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  1. BMorris

    History Lesson

    [Fade in: Before you is a tall man with an athletic build, with short, dark brown hair, brown eyes and a goatee. He wears blue jeans and black T-shirt. He leans up against a wall, a scowl o his face.] Man: I hear some of you want history lessons... history lessons about who people are, what...
  2. BMorris

    Open to a six-man match

    Hey guys, I'm not online as much as I have been in the past, mostly because of a busy work schedule and getting involved with other activities, but I did want to let you all know that if somebody wants to bring together three wrestlers to face Takeover Enterprises at the memorial PPV in a...
  3. BMorris

    For those interested...

    ...in what I was up to the past week being out of town and such, the stories as a result of that high school basketball tournament are currently up at the website of the newspaper I write for. You may want to check it out by Thursday afternoon, because late Thursday night/early Friday morning...
  4. BMorris

    Out Of Town For A Few Days

    Yeah, it stinks that this is happening during the RP period, but that's what is happening. I'm going to try to get some RPs posted tomorrow before I leave, but will then be gone until Sunday. John...I know you had discussed some angles with me. Do me a favor and drop me a line by e-mail...
  5. BMorris

    AIM Screen Names/IRC

    OK, since I'm trying to get more into the swing of things in GXW, I wanted to let everyone know that my AIM screen name is RatSportRM, and to just ask everyone who wants to share it, to share theirs as well. FYI, I limit myself to people on my buddy list, but I'll be sure to add GXW members to...
  6. BMorris

    I Own You All...

    ...in the GXFL, that is. ;) 4-0 to start the season. Who's your daddy now? ;) Bob Morris Manager of The Raton Tigers
  7. BMorris

    Just wanted to say...

    ...it's good to be back to activity in GXW...and hopefully, the ball will be rolling for another one of my characters soon enough. :) If there's anything I need to catch up on as far as special features in GXW (I know of a couple, such as somebody offering to do No Mercy creations or something...
  8. BMorris

    Decisions, Decisions

    (Fade in: The home of the GXW superstar we still have yet to see make his return to the federation he once called home. "The Hero" Marcus Johnson. We find Marcus, dressed in a polo shirt and khakis, standing alongside a crib. No doubt he is looking over his recently-born daughter, Michelle...
  9. BMorris

    LEW: Seeking New Talent

    (Before I begin, Chad Dupree gave me permission to post this here.) Amazingly enough, Land of Enchantment Wrestling managed to survive through the year 2002 and is readying to begin its second year of action. And LEW happens to be looking for some new talent to bring in that second year. Once...
  10. BMorris

    Phone Call

    (Fade in: We are at the home of a wrestler we haven't seen in GXW for months now. A wrestler by the name of "The Hero" Marcus Johnson. Marcus is relaxing in a recliner in the living room, watching what one might assume is one of the college bowl games airing on TV, and he is drinking a glass...
  11. BMorris

    Back from vacation

    So I should be ready to go with RPing. Oh, and good job with Global Warfare, guys. Bob Morris
  12. BMorris

    My status

    Between my upcoming vacation, computer troubles and various activities going around, I may not be as active for a while. I'll do what I can to get roleplays done for GXW, though. Just letting you know of my whereabouts in case you wonder. :) Bob Morris
  13. BMorris

    Favorite storylines

    I brought this topic up elsewhere, but figured I'd bring it over here. And seeing as how Dave wants some chatter going around here, I figure this should get some going. Let's talk about great storylines we've seen in e-feds. Talk about the following topics. 1. What was the best storyline that...
  14. BMorris

    Gone For A Few Days

    I'll be spending most of the week in Albuquerque covering the state high school basketball tournament, so I won't be around the RP boards the rest of the week. Sorry I couldn't provide bigger RP battles for everyone. :) Bob Morris
  15. BMorris

    Since Everyone Is Doing These...

    ...I figure I may as well throw one more onto the pile...that is, another "critique my character for me, will ya?" :) Anyway...I just wanted to know what thoughts you guys had about "The Hero" Marcus Johnson in particular. Any ideas on what I can do to improve on his character? Right now, I'm...
  16. BMorris

    Fed Participation

    OK, I know this is responding in public to the e-mail Chad sent about what can be done to increase participation, but I think it's something everyone needs to see. Don't worry...I'm not hear to air dirty laundry. :) Seriously, what I think fed members need to ask themselves are the following...
  17. BMorris

    At The Office..

    (Fade in: "The Executive" Eric Edwards is sitting at his large oak desk in his offices...he is seated in a large leather chair, dressed in a three-piece suit, and he is on the phone talking to somebody. We fade in on the conversation...) Eric: ...and I certainly applaud you for taking a stand...

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