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  1. THEjayharvey

    Death Row Last Meal

    say you commit a heinous crime and are put on death row... what are you going to pick for your last meal? keep in mind, you're gonna be dead so you'll never again get to eat your favorite pizza, burger, taco, etc. your momma's spaghetti and meatballs will never be eaten by you again, so think...
  2. THEjayharvey

    5 Letters Game

    It's called the 5 Letters game. Easy game...I picked five letters...and I listed them. The next person has to make a sentence using just the five letters. Like this... 1st poster: B M M H T Next poster: Begging Me Make Hummus Tonight then leave your five letters... I'll start a fresh one...
  3. THEjayharvey

    PIC BASES?!?!?!

    so we all have an idea of what our characters would look like in the real world. some of us draw inspiration from a real life person whether it be an actual wrestler, actor, etc. so i ask... who would be your character's pic base? mine is a little hard, let me rephrase that... i assume harvey...
  4. THEjayharvey

    now playing

  5. THEjayharvey

    shit so vile (song game)

    it's simple. take a song and replace one of the words in the title with shit. one at a time, folks. "shit of the maggots" by slipknot
  6. THEjayharvey


    i did some searching and i didn't see two things... is there a list of roster member's finishers or mdks so new applicants don't use a taken move? is there a list of roster member's entrance themes so people don't use a taken song? if not i would be interested in making said lists... one day.

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