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  1. Nova

    Welcome Back, You Never Left.

    (FADEIN: A hazy close-quarters studio apartment living room/kitchen/closet/bathroom. Amidst the cluttered low-lying couch surfaces and extra blankets coating the floor, a mass of arms and legs signal a smorgasbord of late-night bad decision-making. And what emerges from this cesspool of...
  2. Nova

    The Blueprint

    (FADEIN: The wilderness outside of FAYETTEVILLE, NORTH CAROLINA, the virtual half-way point between Darlington, South Carolina, site of recent Frontier Brawl thunder-f*ckedness, and Raleigh, North Carolina, Ground Zero for the next event in the dubious evolution of the ‘Dub. It’s midnight from...
  3. Nova

    Earning It.

    Some folks are born into a good life, Other folks get it anyway, anyhow, I lost my money and I lost my wife, Them things don't seem to matter much to me now. Tonight I'll be on that hill 'cause I can't stop, I'll be on that hill with everything I got, Lives on the line where dreams are...
  4. Nova

    Fighting for Scraps.

    MORGAN FREEMAN (V/O): “It was April of Two-Thousand-Seven, and FISH FUND was just around the corner…” (FADEIN: The sun is shining in SWEETWATER, TX, as locals browse the offerings at the farmer’s market. Set up next to a talkative older woman selling butternut squash is He of the Iron...
  5. Nova


    For background please see the end of NFW SUPERCrash II: Dawn of a Revolution. (FADEIN: From complete darkness to the sketchy outline of a room. SFX: Beep. Beep. Beep. The sounds of a heart monitor. The camera fade progresses until we are able to discern this location as a room in Baptist...
  6. Nova

    Blunt-Smoke & Mirrors.

    Madison Square Garden – May 10th, immediately following the show “GET YOUR F*CKING HANDS OFF ME…” (FADEIN: Employees and hangers-on dart out of the way as a black-shirted security member is flung against a tower of precariously leaned metal piping, toppling it all over. (SFX: A woman...
  7. Nova

    Rules of Attraction.

    (FADE IN: The words April 2007 flash on the screen and then the black fades to a shot of a dingy locker room. Water drips from the center of a large brown spot on the ceiling, and the door to a bottom locker near the long wooden bench in the center of the room can’t decide if it wants to be...
  8. Nova

    Friends, Romans, TiTs...Lend Me Your Ears.

    (FADE IN: NOVA lounges in a folding chair in front of a large black TEAM banner, the Championship of Champions slung over his shoulder. He’s wearing a sleeveless black t-shirt with “The West is the Best” printed across the chest in yellow, and a fat spliff droops from his mouth.) NOVA: “I...
  9. Nova

    Heath Ledger Dead at 28

    News is coming in from a bunch of sources. Ledger was found in his Manhattan apartment with a bunch of sleeping pills, rumored to be a drug-related death though apparently there's not much talk of a suicide, more along the lines of an overdose. A real shame. It seemed like he was a legit...
  10. Nova

    Would'a Could'a Should'a.

    Early October, 2006 (FADE IN: Sunset over Greensboro.) Children vacate the public park playground, the combination of settling autumn chill and encroaching darkness driving them back to their moms and dads. On a park bench facing the falling sun, NOVA smokes a joint in relative peace...
  11. Nova

    Of Inconvenience.

    (FADE IN: The pines remain defiantly and resolutely green.) Through their water-weighted boughs we see the Lakeside Cabin the Wilderness, the source of a non-stop decadent display of debauchery dating back literally from the moment the Eagle Star won the ULTRATITLE in…uh, that time then. The...
  12. Nova


    Team Name: The COSMONAUTS Characters: Nova & the Hyperspace Kid Theme Music: "California Dreamin'" (Eddie Hazel cover from Game, Dames, & Guitar Thangs) Nova WRESTLER INFORMATION: Name: The Hyperspace Kid Nicknames: The Kid Height: 5'11" Weight: 195 lbs. Handedness: Left Looks: Black as...
  13. Nova


    (FADE IN: Nova’s face at a sidelong view, one cheek resting against the canvas of an empty wrestling ring). NOVA: This is where it all begins again. The camera fades away from his face and the mat becomes crisper, individual beads of water still resting delicately on its surface...
  14. Nova

    Use It or Lose It, Part II: The Challenge

    (FADE IN: Nova sits in a grey folding chair, one hand on his knee a la Honest Abe and the other holding a cigarette.) Tufts of wild blonde hair are pushed up above a black rolled bandanna around his forehead, and he’s sporting a black shirt with “The West Is the Best” on the front in large...
  15. Nova

    Use It Or Lose It, Part I: The Wake-Up Call

    MUSICUP: "Life's Been Good" by Joe Walsh (FADE IN: A full moon.) The camera shot pans down to a log cabin in the wilderness, surrounded by mountains and a vast, scenic lake. On the second floor deck of the cabin sits the 8-tiered ULTRATITLE trophy, glittering like a prom queen’s tiara in the...
  16. Nova


    MEMBER INFORMATION: Name: Chris Davis Email Address: chrisisthelaw@gmail.com AIM/Yahoo Messenger: NovaAW (AIM) Preferred Method of Handling: Delicately. I break like glass.:o Best Way to Contact you: PMs, AIM, e-mail (less so) WRESTLER INFORMATION: Name: Nova (born Caesar Christopher Vega)...
  17. Nova

    Road to ULTRATITLE: Birth of the Eagle Star (Or "The Eagle Has Landed")

    (FADE IN: A beautiful blue sky). It is picturesque. Nova in particular is able to enjoy its serenity because of his position tumbling end over end through it towards the Earth. Gravity is serious business, folks. The Warrior of the West reaches into sturdily-buttoned shirt pocket (HEY...
  18. Nova

    Road to ULTRATITLE: Your Mission, Should You Choose to Accept It...

    (FADE IN: Black. (Oh, SNAP! He’s fading to black to open this thing?! This IS the ULTRATITLE finals!)) A tiny speck of light dances back and forth in the distance. It grows larger and larger, the only indication that the camera is zooming in. As we move closer, the light is revealed to be a...
  19. Nova

    Road to ULTRATITLE: Warriors of the West

    Road to ULTRATITLE: That Sh*t's the FIRE~! Road to ULTRATITLE: Days of Future Past Road to ULTRATITLE: The "Reality" of the Situation Road to ULTRATITLE: Destination Cheyenne (FADE IN: The desert night’s sky, a deep purplish-black soup someone garnished with a sprinkling of stars for aesthetic...
  20. Nova

    Road to ULTRATITLE: Destination Cheyenne

    (FADE IN: A walkway on top of the enormous sand dunes that contain the Chairman’s fortress). Two men clad in the silver suits and armed with metal staffs are talking. FELLA #1: How do you think our chances look? FELLA #2: Honestly, not that bad. We’ve got the fortified position, sweet...

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