Last updated 3/4/02

The web site you have entered is operated by, or on behalf of, Chad Merritt DBA CS Enterprises Online.

FWrestling.com is a site featuring content centered around 'fantasy wrestling.'  Users use their own writing to roleplay imaginary characters in a 'professional wrestling' environment.

FWrestling.com's Privacy Policy is intended to disclose when and how we collect, use and share data, so that you may make decision for yourself and your family while surfing this website. 

By using this website, you are agreeing to the terms of this Privacy Policy. If you do not agree with the terms described in this Privacy Policy, please do not use this site.

As used in this Privacy Policy, “Personal Information” means personally identifiable information, such as your name, street address, telephone number, date of birth and e-mail address. When Personal Information is collected, you will know because you will have to fill out a form on the web site.

Credit card and checking account information is never solicited by any representative of this site.

Profane Content
While FWrestling.com takes every precaution to verify that profane and/or obscene content is not posted on this site, we cannot be responsible for content on public forums such as the message boards or "free-for-all" links.  FWrestling.com removes any such content immediately upon receiving a message board "Alert" or an e-mail delineating the abuse at forums@fwrestling.com .

While FWrestling.com does not require age verification for registration, children under the age of 13 should receive their parents' permission before posting any public information on FWrestling.com.

FWrestling.com understands that the Internet community must be committed to special protection for the privacy of children.   We also realize that some areas of the site may not be appropriate for users under a certain age. FWrestling.com is committed to fully complying with the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (“COPPA”). We encourage parents to spend time online with their children, become familiar with the features of our web sites and participate in the activities offered on our web sites. 

- We do not knowingly collect, use or retain any Personal Information, for any purpose whatsoever (including internal or external marketing or promotional purposes), from visitors to this web site who are age 12 or younger.
- Since we do not knowingly collect any Personal Information from visitors to this web site who are age 12 or younger, we do not disclose or transfer any such information to third parties.
- We do not request any visitor to provide any information about their family members, friends or other persons.

Special Note to Parents

If you become aware that your child has provided us with Personal Information at one of our web sites, we invite you to notify us so that we may delete the information from our records (see Opt-Out below). We appreciate your cooperation in assisting us to provide a safe and enjoyable online experience for your children.

Collection of Personal Information
FWrestling.com collects Personal Information from visitors to our web sites in the following ways:

- Subscriptions to our mailing lists for e-mail updates regarding site content
- Registrations to message board areas such as FW Central where users post their writing and have discussions with others.
- Registration to our 'free hosting' (or other hosting options) where users post their own content.
- E-mail transmitted via various links on our web sites.

The use of any of these services is entirely optional and voluntary; however, if you do not provide the Personal Information requested, we may elect to not make the related services available for your use. If you send us an e-mail in which you disclose Personal Information, we will use it to discuss the subject of your correspondence and, if appropriate, share it with other interested parties (such as manufacturers of merchandise you have purchased from a web site).

In order to track your use of the site, "cookies" may be employed.  Cookies are pieces of information that are sent by web sites and stored in your computer's hard drive, which provide you a service by allowing us to recognize your computer to save you from having to re-enter the same data each time you log into our message board areas, hosting areas, etc. They also allow us to learn how visitors use our web sites. This user data is aggregated for tracking purposes primarily by tallying pages viewed throughout our web sites and logging Internet Protocol (“IP”) addresses and browser types.

In the course of serving advertisements to the site, our third-party advertisers may place or recognize a unique cookie on your browser.

If you do not want to receive cookies, you may set your browser to reject them. However, if you turn cookies off, you may not have access to some FWrestling.com features and services.

Visitors From Outside the United States
All Personal Information collected at our web sites is collected and stored in the United States. By submitting Personal Information to this web site, you are consenting to the storage of your Personal Information in the United States.

How We Use Your Information
We limit the manner in which your Personal Information is used.  Primarily, your Personal Information is used to collect statistics to evaluate the needs of the FWrestling.com community, and to provide site update information to community members via e-mail.  If you have registered with us and do not want to be contacted in the future by FWrestling.com or our advertising partners, please see Opt-Out below.

Finally, please note that we will release your Personal Information if required to do so by law, or by search warrant, subpoena or court order.

Links to Third Party Web Sites
Please be advised that this web site contains certain hyperlinks to other web sites, some of which may display FWrestling.com’s logos or other content. These web sites may have privacy policies; however, all of these web sites and their privacy policies are independent of our web sites or this Privacy Policy. FWrestling.com is not responsible for compliance with other web sites’ privacy policies or data collection practices. You should review these privacy policies carefully before providing any Personal Information to these web sites.

Third Party Ad Servers
Any information regarding Third Parties serving advertisements on this site will be added as necessary.  In most cases, the only information transmitted to advetisers includes the number of times you have viewed an ad, date/time at which the ads were shown, the advertisers' cookies, and IP address (but not your, address, or other personal information).

Limitations on Use of Personal Information
We will only use or retain your Personal Information in accordance with the terms of this Privacy Policy, and only for so long as is needed to fulfill your requests, support the services you have requested, process your orders, or comply with the law.

Some features on our site, such as free hosting services and mailing lists, allow you the option to opt-out from receiving any newsletters, product offers, or other correspondence by removing your e-mail address or deleting the account you have activated.  In the case of message boards, to opt-out please send an e-mail to forums@fwrestling.com with your name, forum username and password, and a request indicating that you would like the account to be destroyed.  Please be aware that this will eliminate your access to the message boards.

If you believe your child (age 12 or younger) has provided us with Personal Information and/or is receiving access to certain features or services, including marketing communications, we invite you to notify us at forums@fwrestling.com so that we may delete such Personal Information and/or discontinue your child’s access to the related features or services.  In order to delete the appropriate information, please include your name, relationship to the user, your e-mail address, the user's e-mail address, and a phone number you may be contacted at.

Changes in This Privacy Policy
FWrestling.com reserves the right to change this Privacy Policy at any time.  We encourage you to visit this area frequently to stay informed.

Contact Us
Please write to us at privacy@fwrestling.com if you have any comments or questions about this Privacy Policy.