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    NFW's new season

    Howdy, just wondered if and/or when I could sign-up for next season's matches cos this seems a hoot, I only managed part of the first season and I want back in pleeeeeeeeeeeeease! :)
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    Gold Rush Round 2 RP Deadline

    Just wondered if you could give us a rought idea when it'll be Chadmeister? I haven't forgotten about Gold Rush (ha, as if!), just its been sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo hot in the UK at the moment, by the time I come to write on an evening I'm drained of my creative juices. I plan on...
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    Gold Rush RP3: "The English Gent" Lawrence Stanley in Read All About It, Part One

    Gold Rush RP3: "The English Gent" Lawrence Stanley in Read All About It, Part One Susie’s Tea Emporium and Café was busy for a Sunday afternoon. It was a quaint little place, somewhat out of place in Los Angeles, it offered something of a more well-paced and soothing feel to its patrons...
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    Gold Rush RP2: "The English Gent" Lawrence Stanley in 'Getting back in the Routine'

    Gold Rush RP2: "The English Gent" Lawrence Stanley in 'Getting back in the Routine' *OOC note: the italic text is Stanley's thoughts.* The temperature in the gym was stifling, pure air was in short supply, most Los Angeles gym’s had air conditioning, but for one it had been turned off at the...
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    I don't know if this is the right place to put this...

    ....But I've been tot afew sites that have a shout box, so we can all chat to each other when we're on the site. I don't know the logistics of getting one, but wondered if it'd be a popular and possible addition to the site?
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    Dusting Off The Past. "The English Gent" Lawrence Stanley, Gold Rush RP1

    The sunlight poured into the bedroom as the large hand tweaked the blinds, allowing the rays to cascade into the plush surroundings. The Los Angeles mansion was secluded and a home from home for the large figure who stood staring into the mirror. Time had been relatively kind to him, although...
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    The warrior returns.

    (The eyes that stared into the camera burned bright. They burned with an intensity that hadn’t been seen in them for many a year. The eyes belonged to “The English Gent” Lawrence Stanley, the man chosen to take up the challenge of Mike Randalls. Stanley’s posture and facial features matched...
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    Friend or Foe?

    (It is a reflective Lawrence Stanley who stares at the camera, he seems unsure about what to say and shuffles uncomfortably from foot to foot as the cameraman checks the light. Stanley glances sideways at Alfred who is sitting on the other side of the room, he nods in Stanley’s direction and...
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    Those long, awkward silences.

    (Jane Smithfield paced up and down her hotel room impatiently, Simply Stunning should have been here twenty minutes ago. She was dressed to go out, with both of them in fact, but she hadn’t thought how to break it to them that both men had a crush for her. In the end she had decided to just...
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    Something old, something new.....

    (The scars of battle hadn’t fully healed on Stanley’s face and the camera expertly displayed them for all to see. He sat hunched, his shoulder and knee still causing him pain, his face however was as stoic as ever. He stared intensely down the lens as if daring it to move from his gaze. The...
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    An unlikely pre-match routine

    (The elevator shuddered to a halt at the top floor, the penthouse suites, Jane Smithfield rocked back impatiently on her heels as she waited for the doors to open. In the space of thirty seconds she’d received calls from both Simon Wilcox and Michael Hardy to visit them in their separate...
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    Mixing business with pleasure.

    (The cameraman tapped his foot impatiently, Lawrence Stanley adjusted his tie in the mirror for the umpteenth time before sitting back down is his chair. He sensed the restlessness of the cameraman and fixed him with a stare, the cameraman realised this and immediately amended his mood, he knew...
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    The gloves come off.

    (The light was not perfect for the promo, the room was dark, despite the protestations of the cameraman Lawrence Stanley was unyielding in his decision on the mood of the promo. He wanted the light this way, he desired the setting to reflect his mood, and Stanley was not happy. He made his way...
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    Preaching to the unconverted.

    (Lawrence Stanley looked relaxed, he sat in a large brown leather arm chair in his home. The CSWA cameraman was hunched in front of him as Stanley sipped thoughtfully from a brandy glass. He set the glass down on the mahogany table next to him and addressed the camera.) LS: It seems that Mr...
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    A retort from the Gent.

    (Lawrence Stanley looked wearily at the camera, he had more important thoughts on his mind than cutting a promo. He rubbed his groomed head of hair with his hand before breathing out, his thoughts focused, he began to speak.) LS: Tom Adler, we meet again, once more the Presidential title will...

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