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    Steve Johnson

    Allow myself to introduce...myself. My name is Alex Acosta, I am an aries, and rp for Steve Johnson. I used to live in Miami, but now live in the land of Lucha, Merida, Mexico. For those who are no good at geography that is about 3 hours away from Cancun. I know guys like Barry probably...
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    A tribute to the past... A promise for the future

    (Fade in to Steve Johnson sitting outside the arena near an ambulance on a chair being looked over by a few EMT’s. His nose is filled with cotton swabs that have turned red from blood. His nose looks like it has been hastily put back into place after having had his face smashed numerous times...
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    constructive criticsm on the CCP v ryan/beast match

    Well yall its the first match I have ever written, but i would appreciate any comments. Thanks
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    Introducing myself

    Hello all my name is Alex Acosta and its imy pleasure to rping with you all as Steve Johnson. Feel free to insult me, question my sexuality, and any other offensive statements, but please be kind to my rebuilding Miami Dolphins.
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    Are you really that good?

    I really want to say how much I have enjoyed reading the Rumble RP so far, it has by far been some of the most entertaining and well written material I have ever read. So for those of you rping, thanks for giving me a reason to procrastinate.
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    Allow myself to introduce ....myself

    Well gentleman, I have seen many of you RP but I have been out of the loop since late 00, but my name is Alex and back in the day I rped Conflict in the FWF and at one point Jack DAniels in some other League that died out. Look foward to rping with yall and having fun with Steve Perry, I...

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