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  1. Frozen Atlantic

    Space cadets : charge.

    So guys, when I'm not waiting millions of years for Crash 50, I do some stuff at Sin Wrestling. They're having a big year end awards show where they are encouraging Everyone to make nominations. So... Go forth, and hook me up. http://z4.invisionfree.com/sinempire/index.php?showforum=47 -...
  2. Frozen Atlantic

    happy birthday

    lindz. your present is the jets are my upset special this week. :(
  3. Frozen Atlantic

    No more momma jokes!

    how's your mom?
  4. Frozen Atlantic

    Don't Ask Me Anything!

    I'm serious! Leave me alone! :mad:
  5. Frozen Atlantic

    yo, Katz?

    What's the deadline for segments for Crash?
  6. Frozen Atlantic

    Life Of The Mind, Part One

    Teresa pays the cabbie, and he doesn't wait for wellwishing. He kicks up dust over the concrete as he drives off, and Teresa stands in the snow-packed driveway, teeth already chattering in the cold. She stomps across the ice, leans against the door, and knocks. This, for all practical...
  7. Frozen Atlantic

    Studio 21 | Already Awesome Fed Seeks Veterans / Newbs / Ear Rapists / Whatever

    .:: Fed Profile ::. After about a year of preparation, Studio 21 is formally opening to the public and recruiting new talent to improve an already stellar product for 2008. We've been open for about 4 years, 3 of which were as TNA's official e-fed. We've got an active staff and a roster of...
  8. Frozen Atlantic

    Teresa Quaranta

    Name: Brandyn Email Address: frozenatlantic@gmail.com AIM/Yahoo Messenger: FrozenAtlantic Preferred Method of Handling: FW Promo, but other stuff is OK too. Best Way to Contact you: PM. WRESTLER INFORMATION: Name: Teresa Quaranta (given name is Maria-Teresa Cordova, but doesn't use it on...
  9. Frozen Atlantic

    Some Of Your Friends May Already Be This ****ed

    Nobody wants to wake up to the Chemical Brothers. But it was the morning or afternoon after Crash 42, and they must have run out of cool songs by black people, because the playlist had shifted. Teresa wakes up in a tent, under a makeshift cot, next to some douchebag she didn’t remember, the...
  10. Frozen Atlantic

    Angle Suggestions?

    So, I just got added to the National Championship tournament, which means I'm looking for a winning angle with a decent writer or two. Pretty much open for anything, so... yeah. PM's.
  11. Frozen Atlantic

    Things That Suck

    *~*~*~*~* “Céu é embaixo. Inferno é em cima. Isso é provado pelo fato de que planetas e estrelas são ordeiros em seus movimentos, enquanto abaixo na terra nos chegamos perto do caos primordial. Há mais quatro outras provas, mas Eu as esqueço.” - Josh The Dill, Cabala King Kong *~*~*~*~*...
  12. Frozen Atlantic

    A Sorry State Of Affairs

    *~*~*~*~* “Failure is not a single, cataclysmic event. You don't fail overnight. Instead, failure is a few errors in judgement, repeated every day.” - Jim Rohn *~*~*~*~* "Greetings, future lackeys. Regretfully, I appear before you in a spirit of embarassment and irritation." We cut away...
  13. Frozen Atlantic

    A Question Of Scale

    *~*~*~*~* "When asked how much educated men were superior to those uneducated, Aristotle answered, 'As much as the living are to the dead.'" - Diogenes Laertius *~*~*~*~* *A voice speaks from the darkness.* Teresa: Greetings, future lackeys. I must say... I tried to do things the right...
  14. Frozen Atlantic

    A Monument To Future Failures

    *~*~*~*~* "Those who wish to appear wise among fools, among the wise seem foolish." -Marcus Fabius Quintilianus *~*~*~*~* *A voice speaks from the darkness.* Teresa: Greetings, future lackeys. I must start by delivering my...
  15. Frozen Atlantic

    Greetings, Future Lackeys!

    *~*~*~*~* The Purple Sage opened his mouth and moved his tongue and so spake to them and he said: "The Earth quakes and the Heavens rattle; the beasts of nature flock together and the nations of men flock apart; volcanoes usher up heat while elsewhere...
  16. Frozen Atlantic

    TV Title Application

    MEMBER INFORMATION: Name: Brandyn Email Address: frozenatlantic@gmail.com AIM/Yahoo Messenger: frozenatlantic (AIM) WRESTLER INFORMATION: Wrestler Name: Teresa Q. Height: 5'11 Weight: 160 Hailing From: Toronto, Canada Handedness: Right Disposition: Babyface, but will occassionally do a...
  17. Frozen Atlantic

    Allow myself to introduce myself.

    I'm Frozen Atlantic. Obviously. Let's see, a couple of my friends are members of eWo, and I browsed my way over here. Gotta tell you, the place I'm at has some very talented writers, but I think I've enjoyed the content here more than any fed I've been to outside of my current one. NFW in...

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