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  1. brusch

    (Tag Team) Those Parker Lions - Lane and Holden Parker

    I vote yes with the same notes as Joe and Markus.
  2. brusch


    I vote no (and not for not wanting to get into SHOOT stuff, which is fine - I do not care for casually tossing around "autistic" in the reasoning).
  3. brusch


    Can you elaborate at all about the "creative differences"?
  4. brusch

    Jacob Mephisto

    I vote yes based on Lindz's vouching for you being good people. To others' points, there are some other characters in the "master at mind games" archetype but I'm sure this character can be presented in a way that feels different.
  5. brusch

    Corvo Alpha

    Yes, yes, a thousand times yes
  6. brusch

    The Return of Henry Keyes

    Blame Linz for this. Handler Information Name: Ben Email Address: rusch.benjamin@gmail.com Best Way to Contact You: Email and PM are fine, I hear there's a Discord too and I'm amenable eWrestling Experience: I was in DEF from 2013-2016 and a few other efeds during that time as well. I also...
  7. brusch


    AKA, "the least shocking thread title ever". Sorry, guys. I don't really know what else to say but sorry. I had a ton ton TON of fun putting this project together and it was a wonderful and unique space for the year-ish it was up and going. I get the impression that I ran into a wall that many...
  8. brusch

    Would y'all object...

    ...if the show results were like, a page? Results, some tiny amounts of color. And then for the future, the word-count limit being shortened further and show results continuing to be 1 page max, expediting the whole process? Let me know your thoughts below. There are other things I have in...
  9. brusch

    MASS TRANSIT progress

    Good news - I got a new job and have a week and a half (roughly) off between jobs - that means the show should be quicker to produce this go-round. I've gotten a seg from Mighty Quinn. Anyone else who wants a seg should PM me ASAP (or, if it's not written yet and you want to reserve a spot, at...
  10. brusch

    MASS TRANSIT Lineup Announced!

    Red Line Wrestling presents... MASS TRANSIT The Lake Side Ballroom - McCormick Place - Chicago, IL Streaming online! Red Line Wrestling has HIT THE ROAD! It's our second super-show on iPPV. This card is loaded from top to bottom and is SURE to have long-term ramifications for the Red Line Crew...
  11. brusch

    MASS TRANSIT - Main Event - Ivan Dalkichev (c) v. The Second Coming

    MAIN EVENT RED CROWN CHAMPIONSHIP MATCH Roleplaying thread for Ivan Dalkichev (c) v. The Second Coming NO WORD LIMIT No stacking allowed whatsoever Roleplay deadline is Tuesday, June 23 at 11:59pm Central time
  12. brusch

    MASS TRANSIT - Triple Threat - Eric Dane v. Dick Fury v. Brad Andrews

    TRIPLE THREAT MATCH Roleplaying thread for Eric Dane v. Dick Fury v. Brad Andrews NO WORD LIMIT No stacking allowed whatsoever (in a Triple Threat, as long as SOMEONE responds, you can post another RP) Roleplay deadline is Tuesday, June 23 at 11:59pm Central time
  13. brusch

    MASS TRANSIT - Tables Match - Go-Go Spectacular v. Emevlas Stastias

    TABLES MATCH Roleplaying thread for Go-Go Spectacular v. Emevlas Stastias NO WORD LIMIT No stacking allowed whatsoever Roleplay deadline is Tuesday, June 23 at 11:59pm Central time
  14. brusch

    MASS TRANSIT - No DQ - El Habanero v. Victor Vacio

    NO-DISQUALIFICATION MATCH Roleplaying thread for El Habanero v. Victor Vacio NO WORD LIMIT No stacking allowed whatsoever Roleplay deadline is Tuesday, June 23 at 11:59pm Central time
  15. brusch

    MASS TRANSIT - Hittora v. Jessica Cross

    Roleplaying thread for Hittora v. Jessica Cross NO WORD LIMIT No stacking allowed whatsoever Roleplay deadline is Tuesday, June 23 at 11:59pm Central time
  16. brusch

    Brad Andrews

    Info for Lee's character, Brad Andrews. Wrestler Name: Brad Andrews Nicknames: BA, Good ol' BA, The Man Who Ruined Everything Height: 6’3” Weight: 267 lbs Hometown: Charlotte, North Carolina Birthdate: 6/17/81 Physical appearance: BA has a burly, slightly pudgy physique that would look...
  17. brusch


    BATTLE ROYALS ARE HARD TO WRITE Let me know what you think of the show! I think the RP thread for the Battle Royal in particular has lead to some interesting possibilities for the iPPV. Fingers crossed this causes less butthurt than Battlemania.
  18. brusch


    RED LINE WRESTLING in conjunction with DePaul University PRESENTS… SLAMTRACK 10 Streaming LIVE from the SULLIVAN ATHLETIC CENTER, CHICAGO, ILLINOIS [It’s a hopping and humming crowd tonight - signs are becoming more and more popular with the fans. Some of the more notable ones include...
  19. brusch

    SLAMTRACK 10 progress

    Super pumped at the response to the Battle Royal guys. That's going to be a fun one to write for sure. I'm shooting for post time no later than Memorial Day. If you have any on-show segs you want included, send them to me ASAP and I'll include 'em.
  20. brusch

    Eyes on a Prize

    The following RP was sent just after the SLAMTRACK 10 deadline by the anonymous entrant in the Battle Royal; in lieu of including it in the match thread, it's below. I haven’t gotten on camera and done one of these bad boys in a long time. And, as I’m trying to set everything up, it occurs...

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