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    A question about Empire Pro

    Does anyone know if Empire Pro is still alive and kicking right now? The main reason why I'm asking because I'm simply curious. Signed, Marcus aka The "Sandman" Marcus Slayton
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    Damn, I feel old today

    Wow, is it the 27th of October already? Damn and I do mean DAMN! like Ron Simmons used to say. I'm saying this mostly because today I'm now officially 26 years old as of two hours ago. Weird huh?
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    Calling out the current women's champion

    (Fade into a shot of the newest addition to the GXW women's division in Mary Jane Ashcroft. She is wearing a pair of black cargos with a white tank top that says "Got Blood" on it in red. She looks like she's ready to go, for a fight or something-she's ready) Mary: Oi, Jennifer Rowe. I know I'm...
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    Fire and Ice

    (Fade into somewhere in the streets of Switzerland where we see the large frame of the "Fallen Angel" Chris Slayton wandering through the streets of the city. He comes across one of the posters that shows that GXW will be in town this week while the other federation that Chris is apart of will...
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    The thing I hate

    (We fade into the home of Marcus Slayton and Kelly Gellar. The former GXW Television champion is watching a tape in the living room, Edward Brown's voice can be heard throughout the room.) EB: Tonight fans I give you the return of the greatest tag team to ever grace a wrestling ring, THE...
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    Let us be proud of our own Kent Robinson

    My fellows of GXW, I was looking through one of my favorite sites in the form of Lords of Pain-which is a wreslting webpage which covers a whole mess of real life federations when I came across a thing for a RL fed called "Delaware Championship Wrestling" and I am proud to say that our own Kent...
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    Understanding the beast

    (Fade into a hotel room in Belfast Ireland, we can see Kelly Gellar watching some of the tapes of the infamous Trynyty Wang/Miso feud from the very beginning. We hear a door open and close as the Reaver enters the room in his usual workout clothes. He sits down in black leather chair next to the...
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    Smackdown:JBI and other CAWS

    Well, it's me Marcus AKA the Reaver and I've got some very strange things on my mind when it comes to the Create A Wrestler formulas for Smackdown:JBI for the PS2 and I wish to share them with you. I'm currently reworking my CAW formulas following my now ex-roommate's actions that deleted my...
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    Bad Moon Rising (Part 1)

    (We once again fade away to another arena, this time one across the state where GXW's newest show is going to take place. In one of the many locker rooms, a man does push-ups on his fists as a young woman watches on. The man seems to be concentrating on his small work out as he prepares for his...
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    Live for the Moment

    [updated:LAST EDITED ON Aug-05-02 AT 04:28 PM (EDT)](Fade into the Cameron home of Marcus Alexander Slayton, more commonly known to the wrestling world as the Reaver, we also can see the GXW Television champion sitting on the deck on the south side of the house. He is flipping through this...
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    School Hard...

    [updated:LAST EDITED ON Apr-18-02 AT 05:34 PM (EST)]<OOC Note: The following characters-namely the band garage band the "Reverants" appears here with full permission of Wil Pierce and Rebecca Valentine also appears here with the permission of Rocko Daymon. Thank you> (Cut to a hotel in Spokane...
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    (Fade in: Somewhere in Frisco, one of the many goth/rave nightclubs in the so-called "City by the bay". The club in paticular is called the "Final Nail" and we see numerous goth and raver kids hanging around outside of the club's extierior, which the club apparently was once a large warehouse...

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