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    Hello guys, not sure if many of you remember me, but my name is Jeff, I handled a character Adam Benjamin. Its been some time, but I am looking to get back into writing....
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    hey guys

    so I have made the finals of the "Pro Wrestling Unplugged" commish Idol challenge. the winner becomes the company's next commish. SO far I have been in the ring 3 times the last time I was interviewed by DDP. The voting is done by email at PWUVOTING@Yahoo.com, so any votes I can get I truly...
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    Help from all

    hi my name is jeff Kane, I handler Adam benjamin. I have been a wrestling fan in philadelphia all my life. I first walked into the ECW arena in 1996. I am a loyal CZW, ROH, and PWU fan. I have recently tossed my name into the open PWU commishioner Idol fan contest. PWUVOTING@yahoo.com i...
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    Adam speaks? Or does he?

    The following footage was caught at the end of the last Aggression. The exit sign hang over a door as it opens. A figure makes his way towards his car as the EPW camera crew catch up to his to reveal Adam Benjamin. He gives the camera man a evil look as he put his gear in his car. The...
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    RIP Bad News Brown

    Canadian news sources are reporting that former Olympic judo bronze medalist Allen Coage, who wrestled for Stampede Wrestling and the WWF as Bad News Allen and Bad News Brown died suddenly at age 63 this morning in Calgary, AL at a local hospital, after being rushed to the hospital as the result...
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    The next (FIRST) Step

    ( Fade into "Yours Truly" Adam Benjamin standing in his locker room fixing his tie in the mirror. It has been little over a hour since Adam ended his feud with a hand extended and accepted by Mr. Incredible.) "Tonight, I beat a man that fought his heart out. But the truth is even in defeat...
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    The history of the Feud of Benjamin vs. Mr I

    The night the lines were crossed UCW Presents Civil War It was during this PPV were they first locked eyes. Acting as a special guest time keeper Mr. Incredible made his way out during the four way match to crown the first ever United States Champion. Here is what happen at the end of this...
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    Hero to many, a thorn in my side

    (Slowly the camera man approaches the Locker Room of "Yours Truly" Adam Benjamin. The door is opened so the camera man enters. It is here we find Adam sitting rocking on a bench clinching the bloody American flag of Mr. Incredible.) "You want a word from me I take it? Is that why you have...
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    "Saviors Of Wrestling"

    (A closed Locker room door is shown with the letters "SOW" on it. As the camera man knocks the door opens and the camera enters the room. Seen sitting are "Yours Truly" Adam Benjamin and "First Class" Chandler Maxwell.) Benjamin: "What you seen here tonight is the dawning of the new elite...
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    Blood is thicker that gold?

    (Fade into the Locker Room of "Yours Truly" Adam Benjamin. Seen sitting on a bench is Adam Benjamin who is covered in the blood of Mr. Incredible. In his hand is the empty case that once held the UCW United States Championship.) Benjamin: "As fast as night turns into day you have turned a...
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    Just wanted to say that I am sorry for my lack of Rps last week. Big Cat got a promotion at work and I have been working alot of hours. I also have a lovely win 32 problem with my pc, so I get booted alot. But I am going to give my all this week, win or lose man this was all a blast. Jeff
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    <Embed SRC="Miseria Cantare.mp3">
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    music in a thread

    is there any way to add music to a thread. I have the song on I tunes, how can i have it playing in a thread or have a link that can play it while someone reads the thread.
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    the next step

    (Fade into the Locker room of Adam Benjamin shortly after his loss to Mike Evers for his TV title.) Benjamin: "Tonight, one second changed my life. Live on PPV a split second of fait took all that I thought I had away from me. Mike Evers, congratulations! You accomplished what many men can...
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    (Fade into the MCW locker room. Seen sitting is "Yours Truly" Adam Benjamin unlacing his boots. Too his left "First Class" Chandler Maxell is seen sitting in a towel.) Benjamin: "Tonight... Chandler stops Adam in mid sentence.... Maxwell: "Sands who do you think you are? What you did...
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    A Challege

    *A dressing room door in the backstage area is seen. The Sign on the door reads "First Class". As the camera man knocks the door slowly opens, seen exiting are three femals ladies.... The table is filled with bottles of wine on ice. There is a table set up with food on it.... In the corner...
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    The night sky in all its darkness stands above Denver Colorado and the hotel suite of "Yours Truly" Adam Benjamin. From the view of his window the moon shines in with all its brightness. The time on the clock reads 4:00 am as Adam lays motionless in his bed. Adam has finally fallen asleep...
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    Yours Truly talks about New Years

    {The day after... A moment when all from the nights past is slowly pieced together... Many souls were taking hostage last night be over priced parties, alcohol, and in some cases falsehoods. Much of these people are seen today standing in a airport. However one man stands alone looking...
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    The moment

    They say the road to glory is sometimes endless. The rise and fall of one man's life can be determined in a instant. But with failure from some comes a rewards of knowledge . It is the man that takes everything that happens to him and turns it into something positive that one day will stand...
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    Adam speaks

    (Fade into the locker room of "Yours Truly" Adam Benjamin. The camera pans to find Adam Benjamin sitting on the floor in the corner of the room drinking a bottle of water. Next to Adam rested against the wall is the very chair he used to brutally attack Beast with.) Benjamin" Why Adam why...

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