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    HOW Tag Team Division Info

    **TAG TEAM TITLE DIVISION** Alright I am going to give this division one final push here in HOW. Right now i am recruiting tag teams...and tag teams only. I dont care if its one handler doing the team themselves or forming a family of characters like Mario. But what i want is tag teams in...
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    HOW opens Applications

    This happens once every 8 weeks and it is once again time for ALL applications to be accepted for High Octane Wrestling. A new PPV period has started and over the next 6 weeks both rosters in HOW, Turmoil and Mayhem, will be fighting to get on the next PPV show...Rumble at the Rock 2-live from...
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    HOW News and notes...

    High Octane Wrestling presented War Games on Monday August 11th live from the United Center in Chicago Illinois. The event when on without a hitch and today the gate receipts were officially announced as HOW raked in $869,600 dollars in ticket sales as the event was not a full sell out but as...
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    HOW goes Down Under??

    High Octane Wrestling has been based in Chicago since its inception in 2000. Now Lee Best is only a signature away from selling 49% of High Octane Wrestling to an investment firm out of Australia. Details are sketchy right now but the rumored deal will give Lee the necessary funds to air...
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    HOW Presents: RATR

    On October 13th High Octane Wrestling presents Rumble at the Rock. This event will take place inside Alcatraz Prison off the shores of California. There will be no rings, only matches taking place in different parts of the prison. Expect more details after HOW Presents War Games this Monday live...
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    HOW Acceptiing Applications

    Having fired four wrestlers for doing the typical flake outs, Lee Best and HOW have four openings. Looking for creative people who love storylines and competiting. Wont brag about this and that...check out the site and the forums and see if you want to join. 2 rp limit per show with PPVs...
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    Apps Open, Mayhem #2 Rating

    One week ago the mood of Lee Best was something to be desired. This week is a complete 180 as Lee is said to be very happy with the ticket sales for the second showing of Monday Night Mayhem. Ticket Sales were up 9% with a total of 11,262 tickets being sold for a total gate of $337,860. The...
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    HOW Rating, Total Gate

    Those that are familiar with High Octane Wrestling know that Lee Best uses a simple but complex system to bring realism into this game we call efedding. One of those systems is his payroll system which has been often duplicated. Well Lee has upped the anti and by factoring in the number of...
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    Moving Day in HOW

    Today is moving day in High Octane Wrestling as Lee Best and his crew prepare for the first show in the relaunch of HOW. Not only are they moving into their new offices in Chicago Illinois, but also online. The new online home for HOW is http://www.howrestling.com. The new permanent home for...
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    HOW Roster...Site

    Over the last two weeks Lee Best has signed over 17 wrestlers to take part of the refueling of High Octane Wrestling. He has also secured some sponsorship deals to help with the funding and has also signed an announce team. (one of which has already been arrested!) On a technical note the...
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    HOW opens up Doors!

    With a brand new and innovative site on the way I have decided to go ahead and start the recruiting process for HOW's return. I have already signed several HOW loyalists and am looking for new blood. I am currently using a temp site as a holder until our paid, expansive and database driven site...
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    High Octane Wrestling: Refueled

    Went ahead and bought some hosting and a domain to get my fed back up and running. Been a few years and almost 8 since i started High Octane Wrestling. The domain is www.highoctanewrestling.com and the site is in the works. Feel free to check it out and I will be looking all over the net...
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    First visit in a looong time. Real life made me take a backseat to fedding for quite awhile. Just wanted to say whats up and hope to get to know the peeps i dont know and reconnect with the ones i do.
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    Applications Officially Open

    After a week of recruiting staffers and a few roleplayers the Golden Phoenix Staff has officially opened up Applications on the site. "All week I was trying to get a staff together first before going for the wrestlers. Staff one number one on my priority list. Well now that I have that taken...
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    Application Form help

    never really had to use apps before and upon creating an application form tonight i cannot figure out how to format the HTML so that when someone hits submit it doesnt open Outlook Express. Anyone help me out with this...thanks in advance. Here is the page for reference...
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    Main Event Announced

    If you downloaded the press conference from earlier today you already know the match..if not well here is the official statement from Lee Best. "On November 8th Golden Phoenix Wrestling will hold its first even and I am happy to announce that we already have our first main event in place. It...
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    New Audio/Temp Site

    Lee Best put up a new temp website for GPW late last night to take the place of the 5 min job that was up there before. Make sure to check it out. Also there is two files worth downloading inside the audio link on the site. Interviews with the first signees and also a press conference with...
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    GPW-Lee Best Inc.

    With the sudden deletion/hacking (whatever you want to call it..grrr) of HOW I took the summer off to cool off and just relax from fedding. Well I got the new comp, still have the itch and thus have decided on rejoining the game that I love so much. Golden Phoenix Wrestling's backstory is...
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    FTP info?

    I am trying to use FTP with my account... What is the addy to use for fwrestling? ftp.fwrestling.com ? When i use that i login with my username and PW and then it asks for account. I have no idea what "account" refers to
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    Does fwrestling hosting support PHP? And if not..can you point my in the direction of another stie that does offer free efed site hosting with PHP support? Love to get my High Octane Wrestling efed hosted on a site with PHP support

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