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  1. glorypro

    Ross Fynmore's (Argyle) Backstage 3

    Hello there. I'm currently using White Mexican Backstage Script for my fed. I've heard amazing things about Backstage 3, but I can't seem to find it anywhere. I would love to switch over to it if I could get my hands on it. I believe New Frontier uses it and a few of the others up there at the...
  2. glorypro

    Legacy Pro Wrestling

    Hello, here to peddle my fed if you don't mind. I'm a very experienced Fed Head having run a feeder league fed for a while before the primary fed went under, took over a fed until the owner wanted it back, and started a fed that was very successful and eventually gave it to a friend to run...
  3. glorypro

    Hello There

    Hello all. Not sure if anyone around here knows me, but I've been a part of efedding for a quite a while now. I've handled characters of Kylo and Eriq Mobely, most notably, I also ran New Legends of Wrestling for a while. Decided to start up a promotion (Legacy Pro Wrestling) and figured it...

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