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  1. PositivelyKen

    DEFIANCE Roll Call!

    To help everyone get started on planning for the next arc, let's use this thread to announce which characters are definitely going to be active. This is a no-flake zone. It's no problem if real life rears its head and you need some time. Just be up front about it. We're cool about supporting...
  2. PositivelyKen


    Wrestler Name: Hittora Nicknames (if applicable): Hit-chan, Synthetic Interaction Neuro-Gestalt System Version 5.32 Height: 5'6" Weight: 182 lbs Hometown: Tokyo, Japan Consciousness activation date: August 28, 2014 Physical appearance: Hittora has shoulder-length black hair with bangs, a...
  3. PositivelyKen

    So my laptop bit the dust...

    This is totally the year of everything breaking down. Anyway, I'm hoping to get a new one soon. In the meantime, I'll try to stay in touch with everyone the best I can.
  4. PositivelyKen

    ATTN: Seth/John

    Get in touch with me and Anty. Thx.
  5. PositivelyKen

    FRANK HOLIDAY | Japan Arc Booking, Dude

    Updated as we go: Show #1 - Possible match vs NPC. - Segment, probably with Diego/Rix encountering Team HOSS. Show #2 - Segment with Rix / Diego / Holiday vs Team HOSS -- post match/backstage assault. Show #3 - Holiday vs cVc Show #4 - Angel Trinidad and Capital Punishment vs. Frank...
  6. PositivelyKen

    Frank Holiday

    Defiance Application Form Fill this form out and post it on the Application board. When it's finished, the Defiance roster will vote on whether to accept you. Getting accepted to the fed requires a net total of +4. So if you have one 'no', you'd need 5 'yes' to balance it out. Handler...

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