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  1. VJ Valentine

    David Noble - Application

    I’ll say yes if Craig apologizes for ditching me in LoC. 😈
  2. VJ Valentine

    What Video Games are You Playing?

    The games I've been playing mostly have been Rocket League, Final Fantasy XIV, Genshin Impact, and League of Legends. I feel like it hasn't really been since Overwatch was released that I've been excited about a game coming out. Is that because I'm getting older or have all the multiplayer games...
  3. VJ Valentine

    DEFIANCE: The Music Official Theme Song List

    Hey guys! As some of you know I had attempted to maintain a DEFIANCE Spotify Playlist for a while, but found it difficult when people would change their music but not update their character profiles to reflect a change of entrance themes! What I would like to do is keep and maintain the Spotify...
  4. VJ Valentine

    Pop Culture Phenoms

    TEAM INFORMATION Tag Team Name: Pop Culture Phenoms Entrance Music: “Live For The Night” by Krewella Tag Team Finishers: Drive-By At The Roxy (Superman Punch / Crescent Kick Combo) The Foley Pop & Lock-a-Thon (Muta Lock / Dropkick To The Face) Manager Klein - former tag team partner of...
  5. VJ Valentine

    Making my rounds...

    Hey everyone, I decided to start making my rounds around the EW boards there are that I know of. My name is Billy, I'm 23 years old and I'm a Gemini. I enjoy long walks on the beach and... wait, this isn't the classifieds is it? Wrong forum. My apologies. Fantasy Wrestling you say? Heh... that...

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