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  1. Chris

    Hello again.

    I'm Montiero. For those of you who don't know me, I've been drifting around various communities for the last several years. I've recently decided to come back from a long hiatus though, and am looking at some form of role in the game. And for those of you who do know me, hello again! Can...
  2. Chris


    I've really got to keep more up to date with the goings on around here. After a breif vacation from the internet for a couple of months, I brush by here to see one event's been posted and a second's pretty much on its' way. So I was wondering, it being nearly three years since I made it onto...
  3. Chris

    How do you apply for the new free hosting package?

    I've only just discovered the new web shell today for the free FWrestling hosting, and already I'm confused. How do you actually apply for the free FWrestling hosting under the new script? When I click "Order", it just takes me straight to the premium hosting page. I'd pay for premium, but I'm...
  4. Chris

    Back, Again.

    Yeah, Monty's back again. I've actually lost count of how many times I've exited/returned to the wonderful world of eWrestling. I've also lost count of how many times I've had to reintroduce myself here on the count of nobody ever remembers me - I'm certain that number will increase in this...
  5. Chris


    I've been a little inactive over here lately, so I guess I decided it's time for me to jump back on the FWCentral bandwagon. Howdy (again).
  6. Chris

    Guerrero Petition

    This post is to show everyone here an article which shows what the WWE should do or at least consider to not let Eddie die in vein. Vince said on MSNBC, "Theres nothing you really can do that measures up to what Eddie's influences and contributions were to this business." I think that is...
  7. Chris

    TNA NEEDS to sign this guy!

    http://nomercyvideo.com/Fantastic/HumanTornado.wmv Many of you will recognise him from the indy scene. I seriously think TNA should sign him. Although the D-Ray gimmick failed, I think this one has a better edge to it. Your thoughts?
  8. Chris

    Hardy on Raw - a work?

    Well, you saw or heard about what happened on RAW. Is this all a work, you ask? I think it's a yes-and-no situation. Yes, some of this was obviously planned beforehand. I seriously doubt that Hardy would agree to get in the ring and fight Edge in-character if it wasn't pre-arranged. But...
  9. Chris

    Total Knockout Wrestling

    Now, this has been planned for about a month. The site's due for launch this Friday, with a planned weekly show to start the preceeding week. Obviously, with the site just opening now, we're a little low on members. I know this isn't the ideal way to recruit, with the site not fully...
  10. Chris

    Monty's REAL Wrestling Problem

    I'm not sure if this is classed as fantasy wrestling or what, but I've really got to get this damn thing out in the open. I, like many fedders, do actually wrestle in the ring. I live in the north of England and am currently training to hone my skills in a small company. Now, are you all...
  11. Chris

    TNA's Television Fiasco

    It's just been rumoured that TNA will take over the former WWE Velocity slot on Saturdays. The deal has not been finalised, but it appears awfully close. Now, do you think this is a wise move for TNA? There are other options out there. I am unsure about the whole Time Warner/AOL...
  12. Chris

    Online Tournaments

    There are many things the eFed community lacks. I suppose one of them is a fixed tournament calendar. I've come accross many tournaments throughout my years of fedding. Some of them I entered. Some of them I even won. I suppose the point of this thread is to see if anyone can help establish...
  13. Chris

    PHP and Log-in

    Question 1 - Does anyone know where I can learn PHP? Reason? To put it one way, my server looks like a trash can with the numerous .dat and .txt files required for my numerous CGI script. I've also hit a problem with my log-in section, where there is no authentication checker. I know to do...
  14. Chris

    Monty's here!

    Some people may know me from numerous places throughout the net, particularly on RoughKut, RWN, PrimeTime Central and, most recently, XNet. I'm Christian Montiero, a fed head and fedder. To sum up my history, I debuted and bombed in a GeoCities fed, then bombed in RoughKut's RKW eFed, then...

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