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    Calling All Match Writers

    Jeff has already contacted me about writing matches, but if anyone else is interested, feel free to contact me. :) Thanks!
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    Calling All Ladies

    No, I'm not that hard up for a date. :p GWE is looking for new additions to its women's division so if you or someone you know would like to bring in a female character, sign them up. GWE will be starting a show for the women and if enough interest is shown we might even consider creating...
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    Cruiserweights Wanted

    Okay, I tried to get this going back in November but due to various factors it never happened and now some of the people who stepped up are gone. So here's what we're gonna do: on our next show, we're going to four corners match for the title. The first four cruiserweights to reply to this...
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    The RP period has ended.

    No more RPing for this card.
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    Voice Your Opinion

    Alright, gang, while we're in an RP period, I wanted to your thoughts on something Paul brought up to me and I decided to see what the fed thinks. Here's the deal: In the interest of speeding things up, would anyone have a problem with GWE instituting short-form cards for our regular shows...
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    Revolution Lineup 3/7

    We ended up with a pretty big lineup, but a good amount of people have volunteered to write so I went ahead and booked all them and a few more. Here's the lineup: Debut Match Bloodhunt vs. Devon Slayton Debut Match Brien Cage vs. Johnny Styles Trynyty Wang vs. Mercedes Devon Yeh Shin Li...
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    Monsta Boyz vs. Dark Carnival

    World Tag Team title match.
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    Miller vs. Cobb

    Standard match.
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    Waltz vs. Tre

    Television title match.
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    Davis vs. Johnson

    Standard match.
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    Douglas vs. Hiroshi

    Standard match.
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    Daymon vs. Black

    Standard match.
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    Rowe vs. Ashcroft

    Women's title match.
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    Li vs. Garza

    Women's action.
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    Wang vs. Devon

    Women's match.
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    Bloodhunt vs. Slayton

    Standard match.
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    Cage vs. Styles

    Standard match.
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    Writers Wanted

    Anyone who is available to write for the upcoming Revolution, please contact me by posting here or e-mailing me. Thanks. :)
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    The Big Announcement

    What's your reaction to the big announcement? Post your thoughts here!
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    King of the Cage 2004

    The King of the Cage tournament is one of our biggest events of the year and of course 2004 will be no different. If you'd like to be included in the tournament, please post here. After that, we'll pick the field of wrestlers that will compete in the tournament. Remember, the winner of the...

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