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    Bracket 3+4 On-Topic Predictions Thread

    For the sake of people who don't want to wade through the mess that became of the other thread. I haven't read too many of the matchups yet. The only one I did read, Pat Gordon Jr. vs. Jeffrey Roberts was pretty close, because I think Ern is doing well with the character but Robert's stuff was...
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    Chapter 7 Prologue

    Chapter 7 Prologue Penny Pickett awoke to a very strange sight. Proteus, one of the wrestlers currently “boarding” at her house (against her will) sitting on the end of her bed, facing the wall. “Guh!” she screamed. Maybe not that exactly but some gasp of fright escaped her mouth as her...
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    Chapter 5: The French Toast Factor

    Chapter 5: The French Toast Factor “At least he’s rather handsome, isn’t he?” British-born sports reporter Penny Pickett was standing in her apartment when her mother Colleen asked this question. The pair recently had their lives somewhat upset when a couple of wrestlers – Showtime and...
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    Chapter 4.5: The Lodgers

    Continuing on from Chapter 4, the last RP I made for my match against Jace Gryphon, here's the rest of the story, which was initially intended for that RP until I reached a natural ending point and decided to post it as it was. Too bad I won't be judged on it, but as it's no more "on-topic" than...

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