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  1. AC Blood

    Lookin for a fed

    Hey... lookin' for a fed to get into. Hopefully something that's already runnin' and stuff. Someone holler at me on AIM AC Blood xXx or email me at acblood@gmail.com or send me a PM here. Post a sample RP from jWo soon. Regards, Clint. ______________________________________________ NAME...
  2. AC Blood

    PCW: Zenith One!

    Zenith One has finally hit the air waves and it was a fantastic show. LIVE from the Humble Civic Center, Humble, Texas in front of 5,321 fans it was a great event. 8 men battled it out to become the FIRST PCW Champion in tournament rounds before 4 victors faced off to take the title. Who...
  3. AC Blood

    Paramount Championship Wrestling

    OK... so the idea I had a couple of weeks ago was probably a bit technical. And I understand so I've resorted to a more traditional based RP fed called Paramount Championship Wrestling. One show a week. A PPV here and there. Three title belts. Come and check us out. Accepting handlers and...
  4. AC Blood

    The Championship Exhibition!

    Ladies and gentlemen, the moment you've all been waiting for... the Championship and Ken Kashmere Kontacts Sports Management proudly announces that they will be running an exhibition round as somewhat of a pilot to tests audiences and television ratings. This will be screened on ESPN2 at 8:30pm...
  5. AC Blood

    Hownswagglin' Huck RP

    I just had to make a post to let you know how much I enjoyed that roleplay. It was very entertaining and I'm looking forward to seeing a lot more of your character. Excellent work, Shawn Hart. That was fantastic. LOLZ!
  6. AC Blood

    A card?

    Any ideas as to who we're all facing or is that surprises for when the card comes out coz I'M EXCITED!
  7. AC Blood

    the Championship

    Its not an ordinary fed. You couldn't even call it a fed. Its a league. And I'm looking for some guys to join the ranks. Probably a weekly thing at this stage, interest would be good. http://thechamp.ewcentral.com/ ^ that's the link. There's a lot of information on the concept, and the...
  8. AC Blood


    Will applications for NFW open soon or is it some sort of invite only type deal?
  9. AC Blood

    Just Watch Me

    Power Trip 4/28 - Just Watch Me (FADE IN: luverlee bluish/white haze of flourescene and that fried chicken sweat smell) The gym was practically empty aside from a skin and bones geek trying his best to press 10kg above his head, the trainer issuing him some advice as to what he should do in...
  10. AC Blood


    Hey there, everybody. My name's Clint and I'm new here. Looking to get involved in something, have applied to jWo as that seems interesting. Hopefully I get in *fingers crossed*. I'm currently working on a website for my character and should have it finished over the next week or so. Look...

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