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  1. BoEd

    Frank Pastore

    Handler Information Name: John Cantellop Email Address: jcantellop@gmail.com Best Way to Contact You: (Forum PM/AIM/Facebook/Email/other) forum PM or Facebook eWrestling Experience: (What have you done? Where?) I've RPed, written segments, and written matches. Lots of collab work with others...
  2. BoEd

    Aran Dishon

    Wrestler's Name: 'Reckless' Aran Dishon Height: 5'11" Weight: 212lbs Date Of Birth: December 5, 1988 Hometown: Dallas, Texas Entrance Music: "For The Love Of The Game" by Pillar Physical Appearance: Aran is 21 years old going on 16, he has youthful looks, to be honest he's...
  3. BoEd


    Is EPW accepting apps right now, or is the roster full?
  4. BoEd

    Bored of Edukashun

    The name's John, and I've been itching to try out this tag team. I'm hoping I can do well in a different environment, especially with a brand new team I've never used before. The name of the team is 'Bored of Edukashun', so please be gentle with me. Now me, I'm married w/ 2 kids(daughters), and...

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