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  1. eron

    Eric Bourque, handler of Reno Davis, passed away

    Hi all, If you were in EW back in the late 90s, early 00s you might remember Reno Davis or his handler Eric Bourque. Last night he passed away in Toronto. If I get any info on where to send condolences I'll let you know. He was a good friend to many and I'm sure lots have memories of him in...
  2. eron


    So Eric Bourque showed me this a few weeks back. I was... pretty shocked. Didn't think of saying anything until now. E-Wrestling feels so foreign to me now. As if it was a life I never lived. I know I wasted a good portion of my young teenage life writing stories and procrastinating on...
  3. eron

    This is the beginning

    “I’m tired of walking around here…” Liar. “…with my hand on my gun…” Shut up. “...tired of watching them wind you up to see if you’ll run…” You live for it. **** off. If it was true; if I was tired… why can I not stop shaking? Here I stand… no, here I...
  4. eron

    Sort of a Retirement Song

    Our lives… in these empty spaces aside Standing inside of the Center Ring, Eron knew he didn’t belong. Hell, he only made it to this ring on a technicality. He didn’t win the Greensboro Ring, and was eliminated with JA. Then again, Eron didn’t belong here in the first place. He wasn’t...
  5. eron

    Gold Rush Democracy

    This has turned into my equivalent of Chinese Democracy for E-Wrestling. I'm sure people are working the best they can on it (As I'm sure Axl is/was on CD). Does anyone else still visit the CSWA board every other day *just* to see if an update is made?
  6. eron

    Guess we missed that 2006 deadline...

    Too bad. Oh well. I'm sure it'll come around the time Chinese Democracy and Zac Del La Rocha's solo album comes.
  7. eron

    Revolution Pro Wrestling

    Revolution Pro: The Revolution of E-Wrestling has begun. Revolution Pro one of the top rising E-Wrestling projects within the hobby, today. It is about professional wrestling (no off-card roleplaying drama stories) and a promising wrestling promotion trying to find it's niche in the now...
  8. eron

    Round Two: Center Ring (UNIFIED) - A Bad Dream.

    BB: It can’t be! I can’t believe what I am seeing! SB: No, it can’t be true! Not in CSWA! Who ever allowed him here? This isn’t how it is all supposed to go! (CUTTO: Eron grabbing Troy Windham around the head, tightening his arm and interlocking his fingers, before hooking his...
  9. eron

    Focused Explosions

    A simple dark room in a simple dark building. These sort of environments are easily constructed and serve a purpose in their simplicity. They make who is inside those rooms the central focus point. Used improperly, anyone who is inside these rooms can be forgotten in the shadows. Used...
  10. eron

    Jolt Wrestling Wanted: Handlers, Match Writers and Poser Artists

    Jolt Wrestling, beginning February 1st, is searching for singles and tag team handlers for a passion for E-Wrestling as *we* feel it was meant to be. No more E-Reality TV. No more roleplays that mean nothing. No more late cards (!). Visit www.joltwrestling.com and read the Mission Statement to...
  11. eron

    Help Wanted

    Looking for someone experienced enough in website scripting to create a professional, complete E-Wrestling website with roster, news, backstage and imagery all accessable, but with something flexible enough that I can create a design around what has been made (meaning, simple to attach script...
  12. eron

    What? No "Introduction" Forum? Bollocks!

    Hello, This is Eron, or Aaron. To steal from Jericho, for those who do not know me, I've been an E-Wrestling handler on and off since 1997. I've been in roleplay feds, angle feds, Super Firepro feds, TNM feds, electronic feds, Southpark feds, you name it, I've violated it. I quit E-Wrestling...

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