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    Handler Information Name: ‘Little’ Johnny Rivera Email Address: Nah fam Best Way to Contact You: Skype: EpikPhailz eWrestling Experience: UTA, IWF, EPW, NEW, WFW. How did you find DEFIANCE? Justin Are you willing to write matches? Yes. Not great at it, but haven’t written many. So with...
  2. John Doe


    Wrestler Name: Raucous Nicknames: N/A Height: 5’8 Weight: 183 lbs Hometown: Toronto Canada Birthdate: Disclosed Physical appearance: He's a thinner build but still stocky. White Caucasian male. Never has been demasked. Ring gear:Raucous wears a full black latex attire that has yellow crossing...
  3. John Doe

    JIMMIE RIX | Japan Arc Bookings

    Show #1 Match Needed Possible Segment Show #2 Segment with Team Hoss Show #3 Rix vs Aleczander Show #4 Blowoff Show TEAM HOSS vs. TexMex Holiday
  4. John Doe

    Jimmie Rix

    Defiance Application Form Fill this form out and post it on the Application board. When it's finished, the Defiance roster will vote on whether to accept you. Getting accepted to the fed requires a net total of +4. So if you have one 'no', you'd need 5 'yes' to balance it out. Handler...
  5. John Doe

    RESULTS & FEEDBACK: IWF's "Road to Immortality"

    Johnny Niles a threat in IWF.... You vs Douglas- who's pinned Perfection clean. That should be an interesting qualifier for Perfection's belt!
  6. John Doe

    Baton Rouge: Phil Atken v. Raucous

    I aM tiRed of loSing, PHIL!!!!!!!!! “Well.... ..Well... ...Well... isn't this just a DOOZY!?” [Raucous is in full ring attire as always! He stands in a completely white room, it's very bright, think Matrix when Morpheus is explaining the Matrix to Neo...yeah that white. Raucous is pacing...
  7. John Doe

    STOP LYING JIMMY~!@#!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    "Beep…Beep….Beep ... .. …ba-beep, ba-beep, le beep. ….. .. . BEEP BEEP BEEP…. THERE WAS AN AWFUL LOUD FORKLIFT BACKING UP DURING YOUR PROMO SHOOT JIMMY!!!!!!!!!" (Fade in. Raucous on a forward facing camera on some sort of mobile device, he is standing in some kind of secluded room. Mask on...
  8. John Doe

    Hot Springs: Raucous v. Frank Hendrix v. Todd Killings

    You are...siIiCCCCCKKkkKKK!@!!!!!!W@EQ@!!~! Excuse me... I SAID EXCUSE ME!!! .. . See how I got your attention? . Now.... … ..They call this dead air... . .. . and when you were talking... .. TODD! .. …........ THAT'S ALL I HEARD!!!!!!!!!!! (Fade in Raucous full gear, full attire...
  9. John Doe


    Wrestler Name: Raucous Nicknames: N/A Billed From: Toronto, Canada Height: 5’9 Weight: 200lbs Alignment: Face Appearance. Raucous wears a full black latex attire that has yellow crossing through his chest in an “X” and his to his lets that are all yellow with a stripe of black on the sides. He...
  10. John Doe


    My Predictions
  11. John Doe

    Accept It Seti, Times Up.

    FADEIN... [Perfection sitting behind a desk, suit and tie. He doesn't look pleased not one bit.] PERFECTION: After Chain Reaction Seven, after trying to bet the point drilled into Art Mori's thick useless skull. After explaining that they are treat MY belt like a two bit whore, passing out...
  12. John Doe

    La Cocina Con El Gordo Grande

    PROUDLY PRESENTED IN SAP LA COCINA CON EL GORDO GRANDE (COOKING WITH EL GORDO GRANDE) FADE IN... [We are in a hut and not a pleasant one. It looks pretty much run down the foliage around is almost decayed and there is one single kitchen set up that looks like it hasn't been washed in ages. IN...
  13. John Doe

    The Last Spoken Words.

    FADEIN... [Adrian Willard standing on an EPW backdrop title, he is confident, bold and has a look in his eyes that he is ready to defend what is his. Judas Priest black t-shirt, a pair of jeans. He looks right at the camera, title around his waist] “People want things, that's just how is is...
  14. John Doe


    Handler Name: John Rivera Handler's e-mail address: Thedogofwar87@gmail.com Character's in ring name: Perfection Character's Real Name: James Witherhold Height: 6'0" Weight: 220 lbs. Hometown: Hollywood, California Moveset: -Dragon Whip -Leg Lock - Shin Breaker - DDT - Chinlock - Boston...
  15. John Doe


    Gents, I will be offline for quite a bit as I am moving to Ireland today. Please don't book me if I am not back before any new cards are tossed up! I will hit you up when I am settled on the other side of the pond :)

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