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  1. Steve

    SHOWTIME 30 Posted!

    http://backstage.thecswa.com/content.php?p=results&id=24 Showtime 30 is up folk! Let us know what you think. Thanks to everyone who pitched in for this even Chris who is still on garbage duty!
  2. Steve

    Benson's Heir Apparent

    As we all catch our breath from reading and basking in the glow of all the role-play, let's take the pulse of a very important issue!
  3. Steve

    Point Of View Bio

    “Point of View” Team Biography Beachy and Murray known together as POINT OF VIEW are managed by Bronte Lakes. They believe every moment of their lives needs to be broadcast. Anyone can be a star for 15 minutes. Both men chronicle bulks of their lives on youtube videos. Fame hunters who...
  4. Steve

    SHOWTIME 30: Dan Ryan vs. Blaine Hollywood

    Non-title. 30-minute IRONMAN match. Most pinfalls wins. RP deadline 3/24.
  5. Steve

    The Professional

    (FADEIN: Pee Wee Troutman in full REF’S gear sits at a table at an Italian restaurant.) PEE WEE TROUTMAN: Ya know, Eddie most situations in life come down to what you’ve got as bait. You come out here in front of the cameras and wait as your interns and straight out of high school production...
  6. Steve


    (FADE IN: JJ Deville’s Mom’s house – this side of hell.) (CUTTO: The Deville master bedroom. PEE WEE TROUTMAN, early 50s, 5’6 and skin and bones stands by Ms. Deville’s therapeutic king size bed and zips up his black docker pants, he’s wearing only a white wife beater and a Tom Selleck...
  7. Steve

    SHOWTIME 30: Jack Harmen vs. Nova

    What happens when the Superfly Express steps on opposite sides of the ring from either other? Is it more important to be super or fly? One of the most decorated men in pro wrestling takes on the Anti-Gravity Dig-Dug-Diggity Bong Bomb Battalionier. Jack Harmen vs. Nova Roleplay is open from...
  8. Steve

    Censor Debate

    Recently I notched the censor on the site was turned off. It's never bothered me, but I can understand how some people might think otherwise. We're, outside of Siegel, grown men and should be about to within reason write what we want to write. However. The ULTRATITLE some time earlier kicked...
  9. Steve


    (FADEIN: - To Jason Murray, Eric Beachy, and Bronte Lakes standing in front of an NFW backdrop. Murray and and Beachy are wearing ankle length black tights, white wife beater shirts, and new balance sneaks. Jason has spiked black hair, Beachy shaved blonde locks, wal-mart sunglasses and tats...
  10. Steve

    Your New Point Of View

    (FADEIN: To Jason Murray’s backyard ring in Kentucky. Jason Murray, and Eric Beachy sit on opposite top turnbuckles, dressed in ankle length black tights and wife beater t-shirts. In the middle of the ring, stands BRONTE LAKES decked out in tennis shoes, a black mini-skirt and a Generation Bored...
  11. Steve

    Round 1: Joey Melton vs. Ethan Archer (j)

    (FADEIN: The green tint of night vision goggles coat the screen. The view pans left and right, but it’s out of focus.) VOICE: You said these were auto focus. I can’t see ****. VOICE: They are auto focus you moron. Here, let me see. VOICE: Stop it, Adrian you’re gonna make me fall. VOICE...
  12. Steve


    (FADEIN: Joey Melton ULTATITLE backdrop.) JOEY MELTON: Here I am, the Old Man and the Sea (of ****s up, cast offs, and irritants he inspired.) The ULTRATITLE the most prestigious and least awarded prize in wrestling other than Lindsay Troy’s ***** is back up for grabs. And though I know I...
  13. Steve

    Blonde Capsules

    The first week of school is always the hardest for Adrian. Something about the way a kid stares. Their eyes have no filters. They’ve been sheltered from the realities of the world that, yes, Virginia there are four- foot creatures who chain smoke and are happy Jim Henson is stone cold buried...
  14. Steve

    Fantasy Football - Need One Owner

    If you've ever wanted to beat Brunk or Katz in fantasy football on a weekly basis let me know. We've got one spot open for a league that's been around over five years. You'd be taking over for an owner that dropped out. Whoot!
  15. Steve

    A Room For Two

    (FADEIN: A private room. Joey Melton, Cameron Cruise, and Melton’s twin brother sit at a table. Beer, Natural Springs water, and an array of sweets on the table. Joey hugs the EPW World Heavyweight Championship tighter as he catches his brother eyeing the prize.) JOEY: Don’t give me that look...

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