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  1. Phoenix

    Cameron Cruise question

    ... is he a heel or a face? I honestly can't recall! :)
  2. Phoenix

    For the record

    Just wanted to let people know that - as always with tournament stuff - I am posting my RPs on my home fed but this is PURELY as an archive thing so that I have them. Thay are not, and will not, be used for anything fed related!!!!
  3. Phoenix

    Just a head sup

    Just wanted to let you know (and if anyone follows ... loiters at ... PTC this won't be 'news') that I had a slight accident last Tuesday where I was basically dropped on my neck. While I am fine (ish) now I haven't been doing anything that involves moving that much or sitting at a PC (work...
  4. Phoenix

    Jay Phoenix

    Joe plagiarised someone's bio layout and now I am plagiarising him ... is there a name for that level of plagiarism or would 'eminently sensible' cover it? ;) Anyhoo - here goes: MEMBER INFORMATION: Name: Jay Email Address: phoenixjay@gmail.com AIM: flamebyrd Preferred Method of Handling...
  5. Phoenix

    PTC's First Creative Writing Tournament!!!

    Direct link - http://community.primetimecentral.net/showthread.php?t=39135 OK, pretty much everyone that frequents this forum is into two things: wrestling and writing. If you are not then you are probably lost and I would advise you to go to Google and look for something else ;) Anyhoo, I...
  6. Phoenix


    Just logged on for the first time in a few days to see that I have missed round two :( Want to say a BIG sorry to Holz for that - two things conspired against me here: 1 - I have been laid up in bed for a few days with a trapped nerve in my neck thta was not only agony but also gave me a...
  7. Phoenix

    Create a character contest

    I am combining a couple of things here: the first is the threads that we sometimes see asking people about the characters, gimmicks and angles that they would have loved to try but never did, and the second is this so very-not-subtle bit of shilling :) So, the idea is as follows: Give me a...
  8. Phoenix

    Face Off 07 - sign ups open

    The first tournament for RingHype will be the second Face Off Tournament. http://community.ringhype.com/index.php?board=16.0 ----- So, here is what you have to do now: First of all you need to remember that the core concepts behind this tournament is that it is meant to be INCOGNITO...
  9. Phoenix

    * Tap ... Tap *

    ... is this thing on? Sorry, I watched House of the Dea a couple of days ago and now I am sure that this place is deserted apart from me and the zombies, and they are only staying around to eat the brains of the entrants in the Presedential Tourney ;)
  10. Phoenix

    Open Invitation Title Tourney

    Hi there, saw Chad's post on PTC about this and was very interested (to be honest not so much because it is a tourney or a title, but simply because of where it is) so thought that I would drop by to see if I could find out more (as much as possible LOL) about things before I amke an idjit of...

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