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  1. suddenimpact

    Leaving Forever.

    No, not me - don't get excited. I'm going to be discontinuing use of this username, and I'm going to be going back to User Poets. Why? Because every day it seems I'm banning a spammer, and I don't have the tools to do it under this name unless they've already spammed. It's getting to be a...
  2. suddenimpact

    It is still BASEBALL SEASON.

    All this football talk makes me ill. Regardless, the following is the best part of Monday: <TABLE class=tablehead cellSpacing=1 cellPadding=3 sizset="30" sizcache="10"><TBODY sizset="30" sizcache="10"><TR class=stathead><TD colSpan=13>American League</TD></TR><TR class=colhead align=right...
  3. suddenimpact

    Ode to Joe the Plumber while defending the New Frontier, our collective home.

    (FADEIN: Studio Z. Otherwise known as my fire escape. See how easy it is, Castor? And I'm not spending any money to do it. But we're zoomed in on the fire escape from the kitchen window of my Washington Heights apartment, on my replica belt of the 1995 era Unified World Heavyweight...
  4. suddenimpact

    There's a first for everything.

    Well, that was fun. For the first time in my life - in my wrestling career, I was worried that I'd been seriously hurt. That's been one of my main sticking points in every match I'd wrestled so far - I'd been successful at mocking my opponents with the fact that they may beat me, and they may...
  5. suddenimpact

    The Nature of Zen Impulseism

    People of all shapes and sizes have been asking me for a reaction to the Castor V. Strife production that showed up at NFW Brawl. Someone wants me to get angry. Someone wants me to get even. Someone wants me to give them the exclusive scoop and break down, or break up, or something of the...
  6. suddenimpact

    Third round discussion

    So, we're down to eight. Predictions? Surprises? Ironic musings? Other stuff?
  7. suddenimpact


    (FADEIN... TC's pub. It's a normal Monday night, which means quiet. Rosie is off, so she's sitting next to me. We both have short glasses of pink stuff in front of us. X-Rated. Passion fruit flavored vodka. I was dared to cut a promo while drinking pink alcohol, and what the heck do I...
  8. suddenimpact

    Round 2 discussion

    So all the RPing is done for round 2, and there's been some heated debate on the Money Shot blog, sponsored by Terence's number one fan. - RP matchup of the round? - Surprises? - Overall winner based on second round RP? Discuss. ------------------- I thought Silver/Cruise stole the...
  9. suddenimpact

    What happened, in between.

    I opened the door to the pub, and immediately saw pretty much everyone I ever knew milling about. So this is why Rosie asked me what time I'd be by. Usually I call her after a show and say hey, I'm getting in around whenever, I'll come by the pub one to two hours past whenever, or if it's too...
  10. suddenimpact

    The Nature of Impulse (CRASH SPOILERS)

    (FADEIN on me. Yes, me. And my title belt. Yes, my title belt. It's an evening of firsts, isn't it? I've been bloodied and bruised, but I made it through the Sears Tower match in one piece. And ten pounds heavier. Roll 'em, in three... two...) "Even during the broadcast, there...
  11. suddenimpact

    Impulse 4/3/09

    MEMBER INFORMATION Name: pete Email Address: indifferentpete at gmail dot com AIM/Yahoo Messenger: user poets Preferred Method of Handling: Any Best Way to Contact you: either/or WRESTLER INFORMATION: Name: Impulse Nicknames: The Marathon Man Height: 5'11" Weight: 188 Handedness: Ambi...
  12. suddenimpact

    The Nature of Family

    (PRIME Dual Halo RP; cross posted.) 'The Pub.' There's one in every neighborhood worth its salt. Sure, they've got names of their own: JR's, Hobgoblin's, Muggsy's. Mine's official name, according to the sign outside, is TC's Bar. Nobody calls it that. It's just The Pub. Wanna go to the pub...
  13. suddenimpact

    The Nature of Responsibility

    So I'm sitting in the waiting room of the Jacobi Medical Center for the third time since 2009 started. I've got a cup of stale coffee in my hand and a surprisingly fresh bagel. Plain. The bagels aren't for the visitors, but the nurse at the front desk likes me, so she hooks me up. "You're...
  14. suddenimpact

    Impulse (1/22/2009)

    MEMBER INFORMATION Name: RK Email Address: Katz knows how to reach me, otherwise stick with PMs. AIM/Yahoo Messenger: none Preferred Method of Handling: Any Best Way to Contact you: PM WRESTLER INFORMATION: Name: Impulse Nicknames: The Marathon Man Height: 5'11" Weight: 188 Handedness: Ambi...
  15. suddenimpact

    The Nature of Character

    OOC: If you don't read Supercrash II first then you'll be spoiled by this post. I hold no responsibility. (FADEIN... It's dark in here, mainly, because I haven't had time to get my mask repaired yet. And it's one thing to show up with a tear that shows off a war wound, but quite another to...
  16. suddenimpact

    Behind the Mask: This Is Halloween

    I woke up this morning-- Let me start over. I woke up this afternoon, and the room continued to spin. For a second - just one - I wasn't sure where I was. Then I remembered. I've moved in the past month, and this was the third night I'd spent in my new apartment. There were boxes, filled...
  17. suddenimpact

    Two down...

    (...an unspecified number to go. But I'm not worried, and I'm barely upset. My cheap - ass camera is facing me, on an upwards tilt. Sorry for the sweaty mess that I happen to be at the moment but I wanted to get this down on tape before I lost my train of thought. And if you're watching this...
  18. suddenimpact


    Katz, I know I said send me some stuff tonight if you still needed matches written, but I'm stranded in Tampa due to weather and I couldn't get rebooked until Tuesday night. Sorry can't contribute more. -RK
  19. suddenimpact

    Behind the Mask

    It's a quiet night in Nashville as we're waiting for the first round of the Grand Prix to begin. The days are clicking down and I'm like a kid on Christmas Eve. Rose and me went out during the day and did all the tourista type things, though probably less interesting to the majority. We looked...
  20. suddenimpact

    You're gonna go far, kid

    I couldn't sleep again last night. It's really only happened with any sense of regularity since I started wrestling for New Frontier Wrestling, but it's happening often enough to bother me. I suppose I should be grateful, I've had no problems before the big matches, just after them. Yes, at...

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