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  1. bloxham

    Jamar and Andy - a conversation about FW (video)

    http://player.vimeo.com/video/42025144 Here's the video I promised during the podcast last week. Jamar let me crash over at his place tonight before a trip out tomorrow, so we made a little video discussing writing, characters, this tournament, cheeseburgers and more. Was quite fun. It's almost...
  2. bloxham

    found an old website

    There's nothing new on it, but it was fun to recently check out the website I used to maintain for my character. It's still online (and with very few dead links, surprisingly!). The last update to it was 2001, but it was a bit of memory lane, especially if you came from HEW or CWL. I might get...
  3. bloxham

    The Return of Zero, part 2

    As he came back through the curtain, Lint exhaled a huge sigh of relief as he wearily stumbled towards the arrows leading to the locker rooms. The sounds of "Infected" by Bad Religion still radiated outside in the arena, but he had done it. It wasn’t pretty. It wasn’t the best match of his...
  4. bloxham

    The Return of Zero, part 1

    Showing his ID badge to security, Lint opened the primary door into the backstage environment of the coliseum. He wasn’t sure if he had been to this location before. The cities and their host buildings ran together after so long. In memories, they become generalities. His only indicators were...
  5. bloxham

    Other creative outlets?

    This tournament has been a nice experience of "seeing" old faces and learning about new writers in this hobby. In addition to writing, I'm curious if any of you have other creative outlets? I know Paul's a musician (recorded that cd yet?) Anyone else? What do you do? Do share. I'm an art...

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