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    CAWO Discussion/Reaction

    This thread is meant to be a feedback or fan forum. Please feel free to post any responses, critiques or comments regarding CAWO or its shows in response to this thread. Thanks.
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    CAWO Red Dawn: Night 1 (PART 2)

    CAWO Red Dawn: Night 1 (Part 2) DG: “Let’s go backstage to Claudio Vargas!” [Backstage. Claudio in a fresh tuxedo is standing next to a large man with piercing blue eyes, platinum blonde hair cut short. Clad in a red singlet with the yellow Soviet star, hammer and sickle across his torso...
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    CAWO Red Dawn: Night 1 (PART 1)

    CAWO Red Dawn Night 1 [Across a black sky, a slight touch of red begins to emerge from beyond the horizon. A transmission is heard…] “Space cadet, pull up.” [As the round, blazing run sun begins to emerge from black horizon. Again, a voice transmits…] “Space cadet, pull up…” [White words...
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    CAWO: International Roster

    Singles Roster “The Fortunate Son” Jesus Franco (H) “The Revolution”Carson Beckham (T) “The Ravager” Reed Cromier (F) Godzilla (H) Hyuk Soo Yung (F) Tsukuyomi (H) “The Butcher” Baron Van Isen (H) Allister Carr (F) Halcon (F) Muerto (H) “New Era” Casey Noble (F) “Royal” Robert Hirschfield (H)...
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    CAWO Pacific Roster

    Singles Roster The Minstrel (H) “The Runaway” Josh Hamlin (F) “The Harbinger” William Montgomery (H) “The Strangler” Shane O’Neil (F) Sumo (H) The Hunter (F) Scorn (H) Musiq Maxwell (F) Phoenix Rising (F) Red Claw (H) “The Gamechanger” Quest (F) “The Surgeon” Steven Detmer (H) “Private” Sean...
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    CAWO Central Roster

    Singles Roster (Face, Tweener, Heel) “The Devil Himself” J.W. Oswald (H) “The Assassin” Armand Arkynson (T) “The Living Dead” Lazarus (H) “Lionheart” Lee Marshall (F) “The Uprising” Chase Riley (F) “The Agent of Chaos” Connor Durden (T) Epic (F) “The Whole Damn Show” Juan Castillas (T)...
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    CAWO Atlantic Roster

    Singles Roster (Face, Tweener, Heel) “The Aftermath” John McDonough (F) “The Foundation” Ryan McCain (H) Diabolous (H) “The Saving Grace” Skylar Graham (H) “Aerial Artistry” Devin Atkins (F) VooDoo - managed by The Witchdoctor (H) Rey Nado (F) “The Innovator” Trey Shaw (T) Tragedy (H) “The...
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    OOC - What is CAWO

    Hey all, First, allow me to provide a little background on who I am. My name is Patrick. I entered into UltraTitle 2012 with John McDonough and was in a couple of feds here around that timeframe as "The Minstrel" and "The Ravager" Reed Cromier. I thought posting here about my new project on...
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    CAWO: Red Dawn Nights 1 & 2 Lineup

    The Council of Affiliated Wrestling Organizations presents CAWO: Red Dawn! The CAWO is pleased present the two-night, pay-per-view extravaganza Red Dawn! In its debut event, the CAWO will bring together the biggest stars in wrestling as it crowns its initial World Heavyweight, Tag Team and...
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    CAWO: The Beginning

    CHICAGO, ILLINOIS -- Introducing the Council of Affiliated Wrestling Organizations (CAWO), an umbrella wrestling organization, which will function out of three distinct regions in the United States of America – the Atlantic, Central and Pacific - along with a fourth federation, CAWO...
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    Message Sent

    [Backstage, following his first round match, “The Aftermath” John McDonough is headed down a hallway with Shane on his right. The facepaint on the right side of his face has started to peel away ever so slightly and he is covered in perspiration. His strides are purposeful.] [Shane appears...
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    Round 2 Question

    Are we going to be able to submit segments for round 2?
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    IWF Surge Pre-RP Predictions

    Surge Main Event: Emerald City Championship Vizier ta Seti(c) vs. Perfection Undercard: Derrick Allen vs. 'Sup Pop' Scott Douglas Eddie Whisky vs. Mary-Lynn Mayweather Special Attraction Match Drunken Brawl Match Kerry Kuroyama vs. Erik Mateo Johnny Niles vs. Eddie Patton vs. SpookyDoom...
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    Are the brackets going to be set specific locations? This may be helpful for RP purposes...
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    Noticed And Unnoticed

    [Laid out on a burgundy-colored wooden table sits a poster – the first, official UltraTitle tournament poster to be exact. The poster lists the names of the one hundred twenty-eight combatants in this tournament, which will break federation bounds and unite the wrestling world to crown one...
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    Endure [An open doorway leads into what appears to be an office. Upon entering, two men sit at a wooden desk, the gentleman facing the doorway looks up with an inquisitive look. He is an older man, approximately middle-aged with brown hair and a reddish brown beard. He wears a grey t-shirt...
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    Potential Expansion of the Tournament/Other ideas

    I've noted that the slots in the tournament seem to filling up at a rather rapid pace - and had two ideas on how to deal with a 96 person tournament should the need arise. Potential Expansion 1. First round triple threat matches - This would give use 32 triple threat matches - which could then...
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    Chain Reaction 8 - Pre-RP Predictions

    IWF Presents Chain Reaction Main Event: Emerald City Championship Vizier ta Seti (c) vs. Erik Mateo I'm taking Mateo here even though it takes three times longer to read his roleplays than anyone else's - it's always good stuff once I can figure it - got a feeling the title is changing hands...
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    IWF Chain Reaction 7 - Predictions

    IWF Presents: Chain Reaction Main Event: IWF Emerald City Championship Vizier ta Seti (c) vs. Rocko Daymon Undercard: Perfection vs. Scott Douglas Erik Mateo vs. Derrick Allen Johnny Niles vs. Go Go Spectacular vs. Mary-Lynn Mayweather The Minstrel vs. Eddie Patton vs. Eddie Whisky RP...
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    Question re FW

    I'm just curious - is there any potential/talk of Empire, New Frontier and International forming a NWA-type umbrella fed? I've been involved in two of those before - NWC, WfWA - and they're always a lot of fun. With overriding confederation-wide belts which traveled between feds on a monthly...

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