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  1. Megastory4

    Katie Moicelle (Open Battle Royal)

    Wrestler Name: Kathryne Elena Moicelle (formerly Montes) Nicknames (if applicable): Goes by Katie. Height: 5'4" Weight: 117 lbs. Hometown: Crossville, Tennessee Birthdate: September 10th, 1996 Physical appearance: Generally petite, very young in the face which is highly attractive, but not...
  2. Megastory4

    Crazy isn't the word.

    [In the Stastias apartment building, which was perfect to hold a party in, Emevlas had bought a stool to sit in. "Think of it more as 'pleasantly unstable,' sweetie." [The suddenness(?) of how Emevlas stated that would normally throw people off. Painted up and ready to go to DePaul, Emevlas...
  3. Megastory4

    Words of a lunatic

    [Timestamp: 5:00 PM CST inside of the Stastias apartment building, which was dark, but always smelling of peaches. One light shone through the hallway, as if there was a second coming of a savior or a deity.] Emevlas, in a professional voice-over: “It’s time. Battlemania’s the place, though the...
  4. Megastory4

    Following My Muse

    What the frick?
  5. Megastory4

    The Bringer of Hell

    I won't ramble about how I'm the best in this plane of existence, or call people degrading names, because despite all the things I've done and all the top names I've erased from their high horse... *chuckle* Despite all of the success I've had to share with people who should have been below...
  6. Megastory4

    Emevlas Stastias

    - Handler Name: Logan - Current EFed (if any): Red Line Wrestling - Are you representing that EFed with this character?: Hopefully along with others. - Is anyone else from your EFed entered in Battlemania?: Not yet, as of typing. Character Name: Emevlas Stastias (Ee-mehv-lus Stay-stee-us)...
  7. Megastory4

    A "Natural Evolution"

    (Inside of the Stastias apartment at about 9 PM Chicago time, Emevlas Stastias is at her laptop re-watching her winning squash against a clearly-not-well Skylar Montgomery with a focused look about her. At one point, she pauses the aftermath to count how many splinters her table had driven into...
  8. Megastory4

    I forgot to introduce myself. Oops.

    Hello there, my name is Logan, and even though I've been e-fedding for just about a month, I never properly introduced myself, so I figured I'd get to that now. I feel stupid that I didn't do this to begin with. As of current (until I can get the OK to handle more than one character, and until...
  9. Megastory4

    Why would you record it?

    [At around 9 in the morning, inside of the Stastias's well-maintained apartment, so clean it looks like it wasn't lived in at all, Emevlas was doing one-armed pull-ups alternating between arms on an aluminum bar she had set up in the hallway. Ironically, when exercising here, she was in the way...
  10. Megastory4

    Emevlas Stastias

    approved app is below

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