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  1. FallofEdenUGWC

    Not Tonight, I Have A Headache

    The following is paid for by Bryson Enterprises. The views and opinions expressed herein do not necessarily reflect the views and opinions of Bryson Enterprises. The room is dark. It could be described as a cloying nothingness, hanging thickly in the air; an empty,foreboding void that promises...
  2. FallofEdenUGWC


    Hello all, my name is Brittany and I'm the handler for Eden Morgan from UGWC. I started in this hobby in 2006 with my first character, Malise, not really understanding what I was getting into. I started in HSW, then when that closed up went on to PPW where I created Jezebel Saint. I then had a...
  3. FallofEdenUGWC

    Eden Morgan

    APPLICATION Handler Name: Brittany Contact Info: @FallofEdenUGWC Current Efed: UGWC (Unified GlobalWrestling Coalition) Are you representing that EFed with this character?: Yes Is anyone else from your EFed entered in Battlemania? Dave Rydell and Jordan King Character Name: Eden Morgan...

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