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  1. RStrawsma


    Hey, gang. Handler Information Name: Ryan Strawsma Email Address: rrstrawsma@gmail.com Best Way to Contact You: Forum PM or FB Messenger eWrestling Experience: Started in '98 in a place called SCW. Did the bulk of my work in Empire Pro. Bounced around a few short-lived feds on FWrestling. Been...
  2. RStrawsma

    Rain City Ronin

    Handler Information Name: Strawsma Email Address: rrstrawsma@gmail.com Best Way to Contact You: Forum PM eWrestling Experience: Been playing since ‘98, most of those years in Empire Pro or any of the other FW feds. How did you find DEFIANCE? Known about DEFIANCE for a while, feeling the time is...
  3. RStrawsma

    Further Along

    (CUE UP: "From the Zodiacal Light" by Earth.) (As we FADE IN, we are greeted by the two figures standing before a yellow-and-black backdrop -- LOS OLVIDADOS! On the right, clad in his yellow robe, stands REY AMARILLO, the black spiral on his mask staring endlessly onto the camera. To the left...
  4. RStrawsma

    "The Last Titan" Ivan Dalkichev

    Wrestler Name: "The Last Titan" Ivan Dalkichev Nicknames: The Crimson Colossus, the Raging Russian Height: 6'11" Weight: 402 lbs. Hometown: Seattle, WA Birthdate: 8/25/1983 Manager: Nathan Fear Physical appearance: Stocky Russian-born giant. Big and broad-shouldered, and surprisingly...
  5. RStrawsma

    Remembering the Future

    (Cue up: “The Clarity” by Sleep.) (Fade in on the elaborate goat-head tattoo backpiece of EL CABRÓN, clad in his black and red-trimmed pants and horned facemask, who stands facing away from the camera.) El Cabrón Let’s just cut right to brass tacks, shall we? (He nearly pitches himself off...
  6. RStrawsma


    (The shot opens up in the serene and peaceful setting of Hermann Park's Japanese garden, a secluded oasis deep in the heart of downtown Houston. The Pacific Blitzkrieg KERRY KUROYAMA soon appears, leisurely ambling along a winding dirt path going around the mirror-like pond in the middle of the...
  7. RStrawsma

    Never Forget

    (Fade in on an exterior shot of a prison by the sea. It’s midday, and exceptionally hot… in a state that’s already suffering from a drought.) SAN QUENTIN STATE PRISON, CALIFORNIA (Cut to Inside, within one of the cells. The SINGLE MALE OCCUPANT is in the process of doing a rep of pull-ups...
  8. RStrawsma


    (Slow fade in from black on KERRY KUROYAMA, stoically pacing back and forth before a plain black backdrop bearing the word "ARASHI" in green kanji lettering. He's wearing black training shorts and a sleeveless gray t-shirt with the emerald, navy, and aqua triple yin-yang symbol of his training...
  9. RStrawsma

    Time and Place

    (It’s another sweltering summer evening, but we’ve now moved on from the vast plains of Kansas to the rolling hills of the western Tennessee wilderness. The scene opens on a rudimentary campsite, outfitted with a rudimentary pup tent and a hand-made pit for a fire. It’s quiet out here… peaceful...
  10. RStrawsma


    (It's evening in the Great Plains. The orange light from the setting sun paints the panoramic view of the sky in a stunning array of colors. Colossal masses of clouds roll in from the west, steadily building momentum and being driven by currents unseen but forever felt. Far off, we can hear the...
  11. RStrawsma

    The Storm Has Arrived

    "The world works in mysterious ways." (Cut to file footage of an independent wrestling event in Seattle, held by the IWF. In the ring, KERRY KUROYAMA goes toe to toe with another local favorite, "Sub Pop" Scott Douglas. The Emerald City wrestling fans fervently cheer them on.) "Back in...
  12. RStrawsma

    LINE-UP & CALLOUT: IWF S02E03 - Tri-Cities Triple Threat

    The Immortal Wrestling Federation Presents... TRI-CITIES TRIPLE THREAT Coming to you LIVE from the Toyota Center in Kennewick, Washington FEATURED MATCHES Singles Competition EL CABRON vs. STEPHEN WALTZ Number One Contender Qualifying Match JOHNNY NILES vs "SUB POP" SCOTT DOUGLAS MAIN EVENT...
  13. RStrawsma

    Tri-Cities Triple Threat: Open RP Thread

    Open Roleplay for IWF S02E03. Currently signed matches include... JOHNNY NILES vs. "SUB POP" SCOTT DOUGLAS PERFECTION (C) vs. PAIN GRILLE (C) vs. LEYENDA DE OCHO Other matches to be determined. New characters are encouraged to make their debut here; just reply to this thread. Three (3) promo...
  14. RStrawsma

    RESULTS & FEEDBACK: IWF's "Road to Immortality"

    Sorry for the wait everyone... Episode 2 is now posted and available to read HERE. Big thanks to Rivera for helping out on the main event. Major apologies for how long you all had to wait on this one... I sorely underestimated my ability to write out an entire card by myself. Definitely going...
  15. RStrawsma

    S02E02 - "Road to Immortality" (Yakima, WA 4/21/13)

    [CUE UP: “Chichen Itza” by Lo-Pan. The opening guitar riff accompanies a speeding POV shot traveling the highway, coming to a stop as it zooms in on a road-sign welcoming us to YAKIMA, WASHINGTON...] [FADE TO: A long tour bus with an “IMMORTAL WRESTLING FEDERATION” decal on the side, pulling...
  16. RStrawsma

    A Eulogy

    (CUE UP: “Armageddon” by Jucifer.) (Our scene begins at Oak Hill Cemetery in Lebanon, Indiana, in the midst of a gray and rainy afternoon. A figure clad in BLACK sits on a dark plot of earth, his back slumped against a marble tombstone on a dark. He seems neither mindful of his surroundings...
  17. RStrawsma

    CARD STATUS: IWF Road to Immortality

    Who's the dumbass that runs a fed and sets up a card and forgets the deadline he set himself? Me. I'm that dumbass. [/bonghit] Current Progress of IWF S02E02: Introduction (FINISHED!) Douglas vs. Waltz (FINISHED!) Niles vs. El Cabron (FINISHED!) Mount Rainier Title Match (In Progress...)...
  18. RStrawsma

    Rocko Daymon

    Name: Rocko Daymon Nicknames: The Undying; The Paragon of Professional Wrestling Excellence; The Legend, the Myth, the MAN Height: 6’2” Weight: 234 lbs. Handedness: Right Alignment: Face / Neutral Hailing From: Seattle, Washington, USA Theme Music: “At the Well” by Neurosis Entrance: Song...
  19. RStrawsma

    LINE-UP for IWF S02E02 - "Road to Immortality"

    The Immortal Wrestling Federation Presents... ROAD TO IMMORTALITY Coming to you LIVE from the Yakima Sundome in Yakima, Washington FEATURED MATCHES Singles Competition "SUB POP" SCOTT DOUGLAS vs. STEPHEN WALTZ Singles Competition JOHNNY NILES vs EL CABRON Mount Rainier Title Contest PAIN...
  20. RStrawsma

    Road to Immortality: Perfection (C) vs. Mystery Opponent

    The Emerald City Champion PERFECTION versus MYSTERY OPPONENT in a non-title exhibition match. Opponent TBA at the beginning of the show. Three (3) promo limit. RP period ends 3/17/13.

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