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  1. themikeyp

    Billy "All There Is" Moser (BACKSTORY)

    (OORP: This first post is basically a recap of a storyline that I ran in Paul's TCW as well as the CSWA with "Wicked Sight" Mike Plett and the only other character I've ever really ran with - Billy "All There Is" Moser. The second post is going to be vital to Plett's development as he returns...
  2. themikeyp

    Resurfacing Abroad

    CUT TO: One can almost see his or her breath walking down the Riverfront Amphitheater area of Spokane… People are walking all around, heading toward a concert or event of some sort. The image focuses out among the people on one man by himself, sitting on a park bench. A leather jacket and...
  3. themikeyp

    I was wondering...

    ... since I haven't been on this page in a half a decade if Cameron Cruise was *really* still Presidential Champion or if it hadn't been updated since I left, but got caught reading three or four years worth of cards. <grin> When's Fish Fund? And if he leaves Rudy Seitzer out of it this...

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