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  1. Colin

    Cecilworth Farthington

    Handler Information Name: COLIN Email Address: raegjn@gmail.com Best Way to Contact You: SKYPE (ewcolin) eWrestling Experience: A LOT. There was that EPW thing, that GCW thing, NFW doesn't count, HOW was also a thing, UTAH is a fine state... then there was also the years 1999-2007 How did you...
  2. Colin


    Handler Information Name: Colin Email Address: raegjn@gmail.com Preferred Method of Handling: RP with my hands Best Way to Contact You: AIM/PM eWrestling Experience:NOTHING OF NOTE ANYWHERE. (Phil Atken, IGC, NFW. Dirk Dickwood Presents EPW KotC) How did you find Defiance? Writing Sample...
  3. Colin

    Interview with a Phil Atken

    MORTON MURPHY: "Hello, Phil. Firstly, let me be one of the long line of people to congratulate you on becoming the FIRST Intergalactic Champion. Well done, sir!" PHIL ATKEN: "The line's not that long Morton, I think everyone is still in shock. Hell, I think I'm still in shock." MURPHY...
  4. Colin


  5. Colin


    HI GUYS!!! DID YOU KNOW THAT IN ROUGHLY TEN MINUTES I WILL BE TALKING INTO A MICROPHONE? YOU DO NOW! IT'S HERE: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/fwrestling/2012/10/11/efed-guerillas I was informed by a very important advertising consultant that everything is better if it is shouted at your...
  6. Colin

    Phil Atken

    Wrestler Name: Phil Atken Nicknames: "The Unfortunate" Billed From: Glasgow, Scotland Height: 6' 1" Weight: 85 kg Alignment: Neutrality Frank Theme Music: "Heavyweight Champion of the World" - Reverend and the Makers Ring Entrance: Heavyweight Champion of the World' begins to play and out...
  7. Colin

    Cecilworth J. Farthington

    Handler Name: Colin Handler's e-mail address: raegjn@gmail.com Character's in ring name: Cecilworth J. Farthington Character's Real Name: Cecilworth Jamelia Farthington Height: 5' 10” Weight: 9 stone Hometown: Buckingham, UK Moveset(Please include at least 15 moves.): Headlock Eye Rake...
  8. Colin


    I got bored and kept getting these bloody Ultratitle e-mail thingymajiggers so I decided to hover by and find out to my (happy) surprise that nothing can kill NFW. Hooray! Congrats on the continued lack of death!
  9. Colin

    Ah! It's different looking!

    Hey guys, Just thought I'd pop my head in and post how terrified I am of change. Last time I was about you were working on Crash 50, you must be on like Crash 60 now, right? RIGHT????
  10. Colin


    (CUTTO: Dirk Dickwood, Superagent sitting at the most fanciful of desks, cigar in one hand, glass of whisky in the other. He does not appear to be his usual composed business-like self, rather staring directly in to the camera with a vexed expression on his face.) Dickwood: As of late, I've had...
  11. Colin

    Developing Developments

    Dickwood: In this era of hope and change, a black man can be President but Phil Atken still can't get on a Supercrash. Helga: VHILLE WAS VERY UPSET! Dickwood: Lets look at this seriously, the legitimate number one contender to the NFW World Heavyweight Championship wasn't even good enough to...
  12. Colin

    Entertainment Salvation: Coming to a Television Near You

    Man: Do I have to deal with this piece of crap on a pogostick waste of time? I've done so many of these you eventually get bored of them. Exciting Man #2: Look if you got fired less or if your friends didn't destroy companies from the inside you wouldn't have this problem. It's not my fault you...
  13. Colin

    Phil Atken

    MEMBER INFORMATION: Name: Colin Gear Email Address: colin.gear@strath.ac.uk AIM/Yahoo Messenger: ColinG12 Preferred Method of Handling: I'm not sure but based on my division I'm gonna say FW Promo! Best Way to Contact you: Any really, I'm on IM a lot and check e-mail and PMs like a crazy person...
  14. Colin

    TV Title Division Application

    MEMBER INFORMATION: Name: Colin Gear AIM/Yahoo Messenger: ColinG12 WRESTLER INFORMATION: Wrestler Name: Phil Atken Height: (This is the height the character is billed as having) Weight: (See height) Hailing From: New York, New York by way of some place he refuses to discuss Handedness...

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