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  1. FrankieScott

    I'm Done

    It's official. Not that it's a big deal anyway... Frankie Scott is officially retired from FW as of today. I just don't have it in me anymore. I hadnt been around for two weeks and forgot that I had opted in for Aggression 45. It didnt help that I lost the match for the TV title either...
  2. FrankieScott

    Stopping before he ever started.

    I'm sorry guys. I am retiring from Fantasy Wrestling. Not that I got started here. I looked forward to try Aqua Caliente out. But, I just don't have any part of me that cares about this game right now. I truly hope that FMLL turns out to be one of the best feds that FW will ever have to...
  3. FrankieScott

    Good Site to go to for all things LUCHA LIBRE!!

    I hope that this is a good spot for you guys to go to. www.luchawiki.org No applause.. please. Just seeing this fed do well is all I need. :D;)
  4. FrankieScott

    Stop calling me

    *** Scene opens with a tight shot of a cell phone. It buzzes and the Pat Benetar's "Hit Me With Your Best Shot" plays from the phone. Frankie Scott picks it up.*** "Hello?... No.... No, you can't come back. I don't care if you miss me." "Stop crying. I'm moving on. I have a TV title...
  5. FrankieScott

    Onward and Upward

    Not too sure what the title means. Life is a mofo. Plain and simple. All you guys know how life has just turned me inside out. As of May 1st I became a single man again. I am not interested in finding a woman at all. I lost my PC to another virus. Some of you may have read my stuff on...
  6. FrankieScott

    Whatever Jamar Can do I can do better...

    Just kidding Jamar. God Bless you and your family. Just to let you guys know. I have no job. Got fired weeks ago if no one saw my post in the awards balloting. With no job comes... no internet... no gas... I'm heading downward pretty quickly. I will be keeping up with you guys...
  7. FrankieScott

    Aggression 40 Feedback

    Hey. Gotta say it was a really good show. If it werent Anthology making a big move with Larry Tact (which was a good read) I would say that Frankie and Omega would've stolen the show with the shortform continuation of their fued. Good Job everybody. Can't wait forthe next show! Happy...
  8. FrankieScott


    Not one single birthday wish yesterday for my 40th... damn.
  9. FrankieScott

    Damaged Goods

    I was served divorce papers today. Life is just one amazing... add your answer here------>
  10. FrankieScott

    Happy Birthday!!!

  11. FrankieScott


    Happy Birthday Patrick! Hope it was a good one, bro.
  12. FrankieScott

    Feedbacks and Thoughts for Aggression 38

    The main event was very very good. JA deserves being on top of the mountain. The Larry Tact win was a great read too. In fact, the whole show was worth waiting for. Thanks to who wrote the match Frankie was in. I appreciate that he was in the match the whole time. He certainly didnt...
  13. FrankieScott

    Photo Album

    I have a few pictures up under my bio if anyone cares.

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