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  1. Jesse Ramey

    This Is a Thing Now...

    So, I guess Mike Best want to put me on blast on Twitter and talk crap because he feels that I ranked him poorly because I have some kind of personal vendetta against him. I don't care if I personally like you or not, if I'm given the opportunity to be a judge for something I'm going to do it to...
  2. Jesse Ramey

    EFG 297 - Defiance Super Special Spectacular!

    Join Jesse Ramey (@ACWAntiStar) in his final broadcast as he is joined by Angry Justin (@defiance4u) owner and operator of Defiance and Evan Hurley (@BronsonBoxer) handler of Bronson Box as they discuss the recent Defiance PPV and reveal live on the air a draft for the DEFMAX Tournament Blocks...
  3. Jesse Ramey

    Breaking News! Injury Report!

    Word has been running wild in the backstage area of Jolt over the past few days. It seems as though the rumor going around is that during this week’s live Intense current Jolt Champion, “The Anti-Star” Jesse Ramey, may have suffered several injuries. While it is unclear at this time if the...
  4. Jesse Ramey

    EFG Burning the Midnight Oils

    Random EFG coming up in sixteen minutes if people want to join. If not, whatever. lol http://www.blogtalkradio.com/fwrestling/2013/10/21/efg-whatever
  5. Jesse Ramey

    Feedback Wanted

    Would there be any interest from members of this community in a straight forum based FW angle fed? I would be looking to do a from the ground up low level local promotion doing bi-weekly shows out of the same revamped bingo hall turned into a wrestling gym with a capacity of 300 people. If you...
  6. Jesse Ramey

    E-Fed Guerillas 49 - The Return of Special K!

    Join Jesse Ramey and the return of none other than Special K himself, Keegan. As we talk and rant about everything e-wrestling related! 9-16-2012 @ 12PM NOON EST! http://www.fwrestling.com/showthread.php?24033-E-Fed-Guerillas-49-The-Return-of-Special-K!&p=98257#post98257
  7. Jesse Ramey

    Warriors 02 Review

    I'm going to steal Ray's thunder a bit here. ;) Jolt Warriors 02 Review: I.SEGMENT: "Standing At The Edge of the Flame" feat. Phoenix a. Like: Broken English b. Dislike: Placement c. Comments: It's obvious that after reading a few paragraphs into this segment that it was...
  8. Jesse Ramey

    Free Agent: Jesse Ramey

    Real Name: Jesse Tyler Ramey Date of Birth: January 6th, 1976 / 31 Birthplace/Current Residence: Harts, West Virginia Height/Weight: 5'11' / 205 lbs. Status: Heel Training School: (Brawling, Psychology, Stealth, and Stamina Training) July, 1986-December, 1990: Juvenile Military Boot Camp...

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