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  1. Lord Raab

    Throwing people over the top rope/Maniac Rumble shoot

    OOC: It's 2974 without this note and the RP banner I always put in all of my RP's. Had no time to proof read this RP due to another RP I had to do elsewhere so this will do for now my apologies for this RP being so late. Throwing people over the top rope training. Las Vegas, Nevada...
  2. Lord Raab

    "The Masked German Monster" Lord Raab

    APPLICATION - Handler Name: Fizz - Contact Info: I'll PM you this. - Current EFed (if any): WEW, Indy SCW and 4CW - Are you representing those EFed's with this character?: Yes - Is anyone else from your EFed entered in Battlemania?: Yes Alexis Morrison in WEW, but nobody from Indy SCW and...

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