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    Fantasy Football????

    Hey guys, I was wondering if you wanted to do a fantasy football league for WFW. I love fantasy football, and I think it would be cool to do one, just for the hell of it. If you're in, let me know and I'll set one up.. on yahoo. If I get 7 other people besides myself, I'll go with it. Please...
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    Where in the world...

    (FADEIN to a closed broadcast set. The "Where in the World is Carmen San Diego music is playing in the background. The camera zooms in to Scotty Michaels, wearing glasses, a gray wig, and a baby blue leisure suit, sitting at a broadcast desk.) V/O: On today's episode, we've changed the...
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    The most diabolical hater..

    ...this side of the Lehigh River (It's in Bethlehem, PA) (FADEIN to Jerome Henderson, wearing a lime green suit with a matching fedora. He's wielding a cane, and has a toothpick hanging out of his mouth. Jerome speaks with a much more exaggerated voice than ever before..) JEROME HENDERSON...
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    There's only one "Shawn" around here..

    (FADEIN to "Showtime" SHAWN MATTHEWS, standing in front of a plain NFW backdrop..) SHAWN MATTHEWS: "I swear to god, every time you turn around, there's someone showing up with the name Shawn. The name "Shawn" in relation to wrestling organizations is like Foreman grills, and a**holes, everybody...
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    (FADEIN to "Superstar" Scotty Michaels, again, sitting in his home office. In the background, we hear the lyrics of the Christina Aguilera song, "I turn to you"..) For the strength to be strong, For the will to carry on For everything you do, for everything that's true I turn to you. I turn to...
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    The Superstar Returneth..

    (FADEIN to "Superstar" Scotty Michaels, sitting at his desk, typing on his laptop. Michaels is wearing a Terrell Owens jersey, and a pair of shorts. After typing for another minute or so, Michaels wraps it up and closes the laptop. He kicks his feet up on the desk, with a smile on his face..)...
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    One for the road..

    (FADEIN to 'Superstar' SCOTTY MICHAELS, inside the Irish Pub. His hair's a mess, and he's shouting at the bartender, with slurred speech.. the bartender sets him up with a shot of vodka, and he pounds it..) SCOTTY MICHAELS: Bartender, get me another shot of vodka! I've got my chance to become...
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    For storyline purposes... please look.

    Back when I started the angle about Michaels winning the title by the end of the year, I figured there'd be a big pay per view at view's end... However, after talking to Paul, I realize it's not going to happen. So the angle is going to be that Scotty needs to win by the next pay per view...
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    It's that time...

    (Fadein to a private jet, in the air somewhere over the Atlantic Ocean. We cut inside, where we see a man sitting in a chair with a dark hood over his head. He begins to speak.) MAN: After making it all these years in all of the different foreign countries, I never thought that I would see the...

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