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  1. Jonathan Todd

    I need Angle Partners

    As most of you know Since we've gone angle I've had a history of my partners bailing on me for all sorts of reasons. And now I'm in a predicament that I find very familiar for myself without having anything to do for the rest of the DEF year. All I'm looking for is someone who is willing to...
  2. Jonathan Todd

    Jessica Cross

    Wrestler Name: Jessica Cross Nicknames (if applicable): N/A Height: 5’5 Weight: 135lb Hometown: Gulf Shores, Alabama by way of Calgary, Alberta, Canada Birthdate: 05/30/1997 Physical appearance: Shoulder length blonde hair, emerald green eyes, legs of a volleyball player, strong for her size...
  3. Jonathan Todd

    I have forgotten my PW to the forum and I'm changing computers in a couple of days.

    As it says above, is there any way to recover it?
  4. Jonathan Todd

    Does anyone know to change your name.

    Alright my name is not Mike Sloan, does anyone have the mod privileges to help me change my name on the boards?
  5. Jonathan Todd

    Jon doesn't like CM Punk for no reason, everyone gets assmad at him

    If it's a work ok fine, but if it's not and all he's doing is taking his ball and going home, fuck him. I was not a CM Punk fan, I still am not right now. Maybe I missed his good stuff from the ECW brand and only saw him after the pipebomb ordeal which was an alright promo, not the best that...
  6. Jonathan Todd

    Southern Heritage Division

    Ken, Tone, Ben, Brian, and Max I have posted something that I need you all to fill out on the So Her Doc in Google Docs. I'd appreciate it. Thanks. Any questions you can pm me or leave it there on the doc I check it daily.
  7. Jonathan Todd

    Curtis Penn Match Writing Aid

    Personality: Curtis’ believes that he is truly the greatest wrestler in the world; the problem is that the world just has not up to him yet. This is why Curtis cannot make friends, has no allies, and always believes that he can do it better alone than with a supporting cast. There is no match...
  8. Jonathan Todd

    Calling all Handlers a bored ol' timer needs someone to renew his intrests

    Ok this is kinda new to me, but I'm tired of running angles and stories by my lonesome. So I'm asking anyone if they'd like to work with me. Ya'll can pm me, tell me which character you'd like to work with and I'll jump on it.
  9. Jonathan Todd

    Wrestle Coast Cascadia

    For any of you remember this awesomeness that Justin did prior to DEF here you go! http://wrestlecoast.30.forumer.com/index.php?act=idx I find things in moments of boredom.

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