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    I know I'm new to CSWA but...any idea on when the show will be up...RP'ing ended over a month ago.
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    New Guy to FW Central

    Hey all, Figured I am already entered in the Gold Rush event so I might as well introduce myself to the community. My name is Brett Gerrish and I am the handler of Tobias Stevens (in the Gold Rush match and Axis Wrestling). He is the fifth character I've handled since starting fedding at...
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    Gold Rush RP2: "A Wrestler’s Horror - The Barren Trophy Case"

    Gold Rush RP2: "A Wrestler’s Horror - The Barren Trophy Case" A Wrestler’s Horror - The Barren Trophy Case Place: Phoenix, Arizona Time: 11:07PM Date: Unknown [The image this time is one of recognition, the living room of Tobias Stevens -- a nobody in the sport of professional wrestling...
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    Gold Rush RP1: "Nobody - The Next Unified World Champion"

    Nobody - The Next Unified World Champion Place: Phoenix, Arizona Time: 3:37PM Date: Unknown [The scene fades in to show a stationary view of a living room. Nothing special, in fact…this room is nothing like what a future World Champion would call home. It is not the type of apartment that a...

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