy you don't feel like reading anymore news? Well head over to EW-Tv where we do all the hard work for you! EW-TV's Flat-Line is live online right now! Check it out today!

"let the cancer spread"

Link: http://ew-tv.theewe.net

EW-TV to open!?
Posted by Lester Morris
on July 7 at 2:46 PM

Join in on EW-TV's newest show! Greg Grahm hosts E-wrestling's first real full featured show! Packed with gossip and news and headlines from the hottest federations around! See what the topics are! See if there is even a guest that Greg rants about! Hot shows are coming to EW-TV, and Flat-Line is the first of a line listed line up! No other place can entertain like EW-TV! So join Greg Grahm each and every week for a hot new show!
Flat-Line Preview here: Flat-line Preview

Link: http://ew-tv.theewe.net/

ew24-7 Radio to air Noon EST/5 pm UK.
Posted by Bobby the Spamming Monkey
on July 7 at 6:58 AM

That's right folks, ew24-7 Radio will air at Noon EST/5 pm UK only on Fancast!!!

This week's show is being hosted by the usual crew from ew24-7, and topics of discussion will include Primetime Central's massive Golden Turnbuckle tourney, commentary regarding PIW's return card, chatter about the soon-to-be-reopened IOW and, of course, the closure of fWo.

The TJ's will also be taking calls from fans, wrestlers and fed heads who have questions, or would like to hype themselves and or their organizations!


Link: http://talkradio.alternacast.net/talkradio/fancast/showguide/sg_tjbio.asp?jockeyid=840

UWN: FCW Announces July PPV Event
Posted by JD Smith, UWN Reporter
on July 6 at 8:52 PM

A press release from the FCW offices in Lebanon, NJ announced today that Fallout Championship Wrestling will promote Heatwave, it's July pay-per-view event from Madison Square Garden in New York City on Sunday, July 28th.

So far two slots for the show have been announced. The FCW Tag Team Championship will be up for grabs. Currently the Fists Of Fire are the tag champions, but will they hold onto the belts going into Heatwave?

The FCW Championship is on the line in the main event. Current champion Pro-Pain has a defense lined up for Thursday, July 11th. If he wins there, he reserves his spot in the main event at Heatwave defending the prestigious FCW Title.

Link: http://www.unifiedwrestling.net/fcw

Posted by Joe"J-DAWG"Cyprus
on July 5 at 12:46 PM

Joe"J-DAWG"Cyprus from NPWO here.I am a columon writer and backstage interviewer for NPWO. Which is a Japan based wrestling organization for junior heavyweights only. We a accepting new talents and staff right now. If you are intrested please visit our fed.

Joe"J-DAWG"Cyprus: NPWO

Link: http://www.angelfire.com/wrestling3/japanwo/home.html

PWA Opens...
Posted by Travis Kidd -- PWA Reporter
on July 4 at 6:58 PM

The Premiere Wrestling Alliance opened its doors Monday. Three big name wrestlers have joined to this day. Rudd has denied 13 wrestlers so far due to lack of talent. He wants the best of the best. If you think you are one of the best, try us. PWA will be one of the powerhouses in the months to come.

Link: http://pwa.fateback.com/index.txt

IAWF's Weston Wright Regains Consciousness
Posted by Monica Arno, IAWF Reporter
on July 4 at 2:42 PM

"With a heart weighed of concern and worry, I stand before you today." That was how Federation Commissioner, Andrew Jackson, started his address to the press yesterday morning. "Though Weston Wright opened his eyes this morning (Wednesday), just past eight, his trials are long from over."

Weston Wright regained consciousness Wednesday morning, two days after being attacked with a large blunt object on the parking lot of Droops. Droops, owned and operated by Drew Short, is a well known sport's bar just outside of Rockefeller, New York. Wright had stopped in to have a few drinks when he encountered the three men currently in custody at the New York City main police headquarters.

Witnesses claim that the three men ridiculed Wright for hours about his choice in profession causing the upstanding Wright to simply leave. As Wright left Darla Reed, a guest at the bar and witness, stated the three antagonist closely followed.

As reported, Wright was found unconcious some hours later and the three men were arrested after fleeing into New York City. No charges have been brought against the three men; however, substantial evidence in the form of an iron crowbar and six-gauge logging chain were found in the suspects' possession. These were sent for testing as the crowbar was stained with blood and hair was found in the links of the chain.

The commissioner left Wright's side for a mere hour this yesterday morning to address the press and award Wright's would be Vindication opponent, Quinn Masters, a bye into the main event to face Damian for the IAWF Championship of the World. Wright will spend the rest of the week in examinations as doctors fear of a subdural hematoma could form from a present epiphenomena caused by the blow to the back of Wrights head.

Link: http://www.iawfe.com

Posted by Press Release
on July 3 at 8:10 AM


Trailer park girls go 'round the outside, 'round the outside...Guess who's back...back again... Schmiddy's back...tell a friend.

Ladies and gentlemen, children of all ages...back by, well, we'll soon find out about the demand, but nevertheless, after the New Coke-like failure of AAWC2, President Schmid has once again found some gullible investor to bankroll his return to fantasy wrestling.

It's a new era in Fantasy Wrestling, and it's time for the old AAWC to be dead and buried once and for all. That's why President Schmid has begun a brand-new "brilliant" marketing campaign. AAW - C YOU LATER! That's right, folks, the All-Action Wrestling Conference is gone, and only



This time, the league will be run with a bit of a twist, as it will be based on the software of Adam Ryland's Extreme Warfare Revenge PC game.

Check out the AAW forum on FWrestling.com for more information on how you can join ALL-ACTION WRESTLING!

Weston Wright Assaulted
Posted by Elaine Lesniak, Lead Reporter
on July 2 at 5:07 PM

Late last night, while visiting a local New York sport’s bar and grill, IAWF superstar Weston Wright was assaulted on his way to his vehicle by a group of unknown assailants. Wright was found hours later on the parking lot, alone and unconscious, by a city cleaning crew. Wright, then unidentified, was taken by life-flight to Rockefeller University Emergency Medical Center where he was treated for a concussion then later identified by IAWF Commissioner, Andrew Jackson. Jackson, after doing his routine head count, found that Wright had not returned and immediately called the sport’s bar where he heard of the attack.

Jackson wasted no time in getting to the Medical Center to stand by Wright. Doctor Richard J. Zaas explained the major concern of Wright’s condition was provoked by the possible chance Wright may have a subdural hematoma. An acute subdural hematoma results from torn veins bridging the space between the brain and dura (a tough, leather like substance which invests the brain). It is usually associated with a high velocity injury with immediate and severe neurological dysfunction. This is because a blow, which is of sufficient magnitude to “tear” bridging veins, usually of such a magnitude to cause primary brain injury. This concern caused by present epiphenomena which may subsequently evolve into a huge life threatening mass as bleeding from the torn veins continues.

Early this morning the New York Police Department brought three suspects into custody. The three men were said to be harassing the professional wrestler throughout the evening by many guests of the sport’s bar and the owner. None of the three men have actually made a confession or denial. Instead they seem to find it humorous as it’s reported that during questioning the “leader” of the group laughed throughout the entire interrogation. The names of the three men have not been released though the owner says they are unpleasant frequents of his establishment. The owner however did not know their names.

Federation Chairman, Joe Kool, currently residing on Hamilton Island, Australia was telephoned by Jackson, but unreachable. Jackson did get to speak to Kool’s right hand man, Jon Criner (Grenade) who stated Kool had not been seen since the blackout and disappearance of his fiancée and Federation Co-Owner, Krystal Ann Diamonds. Jackson does plan on using his authority to take this matter into court if a confession is made.

“Whoever did this will pay the price.” Jackson warned. “Not because Weston is a professional athlete or because of his fame. Mr. Wright is a person just like the rest of us and justice must be served.” When asked if the Federation was going to back Wright in court Jackson explained, “This is a civil matter. It happened on personal time. I, myself, will be at the hearings as I’m sure the boss (Kool) will. Weston has become a friend to all backstage.” Jackson would not comment anymore than, “Weston will not be at Vindication to participate,” leaving us to wonder what exactly is to happen on Sunday.

Wright was to face Quinn Masters in the blue bracket final of the Championship of the World tournament where the winner would face Damian in the main event for the title. As he remains motionless and unconscious in the Rockefeller University Emergency Medical Center prayers fill the backstage area as well as the question of what is to come this Sunday.

Link: http://iawfe.com

IAWF Vindication RPV Preview
Posted by Elaine Lesniak, Lead Reporter
on July 2 at 3:12 AM

The hallowed coliseum of Madison Square Garden in New York City will play host to the finale of the Championship of the World Tournament! Four titles will be contested in this seven match premier supercard of the InterAction Wrestling Federation. Three Federation championships and the defunct, unsanctioned xTreme championship. A night where the real prize to all involved is to prove themselves, Vindication promises to prove the InterAction Wrestling Federation to be a dominant force in the business.

Rights to Terms Triple Threat
Sharp v. Spider v. 'The Evil Princess' Detiny Willard
For the past three weeks Sharp has become quite the thorn in the side of Spider and Destiny Willard. On June 7 Sharp arrived on the scene during a red bracket match between Spider and Willard costing Spider the match after Willard was awarded the win by Federation Co-owner, Dominik Darrk. This paired Willard against her stablemate, Damian, in the semi-finals of the red bracket. Destiny took a gentle chokeslam and a fixed loss and Sharp exloded onto the scene again. As Sharp and Destiny faught through the backstage area and out onto the parking lot, elsewhere in the building Spider was talking with reporter, Monica Arno. Sharp and Destiny continued fighting bouncing each other off of a Lexus that just happened to be Spider's. Spider attacked, returning the favor and the dents as she bashed both women with a trashcan. It was announced that the match would be a triple threat match just after June 21st's Prime. Dominik Darrk again interviened releasing a statement from his office claiming that the match would be a singles match between Spider and Willard because Sharp was not a contracted talent. He offered a stipulation however, if Sharp accepted, the match would be for the terms of her contract! If she accepts the match and wins, she will name her own terms. If Spider or Willard would happen to win, they will name the terms of her contract. Will Sharp be wrestling at Prime on July 12th or scrubbing toilets? This match will decide that.

Blue Bracket Final
Weston Wright v. 'The Ladies Man' Quinn Masters
The blue bracket final has been decided. Weston Wright moved through the tournament taking victories over Wolfe Larson in the quarter-finals and That Damn Crow in the semi-finals. Wright looks to be the number one seed in the blue bracket with his incredibe work ethic that has garnished a massive fanbase. Nevertheless, his opponent has come to be known for huge upsets. Quinn Masters took a victory over the tournament's initial number one seed, Stormm, to move into the semi-finals where he took an unlikely victory over Prophecy. Masters' impeccable mixture of high impact power and aerial manuevers makes his arsenal one to envy. His ability to reverse even the best of moves, such as Stormm's Force of Nature finisher, only adds to what Wright needs to prepare for. The match will be contested under normal rues with a thirty-minute time limit. The winner will move into the tournament final and Vindication's main event to face Damian for the IAWF Championship of the World.

Contract for Contract Match
SCE's Thug roC v. IAWF's Stormm
Federation Chairman, Joe Kool, appointed Stormm as the IAWF's point man at the Press Conference on May 31st. Stormm was to watch over the new Chief Officer of Operations, Kool's fiancee, Krystal Ann. Diamonds, while Kool traveled the world making bookings for the Federation. Stormm also won a preliminary match to be the IAWF Championship of the World tournament's sixteenth entrant. That is where his winning stopped as he was eliminated in the very first round taking the leverage away from Krystal and seemingly handing it to Darrk as he had two of his followers still in the tournament.
Kool purchased Australia based Squared Circle Entertainment(SCE) in mid-June in an effort to refurbish the promotion under his control. With the purchase he acquired thirty-two contracted talents. One of which being former $oldout Wrestling Cruiserweight and National Champion, Thug roC. Kool, angry at Stormm for breaking what was considered a promise, sent roC to June 21st's Prime to challenge Stormm at Vindication. If Stormm wins, all remains the same. If roC wins, roC will be rewarded Stormm's IAWF contract and Stormm will take roC's SCE contract where Kool has full creative control.

Unsanctioned IAWF xTreme Championship
'The California Nightmare' Jason Willard v. Champion sickbeef
sickbeef burst back into IAWF limelight at June 7th's Prime after walloping Damian across the head with the xTreme title and saving 'The Machine' Chris Gil from Nightmare 2 Society annihilation. The following week on Prime sickbeef and Gil set to team against N2S' Damian and Jason Willard. Willard failed to show up and N2S manager, American Nightmare, stepped into Willard's spot. sickbeef took a victory for his team then challenged that Willard was too afraid to show and face him. On June 21st Wllard did show up and accepted sickbeef's Vindication challenge for the unsanctioned xTreme championship that sickbeef carries. The match is no-holds barred, no count out or disqualifications. Someone is going to the hospital and the barbed wire wrapped strap is on the line.

IAWF Tag Team Championship
'Grandmaster' Glyn Speight and 'Insane' Marcuse Cain v. Ian English and JMan, The Brit Pack
Special Guest Referee Austin MacGregher
The most heated feud in the Federation comes to head as the two legends, Glyn Speight and Marcus Cain, are challenged by the Brit Pack, Ian English and JMan. When either of these four men have been in the ring it seems the others followed and a brawl insued. English and JMan attacked both Cain and Speight during a match at the May 31st Press Conference igniting the feud. The next week JMan eliminated Speight from the red bracket of the tournament and the four found themselves brawling once again after the match. June 14th's Prime the Brit Pack attacked again, injuring Cain with a hospitalizing brainbuster drop. Cain was still able to make his semi-final match against JMan where the two fought to the time limit and yet another brawl insued. The match was signed by Federation Commissioner, Andrew Jackson, who had a face to face run in with SCE's Austin MacGregher who, for some unknown reason, demanded that he be named the special referee for the match. Promising to keep the four in line even if it meant involving himself physically.

IAWF Television Championship/#1 Contender Match
Stormangel v. The Machine Chris Gil
The man that Dominik Darrk brought in and then turned his back on in the span of a week, Chris Gil, has headlined each and every Prime card against some heavy competition. On June 7th he lost a preliminary match to Stormm, but took a victory the next week teaming with sickbeef against Nightmare 2 Society members, Damian and American Nightmare. Gil then challenged 'Grandmaster' Glyn Speight to a match in which he lost on June 21st. While in the same ten minutes of challenging Speight, what was supposed to be a hand in advice from the Last Action Hero, Stormangel, turned into yet another challenge from Gil. Stormangel who has major issues with N2S after June 21st will have to keep an eye on the entrance watching for any member who might feel the need to spoil his chances. Chances at the Television title as wel as being named the number one contender to the IAWF Championship of the World at Prime on July 12th. The Television title rules will come into effect after the initial fall, so long as a camera is feeding live Prime or RPV action, the title is on the line. The initial fall will also name the number one contender.

IAWF Championship of the World
To Be Decided v. Damian
Nightmare 2 Society's monster of a man, Damian, gets a buy into the main event after the match between 'Insane' Marcus Cain and JMan ended a time limit draw. Damian did take some victories over Stormangel in the quarter-finals and a fixed semi-final win over stablemate, 'The Evil Princess' Destiny Willard. The biggest man on the roster will wait for a match worn Weston Wright or 'The Ladies Man' Quinn Masters to vie for the most coveted prize n the business, the IAWF Championship of the World.

Link: http://www.iawfe.com

the CORE looking for superstars
Posted by the CORE News
on July 2 at 1:02 AM

According to the CORE officials, the CORE has reached it's deadline to have enough superstars in order to begin the ESPN network. Fortunately, ESPN has seen the potential in this young corporation and has arrange the company a little more time in order to gain five more superstars to have it's first show. Officials from the CORE still say they plan to have the Global Title Battle Royal on the first Triple Threat.

Link: http://core.ewmania.com

SCW: A Supreme Challenge
Posted by SCW Slave
on June 24 at 10:19 PM

In a press conference held earlier today at SCW HQ, Atlanta, Georgia, an SCW spokesperson announced that Supreme Championship Wrestling has opened its doors for wrestling talents everywhere.

"Yes, that's right. After months of planning and paperwork, Supreme Championship Wrestling has finally open its doors to the public," the spokesperson said.

The nerdy-looking spokesperson then continued about SCW's various sponsors while digging his nose. Of course, everybody there was disgusted.

So, a brand new e-fed has just been born and they are accepting applications! Hurry and sign up with them! This has been SCW's Slave Reporter reporting for SCW.

Link: http://www.geocities.com/scw_supreme">http://www.geocities.com/scw_supreme

NFW FUTURESHOCK: Fight for the Future
Posted by Ric Mitchell
on June 22 at 4:38 PM

The second New Frontier Wrestling PPV, entitled FUTURESHOCK! - Fight for the Future is almost upon us, and if you haven't checked out the burdgeoning Boston Area promotion, then you're missing some of the hottest independant wrestling in the States.

So far announced, in the main event, NFW World Champion SHANE SOUTHERN will defend the title against the disgruntled conspiracist, Co-leader of the Anti-Terror Coalition, BLOODHUNT, in what has to be one of the most anticipated match-ups of NFW's history!

Can the blue-collar champion, the man of the people, retain his title against the paranoid, bitter, pissed-off ex-champion? What about the wildcard 'Manager Extraordinaire' ARMANDO MONTEZUMA? Keep your eyes open in the weeks to come, as the tension, and paranoia builds!


Link: http://www.fwrestling.com">http://www.fwrestling.com

PTW: Projected opening...2 weeks?
Posted by PTW Reporter
on June 21 at 1:27 AM

Projected opening is 2 weeks? Finding it hard to believe probably since it has being quiet on the homefront. Pure Talent Wrestling has being mass hiring behind closed doors. So far the roster has only announced about six current wrestlers but there have being a few others but un-announced for reasons unknown of course. Prepare for an update with the posting of a first card.

-PTW Reporter

Link: http://www.ptw-wrestling.com">http://www.ptw-wrestling.com

PTC Radio to air 11 pm EST Sat.; Noon EST/5 pm UK Sunday
Posted by Spammer
on June 14 at 4:43 AM

PTC Radio, will return to the air, after a week's hiatus, to air at 11 pm EST Saturday and then again Noon EST/5pm UK time on Sunday.

Topics will focus on RP God 3, jOlt's closure, PTC fed and staff signings, the reemergence of FSW and much, much more.

Call in or just listen! Be there!!!

Go to the home of PTC Radio!

Link: http://www.primetimecentral.net">http://www.primetimecentral.net

Posted by David Sipher
on June 11 at 1:19 PM

Slam! Wrestling is now accepting applications. If you are interested in learning what positions are avaible, go check out the developemental site. The main position's we are trying to fill is the single's wrestler division, and also the tag.
For more information, contact AcidXlXlXBurn@aol.com or go to the site.

-David Sipher (President/Owner S!W)

Link: http://www.angelfire.com/ny5/slamwrestling/cs.html">http://www.angelfire.com/ny5/slamwrestling/cs.html

PTW: Applications Announced
Posted by PTW Reporter
on June 11 at 12:27 PM

Pure Talent Wrestling has just announced that application are opening up. The federation has also decided to recruit from the inside and outside as well so spots might fill up quicker than usual. I caught up with Thomas today to talk about the applications and he sounded pretty excited about them.

Thomas Quotes:
"I'm extremely excited about our hiring process, since we are accepting applications and of course we are doing a worldwide search looking for wrestlers. With the federations that are already out these days it will tough trying to find some superstars even interested in a federation these days. But with good time and some hard work it can be done."

Also just to let you know they are accepting both singles and tag teams at the moment. So head on over to PTW to sign a contract and start wrestling in a federation that will not let you down.

Link: http://www.ptw-wrestling.com">http://www.ptw-wrestling.com

UEW: EXTREME 2K2 leaves its mark on UEW
Posted by Steve Williamston-UEW Reporter
on June 11 at 4:37 AM

Well, UEW's big PPV of the year, EXTREME 2K2 has ended with some large turns and quite a bit of blood spilled.

The young rookie, Magnum, pulled a humongous upset over D-T member Proteus to capture his first UEW gold, the North American title.

Locke and Dread were a quarter of an inch away from dethoning Foedus and Doomsday for the Tag Team titles, but interference from James Douglas and The Pac left fans with a DQ ending and a bitter taste in their mouths.

Jared Justice and Acid went to a double countout in the Last Man Standing match, after neither man could answer the 10 count after falling from a 30 foot screen through several tables, which had been doused in lighter fluid by Jared's pyromaniac fiendings earlier in the match. Commissioner Davis has required medical releases before either man can return to action.

The Gimmick Battle Royal was complete nonsense as 25 of the best...and worst gimmicks in UEW history took their rage out on each other. In the end it was the surprise return of Perry Robbin eliminating commentator Phil Goytner for the win.

The returning Wraith pulls a victory over the Unholy Alliance's Dark Angel after hitting him with two Fallen Spirits. From the looks of it, I'd say this is not the end of the animocity between these two monsters.

"The Future" Brett Irvine successfully defended his Intercontinental title after upsetting UEW's "Cult Hero" Cannonball in a ladder match.

The rivalry between UEW's legend, Big Dog Thomas and Commissioner Dan "Destroyer" Davis came to a head when Davis cost BDT his street fight to "The Phenom" Shawn Hart with a chair shot to the face.

The Hidden Belt match, which had several stars searching for the Extreme title, hidden somewhere in the building, ended when my fellow reporter, Spencer Wayne, picked up the belt (dropped during the mayhem), and stepped into the Commissioner's office. Methinks my colleague is going to get a little more than he bargained for out of this one.

UEW's most decorated star, Jay, defeated Lindsay Troy in a Scaffold Match, when he managed to pull himself up after she had fallen. Both competitors took many spills during the match, including a fall from the scaffold during the match.

Mr. Showtime, a longtime tag team player, dethroned Jaliec as UEW Champion. Due to a pre-match stipulation, Jaliec got on his knees and proclaimed that Showtime was indeed better than him.

It was an amazing night, and I, personally, am very much looking forward to UEW Prime on June 18th.

Link: http://www.fwrestling.com/cgi-local/fw/fw.cgi?conf=FWConf18">http://www.fwrestling.com/cgi-local/fw/fw.cgi?conf=FWConf18

eWrestling is about to get CuRsEd!
Posted by Aaron Taylor
on June 9 at 10:09 PM

eWrestling is about to get CuRsEd! Brandon Kelley the former co-owner of Era of Destruction Wrestlin (EdW) has been released from the Hospital and has divorced his wife Nichole. Brandon is in desperate need of staff and wrestlers, but the goal of his new federation(CURSED)is set high and Brandon stop at nothing to reach that goal. With Brandon having a new perspective on life and a new idea for the business could he rock the very foundation of the eWrestling world. Are we ready for CURSED? We will find out soon enough. Check us out and fill out and application to see if you have what it takes.

Link: http://cursed.theewe.net">http://cursed.theewe.net

PTW: Reopening Announced!
Posted by PTW Reporter
on June 9 at 1:41 PM

Ladies and gentlemen today is the big day for PTW members and fans. PTW has decided to reopen it's door under new ownership. Saturday night Kirk Slugger held a private auction with private bidders. There were twenty some odd bids and only one bidder walked away with this project.

Jamie Thomas who is sole owner and CEO of Thomas Enterprise became the new owner and operator of Pure Talent Wrestling. The federation ran for one year before closing due to management problems. We caught up with Thomas and got a small comment from him, but nothing else.

Thomas Quotes:
"I'm happy to be the owner of such an amazing federation...well what was amazing. I intend on bringing things back to the way they used to be. Amazing."

For news as this develops. The ptw-wrestling.com domain is not currently up but should be up within the next couple days.

Source: http://www.ptw-wrestling.com

Link: http://www.ptw-wrestling.com">http://www.ptw-wrestling.com

PTC Radio to air at 11 pm EST Saturday night!!!
Posted by PTC Radio Ad Spammer
on June 8 at 5:46 AM

The Bookerman fills in for a vacationing Duke Williams, to bring you all the latest PTC dirt, discuss the results of Round One in the RP God Tourney and take a look at round two...and much, much more!!

Go to the home of PTC Radio!

Link: http://www.primetimecentral.net">http://www.primetimecentral.net

WSW: Wednesday Night Changes The Face of WSW
Posted by WSW Offices
on June 6 at 2:10 PM

Last night in Reno, Nevada, WSW Wednesday Night took the airwaves with seven exciting matches, including a battle for the WSW Championship between "Superstar" Sean Southward and Krim'nal. But the betrayal of two of Sean Southward's closest friends cost Southward the match... but did they cost him the title as well? Head over to the official WSW webiste to get more details on a title change and the aftermath of Wednesday Night!

Link: http://wswfed.com/">http://wswfed.com/

UCW Challenge to Role-Players
Posted by Glasses
on June 2 at 8:27 PM

[The screen turns to wild static, then focuses in slowly to black. The scene fades in from darkness to with a large man in a blazer and jeans sitting behind a desk in a uniquely styled office. His hair is black, long, and curly, hanging behind him and under a black baseball hat with the letters “UCW” written in a bold blue letters. He looks straight ahead to his viewers before him. He smiles.....]

Man: So.........you call yourself a “Role-Player”...........well, how about that? A nice escape from the routine and almost pathetic drear of life, wouldn’t you say? A chance to live like only your imagination will let you.....a chance to be what you’ve always wanted to be.......a chance to dream....for real.......alongside people just like you, only, well, different. Well, I congratulate all of you.

[The man stands from his desk while taking off his cap. He brings his free hand to his brow and salutes his audience.]

Man: Without you, there would hardly be a place for imagination to run wild and free........without the hassles and disappointments of taking the long, arduous way of making it in the “real world”, if that’s even possible for your mind’s eye........

[He slowly puts the hat back on and leans over the desk towards the audience.]

Man: But, what I’m here to do today is not to commend you on your abilities, oh no........What I’m here today to do........is challenge you...........

[The man leans back up with a smile growing on his face.]

Man: You call yourself a Role-Player? Heh, I challenge you to prove it - in the ring.......

[The man chuckles as he sits back down.]

Man: Yes, Ladies and Gentlemen, I am a representative with UCW - Universal Championship Wrestling, and I right here - right now challenge you to step into our ring, and stake your claim as Champion. Now, you are probably asking yourself, ‘what exactly the hell am I talking about?’ Well, its simple. We are a Wrestling Federation. Yes, that thing you see on TV with the people fighting inside a wrestling ring, talking trash to each other, taking steel chairs to each other’s head, yeah, that’s what we are. You have a fascination, a desire with Role-Playing, and we are but a new means of perpetuating that desire. We want you - yes, you - to do just three things........

1.) Create yourself the ultimate gladiator. A single individual, man or woman, to enter into our world. This gladiator, or Superstar as we like to call them, will be your vessel into the wrestling business. You can craft this Superstar to your own abilities and fascinations just as you see fit. From the Music that hits when your Superstar enters our arenas to the final finishing maneuver that puts the exclamation point on your victory, this is for you to decide.

2.) Find a real-world personality to represent your Superstar. From actual Wrestlers, to Movie Stars, to your favorite musicians, any and everyone is acceptable. This is how your enemies and allies will see you in their mind’s eye while reading exactly what it is your going to be trying to say.

3.) Join us. Fill out the application located at our website: http://www.ucw.fwrestling.com/ucw/index.shtml and join the ranks of Wrestling’s freshest form, and Role-Playing’s latest haven.

[The Man pauses.]

Man: Now, you may still be a little foggy as to what it is I’m trying to throw your way. Well, let me explain it further to you......

[Man sits up in his chair, elbows on his desk in front of him and looking at his audience.]

Man: UCW is a company whose “product” is a Wrestling program. Each week, we will put on our weekly program, Havoc, which boasts all of our Superstars at their finest, competing against each other in hopes of climbing the ladder, claiming the UCW Heavyweight Championship, and being the best at what we do. All of these Superstar’s are given their matches prior to the show’s “air” date. Then, they will Role-Play against their opponent on our boards until the deadline for the show. After the deadline, the President of UCW will go through and choose a winner based on how well your RP’d against your opponent. On the “air” date, the show will be posted, and your match, as well as everyone elses, will be there for the viewing. Of course, just because you have on simple match doesn’t mean its all one way or the other. Sometimes........

[Man stops and ponders for a moment.]

Man: Yes, SOMETIMES, somebody may feel the need to, well, run down and cost you the match. Maybe they didn’t like the way you said something. Maybe you rubbed them the wrong way prior to the show. Or, maybe the just don’t like you. In either case, your mission is clear, and your target sighted. Time to start Role-Playing for the next weeks match.......then, and only then can you climb the road to success, and who knows, maybe you could be the one headlining one of our monthly Pay-Per-Vue events......

[The Man smiles as he leans back.]

Man: So, Role-Player, what’s it going to be? Are you Game enough for our challenge? Because I already know of a list of people just itching at the chance to prove you unworthy.....and make themselves Champion.....

Shawn Dee - Our current UCW Heavyweight Champion. He’s got the gold and carries it well. He’s the top dog. Everyone is sighted at taking that gold from him and he’s ready to Innovate the reason why he is the Man, and why he is our own Sensational Champion.

Damien Black - Did you ever think that darkness would sound this cold and calculated? A lost soul Hell-bent on destroying not only your body, but your mind as well. Already a capable opponent, he lives in the shadows, making all feel his pain. How much pain he releases, however, is at your own risk.

Kathryn Edict - The greatest phenomenon in wrestling today just so happens to be a Woman. Kathryn Edict, the Dragon Princess, hails from the streets of South Kyoto, Japan and fights equally in the ring with her all male opponents. You think such a lovely face wouldn’t be able to wipe that smirk off your face with her spiked boot? Good. She currently stands in UCW as the only Superstar to be undefeated in the ring.

CaRNiVaL - He’s demented. He’s insane. He’s unpredictable. His best friend is a dog. He’s a clown. His dog where’s a big red clown nose. Can you stand in the ring with a man as sick as CaRNiVaL? Would you even want to?

Exile - The unpredictable Exile. Executioner in the ring, weaving his own brand of darkness in UCW, then ordering pizza and demanding for George Lucas to redo his entrance. Our own King of Hardcore, crowned and defending his title 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It’s not an easy life. It’s not an easy existence. It’s just - Exile.

Klaus - A veteran in the sport. Klaus Von Knorre by birth, Klaus has been the in the ring with the best, and become the best. A champion in Federations past and present, Klaus stands as a German General of the ring, and one who knows how to get the job done. Just be careful, he likes to have fun with his opponents before putting them to rest.

Bryan Bryn Bryson - The White Knight himself. Bryan Bryn Bryson has it all seemingly. He has fortune. He has fame. He has a large following, as well as a night club he runs on the side. However, his own goal in paving the way for more significant family glory has brought him to the world of UCW, where he is steadily climbing his way to the UCW Heavyweight Title. Can you take down The White Knight, or will your hopes and dreams end too - at Knight Fall?

And that’s only a handful. We’re talking with people as I talk to you now. New rookies like The Answer, Troy Marks, and Nemesis have already begun their journey. Have you what it takes to beat them?.......Find out for yourself. Our next show is Tuesday, June 4th. Feel free to take a tour of our place. See what we have to offer. See what kind of competition I’m talking about.........

-Universal Championship Wrestling: http://www.ucw.fwrestling.com/ucw/index.shtml-

Man: That is my challenge. That is my word. Perhaps I’ll see you soon.......

[The man smiles as he lays back in his chair, putting his feet back on the desk.]

Man: ....in the ring.

[Scene Ends.]

Link: http://www.ucw.fwrestling.com/ucw/index.shtml">http://www.ucw.fwrestling.com/ucw/index.shtml

UWN Announces ACW Opening
Posted by JD Smith, UWN Reporter
on June 2 at 2:04 AM

The Unified Wrestling Network has officially announced the opening of its third full-fledged member promotion and its fourth overall. Anarchy Championship Wrestling will open Monday, June 17th, with the first of its weekly shows, Uprising.

Xavier Shaw will head up the ACW as its President and CEO. The league has not yet announced who will be the promotion's commissioner.

The ACW will be recognized as a full member under the UWN banner, given equal consideration and membership as Colossal Wrestling United (CWU) and Fallout Championship Wrestling (FCW). The National Wrestling Enterprise (nWe) is the fourth UWN league and is given minor league status.

Soon after the ACW opens its doors this month, it will join the CWU and FCW in organizing an event to crown UWN-wide champions sometime this summer.

Link: http://www.unifiedwrestling.net">http://www.unifiedwrestling.net

WSW: Superstars Brings Reactions From Retribution
Posted by WSW Offices
on June 1 at 9:44 PM

Western States Wrestling Superstars took the air with three exciting matches and a ton of reaction from the big pay per view event, Retribution! All of the debutees had success as Matt Jethro beat Thunder, Matt Cossack beat Ted Benet, and the New Age Outsiders got past the New Generation. Check it out at wswfed.com today!

Link: http://wswfed.com/">http://wswfed.com/

OSW Auditions Tag Teams for its "Team of Extreme" Competition
Posted by Shanda Russell
on May 30 at 2:07 PM

OSW officials have announced that the promotion's "Most Extreme Team" Competition has formally opened auditions for tag teams working on the independent circuit.

"We had a couple of teams in today for a look, but expect to audition somewhere in the 50-75 team range before deciding who the competitors will be," said OSW spokesperson, Shanda Russell. "We anticipate very high interest in the MET competition from both fans and indy workers alike."

Russell said the competition will be 6-8 weeks long, but refused to disclose the number of finalists that will be chosen from those who audition. Auditions end on June 15th.

The contestants for the MET competition will be announced at OSW Ascension on June 23rd, while the competition will officially begin on June 29th on Slam!

Interested tag teams can send their tapes to OSW officials and schedule an official audition by clicking HERE.

We of course will monitor the living hell out of this story and continue to bring you updates in the days to come.
Ron Meischker is the owner of such promotions as Primetime Championship Wrestling, Old School Wrestling, New True International Championship Wrestling, Primetime Wrestling Academy and Primetime Central.

Link: http://osw.primetimewrestling.net">http://osw.primetimewrestling.net

PWF Returns...
Posted by PWF News
on May 30 at 12:55 PM

After 5 months Primetime Wrestling has returned to the masses...Now located in New Orleans, Louisiana we are back and better then ever. Boasting a brand new and every growing women's division, we have come to be known as an equal opportunity federation...Check it out for yourself and see why Primetime Wrestling is the first and last stop for legends...

Link: http://pwfpro.fateback.com">http://pwfpro.fateback.com

Join nWo vs. IWF The Next Best Thing!!
Posted by Big D
on May 29 at 12:14 PM

Come And join to nWo vs. IWF The biggest FEUD EVER!!!
I'm Big D The prez Of the nWo gonna prove all the ewrestling that nWo are best and strong "AGAIN"
But Giznap The prez of IWF Gonna think that he gonna lead Iwf To The TOP
But he is wrong again,i gonna lead the nWo to the top!!

So come and join or nWo or IWF!!
Come And Join Now thanks!!

Big D The Prez Of The nWo!!!

Link: http://pub65.ezboard.com/bnwovsiwf">http://pub65.ezboard.com/bnwovsiwf

IPW - new fed, bring simplicity back to the game
Posted by Spug Winters
on May 28 at 6:40 PM

A new federation has opened called International Pro Wrestling, it's a simple site with a simple goal: having fun in e-wrestling. Just give it a look.

Link: http://www.geocities.com/iprowrestling">http://www.geocities.com/iprowrestling

WSW: Retribution Has Been Wrought
Posted by WSW Offices
on May 27 at 6:24 PM

It was a big night, May 26 from the Staples Center in Los Angeles, California. The crowd was packed to see 7 title matches, including the retirement of two WSW championships! If you want the whole scoop on Retribution and upcoming WSW events, visit the WSW Home Page.

Sean Southward d. Krusader
Krimnal d. Donovan Astros
Mr. Ed d. Steve Southward
Nova Johnson d. Dylan Quint, Mr. Chumleywarner, Kano, and Karnage
New Midnight Express d. New Generation
Masahiro Tabaka nc Kid Dynamic
Knuckles d. Rukus The Luv Train
Dean King d. Diablo
The Pharoah nc Pirahna

Link: http://wswfed.com">http://wswfed.com

IAWF™ - Speight vs. Cain at Press Conference?
Posted by Elaine Lesniak , Lead Reporter
on May 25 at 2:02 PM

Just one week prior the Return Press Conference, InterAction Wrestling Federation™ officials spent several hours considering a challenge to former three-time Federation Champion, ‘Grandmaster’ Glyn Speight, from the injured two-time former champion, ‘Insane’ Marcus Cain.

Cain suffered a stinger two weeks ago during a match for an independent promotion, but still found the time to meet with Federation Owner, Joe Kool, to negotiate a contract with the returning promotion. He made the challenge two days later, on Thursday, after returning to his upper-state California home. Speight was challenged to a match and official of his choosing. Cain further stated he would go as far as to purchase and setup the ring in front of 2-Kool Towers if Speight accepted the challenge.

Speight has been out of the media’s eye the past few weeks; however, he has been anything but silent. Speight refused the first round of negotiations from the Federation executives, arguing that other English superstars in IAWF™ negotiations were receiving better offers to return. After Cain’s challenge, Speight met one on one with Kool Friday morning and offered his terms. Looking to obtain the most lucrative deal possible, Speight demanded his own personal skybox and transportation for all Federation events and $500,000 paid quarterly. After receiving approval on this deal Speight flew back to his luxurious UK home where he released a legal statement accepting Cain’s challenge.

The match will be signed for Friday May 31, the day of the Return Press Conference. Speight’s stipulations were to a normal match with normal rules and no matter the outcome, the two shake hands afterward. To assure this match would be called fair for both parties Speight has requested that Kool be the official.

Kool is set to make a special announcement about his future with the company and was so busy negotiating contracts we couldn’t get a word. However, we were able to get the comments of Federation Commissioner, Andrew Jackson. “A match of this magnitude could be all that the Federation needs to return on the right foot. Two multiple time former champions who have a very scared past. The title has passed between them on multiple occasions as well.”

No word exactly as to where the match is to take place, neither IAWF™ Headquarters nor 2-Kool Towers are designed to be venues. There has been mention of the street just in front of the buildings in downtown Corpus Christi as well as the USS Lexington which will port in from the Gulf of Mexico for the weekend. Details should be released by Monday.

This match between two of the most recognized IAWF™ superstars on top of the announcement of the other contracted roster members, booking of the very first Friday Night Prime event and Joe Kool’s career decision announcement promises to draw a huge audience for The New TNN. Be sure to tune in on Friday, May 31.

Link: http://iawfe.hypermart.net">http://iawfe.hypermart.net

The Killer Is Back!
Posted by The Killer
on May 25 at 11:55 AM

Please welcome the Killa back to GCW. I will be a columnists as long as I can. But for now, Brad and I have been talking about something big. No real information can be released as of yet. As far as what's going on, I will get back to that next column.

IAWF: Glyn Speight releases statement
Posted by IAWF Reporter
on May 25 at 10:59 AM

Today Glyn Speights Lawyer held a press conference outside Glyn Speight's £2 million mansion. Thousands of wrestling columnists, newspaper reporters and above all wrestling fans turned up to hear what could be the deciding factor between the IAWF being popular or unsuccessful.

The lawyer stood on a platform with seven microphones in front of him and talked about the status of Glyn Speight. He was surrounded by cameras and the whole place went silent whilst he spoke.

"Before I read this out people should know that Glyn wrote this down for me to read. Right now Glyn is keeping out of the media's eye and this is the reason he gave me this to read out."

The lawyer paused.... then continued

"I Glyn Speight has called this press conference for one reason and one reason only, and that is to talk to you about the status between Glyn Speight, the IAWF and his wrestling career. Glyn Speight right now is a free agent in the world of professional wrestling. On the morning of Wednesday 22nd May Glyn Speight indeed held negotiations with Vicki Samons. I did indeed start the negotiations by demanding $500,000 per quarter, my own personal skybox in every arena used by the IAWF. I ask for a high price because my body has taken so much pain in the last 5 years of wrestling. It took me less than a year to get to the top and stay there until now. I promise you, if the negotiations go though, the IAWF will be the last federation you will see Glyn Speight in."

The press started gasping. The lawyer continued

"The IAWF was born with Glyn Speight, the IAWf grew with Glyn Speight, and you people here today, know that Glyn Speight was the IAWF and the IAWF was Glyn Speight. I am a multiple time IAWF Champion, former Tag Team Champion, and former InterMediate Chmapion. I have done it all. The big question is, why is Glyn Speight thinking of rejoining the IAWF? If he has done it all why is he wanting back? There is one thing Glyn Speight wants to do, and that is be there for the people. Marcus Cain challenged Glyn Speight to a match. He'll do anything it takes. Well Glyn Speight has decided to give the wrestling fans what they want and fight Marcus Cane in what will be the greatest match in IAWF history. Friday 7th June, Columbus, Ohio. Glyn Speight will take on Marcus Cain. I want this event on IAWF television, on the first IAWF show. The rules? The Stipulation will be a "Shake your hand match"."

The press looked confused

"Basically the match is normal rules, DQ's, Countouts, pinfalls and submissions. The catch.... that after the match you shake my hand and celebrate the greatest match in IAWF history. The referee? Well the referee I would like is the man himself.... Joe Kool. Make the old man be apart of the IAWF's greatest event. Marcus Cain, no screwjobs, no cheating, a full on match. A Clean Match. Make it the greatest"

The lawler went walked back towards Glyn Speight's house. The press were talking, the camera's flashing, and then a view from Glyn Speight's window.... Glyn Speight stood there smiling

Link: http://iawfe.hypermart.net/">http://iawfe.hypermart.net/

Posted by Jimmy McShimmy
on May 25 at 3:00 AM

"Hello everybody I am Jimmy McShimmy and I have some breaking news. First Off former GWA Heavyweight Champion, Green Goblin, has suffered a severe neck injury and will be out of action fr atleast 3 months. Next is the Equalizer's are slowly taking over the GWA, and the GWA needs new talent to help fight off this devastating plague of evil. All stars read the GWA needs help to get rid of this plague, also the World Championship needs a new holder. Lizard King, who is the current champion, is a member of the EQ's and we need to get the gold way from him. If you think you can help please try. We are in desperate need."

Link: http://gwawrestling.2ya.com">http://gwawrestling.2ya.com

Surge Wrestling apps open!
Posted by Zach Janssen
on May 21 at 10:10 PM

Today, Surge Wrestling opens its door looking for some great talent. If you are looking for more information Check them out here, you won't be disappointed:
Surge Wrestling.

Link: http://nappwnet.hypermart.net">http://nappwnet.hypermart.net

WSW: Retribution Is Upon Us
Posted by WSW Offices
on May 21 at 7:44 PM

WSW is pleased to announce that it's pay-per-view extravaganza "RETRIBUTION" will be broadcast live this Sunday direct from the Staples Center in Los Angeles, CA. As the final event under the World Street Wrestling banner and the first major event under the Western States Wrestling banner, "RETRIBUTION" is sure to be one of the most exciting events in WSW history! An exciting nine-card event headlined by "Superstar" Sean Southward vs. Krusader for the WSW Championship will be brought to you live on www.wswfed.com!

Link: http://wswfed.com/">http://wswfed.com/

IAWF™ Returns with TNN
Posted by Elaine Lesniak, Lead Reporter
on May 21 at 1:50 AM

Two months after the InterAction Wrestling Federation™ network
corruption at FX, Joe Kool brings his brand of sports entertainment back to the
helm of the business. With his human resources department working tediously to
review incoming applications, he has signed a lucrative deal with The New TNN
for network production. TNN will broadcast the live Friday Night Prime events
starting June 7, 2002. However, the week before, on June 1, TNN has also agreed
to a one hour time slot where the Return Press Conference will be held to
introduce the new roster and announce the first Prime booking.

It is also rumored that Joe Kool will have a special announcement regarding his
future with his company. Self-proclaimed Federation Know-It All, Paul Pry, had
this to say on the subject, "The man is too old and too tired, I don't see him
returning this round." Pry went on to say, "In my personal opinion, he should've
given up years ago, off the record of course." Neither Joe Kool or Federation
Spokesman, Don Quewl, were available to comment.

Link: http://iawfe.hypermart.net">http://iawfe.hypermart.net

UWN: 2 PPVs Sunday, ACW to Reopen
Posted by JD Smith, UWN Reporter
on May 18 at 1:33 AM

Hello all, JD Smith here with a quick UWN update.

Colossal Wrestling United will be promoting its Gold Rush pay-per-view this Sunday, May 19th, from the Superdome in New Orleans, Louisiana. Lance Steel challenges Armageddon for the CWU Title in the main event. The show will also feature two other championship matches, and Jimmy Renegade will be involved in both of them. First, he teams with Justin Justman to defend the CWU Team Titles against Total Destruction. Later on, Renegade puts up his Blue Collar Championship in a three-way bout against Dr. Ice and Bishop Steel. Gold Rush had originally been planned for May 12th but was pushed back one week because of a death in CWU President's family.

Meanwhile Fallout Championship Wrestling presents Aftershock, also this Sunday the 19th. Pro-Pain looks for his third league title as he challenges Malevolent Matthew Lyth for the FCW Title in the main event. Ken Shiro defends the Extreme Title versus McKinley, Truestar puts up his Cruiserweight Title against Dragonheart Devon Janero, Max Idol faces Charon for the North American Championship, and the Intercontinental Title is up for grabs as Chapel defends against Brian Clothier.

As if those two pay-per-views weren't enough, the UWN also announced this past Wednesday that it intends to reopen Anarchy Championship Wrestling in the near future. Xavier Shaw heads up the presidential duties for the ACW, which is searching the globe for new talent to bring to its ranks.

Link: http://www.unifiedwrestling.net">http://www.unifiedwrestling.net

Posted by Slick Rick Buggles
on May 17 at 4:08 AM

Slick Rick Buggles here for WCJW news. The WCJW will be having their first EVER PPV called THE GATHERING. There will be two title matches, a gimmick match and the first WCJW career ender match between 2 big rivals,ENIGMA and Contract. Will it ever end? Most likely not.
This is Slick Rick Buggles for WCJW news...

Link: http://wcjw-ceo.envy.nu/WCJW.htm">http://wcjw-ceo.envy.nu/WCJW.htm

Twilight Wrestling Org. Reinvents Ewrestling
Posted by The Future of ewrestling
on May 14 at 12:18 AM

There isn't enough room to list all the new features available to you in this new wrestling simulation league. No longer are you only able to control the inring happenings of your wrestler, you now get to control every aspect of his/her career. Injuries, money, training and retirement are just a few of the options available to you. Two federations will compete for the right to be number one in the world and you could be the deciding factor. The site is due to be start in the middle of June, get there now and place your application....roster spots are filling up quickly!

Link: http://members.tripod.com/~scfw0">http://members.tripod.com/~scfw0

Elizabeth O'Leary purchases tWo
Posted by Cokie Hale
on May 12 at 11:56 AM

Late last night in the unthinkable happened, Elizabeth O'Leary was awarded control of her husbands wrestling promotion. Although all the details haven't been given, it is believed that this was the major sticking point in the ongoing divorce case. Within mere moments of the decision by a local circuit court judge, Elizabeth renamed the federation to tWo (formely the DSW) and revamped the entire website. Seeing as how the first PPV since the hiatus is scheduled on May 20, 2002, we can expect some major bombshells to be dropped at the event.

Link: http://members.tripod.com/~scfw0">http://members.tripod.com/~scfw0

Primetime Central Radio Airs Sunday
Posted by PTC Worker Monkey #1
on May 12 at 4:31 AM

PTC Radio will air today at Noon EST/5 pm UK only on Fancast.com.

All ewrestling related topics are welcome. Feel free to call in and join the #1 rate ewrestling related show on Fancast today, PTC Radio!

PTC Radio!

Link: http://www.primetimecentral.net">http://www.primetimecentral.net

EWF Unveils Plans for New Event
Posted by Johnny Dangerous
on May 11 at 9:35 PM

NEW YORK CITY, NY., May 10, 2002 - Building upon the over riding success of EWF
Isolation™, Empire Wrestling Federation™ officials unveiled its
newest plan for it's first global extravaganza. Officials from one of the newest
companies in the world of e-wrestling made public today, it's plans to hold it's
first ever Wrestle Gaze® , entitled Wrestle Gaze I ®.

"This new event will not be held till the end of the year but planning for the
big event will begin in the next few weeks", said Jon Scott CEO of EWF™.
It was announced that the event will take place in mid-late December of 2002 and
would be the first ever EWF™ event to be broadcasted around the world.

Up to this point EWF™ programming such as Breakdown® have only been
broadcasted throughout the United States and Canada. "Our first pay-per-view
event, Isolation® was only broadcasted in North America and by the end of 2002,
we hope to have our product available to people across Europe and Asia" said Jon

"The National Football League has the Super Bowl®, the National Hockey League
has the Stanley Cup Finals®, Major League Baseball has the World Series® and now
the Empire Wrestling Federation™ has Wrestle Gaze®" said another EWF

The company has also unveiled plans for its first ever television special:

EWF Clash of the Titans™ (set to air Saturday, June 22, 8:00 p.m. - 9:30
p.m. ET on TBS) is going to be the first ever television special held by the
EWF™. Under the current contract between the EWF™ and AOL Time
Warner (which was completed in February 2002) TBS will host EWF Breakdown™
for one year and will also host up to two television specials. This is going to
be the first one in the deal. "We plan on having an event which will see all of
our titles on the line plus more matches to settle and/or begin any feuds" said
an EWF official.

"With the lack of house shows (non televised live events) during the current EWF
Summer Frenzy Tour™, we will try and give our fans an extra dose of what
they usually can expect on our weekly television shows plus pay-per-views" said
Jon Scott. The EWF™ already has it's second live pay-per-view event
scheduled for Saturday, July 6 in Tampa, Florida at the Ice Palace.

EWF™ public relations staff had notified advertisers that there will be no
theme named tour after the current EWF Summer Frenzy Tour™ which will end
in early July. "This will be our last actual theme named tour, but we will still
have tours just not anything such as the EWF Mind Boggling Tour™ such as
before. Our unofficial tour will be titled EWF Live™. We plan on finishing
out the year with a bang" said Jon Scott.

Empire Wrestling Federation™ is an integrated media and entertainment
company headquartered in New York City, NY., with offices in Orlando, and
Chicago. Additional information on the company can be found at empirewf.cjb.net.

# # #

Forward-Looking Statements: This news release contains forward-looking
statements that are subject to various risks and uncertainties. These risks and
uncertainties include the conditions of the markets for live events, broadcast
television, cable television, pay-per-view, Internet, food and beverage,
entertainment, professional sports, and licensed merchandise; acceptance of the
Company's brands, media and merchandise within those markets; the outcome of
certain litigation, and other risks and factors identified in the Company's
documents filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission. Actual results
could differ materially from those currently anticipated.

Link: http://www.empirewf.cjb.net">http://www.empirewf.cjb.net

WCJW: Reworking Site To Be More "Wrestler" Friendly
Posted by Nytemair
on May 8 at 1:34 AM

As of late lastnight...(\)yte(V)air...the CEO and Prez of the WCJW will be reconstructing the WCJW to be more "Wrestler"friendly. AS we speak now, he is busily working on the site...more details to come

-"Slick" Rick Buggles

Link: http://wcjw-ceo.envy.nu/WCJW.htm">http://wcjw-ceo.envy.nu/WCJW.htm

Anarchy Wrestling kicks off...
Posted by Jimmy Quinn
on May 5 at 10:11 PM

Anarchy Wrestling kicked off tonight live from the Melon Arena in Pittsburgh. With a crowd of 15,000 plus the AW wrestlers performed at top level.

Check out the full results only at AnarchyWrestling.com

Also be sure to check out the other important information such as next weeks Wrath Preview, the completed AW "About", the Interview Center spotlighting the AW's talents, and for all you talented studs out there looking for a job... maybe even the application!

Link: http://www.anarchywrestling.com

CWU: Armageddon Nabs 5th Title
Posted by JD Smith, CWU Reporter
on May 5 at 2:00 AM

Huge news comes out of tonight's presentation of Madness by Colossal Wrestling Unlimited. Total Destruction dropped the CWU Team Titles to the tandem of Justin Justman and Jimmy Renegade, and in the night's biggest news, Armageddon won his second CWU Championship and fifth league title overall by pinning Mean Mr. Fists.

"It's really fantastic," Armageddon said late Saturday night from his hotel in Atlanta, Georgia. "It's been just over a year since I won my first league title, and here I am now having just won my fifth. It's incredible. I'm still numb."

The win came just over a month after Mean Mr. Fists ended Armageddon's first reign with the CWU Title. The loss sent Armageddon into a tailspin. At the time, he was also carrying the CWU Steel Cage Championship, but he dropped that title at the next show.

"Losing the top two singles titles in the company was rough," Armageddon explained. "I was at a nadir in terms of confidence. Overconfidence was doing me in, so I refocused and started training harder, and it wasn't long before I got back on track."

Armageddon won the CWU Blue Collar Title twice in April, and is still currently recognized as that title's holder, though he will be forced to vacate that championship at Tuesday's Treachery. Despite having to hand over that title, the champion is still beaming over the belt he's won for the second time.

Next up for Armageddon is #1 contender Lance Steel, who earned his title shot by winning a league-wide tournament at the CWU's April pay-per-view, Conquest Royale. Lance Steel versus Armageddon for the CWU Title will main event the promotion's May 12th pay-per-view, Goldrush, from the Superdome in New Orleans.

Link: http://www.unifiedwrestling.net/cwuwrestling

Who's driving Enigma to the brink?
Posted by Nytemair
on May 4 at 4:39 AM

Lately in the WCJW, there has a mystery person that keeps saying that he was in Enigma's past but Enigma has no idea and he will go through every one until he finds out who that person is

Link: http://wcjw-ceo.envy.nu/WCJW.htm

New WFW Page complete
Posted by Vince
on May 3 at 7:16 PM

Today Crawford Productions gave World Fantasy Wrestling a new look for their homepage. "It was amazing", Prez Strong said. This is the best the WFW has looked since Big T tried to kill the fed in March. WFW, a fed with 18 long months of history, is happy about the new look, and all new members who join now will either get an Hardcore or TV title shot!

Link: http://www.angelfire.com/bc3/wfw/main

Posted by Nytemair
on May 3 at 1:49 AM

The WCJW will hold their first ever 12 man Battle Royal for the WCJW Intercontinental belt. ENIGMA will have an unexspected surprise at Saturday night Strike.

Link: http://wcjw-ceo.envy.nu/WCJW.htm

Posted by Jimmy McShimmy
on May 2 at 4:50 PM

Hello everyone I am back with some site news non the elss its still fresh and its news. Today the GWA launched a new e-mail server from there website this morning. Spokesman Sam Burgesser also noted the GWA is going to start having a weekly/bi-weekly online newsletter. This edition will feature interviews with Fred Gallegos, Skitzo, and Violent J. Rumors have been circulatying that the GWA could start a phase 4 recruiting process. I am Jimmy McShimmy.

Link: http://gwawrestling.2ya.com

Posted by Jimmy McShimmy
on May 1 at 4:48 PM

Hello once again its Jimmy McShimmy with more breaking news in the GWA this Friday on Fear the GWA Television Title will be up for grabs in a main event matchup against Current Hardcore Champion Chris Klein, and former Hardcore Champion and Current Television Champion Stoned Bones. Klein said if he were to win he would forfeit the title to someone who deserves it. GWA officials are preparing for the worst of things and if this happens the newest members added to the roster will compete in a tournament for the title. The winner of the tournament will become the new Television Champion. If Stoned Bones wins the title will remain in his possesion.

Link: http://gwawrestling.2ya.com

GWA Announces May PPV
Posted by Jimmy McShimmy
on April 30 at 6:38 PM

Hell guys and I am back with yet another update from GWA headquarters. After the official word of the split only 2 SWF stars remained and are forming an alliance to overtake the GWA. Today it has been official the May Pay Per View is going to be called World War. Monday May 13 a Tournament will take place and the winner will face the Cruiserweight Champion, Shaggy 2 Dope, on May 17 at Fear. Many GWA stars have taken on bigger roles but the current tag team Champions are demanding challenges from new teams so the GWA is looking for any tag teams or stables or anyone who wants to have a shot to be one of the GWA's greats.

Link: http://gwawrestling.2ya.com

PTC Radio to Air 9pm EST Wed Night!!
Posted by PTC Radio Plugger
on April 30 at 10:41 AM

Primetime Central Radio with Duke Williams will air at 9 pm EST/2 am UK, on the official PTC Radio network, Fancast.com

Duke will be taking calls from fans, guests and wrestlers a like!!!

Want to hype your fed? Talk a little trash?!? Anything goes! Be there and be heard!!!


Posted by Jimmy McShimmy
on April 29 at 7:51 PM

"Just moments ago I left the Official GWA headquarters and I was shocked to hear the news that President Gallegos had to say. About 2 weeks ago the SWF and the GWA joined forces to bring more talent into the GWA, however many SWF wrestlers weren't commited to being in the GWA. GWA spokesman, Sam Burgesser, then added that the GWA is in search of new talent to replace the old SWF superstars such as, some heavyweights to beefen up the Heavyweight Division, some Cruiserweights to add to the roster to energize the crowds, more tag teams to create a threat in the tag team division, and the GWA is also looking for some women athletes to hold a tournament for the first ever GWA Women's Title. The GWA holds 3 weekly shows on Monday, Friday,Sunday, and 1 Pay Per View a month which are usually held on Sundays. If anyone is reading this please look at into the GWA.

Link: http://gwawrestling.2ya.com

FCW: Fed announces May PPV
Posted by JD Smith, FCW Reporter
on April 27 at 5:28 PM

Fallout Championship Wrestling announced its May pay-per-view offering last Wednesday in the Unified News Network's weekly newsletter, The Piledriver.

FCW President RK Anderson revealed that Aftershock, set to take place May 19th from the General Motors Place in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, will feature four championship contests. The FCW North American, Intercontinental, Cruiserweight, and League championship titles will all be on the line.

More matches are set to be announced for the show, possibly as soon as this Monday's Pandemonium. "Toetagger" Tony Eriole, the cornerstone of the Sinister 7, has already issued a challenge to Gunslinger for a Cage Match at Aftershock. It is believed that Gunslinger will direct some comments at Eriole at Pandemonium, but it is unknown as of this time if Gunslinger will accept. Tune in to Pandemonium this Monday to find out!

Link: http://www.unifiedwrestling.net/fcwwrestling

Heat rising in Anarchy!
Posted by Jimmy Quinn
on April 27 at 11:51 AM

Jimmy Quinn here. The tensions are rising in Anarchy Wrestling as the first Wrath card has been announced. One week away live from the Melon Arena in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania!

The main event pits to raging bulls who have been at each others throats for years and will hopefully start AW's wrath off with a bang! The whole roster is at its wits end in anticipation for the big event...

Check out AW Online for more...

Link: http://awonline.hypermart.net

AW: Press Confrence Posted!
Posted by Jimmy Quinn
on April 24 at 4:15 PM

Well, the first unofficial show transcript has been posted on Anarchy Wrestling's website. Chris Goings, AW Owner and business man, held a Press Confrence at AW Headquarters in Pittsburgh this morning. What a hit it was!

AW superstars and staff were preset and everyone had something to say. Many big events were announced and many big rumors were swatted down.

Check out this hot Press Confrence only at AW Online!

- Jimmy Quinn

Link: http://awonline.hypermart.net

Posted by Jimmy Quinn
on April 23 at 3:23 PM

Reliable resources say that the mind and the money behind new and prosperous federation Anarchy Wrestling, Chris Goings,is planning a Press Confrence concerning the state of the AW.

The Press Confrence will be held on Wednesday and will be aired on Anarchy Wrestlings website at http://awonline.hypermart.net. This Press Confrence will be at AW Headquarters in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and will feature statements from Goings and other AW superstars.

More information is available at Anarchy Wrestling's home on the web.

- Jimmy Quinn

Link: http://awonline.hypermart.net

FCW: IC Tournament Nears End
Posted by JD Smith, FCW Reporter
on April 16 at 7:23 PM

The tournament to crown the next Intercontinental Champion in Fallout Championship Wrestling has reached the semifinals!

The second round matches were completed Monday at Pandemonium, and the federation is gearing up for the semifinals at Thrash this coming Thursday. The winners of the five semifinal matches will brawl it out Sunday, April 21 at WrestleBowl I to become the next FCW Intercontinental Champion!

Some intriguing matchups are set for the semifinals on Thursday. They are:

Paul Creeden vs. G-Force Garrie Morris

Morris already has a date against FCW Champion PyroManiac at WrestleBowl. Can G-Force secure an opportunity to walk out of WrestleBowl with the top two singles titles in the company?

Texas Terror vs. Malevolent Matthew Lyth

With Terror's stable, the Sinister 6, having already declared war against Lyth, can the Malevolent one survive this match and advance to the finals?

Hirogishina Jr. vs. Jacques Armato

This matchup of FCW cruiserweights has a truly international flavor, as Japanese high flying intensity means Canadian technical expertise! Armato advanced to this match after some help from Garrie Morris. Will G-Force support Armato again and turn the tide in his favor?

Chapel vs. Slim

Slim upset PyroManiac and knocked the FCW Champion out of this tournament, but does he have enough magic to knock out the 6'9" monster Chapel and continue on his quest for the Intercontinental Championship?

Raoh Shiro vs. Kevin Osbourne

It's a WrestleBowl I preview as Raoh Shiro and Kevin Osbourne face off in the tournament. No matter who wins this match, these two have a 12 round Boxing Match set for WrestleBowl! The intensity is sure to explode as these two men square off only three days before their encounter at the pay-per-view.

Who will advance? Tune into FCW Thrash this Thursday to find out!

Link: http://www.unifiedwrestling.net/fcwwrestling

The liberation begins...
Posted by M
on April 14 at 3:34 AM

ATLANTA, April 14 (AP)--The world of Global Championship Wrestling ( www.gcwwrestling.com ) is about to be turned upside-down.

When the "revolution" was first reported, small aberrations in the GCW webpage were taking place. That Sunday, Turrican and his partners unveiled the Revolution. The group of wrestlers seemed bent on taking over GCW's titles. The aberrations stopped. The revolution had began.

Or had it?

In an unmarked package delivered to Assosiated Press offices in Atlanta today, a message was contained that read the following:


While much speculation is being made about the message, the source has yet to be located. Calls to GCW's President Executioner were not returned as of print time.

An inside source working for the AP has reported that this has to do with a former GCW star returning to the federation he was run out of to gain retribution. While this is only a rumor, the AP has learned that the GCW stockholders have become very uneasy with Executioner's term as President and are looking for a change.

This revolution is said to be coming, but when? At what level will it hit GCW? There are many questions to be answered in the next few weeks. Have Executioner's shadows finally caught him? Only time will tell.

NOTE: As this article was going to print, a message was found on the bottom of the paper included in the document sent to AP offices. It read:

"was only the beginning...deksam"

Link: http://www.gcwwrestling.com

[NWC] Civil War 2002!
Posted by Dan Wilberfource
on April 10 at 8:27 PM

See the NWC United States and J-Crown titles UNIFIED! See the NWC's Lucente Cup winners and new tag team champions CROWNED! See the shake-up that will change the dynamic of SCCW FOREVER! See the most extreme matchup the NWC has sanctioned, EVER! See Devin Fox take on Tony Pride in a clash of two veterans, with nothing to lose and everything to gain, for the NWC WORLD TITLE!

And see the legendary CIVIL WARGAMES!

Order right NOW!


Link: www.nwcouncil.com

Posted by Jon Katz
on April 8 at 2:49 PM

Hello, if you are interested in joining a federation now open for two years and currently averaging a four cards a month, NEW FRONTIER WRESTLING is the place for you.

We currently have two presidents with 20 years of FW experience total along with a writing staff with 10+ years in FW.

We're currently looking for some star-quality wrestlers. We're located in FW CENTRAL if you want to read some past cards (best in the business) or Roleplays.

To apply to NFW, please click on the below link:


Link: http://www.wheoum.com/NFW/BRAWL

FAW Distortion Preview!
Posted by Reporter
on April 7 at 7:47 PM

Furiously Addictive Wrestling heads into a new era this Tuesday as it presents it’s brand new Tuesday Night Distortion Show. Scheduled for Distortion this Tuesday Night is the in-ring return of the controversial Tony Vigilante. Tony Vigilante returned at Extreme Beating 2 to the surprise of many, and after showing his face at Panic this Friday, he’s been booked into a one-on-one contest with The Omega Fro in an effort to resolve things.

Will Tony Vigilante’s return be put to shame by The Omega Fro? Or will Tony Vigilante rise to the occasion and earn himself a Number One Contender Spot for the FAW World Heavyweight Championship? There’s only one way to find out, and that’s to tune in this Tuesday as FAW presents it’s Distortion show on the EEL Network.

The Semi-Main-Event has also been officially booked. Thirteen men will collide in a Battle Royal and the two remaining superstars will team up to face FWO for the Tag Team Titles at FAW’s next pay-per-view entitled: April Avalanche.

The participants in the Battle Royal are as follows:
- Apocalypse
- Drake
- Gary Moderson
- Gideon Black
- Hardcore Hoefel
- Kris Shade
- Morte
- VP Randy Rocker
- Sabatash
- Mystic X
- “The Polish Predator” Stephen Michowski
- Trent “Wonderboy” Hunter
- Violator

Not only that, but also this Tuesday, the Television Title Tournament resumes with four great matches. Each superstar competing within the tournament will be looking to advance in an effort to become the Television Champion.

TV Title Tournament First Round Matches:
- Skipster vs. Lone $tar
- Hardcore Scotty vs. Dynamite
- Xander vs. Neo
- Soulja Smallz vs. Crimson Lord

And finally, EDH and the Overweighter will go head to head, but this won’t be a normal match, as the Overweight must go into battle with his hands tied behind his back! Who knows what to expect?

AND all this comes to you LIVE~! this Tuesday Night!

Link: http://faw.projectefed.com

FAW: Extreme Beating 2
Posted by Tom The Bomb
on April 2 at 9:14 AM

Just over 36 hours ago the biggest event in Furiously Addictive Wrestling went off big and boy was it huge. A main event which saw the World Title change hands. A semi-main event which saw a Hellhole match. The event could have possibly shaken the foundations of FAW, it may have been the hugest event ever seen in the world famous Primetime Central. With the TV Title being announced things were made bigger and we had new Tag Team and Hardcore champions crowned. We have got a gopher in FAW in the loser of the International Title match plus a retention of the European and International belts. Where could the Television title be heading? Who will come through a 16 man tournament and win at April Avalanche on 28th April 2002? This Friday night lots of questions are to be answered:

- Tony Vigilante - What happened?
- Crimson Lord - You're back....why did you join your ex-partner and ex-enemy?
- Who will be the first 4 men through to the quarters of the TV tournament?
- What will happen to Matt Hunt after his attacks on President Lee Smith?

Find out all this and more this Friday night at Panic only on the EEL network over at Primetime Central.....

Huge exclusive with Tony Vigilante, the returning Tony Vigilante at Extreme Beating 2, expected this Friday night. Makes sure you tune in. Not only that but the main event sees the new World Heavyweight Champion, The Omega Fro, take on SpAwN and Crimson Lord with a mystery partner.....who will that be? Be there!

Link: http://faw.projectefed.com/

UWN: Open For Business!
Posted by UWN President James Greene
on March 29 at 8:07 PM

The Unified Wrestling Network officially opened its doors on March 25th, and in just under one week, the action has reached a fevered pitch.

The UWN is the umbrella organization that oversees the operation of three wrestling federations: The FCW, CWU, and NWE. The FCW and CWU are pay-to-play federations that feature cash prizes to certain title winners, whereas the NWE is a free-to-play league intended to familiarize new players to the UWN structure. All leagues are sim-based.

Currently the FCW is planning a federation-wide tournament to fill the vacant FCW Intercontinental Title. Sign up by Wednesday and get yourself into the tournament! Meanwhile the CWU is gearing up for a federation-wide tournament of its own. It will be round-robin style and it's set to start Friday, April 12th and last all weekend during the Conquest Royale event! The winner of the tournament faces the CWU Champion on Sunday the 14th in the last match of the event.

Curious? Come check out the Unified Wrestling Network.


James Greene
UWN President

Link: http://www.unifiedwrestling.net

Posted by Kerry O'Connor
on March 26 at 2:26 PM

Hey folks! Last week at the Paul Tsongas Arena, New Frontier Wrestling had one go down in the books! To see the live audio web re-broadcast, click on the link below!


Link: www.wheoum.com/NFW/BRAWL

Posted by Don Libretti
on March 21 at 6:12 PM

Please visit the NFW BRAWL website to order Volumes 3 and 4 of our CRASH TV! Archives!

Also, part two of Rick Ryconik's interview!

Link: http://www.wheoum.com/NFW/BRAWL

[NWC] Civil War 2000 Lineup
Posted by Dan Wilburfource
on March 20 at 12:17 AM


Jeremy Hall
Zephryn Vale (c)

LAST CHANCE BATTLE ROYALE (winner recieves A North American Title Shot)
Troy Dallas
Derek Black
Captain Funk
Yuri Blutov
Kaylo Laven
Jayson Dayde
Foster Nackedy
Michael Maxwell
Brad Manson
Awesome Andy
Sean Laughreah
Vic Valari
Ripper Longshanks
Sam Bishop
Don DeMarco
Summer Kendrick
Mike Sloan
Chris Python
Winslow Darkthorne
Rhodes McClure

HIW vs. TSW, Part I
Julie Reveli

Jake Summers [TSW] vs. Clyde Cassidy [LCW]

UME (Montgomery, Oswald, Van Iten)
HIW (Sykes, Robinson, Thomas)
LCW (Hayes, West, Marshall)

Tony Pride (c)
Devin Fox

Night and Day
The Demigods

Edgar Sage (Final J-Crown Champion)
Donovan Valens (Final United States hampion)

Dez Bradley (crazy bastard)
Chaos (insane bastard)

Crash & Burn (c)
Fifth Column

HIW vs. TSW, Part II
Pete North

Billy Page
Crimson Prophet

Link: http://www.nwcouncil.com

EWC: Commercially Crazy results.
Posted by Chris
on March 13 at 4:18 PM

Results from the Liverpool Arena, England for English Wrestling Championships: Commercially Crazy.

Ther Lurker/Ice match was cancelled when Ice broke his leg in a car accident mid week.

James Double-Ohh and Fenix were the final surviers in a James Double-Ohh, Isaac Spy, Fenix and Lance Tanner Vs. Big Dogg Teddy Ted, Kai Lewis, Sin and Brad Chambers in a tag team elimination match.

Fusion beat Erik 'EzE' Maze when he climbed out the cage to win a cage match.

Black Widow beat Donovan Anarchy to win the World Cruiserweight Title.

Link: http://englishwrestling.cjb.net

Roster Spots Now Available in GLOBAL
Posted by Brad Thomas
on March 12 at 4:31 PM

GLOBAL Co-Owner Brad Thomas (of the GCW located at http://www.gcw.cc)looks down at a roster sheet... A few names that he hasn't seen a face for in a good bit...

"Hmmm... let's see... we could use some new talent... some FRESH meat, so to speak..."

Brad pushes the entercom button on the phone, buzzing the receptionist.

"Madge, Put out a memo to all the wrestling publications - Global Championship Wrestling has a FEW roster slots open... but only a couple - and only the choice few will be selected for employement. We are a Top Federation, with fierce competition, and ONE title. Oh, and make sure they list our Webpage on there too..."

"Right away sir", Madge replies...

Thomas sits back and looks at his watch...
"any minute now... any minute now..."

Link: http://www.gcw.cc

NFW IMPACT TV! This St. Paddy's Day!
Posted by 'Just' Mark
on March 12 at 12:04 PM

'JUST' MARK: "Well fans, late last night New Frontier Wrestling announced that IMPACT! Television will take place this St. Patrick's Day, live from the Paul Tsongas Arena in Lowell, Massachussetts! The Main Event for the card will be WORLD CHAMPION, SHANE SOUTHERN defending his title against CASTOR V. STRIFE. Other matches include BLOODHUNT vs. RICK RYCONIK in a Contender's match, as well as a TRIPLE THREAT! LAST MAN STANDING! BOSTON STREET FIGHT between Mister Dread, 'Lights Out' Billy Gray and the 'Fem Phenom' Nakita Dubov! 8 matches in total will be on the card with many surprises! Don't miss out on this!"

Link: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/new-frontier-wrestling

GCW is about to be LiBeRaTeD!
Posted by Masked Marauder
on March 12 at 2:26 AM

ATLANTA, Georgia, March 12 (AP) - Global Championship Wrestling, suffering through the nation-wide wrestling slump, is about to get a shot in the arm.

The "liberators," as they are referring to themselves as, are starting to put the pieces in place for their elimination of the powers in control of GCW.

One of the liberators gave a statement today, refusing to give his name beyond "M." He said, "GCW has fallen to many problems over the past few months, but the problems are about to be eliminated. It all starts with the help of the people. Any e-wrestlers currently looking for a great federation with a proven track record should look no further than GCW--and look no further than the liberation."

GCW is located at http://www.gcwwrestling.com. Will the liberation succeed, or be eliminated by Executioner and his cronies? There's only one way to be a part of this amazing revolution--sign up today!

More news will be posted as it becomes available.

Link: http://www.gcwwrestling.com

@Bay.International Wrestling
Posted by James Hunt
on March 11 at 3:44 PM

@Bay.International Wrestling's return event took place today with
Pandalirium! Get in on all of the action while you still can leading
up to WrestleWar IV on March 31st! By joining the @IW before March 31,
your wrestler is also entered into a battle royal at the PPV for a
chance at $50 US for you!

Check it out NOW!!

@IW Staff

Link: http://www.imaginarywrestling.com

New on the NFW Brawl!
Posted by Jeb Merrimont
on March 11 at 12:41 PM

MERRIMONT: "Hey folks! Some new eye-candy has been posted on the BRAWL, this week! We've got some live results from a house show in Providence, RI as well as some behind the scenes interviews with Bloodhunt and Michael Manson! C'mon over and check us out!"

Link: http://www.wheoum.com/NFW/BRAWL

EdW End of Days Short Results
Posted by Jack Tyler
on March 10 at 11:41 PM

EdW has just aired it's biggest pay per view to date with a massive End of Days telecast live from the United Center in Chicago, Illinois. Below are the short results as to what happened at the show.

Standard Non Title Match
Jason Jameson vs. Sean Starr
Winner: Jason Jameson by submission.

Handicap Match
Hardcore Hulin and David Williams vs. Xander.
Winner: Xander by submission.

Suicidal Title TLC Match
Quasar The Great vs. HeartBreak Chick(c)
Winner and new Suicidal champion: Quasar The Great.

Standard Match
The Forgotten One vs. Xavier Citizen
Winner by pinfall: The Forgotten One.

Standard Match
The Snoops vs. Mystery Man(Tru One)
Winner by pinfall: Tru One

Platinum Title Match
Mystery Man(Troy Pierce) vs. Brad Kelley(c)
Winner by pinfall: Brad Kelley

Career vs. Career Match
Cori Simmons vs. Justin Famous
Winner by pinfall: Cori Simmons

Royal Rumble A(Order of Elimination)
2.)Hardcore Hulin
3.)Too Xtreme
4.)The Snoops
5.) Jason Relms
7.)Mark Hazard
9.)Steve The Heater
12.) Shodan
Winner: Jason Jameson

Royal Rumble B
1.) Sean Starr
2.) Michael Jeffreys
3.) Yoshihiro Kendi
4.) David Williams
5.) Alex Kayman
6.) Chris Osbourne
7.) Dan Miles
8.) Troy Pierce
8.) Brad Kelley
10.) L2J
11.) Quasar
12.) Devlin Jackson
13.) Xander
Winner: Josh Sutton

Universal Title Match
Big Daddy Dreamer vs. Wrestler X(c)
Winner and new Universal champion: Big Daddy Dreamer

Show Notes:
-End of Days saw the return of three superstars to the EdW fold, Troy Pierce, Tru One, and L2J.

-There were also the debuts of Yoshihiro Kendi, Devlin Jackson, and Michael Jeffreys.

-There was a special VIP from Fedwars present at the show in Dallas Sinclair who would play a bit of a role at some point during the show.

-The two rumble winners, Jameson and Sutton, will now battle on Turmoil this Friday to determine the number one contender to the Universal Title.

-After the show former champion Wrestler X was assaulted and abducted by the group claiming responsibility for the attack on EdW Co-Owner Daniel Somers one week ago. No one has seen any sign of Somers since the attack and no one knows the present location of Wrestler X now as well.

Link: http://www.edwwrestling.com

Find Out How to Post Here!
Posted by CMerritt
on March 8 at 12:40 AM

It's really simple.

Just go to http://fwrestling.com/newspost.shtml or click the "Add Your News" link on the main page. "Circuit News" is currently open to all league, e-wrestlers, etc. to post news of interest.

Remember, all news should be IN-ROLEPLAY, so this isn't the place to troll for members or announce your latest IM conversation. However...if you can find a neat in-roleplay way to let people know that a league's hiring, or your e-wrestler is looking for a contract, etc... go for it!

Just be creative and follow the guidelines listed on the posting page.

Have fun!


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