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  1. J

    Down, but not out...

    "Damn it all! That close!" The EPW cameras fade in to the interior of Key Arena's back hallways. Posters of women's basketball games, rock concerts, and even a wrestling event or two line the halls, but the camera is focused o one man roaming the halls, Donovan Astros. After his defeat at...
  2. J

    Hey everyone

    I'm James, and I handle Donovan Astros. If you wanna read some of my other work, I've been pretty exclusively in NAPW for the past year. Hopefully I won't embarrass myself too badly here in Empire Pro.
  3. J

    Donovan Astros Bio

    NAME: Donovan Astros FROM: Los Angeles, California STATS: 6'3", 237 lbs. THEME: 2Pac - "All Eyes On Me (Bittersweet Remix)" Donovan Astros has been called a lot of things over his twelve-year career in professional wrestling. From arrogant and misanthropic to dedicated, determined, and...
  4. J

    Hey everyone!

    Hey there, this is James, the screwed up mind behind NAPW's most hated man, Donovan Astros, checking in. Hopefully my performance in whatever TEAM event I end up in this show will impress. Thanks!

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