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    The Death Row Wrestling Thread

    URL: http://deathrowwrestling.com/ Type: Roleplay RP Limit: 2 RPs, 1200 Limit Art: Poser Frequency: Bi-weeklish Twitter: https://twitter.com/DeathRowWrestli Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/DeathRowWrestling/ Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/deathrowwrestling/ RESULTS Welcome to Death...
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    EWrestling History Buffs... I need your help!

    Alright EWrestling history buffs.. I need your help! New Android & iOS in development. Think Trivia Crack for EWrestling. Play against others in the hobby. Details of what I need are here: http://ewtorch.com/2016/02/25/calling-all-e-wrestling-history-junkies/ SCREENSHOTS CAN BE FOUND AT THE...
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    eWtorch Mobile Apps Launch!

    http://ewtorch.com If you haven't checked the Torch out, then you should. It's quick to find news from feds around the game. Android: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.ewtorch.newsapp. iOS: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/ewtorch/id1082216978?ls=1&mt=8 Windows...
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    Classic Mafia game starting.. SIGN UP!

    [Didn't find an advertising forum like you used to have. Hope this is in the right place] We just had an awesome mafia game over on the UTA forums, and now looking to hopefully expand to a larger game. Do you enjoy mafia? It takes just a few moments to sign up on the forums and join in on the...
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    @TheEfedAsshole is Not Me

    Hello, I just wanted to stop by each community and make sure that I raise up that someone has taken the @TheEfedAsshole twitter I deleted a few months ago and is pretending to be me. If you could, pass the word if you hear anyone complaining. I'd appreciate it. At this time I believe the person...
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    Sorry for the last day rp bud. Ask Brusch, I have been working INSANE hours. Like 30+ hour work days. Look forward to facing.
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    'Superb' Dick Fury

    Wrestler Name: Dick Fury Nicknames (if applicable): "Superb" Dick Fury, You Baby's Real Daddy, Mr. Jizztastic, Supreme Sleaze Height: 5'10 Weight: 218lbs Hometown: Hollywood, CA Birthdate: Forever Young Baby Physical appearance: Ring gear: See Above Theme music: "My Dick" by Mickey...
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    I am migrating DEFIANCE to my new server. Currently it is in the file stage. You can continue posting and such until I tell you that I have moved to the database stage. The main domain may go down for a bit when I switch the DNS, which will happen last. However, I will provide a temporary URL...
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    Huge Announcement Regarding October 19th Edition of UTA Wrestleshow

    HUGE ANNOUNCEMENT REGARDING OCTOBER 19TH EDITION OF WRESTLESHOW Posted by Rumor Man Stan on 29 Sep 2014 Earlier today on UTA Radio it was revealed that the October 19th edition of Wrestleshow from Monterrey, Mexico would be a huge, five hour edition of the program airing live on Pure Sports...
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    Poser Factory

    We now have over 900 absolutely FREE and ready to use poser shots of characters created by a various number of Poser artist for you to use, 100% free without fear of being told you stole someone's work over at http://poserfactory.com. The site was created with YOU, the handler in mind. Us...
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    The Return of Madman Szalinski

    Madman is returning to the show after being out of action since the PPV. The return show is in his home state, so to promote it I put this together. I think it came out pretty good.
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    United Toughness Alliance

    UNITED TOUGHNESS ALLIANCE http://WrestleUTA.com Owner: Ben Halkum Opened: 1996-2007; December 2013 - Current Type: Roleplay Roster Size: Capped at 24 Picbase: Poser Frequency: Bi-Weekly The United Toughness Alliance is a classic fed, brought back and running stronger than ever. We run our main...
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    Madman Szalinski and Peach in the Hospital [POSER]

    Just wanted to post these and get some opinions. Madman, who won the UTA Championship at Black Horizon, is currently in a coma after the show.
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    Game of Mafia

    This isn't directly eFed related, but it is born out of the love of Mafia games on eFed boards... A buddy and I have launched http://GameOfMafia.com and are looking for others who enjoy Mafia games to join up so we can get to cracking. Right now it's just a few forums, and instructions...
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    The UTA is seeking about 5 new people.. oh, and we have a new sexy design..

    United Toughness Alliance http://WrestleUTA.com Yea, the same one from back in the day. We're 6 shows into our return, and have had a ton of praise about how well written they are. Now, we have a new sexy site design that should take you guys back to when people gave a shit about how their fed...
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    ‘Behind the Scene’ eWrestling Documentary Starting Soon

    ‘Behind the Scene’ eWrestling Documentary Starting Soon Behind the Scene is the first in a series of upcoming eWrestling related documentaries. BtS will follow Ben Halkum in his day to day operations of the eWrestling resource site and community eWscene.com. The documentary will...
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    Backstage 3 Script - How To Videos

    I will be compiling videos on how to use the Backstage 3 script like the NFW uses. These will be useful for new members who have yet to use the script. Until I have the website set up for these videos, I will add them to this thread as I create them.
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    Backstage 3 Script - How To Videos

    Working on "How To" videos for Backstage 3. I will update this post as they are added. FAN ACCOUNTS Options for a FAN Account: http://backstage3.ewscene.com/?p=45 CHARACTER How to Update Your Bio: http://backstage3.ewscene.com/?p=25 Adding/Updating Your Allies...
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    I just want you to RP, Nothing Else...

    The UTA was the first fed I ran and it has a long history. Well, it's back and our first show goes up on the first. But I need more handlers. That's where you come in. I'm not going to go into a long spill about why the UTA is better than everyone else, it just re-opened and probably wont be...
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    EXCLUSIVE: The Shoot - One on One Interview with Ryan Dangerous

    It's been over a half of a year since the controversy of THW and Ryan Dangerous. Mr. Dangerous will sit down with Ben for a one on one interview to talk about the good, the bad, and what he has learned from the situation. All of the cards are on the table as one man attempts to tell his story...

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