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  1. SRadder

    Wouldn't It Be Nice?

    (Our scene opens at The Most Famous Intersection In The World, Hollywood and Vine. STEVE RADDER is standing on one corner, beside an entrance to the Hollywood/Vine subway station, wearing a USC hoodie.) STEVE RADDER: In our business, it's good to know a winner. It's good to know a loser...
  2. SRadder

    Smooth Talker

    (FADEIN to STEVE RADDER standing at the bar of an outdoor club, still in Texas.) STEVE RADDER : Now, I never said I was the smartest man in the world, I'll be the first to admit that. Hey, it's true. I am, however, smart enough to see a no-good dime-a-dozen mook when I see one, and...
  3. SRadder

    The Next Vito Corleone

    (FADEIN to STEVE RADDER standing infront of a CSWA backdrop with a smirk on his face along with an ASSKICKERS ANONYMOUS t-shirt.) STEVE RADDER : Hey, pal, wins may not matter to you. Pride's all that matters? That's fine. Pride is the only thing that can lead people? Whatever. You say I...
  4. SRadder

    The New Guy

    (FADEIN to STEVE RADDER, standing at the top of the ramp leading to the ring in the FISH FUND PARK ARENA, clapping his hands slowly.) STEVE RADDER : Not bad, not bad. It's always SO exciting to see new blood in the CSWA. So exciting! (RADDER stops clapping, and purses his lips, seemingly in...
  5. SRadder

    And Now, A Word From My Partner

    (FADEIN to a shot of STEVE RADDER sitting down infront of a news desk that the techies of one of Sweetwaters' network affiliates let him use. RADDER shuffles his papers around, then looks up and smiles at the camera.) STEVE RADDER : Ladies and gentlemen, we are interrupting your usual...
  6. SRadder


    (Fade-in to a shot of Main St., Sweetwater, TX. Banners advertising the return of FISH FUND to the area and the re-opening of Fish Fund Park Arena hang from street lamps, one of which STEVE RADDER is leaning against.) STEVE RADDER : It's been a long time since I was in elementary school, I...
  7. SRadder

    Oh, You So Old ...

    (The camera opens to a large sunflare. It turns to the right and focuses on a sign with a large "?" on it, and the words "Tourist Information" written below. The view switches to the inside of the building, where STEVE RADDER is standing at a desk, chatting with the girl behind it.) STEVE...
  8. SRadder

    Back In The Fold

    (STEVE RADDER, waiting infront of the "Welcome to Sweetwater, A Nice Place to Live! sign, hands in the pockets of his jeans, and a smirk on his face.) STEVE RADDER : The last time I was in here, I was wrestling Mark Vizzack for the US title, which Kevin Powers eventually won, and Eddy Love, my...
  9. SRadder

    Public Service Announcement

    (Fade-In on STEVE RADDER standing in the middle of the ring in Kansas City, where workers bustle about getting things ready ... but staying out of his way.) STEVE RADDER : Look, Cruise. (RADDER chuckles to himself.) When I caled you over-confident : I wasn't paying you a compliment...
  10. SRadder

    The Kids These Days Have No Respect

    (The shot fades in on STEVE RADDER sitting on a bench in the locker room with a white towel hanging from his shoulders.) STEVE RADDER : Cruise, your confidence, really, THAT's what's admirable. The problem, Cam, is this : there's too much of it. There's certain things you don't do, Cruise, if...
  11. SRadder

    Meeting His Match

    (FADEIN to Steve Radder, newly crowned CSWA World Champion, stepping into an unmarked police cruiser outside a terminal at JFK Airport. It's the very definition of "middle of the night", about 3:00AM. The car pulls away, and moving in and out of traffic, crosses into Manhattan, and makes its...

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