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  1. The God-Beast

    Idea for DEFMAX Presentation

    This idea popped in my head and Justin gave me the OK to post about it here, so here goes. I was toying with the idea of having "picture-in-picture" promos for each wrestler in the DEFMAX tournament, on their way to the ring for their matches. This was originally exhibited in this match at...
  2. The God-Beast

    Tremble Before His Might.

    July 23, 2011. The Sapporo Pro Wrestling dojo. I was on a tour with SPW, and made it a point to visit the dojo, partly to watch the young talent the company took under their wing, but mainly to touch base with an old friend of mine. Alex Markham was edging towards the age of fifty, but looked...
  3. The God-Beast

    "The God-Beast" Mushigihara

    APPLICATION - Handler Name: Rob - Contact Info: PM is the best consistent way to reach me. - Current EFed (if any): DEFIANCE Wrestling - Are you representing that EFed with this character?: Yes - Is anyone else from your EFed entered in Battlemania? Yes Character Name: “The God-Beast”...
  4. The God-Beast

    Poser Description Thread

    Gee, it'd be a really good idea to give descriptions for my managers, huh? SAORI KAZAMA Basically, she resembles Naoko Mori (who played Toshiko Sato from Torchwood, if you're at all familiar). Her build is about what you'd expect, limber and athletic. Attire is "business casual"; slacks...
  5. The God-Beast

    The Fresh New Real Life Pro Wrestling Thread

  6. The God-Beast

    New Mushi and red Troy Matthews

    Having taken a look at Troy's pic, the only thing I can think of that's off is the fact that he looks WAY too muscular for his size, like a shorter Jonny Booya. Troy should be leaner and more limber, like a kickboxer. UFC Lightweight champion Anthony Pettis is probably the best example (minus...
  7. The God-Beast


    I just got my laptop back, with a new LED, complete with glossy finish (oooooooooooh!). So now I can actually contribute to this place on something other than a goddamn iPhone. Let's rock and roll, motherfuckers.
  8. The God-Beast

    PHILOSOPHER KINGS: Japan Tour Arc Bookings

    Show #1 -HNB/PKs title match Show #2 -Segment TBA Show #3 -Segment getting heat on 3B/PKs rematch Show #4 -TBA Blowoff Show -3B/PK title rematch
  9. The God-Beast

    ATTN: Evan

    Go to hell, you old bastard. Hope your birthday is awesome and amazing, dude.
  10. The God-Beast

    Micro Description Thread

    YES! Even better and more bad-ass than I envisioned him. I've said it before, I'll say it again, homeboy; you need to get paid to do this for real wrestlers.
  11. The God-Beast

    THIRTEEN hour deadline warning!

    Well, if this is THAT kind of thread...
  12. The God-Beast

    Fuck it.

    http://blog.sfgate.com/bottomline/2012/10/30/disney-buys-lucasfilm-for-4-billion/ I don't eeeeeeeeven give a fuck about everyone freaking out about this. The SECOND they announce that Episode VII is going to be Heir to the Empire, everyone's going to be marking out at the prospect of Grand...
  13. The God-Beast

    Attn: Jeff

    Go to hell, you old bastard. Happy birthday, chief.
  14. The God-Beast

    re: RP Deadline

    re: RP Deadline Does midnight June 28th mean midnight coming up tonight, or midnight going into Friday?
  15. The God-Beast

    "the Jersey Devil" Troy Matthews

    Wrestler Name: "Jersey Devil" Troy Matthews Nicknames: The Jersey Devil, The Mighty Morphin' Power Rudo, The Meatless Monolith of Manliness [in reference to his vegetarian lifestyle], The Kung-Fu Boogeyman, The Muay Thai Drive By, The Slayer of Giants, The Prince of the Pine Barrens, He Who...
  16. The God-Beast


    Yo. Finally signed up for this boondoggle. Just got a couple more matters to settle and I should be back, hopefully by no later than the end of summer. Marriage is presently safe, though we're apparently finding out that I'm medically bat**** crazy. Also, I hate my job. More at 11.

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