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Hello guys, I opened up an e-fed at XHF Network.

Elite Warzone Entertainment is a very small wrestling company set in Iberia, Portugal. After an investment from an uknown local businessman who has appointed Pedro Benevides as the head booker, Benevides is a true visionary of the wrestling industry who aims to deliver wrestling content in EWE that will please every fan in the world or at least in the arena to begin with. Elite Warzone Entertainment ring mixes entertainment with the traditional wrestling with a lot of modern elements. Their shows have a very vocal crowd with the latin temperament, which is a great environment for the wrestlers and the show itself. Almost any wrestling style will be accepted in the company as long the wrestler has the skills to be part of the show. The local wrestling company will start promoting shows soon, as for the moment they prepare their debut in Portugal, despite of the advertisment the prestige still has to be built but there’s a sense of greatness within the company.

What can you expect? Every show will be uploaded at time. You will have multiple guides at your disposal, so begginers are more than welcome. The XHF Network is very friendly and you have multiple e-feds to choose from. EWE is at the moment one of newest. I plan to do weekly live events, smaller house shows and a monthly supercard. There aren’t RP limits and there aren’t limits for match writting. The limit is your creativity!

You basically roleplay and the live events will have 12 matches booked but that doesn’t mean you won’t fight. Your roleplays will count towards the booking of this live events and set you up for the Supercard. You can also expect some new features to enhance your roleplaying. As far as the booking goes, I’m quite good at it. I was trained to be a pro wrestler and my match writing is good as a result. I’ve been booking since I was 13, I’m now 25, so that’s some experience. This is my first e-fed in English. We still have no live events cause we need wrestlers to join, be sure that I will do my best for the user’s joy.

I will also work on one XHF Network TEW mod, so your wrestler will appear in that database, his skills being based in what I think to be your roleplayer skill and is going to be monthly updated.

Without further delay… http://xhf09.proboards.com/board/266/elite-warzone-entertainment

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