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  1. J

    sup sup

    Don't know if anyone is going to know who I be. I used to do this whole fantasy wrestling thing. I used to handle 'Big Time' Michael Gettis (doubt anybody remembers him). But I am looking to get back into FW. I am looking for a fed. preferably one with out the need of a sample rp, because at...
  2. J

    Larry Tact....what an act...

    {The scene comes up to a back yard. Not just any back yard, but the back yard of one Michael Gettis. They seem to be having a barbeque. There are numerous people standing around talking with some sort of "beverage". The camera weaves past the crowd of people and focuses on a four men sitting...
  3. J

    Return of the

    {The scene comes up to a well lighted room. It is a fairly big room. A CSWA camera is set-up in front of a CSWA backdrop. CSWA's own Rudy Seitzer stands with his arms crossed. He looks at his watch and then looks at the camera operator.} Seitzer- He asks for this time to have a interview and...
  4. J

    The Past of Big Time...

    OOC-This is just something I had saved... {The scene comes up to the one-story brick house of Michael Gettis. It is nighttime now. The crickets are chirping, you can hear the "whoo" of an owl every couple seconds. The sky is clear, nothing but bright stars. Makes you want to lay on your back...

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