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  1. EpyonMarx

    Wolves of the Sea

    Team Name: Wolves of the Sea Entrance Theme: “Wolves of the Sea” by Alestorm Entrance: A Jolly Roger appears on the screen as Alestorm’s “Wolves of the Sea” starts up. When the verse starts, a spotlight scans from the centre of the ring, quickly up to the top of the big screen, where the...
  2. EpyonMarx

    New Soap Opera - UK

    I'm not normally one for this kind of thing, but I'm acting in a new soap opera that's looking to make it onto TV in the UK. It's an amazing show, great writing, and some incredible actors. Do you know what would be even more amazing? If some of you wanted to follow along with our adventures...
  3. EpyonMarx

    Matchwriting for Agg. 66

    It's the fault of the Emergency Induction Port.
  4. EpyonMarx

    Russian Roulette Q&A

    [FADE IN to the fan interview table at the Russian Roulette fanfest. Otaku, dressed as Melfina from Outlaw Star, is sat next to an empty chair, taking questions from fans] Otaku: Seriously, there’s a helluva lot of hairspray that gets applied backstage at a Cosplay show. For the guys as well as...
  5. EpyonMarx

    After the Match *contains spoiler for aggression 62! read that first!*

    [FADE IN to backstage at Aggression 62. “The Dragon”, his forehead and left eye bandaged, is sitting talking to an EMT as Otaku bursts through the door] Otaku: Dragon-domo! I’m so sorry! [The EMT moves as if to chastise the cosplayer, but “The Dragon” lays his hand on his shoulder. The EMT...
  6. EpyonMarx

    <audio> tag help in HTML5 - making the page too slow!

    I've just checked a site I built to try and promote my voiceover business, and it looks like the file sizes are too large thanks to the <audio> elements I'm using http://www.karlbrownvoiceover.com I was wondering if anyone could suggest a change to the audio elements that would make the page...
  7. EpyonMarx

    Animezing Dragon!

    Team Name: Animezing Dragon Members: Otaku and Karl "The Dragon" Brown Combined Weight: 441lbs Entrance Theme: "Ikari No Jyushin" (the theme from "Jushin Liger") Entrance (PPV): Green, gold and white lights scatter across the big screen before the lyrics kick in, the crowd popping as Karl “The...
  8. EpyonMarx

    WWE Top 10 Masked Wrestlers

    In an attempt to look as if they know about wrestling, WWE's website has done a video package of the top 10 masked wrestlers of all time (according to WWE). In reverse order: 10) Sin Cara 9) Psicosis 8) Vader 7) Tiger Mask 6) Jushin Liger 5) Mankind 4) Ultimo Dragon 3) Kane 2) Mil Mascaras 1)...
  9. EpyonMarx

    A proper challenge

    To whomsoever has the desire, Lord Coyner Pollard extends an open invitation to engage in battle inside a NFW ring at your nearest convenience. The rules of the contest shall be Britannia Rules. All those wishing to accept this challenge, please enter your name in the rolls and let battle be joined.
  10. EpyonMarx

    Before the dawn

    [FADE IN to a darkened hotel room, the light coming from a small reading lamp near the bed. We hear a tap running for a few seconds before the faucet’s turned off and the water dies with a few quick drips. The door opens and we see the outline of the former Television Champion, dressed in jeans...
  11. EpyonMarx


    Name: Otaku Height: 6’1” Weight: 230lbs Hometown: Neo Tokyo Tower Alignment: Face Physical Description: Blond hair, cut short (back and sides), slightly spiky on top. He has blue eyes, which somehow manage to change colour – blue is their neutral colour, but they can change to a wide...
  12. EpyonMarx

    Stand Up to Vince

    http://www.standuptovince.com/ A movement to try and force Vince McMahon to treat wrestlers better and prevent the growing number of grapplers who die young.
  13. EpyonMarx

    Dan Ryan vs. Bloodhunt

    How do people feel about seeing Dan Ryan go up against Bloodhunt, with a 20 minute time limit? I'm happy to write it, long or short (recap) form.
  14. EpyonMarx


    Happy Birthday!
  15. EpyonMarx

    EPW: Aggression 50 Feedback

    And the winner of EPW Show of the Year 2010... this one! Some great matches, great segments, and a lot of really interesting stories coming out of it. I especially liked the pacing of this show, it had the Mega Event feel but didn't seem to be trying to go full-speed all night. Great work from...
  16. EpyonMarx

    Karl "The Dragon" Brown

    Wrestler Name: Karl “The Dragon” Brown Real Name: Karl Brown Height: 6’0” Weight: 211lbs Hometown: Nottingham, England Entrance Music: “Rainmaker” by Iron Maiden. Entrance: The lights cut out seconds before “Rainmaker” blasts over the PA. As soon as the guitars kick in, green and white...
  17. EpyonMarx

    Edward "Umaga" Fatu has died

    I just logged onto LordsofPain.net and the first thing that catches my eye is this article: The man known recently to WWE fans as Umaga has died aged 36 after his second heart attack.. Recent reports said he was likely to be brought back to national TV with WWE. A heart attack at aged 36 is...
  18. EpyonMarx

    That's Entertwiiter...

    [FADE IN. Mr. Entertainment is standing in front of a plain brick wall ME: So, I keep gettin' stopped at airports, when I'm havin' a bite ta eat, or when I'm gettin' ready ta kick some ass. Why? Because people wanna know wha' I'm doin' with myself, tha's why. So, because I'm such a nice guy...
  19. EpyonMarx

    Happy Birthday Jeff!

    30 today... here's to another 30 :) Or 300. Whichever you prefer :-p
  20. EpyonMarx

    Manchester? Disgusting.

    (((FADE IN - to Lord Coyner Pollard, sitting in a high-backed leather chair. Jeeves is standing beside him))) Lord Coyner Pollard: It baffles Us, does it not, Jeeves, how one who claims English heritage, such as Legion, can fail to hear you when you mention Liverpool? Jeeves: Yes, M'lud. Lord...

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