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    Who will be chopped

    “Al, wake up,” Austen stands over the sleeping Al Envy who is mumbling in his sleep, “WAKE UP!” Austen smacks Al in the head twice, and Al starts to move a little, “GET YOUR ASS UP!” Al finally opens his eyes, seeing Austen stand over him with a confused look on his face. Al instantly rubs...
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    Hi, My name is Austin, been E-Wrestling for about 10 years now. I started in 2005 doing a google search for a Fantasy WWE game, and stumbled upon this weird thing called G-Fed. I poked my nose in it and soon realized this is something that I would like to try, thinking it would be one of...
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    Austen Impact

    APPLICATION - Handler Name: Austin Harrison - Contact Info: (Can be Private Messaged to me) austin.harrison2626@gmail.com (Please no recruitment requests at this email) - Current EFed (if any): New Edge Wrestling - Are you representing that EFed with this character?: Yes - Is anyone else from...

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