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    WARPED 25% Off Holiday Sale!

    Act now to get your hands on WARPED Wrestling DVD's for a special Holiday Discount! Now through 12/26 you can get all WARPED DVD's at 25% off. Just enter the code "WARPED25" on Checkout! You can get DVD's such as WARPEDLive 3 - "Making the CUT" featuring a 2/3 falls match between Dr. EMO and...
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    WARPED Wrestling

    Hello, Interested in a unique eFed? WARPED Wrestling is looking for members and its not your average fed. Its not big time. We don't have a TV or PPV deal. We hardly have pads around the mat or good lighting. WARPED is being built from the bottom and we will work our way to the top, and I would...
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    TotalJCup - Round1Night1 Results/Feedback

    IN THE BOOKS: ROUND ONE - NIGHT ONE November 20, 2009 Tonight was the night. The Total J Cup 2009 began at the former ECW Arena in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, with a night full of exciting junior heavyweight action. The following juniors were action: Lupin Cy, Ricky Forrest, Nighthawk...
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    No DQ Match Added to Total J Cup Main Event!

    NO DISQUALIFICATION STIPULATION ADDED TO NIGHT 2 MAIN EVENT Posted November 18, 2009 Big news concerning this week's first round matches in the Total J Cup! Friday and Saturday both feature six exciting matches and both shows have high profile main events but the second show's main event just...
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    Total J Cup Round One [Predictions/Discussion]

    TOTAL J CUP 2009 ROUND ONE MATCHES ANNOUNCED Posted November 16, 2009 The Total J Cup is on! This Friday and Saturday from The Arena in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, the Round One matches will take place featuring twenty-six of the world's most talented junior heavyweights all striving to be the...
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    3 Days Remain to Enter Total J Cup!

    Total J Cup: Only 3 Days Remain To Sign Up! Its the worldwide and annual junior heavyweight tournament known as the TOTAL J CUP and there are only three days left to sign up and get your name in the hat! In the past week we've already signed eight more entries, representing a variety of...
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    The Latest Total J Cup Information

    The Latest Total J Cup Information Posted November 3, 2009 In June 2004, Headstrong Wrestling(HSW) promoter Joey Matthew created the TOTAL J CUP, a tournament showcasing the skills and abilities of the Junior Heavyweight division(230lbs and under). The tournament was devised as well in-part to...
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    Total J Cup 2009 Announced

    Total J Cup 2009 Announced Posted October 26, 2009 www.warpedwrestling.com Its been officially announced that the world-famous Total J Cup, a tournament for the Junior Heavyweights of the world, will return this year. The Total J Cup was last held in 2006 and many wondered whether or not...
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    [HSW] Shocker Preview - King.President National Convention

    www.headstrongwrestling.com Coming off of a historic event in Wichita, Kansas, Headstrong Wrestling moves forward to Topeka, Kansas for another live episode of Shocker! The fall out of the Five Year Anniversary show will be felt as we now have a brand new World Champion, The Mainstreamer! He...
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    HSW: Steel Cage Championship Chaos

    OFFICIAL SHOCKER PREVIEW ANNOUNCED: STEEL CAGE CHAMPIONSHIP CHAOS! August 29, 2008 - Headstrong Wrestling has announced its first event back in almost 2 years. The company returns to where it all started five years ago back in September 2003 - Wichita, Kansas. It will be a night of celebration...
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    Hello! I'm Phil.. most of ya know me as either 'PKA' or 'Joey' from Headstrong Wrestling. I'm new over to these parts.. but have always been a firm supporter of FWrestling and I'm glad to see its doing well!!! I'll be hangin' out around here, posting, interacting, chaknow...dabazzix.. word...
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    Headstrong Wrestling Seeking Talent & Staff

    www.HEADSTRONGWRESTLING.com Headstrong Wrestling(HSW) is seeking roster members for the Talent Roster and Staff Roster. Who are we? We're Headstrong Wrestling, a roleplay based fed with a serious focus on character development, angles, and storylines, and the importance of them. We have a 2...

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